MEDIAWATCH: Dominion Post undergoes woke rename

Castrating their Masthead for Identity Politics reasons sounds like a Today FM level fuck up.


‘Evolving with its community’: New name for The Dominion Post

Wellington’s daily newspaper, The Dominion Post, has announced it is changing its name, removing the word dominion.

The paper, which was established in 2002 through a merger of The Dominion and The Evening Post is being renamed as The Post.

“As an independently owned New Zealand company, we are under no-one’s dominion. New Zealand’s status as a dominion ended in 1945 when we joined the United Nations. It’s time for the word to go,” editor Caitlin Cherry said.

“We thought carefully about what we wanted The Post to represent now and into the future.”



That’s woke word salad for, “So because Dominion is a state of white cis male patriarchal colonialist mind, the Dominion Post is removing the word Dominion for a woke Wellington audience who are shocked and horrified that such a male orientated word for colonial domination is even allowed within the 04 phone code”.

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It’s a woke reinvention and the way Stuff are selling it with a look back through the Mastheads 21 year history, at least is a recognition by the Management team that if the name change is seen as woke washing then not could be a marketing nightmare.

There’s a reason ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ has resonance and Stuff is already Woke AF now.

I’m less interested in what it’s called, and more interested in you know, journalism.

Castrating their Masthead for Identity Politics reasons sounds like a Today FM level fuck up.


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  1. Feel sort of sad for the former Wellington Evening Post, an ok sort of newspaper, that this woke coterie has indulged in identity theft and cultural appropriation, especially for a fairly spurious reason. ‘Dominion’ has a greater depth of meaning than they may fathom. It can imply that they are the voice of the government, which was how the original Dominion newspaper was perceived, and for that reason alone I’d have considered keeping it, but if they think that a name amputation will magic up journalists and columnists of the calibre of the former Evening Post, it’s not going to happen any time soon. Tchaikovsky’s swan dies with rather more grace than this.

    • I’d rather be listening to Tchaikovsky than worrying about whether or not some rag has the word ‘Dominion’ in its name.
      Are there not better things to worry about?
      Nobody seems satisfied with anything lately and we’re just feeding the beast.
      Identity politics (like crony phoney capitalism) will disappear up its own arse before too long, along with all its identity politicians.
      And ‘woke’ is now so overused its becoming meaningless.

    • Snow White, the renaming of the DomPost (which word my phone auto-edit persistently tries to change to “compost”: seems appropriate to me, really) is just the latest stop on that newspaper’s slide to irrelevance.

      The degree of presentism evident in this decision is astonishing. And similar attempts to erase history haven’t gone well in other countries where this tactic has been tried, either.

      You gotta wonder: making woke changes of this sort is designed to appeal to the demographic which doesn’t read newspapers anyway! Wouldn’t you think that those running the DomPost would be aware of the age of their readership?

      Though not me: we stopped getting the DomPost years ago, and I cancelled our Stuff subscription in the wake of that apology nonsense. I gave them a piece of my mind over that.

      It occurs to us, that if the erasure of our Western settlement history is successful, at some point in the future, academics, teachers and the like will be obliged to come up with an explanation for the presence in NZ of pakeha, Chinese, Indians and so on, that doesn’t depend on some sort of magical myth, like our having descended from the sky on fairy clouds.

      • D’Esterre “…making woke changes of this sort is designed to appeal to the demographic which doesn’t read newspapers anyway.” Precisely. And of course they know this, although many of the stuff scribes are apparently kids on work experience, and certainly that’s what they sound like.

        The Dom had more snob appeal than the Evening Post, being read in leisure by the well-heeled who didn’t have to race off to work in the morning, and that could be a perverse reason for the current semi-articulate digit dancers to be virtue signalling by shedding a name associated with non-woke types, some of whom may be mortified to have start taking the Post. But the Dominion was always seen as the politicians’ domain.

        I quit the daily Dom when Rosemary McLeod write that she understood that PM John Key lived in a modest house in Auckland. Even I knew that John occupied the sort of garish mansion favoured by Indian booze barons and supermarket owners. Along the track, Tracey Watkins’ sycophantic ode to Mark Mitchell, the dog rescuer of Iraq, triggered several symptoms of an unwanted pregnancy.
        I should never have degraded the beautiful dance of The Dying Swan by associating it with the scullery maids of Stuff, but we all know that this is a woebegone attempt to stay relevant in an increasingly woke world, and good luck to them, I don’t really care.

        We will be Chinese by attrition , but at least Sue Bradford speaks fluent Mandarin, so her day could come again, probably as a revered great gran. That ok, kiwis who married into Chinese families know they’re unlikely to be cast off and disparaged as boomers and old people ignorant about real life in the ghastly philosophy of the ghastly Greens. And those Chinese mother and daughter couplings buying up properties around Wellington, ain’t. I much appreciate the way Chinese bow if I greet them in my scant Cantonese, and Sth Koreans are good like that also.

        The woke madness now extending to the sexualisation of young children could be the most damaging dynamic ever inflicted upon western society by any government, and in an ideal world the perpetrators would all be facing criminal charges in due course. Kia kaha.

  2. I just hope they check their privilege and start staffing it with criminally minded, mentally ill, non English speakers so they can be woke enough for Wellington.

    Govt has Stats NZ playing ‘privilege bingo’

    Seems like woke influence is waning.

    UK prime minister has just come out and said that woman do not have penises! And the Labour leader thinks that woman are 99.9% unlikely to have a penis.

    NZ is still woke.

  3. Good to know instead of paying journalists for stories that readers want to read, media in NZ realise it is not necessary because they can get millions just by wanking off to the Wellington Woke for taxpayer funding and it doesn’t have to be relevant anymore to get the money, just send the right ‘signals’ for woke funding.

    Woke media can be incredibly cost effective because you don’t need to staff it with journalists – just interns who re-print government led press releases and unqualified statements from influencers who don’t need any reality or checking, the woke said it, the media repeat it, so it must be true.

  4. The Editor of that paper needs to see the backlash against corporates who get into the woke game…example, Bud Light in the USA, or Disney…disaster

  5. NZ Post is sort of fighting for its life; post means after as in post-mortem; the Last Post – now perhaps that would be the appropriate moniker, go out on a blast of wind.

      • D’ Esterre. No. There is a dignity and solemnity and grandeur and encapsulation of tragic history in ‘The Last Post’ with which the surface- skimmers of the Dom-Post should no more be associated than they should be with Tchaikovsky’s Dying Swan. Let them stick with crap poetry and their lies of omission and commission, and leave our dead soldiers out of it, thanks.

        • Our dead soldiers would allow us to use the Last Post as a mental bayonet in the body of stuffed civvies lurking on their seats while others sacrifice their times and lives trying to keep good, fair democracy alive. Think on that.

          The dead soldiers might have something to add more acerbic to those who hold the Last Post played in great veneration. And whom encourage profligate Prime Ministers (Key) to OK expensive memorials such as in Wellington to a century-old battle which was replayed within 20 years, and followed by events around the world for which they didn’t even charge for tickets. The hooligans/gang members/armed personnel, taking part left a lot of damage. And dead bodies on both sides, including from my family – gone, died bravely and hopelessly, never known, but living in memory yet.

          One good thing coming out of the playing of the Last Post is that the guy/person plays a bugle (cornet or trumpet) well, and we stop our prosaic lives for a few minutes to …reflect on something, and I like brass instruments. And the word brass has a number of meanings that will intensify in our lives to come – so all round keep mentioning and remembering the Last Post or OMG all that sacrifice and endeavour, will get taken for granted. It can’t just be sanctified and held in camphor lined urns by the RSA (Australia RSL).

          • you know nothing nada zilch about what dead dead soldiers would think grey and rattling corpses is pretty low even for you…they might even look at the religious right and say are these bunch of no marks we fought for..see it’s easy and fruitless

        • Snow White: it seems to me that the Last Post is pretty apposite in the contemporary environment. It’s been debased by the ways in which our young men’s blood and sacrifice has been abused by the pollies who decided how and where they should be deployed.

          My father’s four eldest brothers went away to WW1. One came home. They died for nothing.

  6. Following on with the CIS White Male bad and all instances must be cancelled theme, they could call it “The Dominatrix Post”

  7. I think/ in my opinion, there are elements at work to distance we AO/NZ’ers from the Crown. Removing the word ‘Dominion’ from a news paper is one of those motivations.
    Once we AO/NZ’ers become the ‘Republic’ they will convince us we must become, in the best interests of the indigenous people of Aotearoa of course, we will become a state of the U$A before the ink dries on the contract.
    And then, dear reader, we’re done. We’re fucked. In my opinion, the Israeli’s will arrive by the boat load and the bombs will fall on Europe and central Asia.
    @ Maori. You have been warned.

  8. Dominion is the perfect word for NZ as it is today.. we are still under the yoke of an Empire, it’s just less obvious than the flag waving and anthems of the Brits

    NZ remains a backwards colonial outpost, insulated from the world, with our own small minded endless squabbles over resources and land

    • Roblogic. The Empire has long gone and we are voluntary members of the Commonwealth which replaced it, and which other countries clamour to join. Our geographical location, narrow gene pool, anti-intellectualism, and the shocking dumbing down of the education system, all contribute to our backwardness, ignorance, parochialism, and rapidly increasing resemblance to the inhabitants of 17thC Salem, Massachusetts.

    • @Roblogic The Irish I think call chat ‘crack’ but yours I would like to say is cracked, only I fear that you are right. So seeing you can still make out something through the shards, please drop in again for more distorted views to add to our own.

  9. “As an independently owned New Zealand company, we are under no-one’s dominion. New Zealand’s status as a dominion ended in 1945 when we joined the United Nations. It’s time for the word to go,” editor Caitlin Cherry

    Caitlin what country do you think you live in? Aotearoa is a vassal state in the american imperium. Here is a list of wars we have been directed to take part in Korea, Malaya, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan. And the NZSAS never says where they are and Kiwi soldiers who have ‘left’ the army keep getting killed in action in Ukraine. It’s just not called Dominion.

  10. It’s also historically incorrect. NZs status as a dominion lasted until we ratified the Statute of Westminster in 1947. It had nothing to do with the United Nations. We had been a member of the League of Nations in our own right well before that.

    • More of those thoughts NC and you will be a Must Read; Dominion can learn from you, if they will. Remember journos – ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’ – beyond fishwrap. As the fish stock is being decimated, gradually the Dom will be enervated and shrink to D.

  11. ” “We thought carefully about what we wanted The Post to represent now and into the future.”

    Dominion another victim of our shameful past removed yet none of these so called editors or journalists will push the idea of us becoming a republic and ridding ourselves of another shameful institution the royal family that has an appalling past going back a thousand years.

    I suppose we should have a public Dom Post newspaper burning event when its not windy in Wellington and Caitlin Cherry can sleep soundly at night for doing her bit for the plan to erase the past and start from year zero.

    I will be watching to see many of the iconic newspapers around the world to follow Cherry’s example.

    By the way the rest of the thinking world is convinced New Zealand has gone woke mad.

    I totally agree.

    • Mosa “… the thinking world is convinced New Zealand has gone woke mad”. I agree too. We’re being viewed like circus specimens by major overseas news outlets, and that’s because we are. Latterly Kellie Jay Keen provided a rather public catalyst, and when nobody blinks an eye when police let women be beaten rather than be thought to be transphobic, and politicians gloat about not letting women speak, it’s time to lock up your daughters.

  12. “We thought carefully.” No they didn’t. Their job is to report the news and if possible provide intelligent comment about it. Name change is irrelevant to this.

    “ What’s in a name ? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”, according to the great bard, William Shakespeare, also on the New Zealand chopping block, and lied about just the way these imbeciles did about Kellie-Jay Keen.

    We’re not as stupid as they may think we are, or indeed as they are, but the vandalism of our cultural heritage is government sanctioned, and its lackeys are simply doing as told. Pretending to have thought about it is ridiculous.

    • Hollyhock of the Valley: “We’re not as stupid as they may think we are, or indeed as they are, but the vandalism of our cultural heritage is government sanctioned, and its lackeys are simply doing as told. Pretending to have thought about it is ridiculous.”

      Exactly. I agree with everything you say here.

      • D’Esterre. I guess that’s you and I both on a woke hit list then. The cops won’t help us, so now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country.
        Persons with gonads, ha ha.

  13. Take your pick:


    1. sovereignty or control:
    “man’s attempt to establish dominion over nature”

    2. the territory of a sovereign or government:
    “the Angevin dominions”

    3. each of the self-governing territories of the British Commonwealth:
    “Great Britain, together with her Dominions and Colonies”

  14. The debate/discussion reminds me of the typical tv news things we go through. Of the newsreaders, “What was she thinking wearing that dress?” “What on earth possessed him to think he could get away with not wearing a tie?”

    Or the fuss when the studio set undergoes a change.

    If the focus is on the name at the top or the surrounding tra-las, if that is the story, maybe there’s no reason for the organ to exist.

    Our cultural heritage is being destroyed? That’s a continuous every single minute of every single day process. Reflection on how the markers of heritage change show their transience.

  15. Surprise, surprise, woke thinking seems to be based on flawed research, promoted by woke MSM that increasingly is going bankrupt/losing readership after prolonged woke wanking that the average Joe is not a fan of – aka the endless woke tales of victimhood by crims, ultra privileged cancelling others and grifters.

    FSU Criminology Professor Abruptly Leaves After Accusations of Cooking Race Data

    “A Fellow of the American Society of Criminology, Eric Stewart has had six research studies retracted, blemishing FSU’s top-ranked criminology department. Stewart was first accused of falsifying data in 2019 by Professor Justin Pickett of the University of Albany, who co-authored a 2011 study with Stewart.
    The study tested if the public’s prejudicial views impacted their desire for harsher sentences for black and hispanic Americans. The published findings were that as black and hispanic populations grew, so did the public’s want for more discriminatory sentences. Except – Pickett discovered – this was not the case.
    In the original data, no relationship was found between growing minority populations and demands for increased sentences. If anything, Pickett pointed out, it was quite the opposite.”

    Dr David Lillis: Allegations of Racism in New Zealand Universities

    “In complex areas like the study of racial inequality, a fundamentalism has taken hold that discourages sound methodology and the use of reliable evidence about the roots of social problems. We are not talking about mere differences in interpretation of results, which are common. We are talking about mistakes so clear that they should cause research to be seriously questioned or even disregarded (Jindra and Sakamoto, 2023).”

    On gender
    Young New Zealanders are being rushed into medical gender transition

  16. Example of important information dissemination from the old The Dominion Post

    ‘Bubble junkie’ out to burst bubble record video
    Ash Kamel calls himself a “bubble addict”, and he’s out to break a bubble world record.
    A childhood fascination with bubbles has turned into an obsession for a Wellington man looking to blow a world record out of the water. (Julie Jacobson 16/4)

    New name for The Dominion Post –
    New Zealand’s status as a dominion ended in 1945 so it’s time for The Post to evolve with its community, editor Caitlin Cherry says.
    (It is good to see female journos rising to the top but need to watch an apparent tendency to throw out the baby with the bathwater.)


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