MEDIAWATCH: Isn’t NZ Heralds description of Israel Institute of New Zealand as ‘independent’ more outrageous than RNZ edit?


I’m sorry, what?

Think tank.

What ‘think tank’?

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) staff are expected to meet with members of the New Zealand-Ukrainian community this week as calls for a Government inquiry into the state broadcaster mount.

One independent think tank says the edits, which appeared sympathetic towards authoritarian regimes in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and the Middle East, gave “legitimacy to terror”.

Oh, an independent think tank, which one?

The Israel Institute of New Zealand’s co-director Dr David Cumin said the edits made to Reuters and BBC stories “pointed in the direction of a particular anti-Western ideology”.

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The Israel Institute of New Zealand? That ‘independent’ think tank?

The one led by a man who was also on the Free Speech Union that hypocritically tried to have me cancelled for being ‘antisemitic’???

That fucking ‘independent’ institute really?

Side note – you can’t take the Free Speech Union seriously, it’s all free speech right up until you criticise Israel for their brutal occupation of the Palestinian people, and then suddenly it’s cancel culture tactics to shut you down.

ANYWAY – isn’t it a tad on the fucking nose to be pretending the Israel Institute of New Zealand is ‘independent’ especially seeing as the NZ Herald has been caught out time and time and time again for actually publishing straight out Chinese propaganda?

Chinese version of NZ Herald edited translated stories to be more China-friendly

The Chinese edition of the NZ Herald edited translated articles from the NZ Herald to put a better light on the Chinese government.

It has also omitted articles entirely that discuss the Chinese Government in a negative way, in one case taking a much more sanitised version from a Chinese wire service.

The Chinese NZ Herald is the result of a 2016 joint venture between NZME, which own the NZ Herald, and long-running Chinese publication The Chinese Herald. The website and WeChat channel, which use the NZ Herald branding, feature both translated pieces from the English-language Herald, articles from the Chinese Herald, and stories from other Chinese news sources.

There were editorial oversight issues inside RNZ, pretending that is some great hate crime when the level of pro-Israel, pro-China and pro-America propaganda washes through our corporate mainstream media every single fucking day is just too much hypocrisy for me.


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    • They parrot what the BBC write and the BBC is terribly afraid of attacking Israel and their occupation of Palestine because gee wiz they might be seen as anti semitic.

      • Ah yes, the Tory Herald is so ‘balanced’ that anybody who doesn’t parrot the foreign policy line of the State Department is automatically ‘anti-Western’, ‘authoritarian’, and somehow ‘racist’.

        This is the same Herald that now has an absolute monopoly, with no attempts to break it up. Want to read another opinion in the Evening Star? Too bad, regulators allowed Murdoch to buy it out and shut it down.

      • Michal – That is what I am blogging about – your Palestine propaganda…RNZ knows their is two sides to every story

    • Neihana, the ethnic targeting and murdering of the indigenous palestinian is real life how you can describe it as Palestinian propaganda is baffling to say the least.

      Free Palestine.

      • Tipene – That is what I am blogging about – your Palestine propaganda…RNZ knows their is two sides to every story

  1. Any group or media outlet can call themselves ‘independent’ so long as they are not funded by a government. I have no idea who funds the institute.

    • Interesting take……
      A Russian or Israeli government funded organisation active in New Zealand can or can’t call themselves “The Independent XxxxX Think Tank.”?
      Or it only means that it is not funded by the hosting country?
      Very interesting idea!
      It a bit like Johns Hopkins. You need to keep up with the news to know that according to them there are now only man and non-man humans. No more female humans!!!

      WTF? How do they expect us to keep up with this BS.

      • it would be nice if RNZ prefaced articles with ‘pro isreal organisation’ or ‘rightwing economist’ or ‘anti enviromentalist farmers lobbyist’ but that ain’t gonna happen.

        as for pro israel political action ask roger waters.

        • The old mantra is still true.
          “No news is good news”.

          The only reliable news is no news.

          Treat everything that you read or hear as opinion.
          They have succeeded! They win, we loose! They have won, we are lost!

  2. While I agree with Martyn it appears that people only want to hear the ideas that they support & anything else is unbalanced so not worth knowing.

    • We just want to know when something is opinion.
      … is the opinion of the Reuters journalist.
      ….. is the opinion of the RNZ journalist who changed the Reuters copy.
      ……. Or is the opinion of RNZ….. not that it matters any longer.

      Many (most) consumers of “legacy” media no longer trust them and that is probably the real reason why “legacy” media struggle to find costumers willing to pay them for that what they produce.

  3. Absolutely agree with you Martyn: hypocrisy it certainly is:
    There were editorial oversight issues inside RNZ, pretending that is some great hate crime when the level of pro-Israel, pro-China and pro-America propaganda washes through our corporate mainstream media every single fucking day is just too much hypocrisy for me.

    Nearly all our news is Eurocentric! We all know that whiteys never do anything wrong.

    When are we going to get some reporting that comes out of Al Jazeera – an honest view of what is going on in that area of the world.

    • al jazeera which is a saudi mouthpiece is not baD on world events especially those not covered by other media,,,so is DW or France 24….but ALL have a position dreaming you can find one that doesn’t is exactly that a dream…the key is to bring your criticaol thinking to the party

  4. Standing around doing nothing while Israel wipes Palestine and her people off the map sure does sound like giving “legitimacy to terror” IMO

    Never again* they said

    * terms and conditions apply

  5. Remember apartheid Israel is the only democracy in the M.E.(sarcasm) Where are these zionist supporters that profess that the Palestinians aren’t indigenous to Palestine? This is an arab region the modern Hebrew language only began when Yiddish speaking european jews like ‘Elishia Ben Yehuda’ immigrated to Palestine in the late 19th century to revive the hebrew language which was mainly used for religious proselytizing mind you Jesus spoke aramaic which is only today spoken in the Syrian town of Malula.

    Jesus was a Palestinian Jew the region for centuries was known as Palestine. When the Europeans Christian pilgrimage or holy crusades made their journey to Jerusalem (Which isn’t a Hebrew word but an ancient dialect of the Canaanites the ancestors of the Palestinians) they always referred to Palestine not Israel that recently celebrated its 75 years old existence on May the 15 2023.

    Free palestine.

  6. I am glad to see that the Independent Israel Think Tank finally silenced you.
    Protect free speech. It is the last liberty partially standing for the lucky.

  7. They can’t be independent if they have a baked-in bias.

    The clue is in the name! How fuckn dumb are the nz media??

  8. It’s Pandora’s box isn’t it.
    Now the lid is off at RNZ we look around and see what garbage we are being served right across the MSM, so much opinion especially incorrect opinion dressed as fact, and not enough or any digging or verifying real facts from those in power.

    The media and government cry about misinformation while serving it up in a steaming pile.

    The MSM are just forcing the susceptible down conspiracy rabbit holes by not having objectivity – be they Tankies, anti vaxers sovereign citizens, or whatever.
    Not great for a sensible cohesive trusting society.

    • “I am not guilty, they all do it!”
      Honest response.”Guilty as charged, but in mitigation everyone else does it.”

  9. I hadn’t noticed the Free Speech Union attacking Martyn as an anti-Semite and holding a position on Palestine. However I am aware they refuse to hold a position on Julian Assange because they want to only focus on NZ.

    How does holding a position on Palestine but no statement on the threat to Press Freedom in NZ ( which the Julian Assange precedent sets) weigh up.

    The NZ Free Speech Union should make Australian Julian Assange an honoury member.

    • The sooner leftists figure out that “Free Speech” is a grift which only serves to protect the far right, the better

      • Wow!
        You have an interesting take on free speech and argument.
        Back to school!
        The challenge will be, where to find a decent education?

  10. Free Speech Union — see them regularly on Facebook. I asked if they weren’t the Right in a dress of bullshit. I wanted to know! Might have come round. No response.

    RNZ was quieted by the Right a long time ago. Just a rogue. And as ever the private owned media is for … private owners of big businesses.


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