Of course the PMs Office covered up the Nashy email!

The Nashy (Suns out Guns out)

Government broke the OIA over Nash emails – National

National Party deputy leader Nicola Willis says the Government broke the Official Information Act by withholding an email that led to Stuart Nash’s downfall on Tuesday.

Usually the cover up is always worse than the lie, but the Nashy (Suns out Guns out) leaking of Cabinet decisions to donors is so bad, it’s hard to eclipse the sin, but Labour are doing a great job!

You can not pretend that the OAI into the Nashy (Suns out Guns out) correspondence with Donors should have been hidden because it wasn’t under his role as Minister is fucking absurd because he only gained that info BECAUSE HE WAS A CABINET MINISTER!

I call Stuart, ‘The Nashy (Suns out Guns out)’ to sum up the absurd stupidity of the man.

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Only The Nashy (Suns out Guns out) could be so fucking thick. He isn’t a Machiavellian grand chess master of dark grift, he’s a dickhead who big notes to anyone he can impress.

He was on ZB boasting about interfering in the Police and trying to overturn a judicial decision for Christ’s sake!

As The Daily Blog has been pointing out since The Nashy (Suns out Gus out) initially refused  to investigate slash from Cyclone Hale, if he’s this much of a clown, imagine the crazy shit he will have told his Forestry mates.

This is going to come out in the slash inquiry and Chippy needs to keep the Nashy around until that slash inquiry AND THEN throw him out of the Party because the public will be baying for a head once the stupid stuff he has said comes out.

Pretending Labour officials didn’t cover this up and that it was all some big mistake simply isn’t believable.


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  1. Natzos on thin ice here. Mr Key used to sit on OIAs for political purposes, & gave first views-via his office-to SlaterOil.

    • Lol. The old “well the other side did it historically” argument. Most transparent government in NZ history…….

    • Key no longer in the picture.
      Ardern knew of this did Chippy?
      Does Nashy know they both new?
      More to come I think.

        • I’m pretty sure that training is…
          Never write things down if you can help it, especially if it could potentially embarrass the Government. Use verbal methods for agreements and information transfer, not text, email or other written media. If you do get an OIA, then Delay, Distract, Divert, Redact, and if all else fails, lose the offending document/data due to an administrative error (oops, did that fail in to the shredder, then get burned and the ashes scattered).

          • Clearly.
            And he was rewarded for being right, like every other whistleblower. When will these suckers learn?

      • Bob, “key no longer in the picture”. The man you say was best PM ever? So you admit he was the consummate bullshitter then, but it’s ok because he’s not around. Good to know

    • Good stuff @ Tiger Mountain. Fuck frank and bob. Two losers losing while being too stupid to know it.
      Since roger douglas infected us with the pandemic neoliberal-greed virus, our politics, our government, and our cross-party political administration is fast becoming an ever more emboldened fascist capitalism. We just can’t seem to scrape them off our boots, the bastards are in every party! And all this societal fascism, greed and institutionalised financial incest is as a direct result of the freak-show Right becoming far too comfortable with easily sequestering money from our primary industry and the last time I looked while I had dinner, that was farming.
      Labour and national are both trotters deep in the easy farmer money trough and have been for decades and now that the W.W.W. is here to stay to spread The Word, they must be panicking as The Word gets around.
      Remember? Revolutions used to begin by word of mouth over a beer. Now, millions can instantly see where the rot is so if you’re going to hide you’re going to hide in plain sight. Inside the opposition. That’s why roger douglas was all but invisible. That’s why the wee thing hid within Labour as a two term minister of finance in David Lange’s Labour government. Who knew he’d go on to pop his puss filled little head out to create the Zombie ACT party.
      Rather than have the right wing slowly bleed out, lets have a commission of inquiry. Even I might be surprised at how far and how deep the dirty laundry water flows.

    • Labour Lovers on thin ice here. Michael Savage and Peter Fraser used to sit on OIAs for political purposes. How far are we going back Pussycat Hill…900 years???? Stop making excuses for Chippie and most of all Jacinda….No other govts claimed: MMMMMOST TRRRRRANSPARENT GOVT EVEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!! Fuckin joke.

  2. I would love any of the not-Labour parties to pledge OIA reform and start a public drafting of that Bill so everyone could see the new regime.

    Including an ombudsman who could bring their own prosecutions, and creating a criminal offence of concealment for both officials and political masters.

    • Ada. The Office of the Ombudsman needs to be expanded, but there’s no hope of that happening under the regime which knee-capped the Commissioner for Children. Their priority is self -preservation, and they’ve been dumb ( or arrogant) enough to make that obvious.

        • Doing the job is not something the Labour Government is capable of doing.
          Their track record is a list of “ not accomplished.”

  3. The PM staffers “failed to recognise the significance of [the email] in front of them” said Sepuloni. Ok so they are incompetent, and woefully so if they don’t understand a simple rule such as cabinet confidentiality. This statement by Sepuloni alone should be enough to initiate a full review of all correspondence between Ministers, agencies and the rest of the country. If you need a hand I am unemployed and have a records management degree.

    • Jody. Sepuloni ? Sepuloni ? The same Sepuloni who failed to recognise the significance of the Commissioner for Vulnerable Children ? Well that’s no great surprise then.

  4. OIA. Manipulation to protect the labour leadership.
    Where did we hear that before.
    There was a bloke that shared with us the specific training that were provided to labour parliamentary representatives to protect the labour leadership. The attendance register if that workshop is revealing.

    Bridges will probably say “even I knew that one does not put this shit on paper.”

    The aim of the OIA process is to provide the public with confidence in the system. Yet our lived experience tells us a different story. And if our conclusion is the obvious but different from the desired rhetoric then one is called a conspiracy theorist. Yeah, right.

    • Yes JT, Simon Bridges’ comments were super enlightening given his ‘squeaky clean’ outcome from the JLR saga.
      I thought Golriz Ghahraman’s contribution to yesterdays (30 Mar) debate in parliament was excellent. Events like this undermine the very foundation of democracy, and as Grant Robertson reminded us such actions were alive and flourishing under previous administrations.

      • And that is why it should be exposed, so that we can shine a light on it, so that we can improve accountability, right?
        We all know it is true, this is not satire.
        If we are serious about protecting democracy then let’s sort this out. No-one will go to prison. Only one person lost his privileges, and he was the scapegoat.

        If we are serious about this shit then let’s make the penalty something that will hurt the perpetrator of betrayal of public trust.

        Can I suggest maybe tomato juice poured over your head in the public square.

  5. This is starting to get a life of its own. Will Hipkins throw Ardern under the bus as this becomes increasingly toxic. That is the question of the day.

    • He threw her under the bus as soon as she exited.
      Threw her policies on the bonfire.( policy he was Party to.)
      Is the Chippy actually a weasel?

    • Winston referred to Nashy as “They threw the dead cat onto the table” .

      So you better believe it. Ardern. her Mother, hapless staffers, what ever it takes.

  6. This from Idiot Savant.
    This cover-up needs to be a crime
    On Tuesday night, former Forestry Minister Stuart Nash was sacked for corruption, after the Prime Minister discovered he had disclosed confidential cabinet discussions to his donors. Its since emerged that Jacinda Ardern’s office knew of this disclosure, but didn’t act on the obvious breach of the Cabinet manual, and didn’t tell her about it – which smacks of a coverup. And now Newsroom has weighed in, suggesting that Nash deliberately and knowingly violated the OIA:

    On June 8, 2021, Newsroom made a request to Nash’s office under the Official Information Act for “All written correspondence and details of the nature and substance of any other communication since the start of 2020” between Nash and 19 of his political donors. Included on the list of donors was Troy Bowker. Given that the June 2020 email to Bowker concerned discussions Nash was having in his capacity as a minister, it appears that the June 2020 email fell within the scope of Newsroom’s request.
    In August 2021, however, Nash’s office responded, “I hold nothing that is within the scope of your request as the Act relates only to information provided to me as minister. I must therefore refuse your request under section 18(e) of the Official Information Act as the information does not exist or cannot be found.”

    I have two comments here. The first is that there seems to be no reason whatsoever for this request to have been escalated to the Prime Minister’s office, and it seems to be another example of Labour’s informational control-freakery. The fact that it was the PM’s staff who ruled the email “out of scope” because it wasn’t “received in his capacity as a minister” also echoes Gaurav Sharma’s claims about the PM’s office instructing MPs about how to hide information from the OIA by claiming it was received in a party capacity. (In this case its strictly false, because information from Cabinet discussions can only be held in a Ministerial capacity; the PM’s staff’s willingness to overlook this calls every OIA judgement they have ever made into question, and suggests they are systematically illegally withholding information on political grounds. Unfortunately, the Ombudsman can’t do anything about it, because OIA investigations can only be in relation to a specific request, while Ministers have ensured that the Ombudsmen’s Act, which allows own-motion inquiries into OIA practices, doesn’t apply to them. Convenient, isn’t it?)
    My second comment is that this is a perfect example of why the OIA needs criminal penalties for deliberate violations. Canada does this, with the Access to Information Act having a penalty of two years imprisonment for those who, with intent to frustrate a request, conceal, falsify or destroy records. We should do the same, to deter such behaviour and enable public servants to stand up to illegal demands from their political masters. But as with the Ombudsmen’s Act, the problem is getting Ministers to apply the law to themselves…

    Either way, its clear that the announced review into what else Nash might have corruptly disclosed isn’t enough; we also need a full investigation into Labour’s handling of OIA requests. And if this government won’t do it, I’d hope the next one will.


    • We can save heaps of money by just abandoning the OIA process. Three yearly elections and a functional fourth estate should be adequate to keep this lot in line and on the straight and narrow……..
      But here we are…
      The reasons why are a clear as daylight.

  7. Jacinda Arden I will lead the most transparent government ever.

    There is a lot wrong with that statement.

  8. ” Pretending Labour officials didn’t cover this up and that it was all some big mistake simply isn’t believable. ”

    But that’s exactly how the PM is describing this as human error.

    Once again they insult the intelligence of the silent majority who can see right through that excuse.

  9. Absolutely appalling, staff should be sacked but first that big noter needs to get the boot. I heard the editor of the Napier newspaper saying ‘Nash always cut corners and did other things he shouldn’t have…

    Indeed the OIA needs to be looked at I asked for something and they converted it from an excel spreadsheet to a pdf so that I wasn’t able to manipulate it. This sort of shit goes on all the time. HOW CAN WE ENSURE THE PUBLIC DOESN’T KNOW THIS.

  10. if officials have such lapses of judgement why are they still in place….don’t want them pissing into the tent perchance?

    • Will reveal who knew,that’s why they’re still there.
      They know both Ardern and Hipkins were complicit in the cover up.

  11. So….., Ultimately, Like they’re probably not yet ready, but the best thing the Chipster could do would be to go for broke, sack the consultants, the Chief gee bung wonders of staff, turn the tap off the lobbyists, tell a few senior managerialist public servants and their enterage to go get some fuckings in their spaces going forwar, and return Labour to its rootings.
    Not going to happen though right? Not until the natives get a wee bit more restless as they surely will

  12. I just love when all you right wingers are so outraged, its almost funny. How short your memories are. I wonder why Judith Collins was promoted, dirty politics anyone. She did the same thing to Ian Lees Galloway at about the same time in the election cycle. Thats why she was photographed in church praying for her sins. Judith Collins was the corruption master in the Key government. Orida anyone. The reason she is still there is because she knows where all the bodies are buried. So please don’t all sit on your high horses , it’s a very long way to fall. Nash was stupid but Judith Collins is still sitting there in all her glory and sorry to say this but she’s evil.

  13. Bomber, I Remember, this new minted Minister, talking on the Back Bencher, discussion about homeless and afford home cost mortgage and exploitive landlords and rent. Nash, see my home, the mortgage is a killer, host, what about your rental apartment block. He as all land investors, profit from property, the eighties and earlier was how to become a property millionare, simple get a loan from the bank, for a property you cannot self support rent it out at exploitive rent, there you are.

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