The most Left Wing Government since Savage vs the most Right Wing Government since Lange – what is at stake this election

2023 NZ MMP Parliament


Over it’s 30 year history, MMP has diluted the ideological zeal of the Left and Right by always generating a middle centrist power block.

This election is utterly different to any before it.

This time it is the pent up ideological frustrations from the Right and the Left that will dictate to the centre.

This time it will be Labour held hostage to the Greens and Māori Party OR it will be National held hostage by ACT.

It will result in the most Left Wing Government since Savage or the most Right Wing Government since Lange!

That is ironically what is at stake this election, either the most Right Wing or Left Wing version of Labour.

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ACT/National Government 

The quick yellow Fox will jump all over the lazy blue hog.

David Seymour is 1000% smarter than Boofhead Luxon.

Luxon is a prosperity Christian who believes  that he owns 7 properties and holidays in Hawaii is proof positive that Jesus loves him.

Becoming Prime Minister would be Gods will and if all that stands between Christopher Tiberius Luxon and the will of God is giving David whatever crazy far right race baiting bullshit policy he wants, then Christopher Tiberius Luxon will do it.

Nicola Willis better start planning her coup now because Chris is going to trade her Finance Minister role to David quicker than you can say, ‘Have you heard the good news?”.

So every crazy far right nutty bullshit that David is throwing around as policy will get done in the first 100 days provoking a protest Hikoi that will get increasingly aggressive as it gets closer to Wellington.

Let’s not forget, David seriously wants to hold a referendum on the Treaty, and then based on that referendum re-write the Treaty (minus any Māori negotiation) and simply enforce it upon NZ, thus sparking a race war.

He wants to amputate 6 Ministry’s and the Human Rights Commission for fucks sakes, and he means it.

Don’t think it’s bluster or shits and giggles, he is going to fucking do that plus cut billions from welfare.

Add to this National’s right to evict anti-renter law and failed military boot camps and putting ankle bracelets on children and militarisation of the police – add all that up and I don’t think most people voting ACT or National have any idea what the fuck their policies are.

Many people hurt by what we went through with Covid and many blame Labour, which is completely legit, but it is very important that if you are voting against Labour, you need to understand what you are voting for.

An ACT/National Government would be so far right, people wouldn’t know what the fuck hit us.


Labour/Greens minority Government with supply and confidence from Māori Party 

The Māori Party will not go into Government, it will be a minority Labour led Government with a supply and confidence arrangement with the Māori Party.

The Greens are fucking hopeless and don’t know what they want or how they can get it. That Party will continue to flounder until Chloe and Efeso become leaders.

The Greens will be told what they are getting post negotiations and because they are such feckless clowns they should count themselves lucky to be included!

What the Left always forget about Mickey Savage is that he had to be forced by his Caucus to pass the great reforms, equally the Māori Party and Labour left factions will be able to pressure a cautious Chippy into the big things that need to be done.

What is most important is that the Greens and Māori Party meet now to work on a shared platform policy that must be passed in the first 100 days of the new Government.

Once that policy platform is voted through, the Māori Party will sit in the cross benches and vote on policy as it comes out.


Fractured MMP Spectrum Result

But what if it’s not just Labour/Green/Māori Party vs National/ACT?

What if NZ First also cross 5% or are given an Epsom cup of tea in Northland?

What if Labour offer Raf an Epsom cup of tea in Ilam as a counter?

What if the Māori Party get more electorate seats than Party vote and generate an over hang?

Either way, with just Labour/Green/Māori Party and National/ACT or Labour/Green/Māori Party and National/ACT plus TOP, NZF and Māori Party overhang – whoever makes the majority will do it with just 1 or 2 seat majority.

Whoever loses might not accept the result, it will take enormous leadership to deescalate right after the election who ever wins.

This is going to be a Politics with far more drama and jostling than what we are already becoming accustomed to.


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  1. The Greens lack the testicular fortitude to stand up against Labour at coalition agreement stage, they constantly let themselves get walked over.

    • And just as well too, or else we’d be saddled with the Rainbow Ministry they wanted – to name just one of their fruitcake ideas.

  2. The Savage government was not concerned about pronouns or race or anything but the advancement of the working class and the people of this country as a whole. Please don’t confuse it with this social liberal mess of parties supposedly representing the “left”. They do not. The university class is who they appeal to!

  3. The Savage government was not concerned about pronouns or race or anything but the advancement of the working class and the people of this country as a whole. Please don’t confuse it with this social liberal mess of parties supposedly representing the “left”. They do not. The university class is who they appeal to!

  4. Savage was Australian and a moron! He didn’t like John Albert Lee who on his own built houses. The scheme was so popular Savage stole the idea and made it his which is funny because he wasn’t interested in building any houses in the first place!
    As for R v L. They’re both one of the same! They’re the two faces of the same arse.

  5. For the first time we are at risk of dying from having to much to eat. It is the affluence from having to much to eat. Areas of New Zealand where they don’t have enough to eat don’t make these types of decisions.

  6. Of the ministries Seymour wants to axe, can TDB give examples of what they actually do and how they have benefited their constituents? They seem to me like a waste of money who’s sole purpose is virtue signaling.

    • The only thing they achieve is to keep academic hacks out of universities destroying our lives instead of brain washing the up and coming youth.

      We have so many ministries now, it’s like an Oprah woke award prize giving “you get a ministry, you get a ministry, we all get ministries”

    • By ACT you mean the virtual crypt that the traitorous crooks roger douglas and his plaything seymour lurk within? Are you seriously suggesting we, the public, are that stupid? You’re insulting any and every one who’s not been unconscious for the last 39 years.
      As for you alluding to be speaking for ‘New Zealand’, I’ve been reading your comments, you’re an arrogant little fly and so only other flies might think what you write is in some way interesting. I have bad news for you. It isn’t, and you’re not. You, like your troupe of motley, weak-tea fascist Finches who sit up in the branches and shit on those below while you chatter in mindless agreement only impress each other, you do know that much at least, don’t you? You’re a dangerous clique of pathetic greed cultists who’s lack of any kind of intelligence, a void that must be counter balanced by your proud indifference to your fellow humans and all other life on Earth.

      • So forget abusing him like a total retard and just vote for the pathetic no nothing outfit you’ve already got.

          • Thank you. That means a lot to me @ CHSOSB
            There’s an oily epidemic of Machiavellian Confederates blowing over The Daily Blog at the moment. We need to take a stand otherwise the devious little flies will spread their diseases using 39 years of experience to give an edge.

            • Thank you BE this blog is fast becoming a right wing David Seymour adoration society. Personally I think he’s just a little smart arse twat and if he is elected to a government he along with Luxon will be laughed off the world stage. The world will not believe that we in NZ could be so narrow minded misogynistic and we could swap Jacinda Ardern for these motley two.

    • ACT will impose US style health care and get rid of paid sick leave. Also all workers will get pay freezes and end up working on the same pay for the rest of their life

      • Millsy. You won’t pay any tax though. Oh that’s right you don’t pay any now by the way you comment.

    • ” NZ can’t take any more “kindness”.”… No, it needs to be beaten, raped , and pillaged by the barking dogs of the new fascist order… Honestly, you do say the stupidest things young fella.. Not only stupid, childish, and shallow, but also out of date.. Earth to cave dwellers, There is a new PM, who is more of a praamatist than Adern ever could be… Open your eyes, and look up.. That’s reality you’re seeing, not a mirage of your own presuppositions..

      • Stefan
        Our eyes are wide open and you know what they see? They see that Free Peach is absolutely right!

        • Only if they left the union probably. In any case, he wants to impose a pay freezes for call center workers and checkout operators, and what’s more, allow their landlords to put their rents up many, many times a year

      • People would get more money due to paying less tax .Less tax will be needed under N/Act government as less will be wasted and wages for do nothing public servants and consultants.
        Less unnecessary regulation will drive done the cost of doing business so inflation will be less and the money in your pocket will go further.

        • Less tax = less money for public servces, such as health and education, as well as state housing,

          User pays in hospitals, and having to pay more for the doctors, as well as more fees for parents. Also less social housing so more people on the street.

          Less regulations means more unsafe workplaces, and dirtier rivers, and more air pollution. Also people will have to work longer hours, and lose all their sick leave and paid holidays.

          Not to mention the fact that power prices, bank fees, and mortgage rates will skyrocket.

          • Don’t panic millsy, you’ll get your bloody pay rise, after all you are valuable to your employer. I would hope. Or are you not? As for Less tax = less money for public service? Once ACT chop the 6 useless and hyper expensive ministries, there’ll be plenty of money floating around. 5 million people do not need a govt the size of ours!!!!!

          • Millsy, not at all. Under Labour massive increases in the tax take and a doubling of borrowing has coincided with falling outputs and rising costs despite the government having a bigger share of the countries economic pie. It is time for more money to be left in the pockets of the people as recent Government has failed them. The Nats achieved far more in health for example with much less than current Labour and this was evident pre covid. I’m not a fan of Labour or the Nats but did vote Labour for over three decades. Of the two evils (main parties) I’d prefer the Nats to get in because they are generally more competent managers and thus we wouldn’t get so much wasted/misdirected spending. Nacts are not against higher pay and are advocating for it in some areas. It will happen anyway due to supply and demand factors. Pay increases tend to follow productivity increases unless legislated for. (Such legislation can have unwanted consequences in the private sector if not economically sustainable. e.g. the less productive being layed off, businesses closing etc.)

    • ACTs triggered gun sooks must hate the fact Seymour has no intention to sell them back their guns.
      After all Seymour’s virtue signaling .

      • Most replaced their guns with the taxpayers money, or never lost them (only misplaced them).

        • Exactly what happened. Had a guy who told me the gun buy back was great, he sold two rifles and got paid double what they were worth. Went straight out and upgraded them both.

          Gun City made a bucket load.

          • Some people replaced banned firearms with new ones at the taxpayers expense, only to have those firearms banned later and so got even more taxpayers money to replace them. A lot of taxpayers money went to Gun City.

  7. ” What the Left always forget about Mickey Savage is that he had to be forced by his Caucus to pass the great reforms, equally the Māori Party and Labour left factions will be able to pressure a cautious Chippy into the big things that need to be done. ”

    You can’t be cautious while we have desperate people have to use afterpay to buy food for their family.

  8. ACT. The essence of these deluded followers of Hayek is their belief that “the invisible hand of the market” magically fixes everything. 
We’ve followed this fairytale nonsense since Govts enforced the idea on Kiwis from 1985 onwards. 
Look at the state of our nation. 
Decades of Rogernomics have resulted in an utter mess now so bad, our kids can no longer even afford to live here.
And yet beyond all reason, this is what ACT wishes to perpetuate and, exacerbate.
Because somehow, the failed ideas of Hayek will ‘work this time’.

    If only those folk voting for ACT that are capable of free thinking *actually* read and understood their dangerous policies and antisocial ideology. They’d realise these nutters should be nowhere near the levers of power.

    • What should we be reading then?


      An anti-Semitic lay about who never worked a hard day in his life, was basically a trust fund baby to Ingels, refused to pay his maid (so very bourgeois of him) and his ideas resulted in leaders who follow his ideals killing 100,000,000 of their own people last century?

  9. We need people in Government who are there to do the best for all New Zealanders, that is definitely not the Greens or the Maori Party.
    The current Labour Government don’t seem to know who they represent other than themselves by winning no matter who gets run over.

  10. The coming election isn’t about left vs right. It’s about (neo)liberal democracy vs authoritarian wokeism.

    We have been left with this stark choice because of decisions taken by Ardern’s government. Given a mandate to roll back neoliberalism, she opted instead for a cultural revolution.

  11. The current government is dividing the country along racial lines, so in fact it’s the CURRENT government which is truly right wing.

  12. “This election is utterly different to any before it”.

    Well, yes and no. For sure very different to the pandemic election some 3 years back, and also very different to the 11th hour card played by Labour in 2017 when the fresh face and optimism of Jacinda Adern captured middle NZ and Winston sealed the deal. Those two scenarios won’t be playing out this time. But aren’t all general elections unique? But I have a sense that Bomber is correct, a fair proportion of the electorate far from content with the status quo, but no landslide for the opposition, a pretty close result and the potential for surprising configurations. And a lot drama. If by some chance Chris Luxon were to step aside in favour of Nicola Willis, now wouldn’t that make it even more interesting! She’s in on the list so may not have the mandate but has the pedigree and seems well capable of the task. Not that I’m giving her a shout out. Just saying.

  13. I resent you calling the crazyness ‘left’. Left means representing people who work for a living AKA labour. The thing is here if you vote labour/green/marori you get zero left policies, just crazy. If you vote national act you get plenty of toxic craziness but at least you get some (real) right policies (like freedom of speech). P.s. I don’t count unbridled greed as a (real) right policy any more than I count telling people what to think and say as a real left policy.

  14. An act government will take care of this treaty and co government maori nosense. Hopefully the treaty will be thrown out. And everyone will become equal citizens, and what each citizen does to improve their lot is up to them.
    Act will press down on the benefit industry. Police will hopefully be armed and given the power to use firearms on crimals being it armed robbery or assaults.

    Act will hopefully let citizens bear their own arms to protect their lives and property with deadly force.

    • So we have the situation like in the USA where cops can just gun down who they like. There will be dead Maori all over the streets, while cops will be above the law. In fact, cops will probaly keep score and have a competition with each other as to how many people they can kill.

      • Where do you get all these bizarre ideas from millsy? No pay rises, no unions and now mass shooting people in the streets is pure loony tunes stuff.

        STOP, turn around and climb back up towards the light. If you can you’ll quickly see that up here in reality none of that can be supported with facts.

        • Peter Barry you talk about bizarre ideas hows about a bizarre David Seymour, have you seen the way he behaves in parliament, its pure loony tunes questions, he is so full of himself and what’s with all the inane schoolyard giggles . Is he laughing at his own stupidity or does he just expect the tax payer to laugh along with him while paying his salary . He is the biggest waste of taxpayers money with his nonsensical behavior. Whoever votes for this clown is a clown.

      • We’ll never, ever have a situation like the US, because the US and it’s citizens are unique & special in many ways, some of which are not necessarily good. It’s a more complicated & diverse place than New Zealand could ever be.

  15. You have three parties hostage to identity politics and none of them is good for the identities these three parties refuse to represent. Unless one is queer, Maori, or works for government one has no reason to vote for these clowns.

    • Second that RB.
      The business of Government is serious,not a platform for clowns to entertain themselves at our expense.

    • LINO is undoubtedly the party of bureaucrats – no quibble with that. But is the Maaori Party actually good for ordinary Maaori? If they care so much about Maaori, why are they not urging Maaori parents to get their kids to school? To get a qualification in trades, or in IT, or electrical engineering – something that will give them an employable and prosperous future. Demagogues aren’t good for anyone in the long run.

      • PP2, you need to get out and see the real world? Maori inequalities throughout the board is systemically historic and can’t be remedied because a tote like you says otherwise.

      • lol, so Maori can only work in trades then? Not health, law, commerce, architecture, banking or anything white collar?

    • RB. but the pakeha parties get a free pass!? ACT Identifies with White Cis Males orientalized by white Asian. It Identifies with white people so why are ACT excluded from identity politics??

      • Exactly Stephen but sausage is so far down the “everyone is queer rabbit hole” that he loses a sense of reality, that being that Act is classist, racist and elitist. Evidenced by Bob agreeing with him and if Bob agrees with him then we know he’s wrong.

      • There is a Pakeha Party? Where? Who? ACT is led by a Maori. NZFirst is led by a Maori. TPM is led by a Maori/Maori leadership. The Greens is led by a Maori/Pakeha. Labour has a Pakeha and PI leader. National is led by a Pakeha but had in the Simon Bridges a leader who is Maori. Not sure if National has a ‘co-leader’.
        So please point to the ‘Pakeha’ party.

        Why am I excluding ACT in my list of parties full of identity politics that fit only a few and exclude the majority of people in this country currently? I guess because they are sitting on the opposition benches, are not in the current government nor are they expected to bail out Labour in the next election. And because this write up by the Comrade was about trifecta that would be a Labour / Queer / TPM coalition.

        • Queer?

          Reactionary still down Alice’s rabbit hole.
          Queer is driving 10 metres in a black Mercedes to command an audience.

  16. ACT is all bluster and is really harmless. I can’t see them doing much but keep the status QUo. Will be a few slight tweaks in first 100 days for sure, to balance the books. But nothing Labour would not do under a different policy name.

  17. As for Savage, the man build houses for poor people, not ‘identities’ but people. Something Labour can not even contemplate, and as the last few years have shown, they also can’t build housing.

  18. Mate, ya dreaming. If Jim Anderton couldn’t force Labour away from Neoliberalism back in the 90s, back when people still talked about class, during a Labour/Alliance govt with support from the Greens, THERES NO WAY a Labour Green Maori govt will.

    If Jim Anderton, Laila Harre, Rod Donald, Jeannette fitsimons, Georgina Beyer, Nandor , Sue Bradford and co couldn’t move the dial there is no way that political show ponys like Shaw, Davidson, Swarbrick, Tamihere, Willie Jackson (who were both there in the fifth labour govt) etc are going to shift the NZ left away from identity and back to class …. These people are identiarians.

    The most left wing govt since Savage was and will remain Kirk.

    As long as Labour or national hold the Treasury benches there will be no deviation from the status quo.

  19. Labour doesn’t remember what left is.

    The most important problem that will see me voting against my short-term interests as well as my left-wing values to try and shift in the upcoming election, is the unchangeable bloc of all the elected parties that currently renders voting pointless.

  20. ACT would be a disaster for the current climate of what our country is facing. The US inflation is exported globally that affecting households around the globe. Our inflation problem is affecting every country and needs a global response. We need more from our govt not less as the neoconservative parties like ACT are advocating.

  21. Labour and Greens aren’t the most left, they are the most incompetent and woke.
    What more proof do you need than the fact that they picked a special needs person as their previous PM?

  22. The future under a post-election Labour / Green / Maori Party govt:

    Albino one-legged Cook Island transvestite (who if overstaying mustn’t be disturbed before midday) = Ok
    Anyone else = Most definitely the enemy and probably a Nazi*

    *Also pays all the tax

  23. 1) The current Labour govt are not left-wing or anti-neoliberal. They’re very much within a neoliberal policy regime – like low taxes on the wealthy, reducing inflation, de-regulation of the economy and free trade, long-term fiscal responsibility etc. While they’re not hardline neoliberals, and accept the need for some govt tinkering, that tinkering is small-scale and won’t disrupt core neoliberal policies. So with the current cost of living crisis Labour are giving out a few band aids like transport subsidies but they seem to be happy to see the reserve bank let rip with a classical neoliberal response to inflation by engineering a recession to force down our living standards (despite reforming the reserve bank to make it aim for ‘max sustainable employment’, whatever that means). I think Labour are Blairite/Clarkist ‘third way’ neoliberals or ‘centrists’.

    2) They’re not more left wing than the 1972-75 Kirk govt, or the 1957-60 Nash one, both of whom were keynesian govts who supported full employment, protectionism, progressive taxation etc. While both these govt did many anti working class things (eg black budget, deporting overstayers, a wage freeze in 1973-74, and law and order bashing of striking unions), the 72-75 govt expanded the welfare state (ACC and DPB) and ended compulsory military training and pulled the final troops out of vietnam etc etc.

    There’s a lack of real choice at the next election if you’re on the left. There are some socially liberal parties but I cant see a left-wing one.

  24. Let’s consider what being ‘the most left since Savage’ would actually mean — i.e. to the left of Fraser, Nash, Kirk and Rowling.

    None of the major reforms by Savage were abolished by the others — which means it would be almost identical to the Savage platform. Everybody in Parliament is far to the right of that, and it would mean reversing almost every government policy since the mid-1980s.

    The list of abolished reforms that would need to be restored is enormous:

    EMPLOYMENT — Restoration of the full employment policy (zero non-frictional unemployment), all Industrial Awards (restoring all penalty rates & maximum hours), the basic wage, universal trade union membership, the state labour exchanges and the Public Works Department.

    INDUSTRY — Restoration of tariffs, import substitution, the import licensing system, and industrial planning. Reopening of all offshored factories, resuming local production of most finished goods.

    RESOURCES — Restoration of the State Mines, State Refinery, state gasworks and fields (Petroleum Corporation), Electricity Department, state steelworks (N.Z.S), Synthetic Petroleum Corporation, State Forest Service lumber, cotton production scheme.

    CIVIL RIGHTS — Restoration of the Amended Webb Act (I.C.A. Act), thereby overturning the ban on secondary and political strikes.

    CURRENCY — The NZD. returned to fixed rate, gold-backed, fully-convertible currency. Restoration of gold and silver coinage.

    BANKING — Re-nationalisation of the Bank of New Zealand (N.A.B), Rural Bank (A.N.Z. Rural), Development Finance Co. (Citibank), State Insurance Co., & Government Life Insurance (Tower Ins. Co.). Most other bank accounts transferred back to the control of the Post Office or (member-owned) provincial trustee savings banks (i.e. part-nationalisation of Westpac, A.N.Z. & Commonwealth Bank).

    TRANSPORTATION — Restoration of all tramways (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, New Plymouth, Napier, Gisborne, Wanganui, Invercargill). Restoration of all long-haul passenger rail lines (interprovincial and regional), suburban rail lines (Christchurch, Dunedin), & trolleybus lines (Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin).

    Restoration of the state shipping corporation (N.Z.S.C.). Nationalisation of N.Z.R. Road Services long-haul coachlines (InterCity Co.).

    HOUSING — Return to previous per-capita level of state houses (24,100 new homes). 5,000 new state houses per annum thereafter (past peak level). Restore slum clearance, desegregation and rent controls.

    HEALTH — Restoration of free prescription medicine, free general practice visits. The (many) closed hospitals reopened. Restoration of hospital board elections.

    EDUCATION — Restoration of free tertiary education. Reopen all closed schools. Restoration of the School Milk Act.

    AGRICULTURE — Restoration of state subsidies and guaranteed gate price for farmers. Restoration of single-desk export boards and domestic price controls.

    COMMUNICATIONS — Nationalisation of all telecommunications, returning control to the Post Office.

    BROADCASTING — Nationalisation of the broadcasters, returning control to the N.Z.B.C. Reopen all local stations, and resume commercial-free service.

    AND SO… you’re now ‘as left as Fraser’. You’re still not done — you have to be more left still to be the ‘most left since Savage’!

    • Kristoff R. (luxon?)
      Maaaaate, there is some good stuff in there!!! Here’s my favourite: RESOURCES — Restoration of the State Mines, State Refinery, state gasworks and fields (Petroleum Corporation), Electricity Department, state steelworks (N.Z.S), Synthetic Petroleum Corporation, State Forest Service lumber, cotton production scheme.

    • Every single one of those absolutely necessary minimal patriotic policies sabotaged by the traitor Lange and his successors could and should be IMMEDIATELY put back in place by a human government coming to power against the neoliberal uniparty, and enshrined in a constitution to ensure that anyone opposing them gets imprisoned as a traitor.

  25. Hmmmm…which brand of 19th century inspired White Cis Male culture party should I vote for ?

  26. As I’ve expected, there’s an army of little neo liberal apologists above barking on their chains. graeme hart must have dropped a few million down to contract writers to spin out the same old false narrative.
    We good and decent people, and I don’t mean pious or righteous, I mean human-being type people must remember that Labour isn’t that. It isn’t our Labour. Old Labour’s lying in a shallow grave with roger douglas’s finger prints on the murder weapon. It’s important to understand that Labour is diseased. It’s vitally important to understand that Labour’s still neoliberal because otherwise we all end up banging on the same old drum while getting nowhere and that’s exactly what they want. Neoliberalism is really just a self legitimising criminal enterprise and Zombie Labour’s well dug in now. That’s why we need help to dig it out. That’s why we need a royal commission of inquiry immediately into and up every player within our politics spanning the last 39 years. roger douglas is a traitor, he started ACT and ACT is seymour and God only knows what other Vampires who will be lurking within National, Labour, ACT, The Green Party and NZ First.
    In reality, we have no vote worth using. We will only get neoliberalism wearing different clothing. Am I wrong, or is that autocratic fascism?
    relating to a ruler who has absolute power.
    “the constitutional reforms threatened his autocratic power”
    taking no account of other people’s wishes or opinions; domineering.
    “a man with a reputation for an autocratic management style”
    : a way of organising a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.
    I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like neoliberalism to me and in our politics, that’s all we have.
    Shiny-bauble parties twinkling away while we vote them in then pay them very well to achieve nothing of substance in an enduring fashion.
    Meanwhile…! Nine multi-billionaires and four foreign owned banks helping themselves in an unrestrained manner to billions of our dollars in net profits annually. Tell that to mum trying to feed the kids on a dollar an egg or @ $180.00 a second in net bank profits flying off shore while our $ix figure neoliberal politicians sip their latte’s and tut-tut, never mind.

  27. What on earth is ‘left-wing’ about the current neo-liberal regime?

    Helen Clark at least pretended to have some foreign policy independence while sending occupational soldiers to Iraq to support the American occupation. Muldoon did more for Maori sovereignty in the Kia Ora incident than Hipkins ever would, and every government, included Muldoon’s, prior to the filthy traitor Lange who should have tried Roger Douglas for treason and delivered the ultimate punishment were more economically sound than these neoliberal traitors.

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