Q+A REVIEW: Wayne Brown’s new train wreck interview is as glorious as you all knew it would be


The Boomer King who has run away from all media interviews with the speed of Today FM dropping in the ratings, so knowledge that he would be forced to do a live interview with one of the best public broadcasters in the game, Jack Tame on Q+A, made you pop the pop corn early.

It was as glorious as we all hoped.

Wayne Brown is so bad, every time you see him you are more concerned.

He’s old.

Like, really, really, really old.

He’s like what happens when you go to the shop to buy a new iPhone and come out with a Fax machine.

He is immediately defensive and snarlingly aggressive, the way someone is when they’ve fucked up and don’t want to admit it.

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He can’t answer simple questions about how hopeless his communication was during the Anniversary Weekend storm, Jack asks very simple questions, the Boomer Kings growls and huffs and puffs.

Because we see him so rarely, every time you watch Wayne are always surprised how bad he is.

There is some story about the really wimpy and wet yuff activists who are unhappy with the looming Budget cuts and they are feckless and have no political muscle.

Jack asks if Wayne will stand again, he mumbles about it being 2 years away but the idea Aucklanders would ever re-elect him seems optimistic in the extreme.

Kieran is on.

His focus is on saving money, he acknowledges 1 person 1 vote isn’t the only democratic value and that this is New Zealand. He argues 1 person 1 vote is an academic argument and that the Treaty matters, especially in light of the Waitangi Tribunal ruling on water.

He shows Labour will actually champion that argument and run it straight into the face of the Rights argument.

This is a far stronger message from Labour on water reforms, a far more bold fronting of the issue and I think it will work for middle voters who were being convinced ‘Da Maaaaaaareees is stealing da water’ level rhetoric.

His ‘Here’s the guts of it’ would be fake and shallow coming from anyone else, but Kieran is so authentic he’s almost soil – he has shone as a spokesperson on this. I’m not often impressed by politicians, but Kieran is an incredibly impressive Politician.

Next story is Free Speech expert from America here warning us that hate speech laws will damage us!

I have argued with the woke middle class activists in NZ for 5 years that all they are doing with their war on free speech is provide ammunition for ACT.

ACT went from .7 to double digits now because the woke middle class activists started a culture war we on the Left can’t win.

The US academic is damning of the Thugs Veto we saw at the Posie Parker clash.

Will the woke middle class activists listen?

Like fuck, I’m sure they have started a petition against Q+A for daring to allow anyone to criticise their activism.

Another great Q+A.

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  1. And the 10%-15% of the undecided and cancelled voters hold the balance of power because mainstream NZ, proto-muddle-class mark-cists, incel-t’s, and backward millennial-GenZ are a buncha fuckwits.

    Meanwhile, the bigots and fascists get a free hit!

    Who woulda thought?

  2. Clearly, Martyn, whether this interview was a train-wreck or a triumph depends entirely upon the eye of the beholder.

    What I saw was a young journalist doing everything he could to provoke a retort he could then replay on the six o’clock news bulletin, and an elderly Mayor blatting away his caviling questioning with barely concealed contempt.

    I strongly suspect that the older voters who elected him will be well satisfied with the Mayor’s performance, and that their constantly declining faith in the mainstream news media was in no way arrested.

    Brown understands the dynamic at work here extremely well. It operates according to exactly the same rules that cause Act’s vote to rise with every attempt by the Woke to curb free speech.

    • Same thing happened yesterday with the Luxon, let’s get to know Luxon, interview.
      One can fool most people sone of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the of the time and get away with it.

    • Agree with your thoughts.I think Brown did well and I admire the way he did not heap blame on the previous Mayor.
      He made mistakes which he owned up to but how much was he meant to have changed in 3 months .
      Labour are still blaming National 5 years after they were in power .Perhaps they should learn a lesson from Mayor Brown.

      • Spot on.
        Jack Tame should learn that he is there to interview the person so that we can learn what they have to say and what we can expect and so that we can hold those in authority to account for the outcomes they create.
        Jack thinks he needs to score points. He should watch his interviews back and hopefully he will realise that Nadine Strossen got her messages across in spite of him. Not because of him. Fail.

        • Johan Thiart- “Jack Tame should learn that he is there to interview the person so that we can learn what they have to say and what we can expect and so that we can hold those in authority to account for the outcomes they create.”

          “Tame read Brown several lines from his own book on business leadership, after the mayor was criticised for lacking leadership amid the floods.” ,,, “”When put in charge, take charge,” Brown said in 2007. “As a manager, you have been selected to provide leadership at a particular level and your team will respond swiftly if they sense that you are already in charge.” ,,, “The now-Auckland mayor said, responding to himself from 16 years ago: “It’s the chief executive in charge of those people. He has a responsibility.”

          “In 2007, Brown wrote: “Doing nothing because you are caught in the headlights without a plan is never the right thing.” ,,,

          2023 Brown-“We were caught in the headlights. I wasn’t instructed. I received no information. You can’t see from my office what’s going on in Henderson or South Auckland.”

          Sounds like Brown has all the answers,,,, as long as there are no problems.

          And Leadership? ,,, thats for either the chief executive,,, or the markets.

          • Management and governance needs to be separated. Unfortunately we are blind by by our biases.

            Leadership abused is leadership lost.

            His book is about managing a company while the mayors job is to chair the elective representatives of council. A good elected leader needs to be adaptable and follow professional managerial leadership of his council.
            What we have seen in Auckland is failure of management and this was probably caused by organisational culture. Organisational culture that significant effort and time to change.

            The better question would be “How are you going to change the organisational culture at Auckland City Council that failed so spectacularly when dealing with a natural disaster event.”

    • Exactly. I don’t think that being snarlingly contemptuous towards a hostile media is a negative at all. It’s more of a pre-requisite if anything.

      • The interviewers see themselves as entertainers.
        Who is coaching them?

        I guess they appoint those who will never measure up as lawyers and make them interviewers.

        The media needs to review their own conduct and they will realise that the consumers fail to find value in that what they present. The consumers are looking for news and what those in authority stand for, how they are going to deliver on their promises, how their promises will improve our lives so that we can judge them once we have seen what outcomes they have created.

        Not sexy? Look at the numbers. The numbers do not lie. If you are failing to make money you are failing to present value products.

      • Simon Wilson at the Herald and Todd Niall at Newshub repeatedly put the boot into Wayne Brown at every opportunity. They have long since forfeited any journalistic integrity they may have once had. It’s bullying carried out from their privileged position in the media. The mayor has every right to treat them and their ilk with contempt.

    • You’re quite right but its a mistake to assume its boomers only, it isn’t! Young people also voted for him, again, for the same reasons ACT is proving attractive!

  3. I think Wayne Brown will be re-elected, as the woke backlash keeps on giving.

    Who would put labeen in charge of water with all their other disasters?

    the polytech merger,
    the Maori authority health care,
    Waka Kotahi,
    emergency housing and
    Kainga ora where their brand new houses all flooded
    Landfills and full prisons going great guns.
    Climate change and emissions disasters – natural disasters around the country.
    Crime, in particular youth ram raiders, out of control.
    Low educational levels at primary in particular.
    Long hospital waiting lists.

    Brown might be old, and white and everything the white, woke, hate, but he got the most votes in Auckland because people are sick of the woke. They are destroying Auckland and now the rest of the country.

    The more woke talk the less anybody wants to vote for them. Even chippy is trying to be less woke.

    Unfortunately for him, he is surrounded by wokies and the radical rainbow party that seems to have replaced the Green Party in all but name, whose leader appears to hate cis white males because they are the source of all violence in the world.

    Labour having a co leader who appears to hate white people and males while Chippie is thinks men can choose to be woman sporting penises if they want to, is not really making Labour very attractive to men nor woman.

      • I’d agree with that. The only people I know who got their ballot papers in the mail, were home owners.

      • Seriously, that is not a credible argument. No other political commentator has argued the point. Who is arguing that because a private contractor is involved that there was an implicit plan to reduce turnout. Effectively by not sending voting papers to addresses in particular parts of the City.
        The real problem is that we have a much higher number of people changing addresses without anyone advising the electoral office. This they don’t get voting papers sent ti them in the mail.
        That is an argument against postal voting, not that the electoral system is corruptly managed.
        Online voting would make much more sense for local elections. Effectively a modern form of postal voting. The shift needs to be made for the same reasons that postal voting was originally introduced. That was done because people were not prepared to go to traditional polling booths on a particular day, not for local elections. Just about everyone over 18 has some form of electronic address. The challenge will be to prevent multiple voting under multiple electronic addresses.

      • The same company that runs the General Elections too.

        So what are you saying, Martyn? The whole system is rigged? Cos if you are. I’d have to agree with you. Even some iwi use the same company for their elections for trustees!!

        That’s how the corporate iwi elite get elected by rigging the election process, then the candidate selection and then the actual election itself.

        Take Aucklands Independent Maori Statutory Board and the TMA, the Tupuna Maunga Authority! Both were rigged by none other than Paul Majurey himself! The TMA chair and Eke Panuku chair.
        He is the lack of housing in Tamaki problem! Pro-self-interest development for himself and kills off all competition because he advises the Minister of HUD & Kainga Ora!



      • I bet you don’t think the same about though Biden, do you? It’s not the fraud is it, it’s when the other guy benefits from it.

      • God! Bomber, you are a Trumpist! Rigged elections.
        Who would have thought you would go down that Rabithole.

      • Or maybe a bunch of people abstained because there was no candidate that could represent them. Brown too right and Collins captured by bureaucrats.

      • The election was rigged, no arguments there.
        I tried to have my dog stand against the lineup and she was disallowed on the basis of their gender identity.

    • saveNZ. typical commentary from the far-right and if he was elected with a majority it was very convenient that people especially from the browner more poorer communities didn’t have a fucken clue wherebout the voting booth in their rohe in which to cast a vote.

  4. I’m sure the hundred-odd political tragics watching Q+ A will shift their votes on Brown and Labour come election day.

  5. lol if you think anyone is going to side with the NZ media this side of the election you are living up on the moon.

    • You believe because of the false accusation that Maaori are stealing the water (Maori are indigenous) that is why the NZ public will put ACT/NAT in to govt?

      Hopefully you’re wrong because we don’t need a govt at this stage to be conservative and stop supporting middle to low income NZers due to high inflation and a possible war with China in 2025.

      • No.
        I believe that the NZ public see NZ journalists as lower than a carpet snakes asshole right now and it doesn’t matter if the blue team or the red team try to sell a narrative the public just wont buy it because they have an intense distrust of both politicians and the media.

      • Nobody is saying that they are stealing it.
        They say this is just part of the process to hand it back to them.
        Did you not listen to the interview on Q&A.

      • How many times do you need to hear that one cannot steal that what you own.
        Repeat after me….

  6. Is anyone else worried when McNulty “acknowledges 1 person 1 vote isn’t the only democratic value and that this is New Zealand. He argues 1 person 1 vote is an academic argument” – actually its the foundation of liberal democracy, and any attempt to unwind it to meet the fictitious ‘principles of the treaty’ is going to lead to very very serious consequences, and likely outright violence.
    Sometimes I think the left in NZ want to convert NZ into what’s happening in India now with Hindutva:
    Let’s tick off the similarities:
    – Elevating one cultural/racial group over others – TICK
    – Altering the education system to prioritise that culture over education itself – TICK
    – Removing science from education (https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/4/14/mughals-rss-evolution-outrage-as-india-edits-school-textbooks) – TICK
    – Spirituality corrupting the previously secular society – TICK
    The next logical step is what they tried at the Rotorua Council – remove one person one vote to prioritise the indigenous culture.

    • Actually that’s quite a relevant point re Hindutva and where politics is/has headed in India.
      The increasingly polarising Modi, loved by many, and hated by others – probably in equal measure.
      Even many, many of those that hate Modi still vote BJP where it’s a contest between BJP and Congress because of the perceived corrupt Congress candidates and/or the sense of self-entitlement.
      Even bloody farmers whose livelihoods could have been destroyed by Modi’s proposals will still vote BJP. (Talk about turkeys and Christmas!!! )
      I can see parallels here with the way things have been headed. Hopefully the likes of Messrs Chips and McNulty can pull it back a bit

    • nukefacts, wikipedia can’t be relied upon not a good source and if you read Article 2 the Maori version sign by the majority of chiefs it explicitly spells out ‘tino rangatiratanga’ continued control over their lands and resources no principle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_is_not_a_reliable_source#:~:text=Wikipedia%20is%20not%20a%20reliable%20source%20for%20citations%20elsewhere%20on,in%20progress%2C%20or%20simply%20incorrect.

      Again if you listened to Kieran interview than he explains clearly why sometimes you can’t use a democratic approach towards electing Mana whenua (Indigenous to their region) representation in issue to do with water because the founding document of NZ the Treaty of Waitangi sign by Maori and the british crown 180 years ago.

      And who gonna initiate this violence? YOU? your in dreamland conflating Hindu nationalism with Maori issue is wishful thinking. Remember what Kieran said that having Mana whenua on the balance sheet gives local council a better credit rating to help out rate payers. Did you listen to the interview in its entirety?

      • Thanks goodness for Kieran.
        Now we all know how things really work.
        Willie Jackson and others were just clumsy when their tried to explain this to us.

        Without Chippie’s leadership we may all still not understand what the treaty says or understand that social transformation will be funded by ratepayers.

        For those who do not know. This is a non progressive tax than burdens all and hurt those on low incomes most.

    • Yeah “He argues 1 person 1 vote is an academic argument and that the Treaty matters, especially in light of the Waitangi Tribunal ruling on water.” Wrong way around, 1 person 1 vote matters and the Treaty is an academic argument.

  7. How our heroes have fallen. There is a viable politician to replace the faltering Hipkins.

    As you explained in your earlier piece, 3water reform is a social project to determine who owns water. Absent this objective not much of what has been said in favour of this water reform makes sense.

    As you so rightly argued earlier, the visionary John Key saw this and ensured that at least 49% of some of these water related assets are privately owned.

    Best way to promote this reform is to call people out for their racial bias. Who allowed those racial bastards into this country.

  8. I thought that Kieran Mcnulty did an excellent job in explaining co-governance in a historical context and alluding to the fact that the misuse of democracy labelling has been hijacked by the right to push anti-Maori sentiments to further their constituencies but once in govt these politician take the Treaty and anything related much more serious than what they spew to their voter base.

    Remember Winston Peters?

  9. Wayne brown’s terrified. That’s why he’s the way he is. He’s a fellow who’s taken the poisoned promise-of-power bait. And he’s also the way he is because of the insidiously natural depletion of his testosterone. The lack of testosterone in ageing men is an unexplored medical science and I assume it’s because there’s no money in it. Trust me, I know. Most men who start to lose their testosterone from about the age of 45 become like Wayne Brown. As they age and become ever more fragile fear brings out their impatience and tantrums.
    Why women can be prescribed Oestrogen while men must watch on in horror as their balls shrivel while they forget where they put their diddles and their hair falls off their head and grows on their arse is not only a conundrum of nature and science but of common sense and is, frankly, a polite cruelty.
    I was in Cambodia about 17 years ago and a friend I made there suggested I get a shot of testosterone for a giggle. Oh! How we giggled! I went to a chemist and a nurse there took me behind a curtain and stuck a needle in a bum cheek and within 24 hours I was feeling like a new humanoid.
    My new mood blew my hair back and I bounded about the place like a *lunatic.
    Fellers ? You’re being short changed in Nu Zillind. You can be abused because you’re old and you can be humiliated because your dick becomes a leaky flap of skin but you can’t get testosterone because Big Daddy Pharmac and its minion Dr’s say “No!”
    Good and smart Aucklander’s should run for it. Leave the vulgar Kiwi rich to swim in their own effluvium and head south. Try around Invercargill? Buy an EV and a speck of rich soil in the lee of the Takitimu range.
    wayne brown’s the captain of the SS.Greed, now a sinking ship. He knows it and you know it.
    *Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

  10. Jack should have asked the free speech guru why we should have free speech here but ban Tiktok over there. And why they not banning Facebook and Instagram for live streaming mass murder.

  11. Wayne Brown is known for his contempt of the urban liberal middle-class media and doing interviews for the sake of it, we all get that. Yet Simon Wilson thinks he can character assassinate this guy with every article he puts out but ironically it only serves to strengthen Brown, because Wilson articulates how bad it could have been under the dross the “left” offered with his idiotic alternatives Brown should implement. Wilson gets about a 99% strike rate for comment’s against his opinions, he’s that disconnected from the mainstream public!

    But lets consider the alternative. Richard Hills. Prolific instagrammer/tweeter, oozes that ghastly superficial kindness, caring, and deep know it all interference in peoples lives, in true Ardernism spirit. He links everything but everything to climate change yet none of his solutions would improve the weather one millionth of a degree but it would stuff “Tamaki Makaurau” royally as a result. You think the public loathed Auckland Transport after Phil Goff, it would be a whole new level of hatred with that turkey as Mayor!. He’s highly unlikely to know how to change a light bulb much less realise that the council had drains or that they needed to maintain them, but jeez, he sure as shit can offer some pointless advice, like don’t go out in the floods, (duh), and take care of your whanau! I never thought of that, Rich, but thanks. I’m sure him and Jack Tame would get on like an ecohouse on fire! For the rest of us non woke, no thanks.

    • So true, Simon Wilson practically won the election for Brown.

      There’s so few left who regard the NZ media with anything other than utter contempt that being attacked by them generally means you’ve probably hit a raw nerve.

  12. Jack Tame did not place in that race.

    Wow. That is exactly what is wrong at councils and government. The elected are required to act as managers!

    Wrong. Council employs the managers and hold the CEO to account.

    Come on Jack, you can do better. We deserve better effort from you. Fail!

  13. Will Browny survive his term even? Despite all the tory wankers default support for this incompetent–elected by a tiny rump of voters. Due to transience, renter numbers increasing, degraded postal and electoral services, low participation generally, and other right candidates withdrawing he slithered in–with support from well known top level right opportunists and National Party personnel.

    A few months back my partner observed him getting orders and change wrong when he was on bar duty and the Mangonui Cruising Club in Mill Bay. He is Auckland’s Ronald Reagan–good for two hours a day before his first Steinie or golf course stroll.

  14. Auckland voting for Brown is an example of how useless our version of democracy is. The great big supershitty could not find a devoted intelligent practical knowledgable citizen to run the city. If it has been set up to fail they need to recognise this and look for some luminaries from their midst to lead a reoovery something better than the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, those badly led losers. But then Mike Lee has been working away trying to uncover that secret cache of brain that was probably buried in a time capsule when the train system had its first sod turned, but so many sods have piled up that the hiding place will only be found by exhaustive forensic exploration grid by grid.

  15. Strange I thought he did well as everyone knew tame was trying to stitch him up for a 15 second sound bite on the news.
    I hope he runs next election he already has my vote.

    • He was clear and presented well.
      He is required to sell a bit of a dog.
      At least he did insult us by serving it up as something that all ratepayers desire and clearly stated that it is the price we have to pay for this social project.

  16. It is obvious isn’t it ? Wayne Brown is a grumpy old man, On top of that he is a fuckwit. I am waiting till he either gets rolled from his position as Mayor or he has a stroke, due to high blood pressure on the job.

  17. Well well all the grumpy old men sticking up for a grumpy old man (who is in a very well paid job thank you very much.) Its comical and shameful how all you right wing hypocrites can promote uselessness just for the sake of it. These comments are a stark reminder of the patriarchy that is still alive and well in NZ.

      • JT patriarchy and misogyny are alive and well and unfortunately entrenched in New Zealand. Recent attacks on a well educated and highly thought of woman PM overseas will tell you that. A woman who put up with all sorts of disasters with kindness and dignity and who had to suffer even dangerous fools and right wing media on a daily basis. Simply put the Mayor of Auckland has had one terrible disaster and he failed and none of your right wing excuses will ever put that right ( no pun intended).

  18. Mayor Brown I see is pursuing his election promises,which is wonderful.
    Meanwhile Labour Government continues to dishonour its election promises.

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