The Working Group Free Speech Post Posie Parker Special


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This week Political Commentator Ani O’Brian, Deputy Leader of the ACT Party Brooke Van Velden  and  Stuff columnist Damien Grant, to debate the following:

Issue 1 – Free Speech vs Thugs Veto

Issue 2 – Will Culture Wars dominate Election 2023?

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Issue 3 – Marama Davidson vs White Cis Males

And Issue 4 – Who wins and loses politically from a protest like this?

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  1. After the political dumpster fire of the last 7 days, The Working Group is almost mandatory viewing.

  2. Just to let you know I have it on good authority that Speak Up For Women have been inundated with women wanting to join the authority

    • Anker. Just to let you know that the Green transgender activist in the purple frock who triggered the Auckland violence by pouring tomato sauce over Kellie-Jay Keen has apparently been invited to the the UNO as some sort of special New Zealand representative of love and inclusiveness. The UK Spectator is following this, thank God, because IMHO New Zealand media have lied and have colluded with our politicians to smear Keen and to cancel Kiwi women’s voices.

      The transgender activists are doing a terrible disservice to our gay community with their bullying and misogynistic antics. The men in my generation in particular often lived lives of quiet and unquiet misery and hell when homosexuality was deemed illegal. They were my friends, and they still are, and what is happening in New Zealand today is barbaric, and worse, with the righteous twee little lesbians down in Parliament utterly clueless about the damage that they are doing to decent people.

      • Agree Snow White. As I commented previously, I am only on to the harmfulness of the tras, because a really close relative, who is lesbian, was harassed, slurred and intimidate by the tras, same for her partner.

      • I don’t have a personal stake in the gender critical vs trans ruction, but I fully echo your sentiment here Snow White , media and Michael Wood have called the speaker a white supremacist and smeared her as anti trans instead of pro woman and media continue to do so.

        This identity hierarchy clown show is enabling the worst of the petty tyrants and bullies in society, who knew they dwelt on the left?
        We all know now.
        Womens rights and the public’s right to free discourse are being attacked.
        The good news is online public sentiment is angrily against this stupidity and there must be electoral repercussions for any party playing these games.

      • Thanks Snow White, while women’s rights should be the focus here, this has been a disaster for LGB and T people too. Most trans people I know just want to get on with their lives and fully accept the concerns about women’s spaces. Ideological trans-activists (distinct from trans people) and theirs ‘allies’ risk damaging decades of hard won mainstream acceptance and respect for LGBT people.

        • Tui Keen intends raising her New Zealand experience with the UK government, and apparently is hoping their PM will want a “ Please explain”, from Hipkins. She’s also running in the next election, with her own political party, standing against Keir Harmer. This has got her and women’s issues helpful local and global publicity.

          I don’t have words to elucidate the deranged and dishonest stance of, as far as I know, lunatic Labour and Green MP’s, including the PM, the lying MSM against whom it should be possible to lay formal complaints, nor know whether all the Auckland thugs were transgender extremists, or other misogynistic males determined to silence women.

          We whose mothers and grandmothers paved the way for some of the freedoms women have, can’t allow their legacy to be trampled on, and it’s scary when the police won’t protect us, hence good that overseas news outlets are now alert to what’s happening here. Keen’s concern about children’s gender and sexualisation issues seems to have been strangely ignored by the New Zealand media, which is another mystery.

          The best men I know and have known have been gay, damn it.

      • People like Posie Parker and her financial backers would quite happily take our societies back to those days, if not worse. That’s why they need to be stood up to. Appeasement never works.

  3. Martyn, careful with those white supremacist gestures around 49’10” !

    Jokes. I’m just mocking Clint Smith, Shaneel Lal, Newshub and the other deranged people who pushed that lie.

  4. Thanks Bomber and panel – really excellent show. I even respected BVV’s well said opinions. Star of the show was Ano Obrien, in my opinion. I got to actually hear what she had to say! Win Win. Now let’s get to work…

  5. Yes a fabulous show.

    A challenge to you Martyn….you continue to refer to KJK as a grifter. Can you elaborate on your reasons/evidence for thinking this way?

    This next bit is humour…
    The best part of the show was the word from the sponsor. I now know whenever my husband doesn’t agree with me all I have to do to shut him down is squirt him with tomato sauce

    • Someone is financially backing her, and it’s not because they care about women’s rights. Also she came to New Zealand to spread her hate (why?), chose to use a public space (free? or cheap) where there was no control over who could attend. Went very cheap on security, expecting the New Zealand taxpayers to cover the rest via our already over stretched Police (like they don’t have anything better to do). Was surprised when the first security company pulled out (presumably after realizing who they would be protecting and deciding it wouldn’t be worth the negative publicity when it all turned to shit). Whined about the increased cost of security when she found someone who would take the job. Complained that there weren’t many Police (free) to protect her, but still walked through the crowd of people who were clearly not her supporters. Then when it all turned to custard (about a minute after arriving) and her cheap security detail was overwhelmed as it fought its way through the crowd of peaceful protesters, needed to be rescued by the same Police that she would lodge a complaint against. She then fled the country that same evening, leaving chaos in her way. She’s only in it for the money & attention, and she doesn’t care who she harms along the way.

        • Are you suggesting we should burn her & her like? That seems a little over the top, when a peaceful protest gets them fleeing in terror.

          • No. I’m suggesting that you are on a par with the witch hunters, and that it is persons like you who are trying to silence women and to plunge us into voiceless spaces. You. Read the book. Have a rethink,

            • Really? And the anti-trans legislation in the US, Russia etc is just an illusion? Here’s something to remember, it is those with power that launch witch hunts. Trans people are generally marginalized by society & have very little real power, though they do have greater support & more juice than your crew.

  6. Congratulations and thanks guys. A hugely impressive show given the week.

    If you’re looking at more fully theme-based shows can I suggest something lobbying-focussed arap (as rapidly as practicable). Needs some serious sunlight, and not the burial and example-making of Nash that it will get.

    Of course, as soon as anything meaningful is said in that one, you’ll be in deep water. Lawyer up a wee bit and make sure y’all can comment freely again, and see off any possible defamation threats with truth, etc.

    Kind regards

  7. Oops. Keir Starmer, who I confused with Keir Hardie,is the Brit pollie Kellie-Jay Keen is standing against.

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