Political Caption Competition



  1. National for a thriving New Zealand economy and all the benefits that bringe to everyone.

    • Especially grammar because bringe is what a person with an ID would use.

      Oh dear, you really do struggle Bob, don’t you.

    • Man, whatever you’re smoking, I want some… If you think you were being clever, then it’s real good shit..
      On a more sober note, aren’t you a bit old for fairy tales?

      • Look Stefan, it’s clear Bob is a complete imbecile. Trolling the Daily Blog looking for grammatical mistakes and then making a complete fool of himself with his own errors. Every time he comments please remind him of the retard he is.
        And the irony is he posts pathetic posts that are truly moronic.

  2. Hey diddle diddle
    The Nats like to fiddle
    So this cow jumped
    over the moon.
    Luxon laughed
    To see such fun
    And Seymour said
    “ Let us spoon.”

  3. What’s this swimming stuff? I just stand and keep cool, doing what I do best – look bovine and staunch.

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