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The massive refusal wave by Reserve soldiers in Israel. You can help us support the refusers and solidarity actions by sending this link to your family and friends. Invite them to support the refusers.

The Israeli public is showing unprecedented support for the political act of refusal to serve in the Israeli Army. Ynet News published the results of a survey by the aChord Center with the headline “unprecedented support for reserve service refusers”, showing incredibly strong support for the reserve soldiers’ refusal actions and statements. Of Israeli citizens, 87% of those identifying as left-wing voters, 70% of those identifying as centre and 31% of those identifying as right-wing voters support the new soldiers who are refusing military service.

Refusal to serve in the Israeli Army, one of the most sacred institutions in Israeli culture, is now  perceived as a legitimate civil resistance act which can be used to promote change. This is an incredible opportunity for the anti-occupation movement. Local Israeli anti-occupation activists are now working on initiatives to support the refusers and to use this historical moment of massive civil resistance against the ultra-nationalistic government and its anti-democratic agenda. Our aim is to help the Israeli mainstream public become a part of the anti-occupation movement. 

This is the time for us to use this awakening in the Israeli society and to support local activists in their efforts to end the occupation. We need your help to do that. What the Israeli refuser movement needs now is people who can help us amplify the refusers’ voice. This is the time to expand our community. Please share this link with three people you know and ask them to join our newsletter. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and we need to work together to make sure we use it as best as we can.

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