Immigration Minister’s Failure To Act Challenged In High Court By Rainbow Organisations


Today human rights organisations Gender Minorities Aotearoa, InsideOUT Kōaro, and Auckland Pride filed for judicial review in the High Court. Our case follows the Immigration Minister’s decision to allow Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, a known anti-transgender activist, to enter Aotearoa New Zealand. In addition to the judicial review, we are seeking an interim order to prevent Keen-Minshull from entering the country until the judicial review can take place.

Keen-Minshull (also known as Posie Parker) has a long history of organising and participating in anti-transgender rallies in close connection with neo-Nazi organisations, including rallies in Australia last week which broke out in violence.

“As community organisations deeply committed to the welfare of the communities we serve, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, InsideOUT Kōaro, and Auckland Pride believe that Keen-Minshull’s presence in New Zealand poses a significant threat to public order and a risk to public interest. This is outlined under Section 16 of the Immigration Act,” says Ahi Wi-Hongi, Executive Director of Gender Minorities Aotearoa and spokesperson for the groups.

“The facts in this case are clear, and the Minister’s failure to act is putting our communities in danger. We are not opposing freedom of speech, we are opposing the measurable threat to public order and the safety of transgender people.”

Managing Director of InsideOUT Kōaro, Tabby Besley, says “There is no place for transphobia in Aotearoa, and there is no public interest in the abhorrent views espoused by Keen-Minshull” 

Executive Director of Auckland Pride, Max Tweedie, says “We are determined to challenge this decision in order to protect the well-being and safety of our trans, non-binary and takatāpui communities in Aotearoa.”

OutLine Aotearoa and RainbowYOUTH are also in support of the action to prevent Keen-Minshull from entering the country. “As an organisation supporting the mental health of Rainbow communities across Aotearoa, we are concerned for the immediate safety of trans people, as well as the longer term impacts of the stress, fear and anxiety her visit will cause for many of our trans and non-binary whānau.” says OutLine Aotearoa Chief Executive Claire Black. RainbowYOUTH’s Executive Director Pooja Subramanian said “Now is the time to lead by example that trans and gender diverse young people deserve protection from systems that are meant to support them, and we are calling on the Minister to enact that.”

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Gender Minorities Aotearoa, InsideOUT Kōaro, and Auckland Pride will update their websites and social media as the case progresses. In the meantime, the organisations encourage anyone affected by the current events to take care of each other, to take time to focus on wellbeing, and to reach out for support.

“We are aware of protests being organised in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and encourage allies to go along and support trans communities at these. We are also asking allies to support this cause through donations towards legal costs such as filing fees.” Ahi Wi-Hongi says. “While we expect our costs will be minimal, there is always a risk of escalation in taking a legal case, and every penny helps.”

Any surplus funds will be used by the organisations filing the case to continue advocating for the rights and wellbeing of transgender and rainbow communities:

“Shootings at mosques, and other terrorist attacks, do not come suddenly from nowhere. Rallies against human rights attract the worst kinds of extremists, and absolutely foster hatred and incite violence. We must take reasonable steps to prevent this, and we believe that’s all we’re asking for.”


  1. “Rallies against human rights attract the worst kinds of extremists, and absolutely foster hatred and incite violence.”

    I agree, and think you should stop doing so then.

    Free speech? Human right. Safe spaces? Hard won feminist human right. Acknowledging reality? Human right. Choosing which ideologies to follow? Human right.

    I have few problems* with the belief in “gender” and that ones gender can be other than ones sex – but you’ve moved on to erasing sex entirely. By your own creed you have a sex, denying what it is and that it has any importance causes massive problems for yourselves and others. Please rejoin us in reality.

    *Problems include reinforcing stereotypes – the very sexism eradication the previous human rights push was trying to accomplish is now being undone by the next.

  2. The protesters should stay away and this would deprive the fire any oxygen so making the whole meeting a none event

  3. I don’t believe that handing adolescent teens knives and chemicals so they can cut and burn bits off of them is a human right that grants more life.

    If you leave gender dysphoria patients the hell alone. By the time they reach the age of 18, about 80% settle into there own bodies. About 70% of the remaining 20% become homosexual.

    So it’s not clear that publicly available transition therapies is of any benefit at all.

  4. Attacking the messenger’s right to speak rather than the message.

    That is a good way to undermine and destroy most of the support and progress you’ve made over the past fifty years.

  5. Funny thing is if the ‘anti women protestors’ were to stay home, this event would be over in an hour, women talking about their lifes, issues they have in that life, how to live with stuff and then….boom over, off to some drinks somewhere and home. So i am really greatefull to see that thanks to the anti woman protestors she got oodles of free advertising, this whole shit show has gone global, Shaneel is the face of the woman hating they/them chauvinist of the planet, and the women will still meet tomorrow as planned and they will talk to their hearts content while Shaneel and his mates will make a ruckus and a nuisance of themselves. Oh well……what can be expected?. They were told to shut up, yet they persisted. Oh my!

    Meeting publicly, associating with peers and speak about politics is still possible. Maybe not for long, true that, but tomorrow free speech is having a go. Well done Posie Parker.

  6. Gay groups and individuals seem to love to take the immigration minister to court. Huge entitlement in the rainbow community seems to be escalating as fast as the pride parade loses public support for their woke whining and bans of gay police in uniform.

    Auckland professor separated from husband suing Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi

    Are they sued because their legal department seem to be so weak, they can’t even deport anybody.

    $10k, 11 days and one failed deportation

    I’m looking forward to the rainbow groups losing the case. I can’t imagine how they can win. More bullying and intimidation from fringe groups trying to ban everything, cancel free speech and sue everyone, becoming the norm in NZ.

    Funny with all the terrible murders and so forth, the woke never sue the immigration minister. for allowing the terrorists into NZ, like Tarrant and Samsudeen. Terrorism is ok in NZ for the woke, but letting a woman’s rights campaigner in, is not. Strange priorities of danger.

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