How and Why Labour will win 2023 election

There are a thousand reasons not to allow a National/ACT Government from taking over, Chippy has to give voters just 1 reason to vote Labour.


Culture war grievance generates lots of noice, but it isn’t the main issue impacting voters.

Cost of living is!

I think it is highly unlikely now that National can win the 2023 election.

If we look at John Key 180 days out from each of his elections, National was beating Labour by double digits, under Luxon, National are beating Labour by 3 points.

National over poll all the time and the number they need to win by has to be in double digits to ensure it can win, National haven’t achieved anything like that since Key left Office and it means a win this year is highly unlikely.

That doesn’t mean the Left can sleep walk to victory, they need to push policy that can actually solve the pain voters are feeling, but it does mean we have everything to fight for.

Going into this election, Labour desperately need a crisis response policy that makes immediate material change in the lives of the many who are being crushed by the cost of living crisis.

  • Free Public Transport for all
  • Free Dental
  • Expand free after school care and extend Early Child Education to 30 hours a week.
  • New State Home Expansion
  • New Ministry of Green Works
  • Financial Transaction Tax
  • 30% stakeholder role in Supermarket Duopoly

There are a thousand reasons not to allow a National/ACT Government from taking over, Chippy has to give voters just 1 reason to vote Labour.

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  1. Labour election promise

    “Hey voter, sorry we stuffed the economy but vote for us and we’ll fix it”.

    Yeah Right!

    • A neoliberal economy cannot be “fixed” – it is inherently broken from the start.
      We have 3 decades of accumulated evidence.

      Voting for right wing nut job parties who swear by Milton Friedman’s failed economic doctrines is throwing petrol on a dumpster fire to douse it. Madness.

    • National election promise

      ” we will not raise gst”
      ” a brighter future ”

      Yeah right!

  2. Martyn – They (Labour) are removing the fuel subsidy – so fuel prices are jump up by 25 cents per litre soon!

  3. Why would you nationalise only 30% of Woolworths Group and Foodstuffs Co-Op.? Wouldn’t they either be broken up via the forced sale of stores, or the state would simply operate their own wholesaler (or complete chain)?

    We’re talking about a government that has allowed all Post Office retail branches to be privatised, and sold off their insurance operation, so I can’t see any of that happening.

    Also the Public Works Department must be reinstated in its entirety. Reviving it as some sort of ‘green’ environmental agency is not going to be enough, considering how much needs to be rebuilt.

  4. Inflation/Cost of Living is the most important issue (by far). Labour not only 100% caused this they even stoked it further under their watch. Why would anyone vote for the very government that caused their #1 concern? Please explain.

  5. Add in free tertiary study and they are a shoe in.
    If in doubt they can also promise to build 100,000 houses over the next five years.

    • Also quadruple the funding for mental health.
      If anyone would believe their promises now they certainly would need lots of psychiatric assistance.

      • We are OK. They can budget but they do not seem to find the things they budgeted for to buy.
        Only problem is they then spend that what they budgeted to buy other stuff that they did not budget for, out of desperation to demonstrate their competence……

  6. In the budget there was millions promised to hire 500 more nurses yet they are 4000 short now .The money for child care will jor be spent as there are not enough workers to cope with an increase of any magnitude. With this in mind it is easy to promise free dental treatment when there is not enough dentists and free public transport when there is a shortage of drivers and support workers due to split shifts and poor pay .Imaging a supermarket run by this government .There would be a consultant on each isle and a committee formed to make decisions as to the carbon footprint and if it was ethical produced for each item and it would run at a lose as most government debts do

  7. Labour. We will be the most transparent government ever.
    The treatment is our only way to stop Covid in its tracks.
    Government spending is not inflationary.
    Blah blah blah blah blah, deflect, obfuscate, lie.

    • Do not despair. TDB has explained the JT will be there after the next election to make sure they do that what TPM wants and more.
      The government will be open, transparent and honest. JT will see to that.

    • They are the most transparent Government, because by now, most people can see through their lies.

  8. Most voters will remember the last time they filled their car with fuel after labor puts on a 25c tax on it.
    Labor will not win.

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