Ummmm – so these sex workers are threatening to name NZ Politicians who use their service? This is Today FM level self mutilation

This is what the Green Comms team calls 'winning'


Stripper calls out MPs for using sex workers then turning blind eye to ‘labour trafficking’, ‘wage theft’

A third stripper named Melody, who was also fired from Calendar Girls, dedicated her speech to MPs.

“Sex workers are keepers of a menagerie of secrets. We value discretion – so we don’t name names – but we know just how many members of this Parliament and other government officials from across the political spectrum frequent our establishments. And I’m certain that you all have a hunch too,” she said.

“So, dear MPs, to know your colleagues are accessing our services and then to turn around and act as if this has nothing to do with you is both wildly hypocritical and deeply irresponsible.”

…threatening to out Politicians who use sex workers if those sex workers don’t get what they want is an extraordinary militant approach to win over public support.

Who on earth is advising this movement and do they appreciate threatening Politicians in this manner will turn this debate backwards?

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It’s like the opening gambit of any identity politics action is eye gouging followed by demands of no eye gouging.

This is Today FM level self mutilation.

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  1. as prostitution is legal it’s like saying we will name people who buy cabbage…now if you’re talking hypocrites that’s different thing….watch out for pissed pants in the national bunker

  2. I hope there will at least 50% of female pollys caught up in this sticky mess if at all it’s real??

    What’s his name? That ex-National party member, Jamie ex-whip mental dude, political donations scandal come pimp?

    Anyways. Let’s hope it’s a good juicy story that involves as many politicians from all quarters. The left and the right and everywhere in between.

  3. Taking a leaf out of Shaneel’s book I imagine. Cancel culture, targeting others, flamboyant demands and copious bad language seems to have worked for them.

    • Fantail. Bad language didn’t seem to work for Marama, nor her cancellation of lighter hued males.

      • Auntie Iris: Marama is not oppressed enough and her target is too big for the attempt to work. She is oppressed enough to keep her job.

  4. Well you certainly would never catch me in bed with a politician. Not for all the tea in China.
    I wouldn’t even vote for most of them.

    • Urinalbushrat. All the tea in China ? The tea ? Think that the Chinese gentlemen who own the strip joints and brothels archive their cctv records in the interests of historical accuracy ? Me neither.

  5. It’s quite a relief ( no double entendre intended) to learn that there are some real men in Parliament. I would never have guessed it. It’s time they started thinking about people other than themselves though.

  6. Green MP’s are like heat seeking missles when it comes to bad photo op’s. Is it part of their training? Jan Logie joins Blackmail protest…

  7. Outing is an unusual tactic in an industrial dispute for sure.

    But really Parliamentary staff, MPs, & journalists are pre-eminent intimidators, leakers, toppers and outers as the record shows. The sex workers are giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  8. One of the oldest professions in the world. Looked down upon by most of society, a precarious existence prostituting yourself to lobbyists and business. What parent would want their child to grow up to be a politician or government official?

    As for adult workers, while I fear their tactics might backfire, they do have a point.

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