MEDIAWATCH: Duncan Grieve a stooge doing TVNZs bidding


Duncan Grieve is a stooge doing TVNZs bidding.

By leaking TVNZ Executive arseholes fears that they will be forced away from ratings clickbait like Fuck Boy Island and actually do public broadcasting, Grieve is doing the dirty work for those insatiable ratings driven interests.

Let’s remember, Simon Power actively recruited stooges to screw the scrum on the TVNZ merger, and those self interests are once again using sneaky tactics  by leaking to Grieve.

Grieve is the apologist voice for Fuck Boy Island and yet The Spinoff dare manage to pretend they have a moral high ground?

I’m glad those rat fucks inside TVNZ are feeling fearful their days of crass commercialised bullshit is about to get ankle tapped.

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We will know it’s burning the more Grieve squeals.


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  1. Somewhere in a dusty folder in an archive room in the bowels of the National Library basement, there’s probably a copy of the old pre-1970s NZBC charter, mission statement, or whatever.

    Maybe someone could fish it out, scan it, and distribute it?

    • Hush, Henry. The NZBC was in the days of good quality television about which these dreadful people know nothing, and the client-unfriendly National Library could burn the evidence, if they’ve not done so already. A slippery National Party politician like Power being put in charge was Labour evading responsibility as usual. That’s what they do, and they knew they could rely on the party of sociopaths and weirdos to continue the downward slide in just about everything they touch. The debasing and dumbing down of the education system is part of the same socially destructive scenario, and it has to be deliberate, as there is no good reason for it. Toss in the continuous attempted assaults upon freedom of speech, and consider whether it would be better, to toss out the lot of them asap.

  2. What is stopping the Minister from sacking the board, and letting R.N.Z. execs run both companies?

  3. I have never seen the term ‘those rat fucks’ used so appropriately in a news story ever before.

  4. Very few people care. We’re all watching Sky, Netflix etc.
    The only thing I watch is The News, and the only reason I watch that is to laugh at the lies.

  5. Why are you surprised Martyn? Who pays his wages? The govt! Must be nice to be a govt ‘journalist’ on a govt salary being told your journalism is great.

  6. Who is Duncan Grieve? Never heard of him, except when his name pops up here. Is he a kid, or another dirty old man or what ? Does the Labour government want people watching sleazy sort of stuff, and if so, why?

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