Posie Parker, NZ Free Speech and the Trans Debate Tragedy


The Trans culture war debate has reignited  in NZ with the  arrival of Anti-Trans Troll and anger grifter, Posie Parker, whose recent speech in Australia saw Nazi’s joining her in solidarity.

As a rule of thumb, when Nazis are joining you in solidarity, that’s not a win.

When it comes to the whole Trans debate, I’m old fashioned. I think finding your true self and being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most important journeys of the human experience.

The idea that there are some men who believe they are women and some women who believe they are men and some people who believe they are both and some people who believe they are neither is as uncontroversial to me as the range of human skin, eye and hair colour.

Referring to someone by their preferred pronouns and identity is just basic good will courtesy offered to every fellow citizen.

If a trans person wishes to share a prison cell or locker room with me, I don’t care, but where I get cancelled by the woke is when I also agree that biological women have a right to philosophically and intellectually challenge some of the identity politics dogma that is being used here.

Unfortunately that legitimate debate is not what is happening with Posie’s open air speech in the weekend.

Posie Parker is a toxic hate troll anger grifter who doesn’t want a debate, she wants publicity and more clickbait donors.

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There is a legitimate debate between gender critical feminists and trans activists but what does it say about that debate when gender critical feminists have been pushed all the way over to the side of Nazis?

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media. Part of the problem is that the Trans activists themselves have helped make this debate so radioactively toxic with their cancel culture dynamics.

Even though Posie Parker may be a toxic hate troll anger grifter, she has the right to free speech.

This is a liberal progressive democracy and while I certainly think Posie Parker is a bad faith actor, she has the right to speak, equally however, we all have the right to protest her and challenge her.

For me the true tragedy here for the Trans community is how quickly their alienating and over the top attacks along with their fourth wave feminist allies have eroded and burnt so much of the good will the rainbow community had built in the 80s, 90s and 00s.

The rainbow community pre Trans activism had worked to make love and family inclusive, the new woke Trans activists built pure temple cliques that created diversity by cancelling everyone who didn’t agree with them.

This entire issue has caused immense damage on the Left and rather than debating the material well being of citizens, we are lost in middle class identity politics virtue signalling that censors rather than answers and in that cultural space, anger grifters like Posie Parker flourish.

I remember trying to tell the woke 5 years ago not to start a free speech culture war. ACT was on .7 until woke activists gave Seymour the free speech ammunition and he’s now 12%.

Please sweet Jesus, could the middle class woke stop fucking the Class Left before the election?

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  1. Posie Parker is a Women’s Rights Activist….and, nothing else…let her in….No more barring people on Political grounds into this country…for instance, Rebel News, who wanted to cover the Government’s Covid response, and Kiwis attitudes to it…which is in front of the courts right now

    • She’s no feminist by any stretch. Given Nazis are proven to be anti any kind of diversity, associating with them is the icing on her shit cake.

      • By now feminism is just hate group. Woman have more rights than men and trans activists have even more rights.

        That’s not equality. It’s power grab and woman don’t even realize.

        You’ve got all major media conglomerates pushing this woke virtue signals right across the board. Movies, radio, news papers, magazines, TV, online saying men are bad and woman, especially trans must be believed. It’s so undeniable.

        Why? Ad revenue. They’re trying to claw back ad revenue from Google.

        The foundation of society is the two parent household. Woman now a days want a relationship but they don’t want to be girlfriend / wives and it’s destroying society as we speak.

        It’s the men who built the roads, hot running water. Men built everything not for other men, because men want to make life better, to protect and provide and it’s the feminists saying the patriarchy built men for men and No! Woman just use it, they didn’t build anything.

        What did woman build? Well, they’re busy discussing gender pronouns, racism and who can use the toilet.

        Mean while the men aren’t coming up with excuses to not go to work.

        • It’s called, post-modern feminist(ism), proto-marxism middle-class wokerattiism. Mainly the pakeha/tauiwi male dominance of women again.

        • And yet Sam woman still hit the thick glass ceiling in pay scales that see the same work earning them some 30% less than their male counterparts.
          You should try living in a woman’s shoes for a time, then you would retract the statement that women have more rights than men.

      • Sophora – Melbourne, Nazi?? Oh, right — those Nazi’s stormed the stage at her event, then got arrested…and have stated they have nothing to do with her…those Nazi’s?

      • She does not pretend to be a ‘feminist’. She is an unapologetic woman – adult human female. And that is what pisses of the menz.

          • It’s either a) the shadow puppetry hand configuration for a three eared rabbit ,,,

            … or b) a transwomans back-handed/reverse wanking grip,,,

            ,,,perhaps even c) an impression of Stephen Hawkins attempting a Nazi salute.

            That’s the only three realistic possibility’s I can think of….. :0

        • I’m guessing you’re not into gender equality of the breakdown of gender roles?

          Beats me why any woman would pay attention to another who undermines her own gender by NOT being a feminist. That’s just playing into the hands of the “menz”, duh.

          • @Sophora
            Do you mean ‘OR the breakdown of gender roles’?
            If so i’d suggest that breaking down gender roles (ie biology not being a limit on the role one can take in society) was 2nd wave. 3rd/4th wave are reinforcing gender roles again within Queer Theory ideology.

            For example a young girl is not gender conforming?
            Then too often she is assumed to be non-binary or trans-male and in a few cases may even receive medicalised gender-affirming care.
            The key message here is if you don’t behave like a girl then you must not be a girl (This comes from Queer theory, the liberatory ideological aim is to transgress the category of gender but it is actually reinforcing gender roles). In reality most gender-non conforming kids are gay.

            “who undermines her own gender by NOT being a feminist.”

            Feminism is a VERY broad movement and feminists don’t see eye to eye on many things. There were marxist feminist and their fights with liberal 2nd wave feminists. Pro-choice was far from a universal feminist position back in the 70s and 80s. In more recent times polarisation over trans-women’s access to women’s spaces, both sides of the debate would see themselves as feminist. Now increasingly there are academics and authors like Louise Perry and Mary Harrington who argue, from a feminist position, that much of what passes for modern feminism is empirically harmful to women and supposed achievements of feminism were far from egalitarian, being only beneficial to women. who are typically affluent middle class, urbanites.

            • Tui. An interesting read, thanks. Sophora doesn’t seem into joined-up thinking, but it’s a handy recap.

            • Tui I’m glad you’ve noticed the fearless, refreshing perspectives of Mary Harrington and Louise Perry. Of the two, I’ve seen more of Harrington, and have been impressed with the depth of her insight. Although she calls herself a feminist, her concern for the public good in general qualifies her as a genuine public intellectual. Such a welcome change from shrill, barrow-pushing activists.

          • Because feminism is for females not for males in womanface. If vagina’ed beings have to include womanface into feminism, then they might as well take leave from feminism and leave it to the males.

      • Sophora – I never mentioned Feminist, she (Posie) never mentioned she was a feminist..she is an Women Right’s Activist…no sharing bathrooms etc…etc…

      • It’s far from clear what the Neo Nazis were doing there Sophora, has anyone even bothered to ask them?
        The organiser of the Melbourne event, Angie Jones, told radio host Richard King that the neo-Nazis made clear their disdain for feminists beforehand: “They had nothing to do with us. We find their views abhorrent, and they find us abhorrent. On Twitter they said they despised us and that we were trying to turn people into lesbians.”

      • Isn’t it funny how whenever an activist group or the Gov want to demonize someone it’s not what the person actually says, their arguments or the views they claim to hold that they go after, its views that others (their opponents) claim they hold or they try to tar them with something nasty like white supremacy or Nazis.
        I’m betting the violent intolerant folks in this story and at the events will be the very trans-activists who claim to be the victims but will show up to force their views n will on others and to infringe on their civil rights

      • Please stop repeating these lies. I wish I’d kept the full video showing LWS behind police, trans protestors behind police & Nazis behind police . The Nazis weren’t with the LWS group & their Nazi salutes were after LWS were gone. Yet ppl keep making up bs about the Mazis being at LWS – they were not, Parker posie has condemned them but no one listens to women. How ironic.

    • Mana Wāhine Kōrero is bringing Kellie-Jay Keen to their two events. They may regret it.
      She’s a paid hack, channeling Marilyn Munro, but doing nothing more than regurgitating Patricia Barlett in the NZ scene 50 years back.
      Save your energy , stay home and if it rocks your boat read,
      ” A Stand for Decency: Patricia Bartlett & the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards.” Same stuff.

      Don’t you just love how easily if you change your name, dye your hair and commandeer your grandma’s notions as your own you can fool people ?

      • The trans activists tried to get Mana Wāhine Kōrero (AKA Speak Up For Women) banned from public venues at the time of the gender self ID bill being proposed. They don’t want anyone saying, or thinking, that sex is a biological reality it appears. The TA’s think a woman is anyone that says they are, regardless of reality, and anyone who disagrees is a reprehensible bigot. Not nice people.

        • In a way, yes. However, the Mana Wāhine Kōrero group also have other Women’s Rights causes they pursue such as their fight with the NZ Midwifery Council


          My contention is that Mana Wāhine Kōrero kaupapa has already or will be sabotaged/drowned out by the sideshow fiasco’s and counter protests that Posie Parker’s views have created. Posie Parker’s main campaign has been against the UK’S Gender Recognition Act ( 2004 ) to have it dropped, calling it a creator of fiction. In a funny aside when looking at identity, Posie Parker is a stolen name from 1920s children’s stories.

          • You do know that the GRA was passed in an attempt to head of the Marriage (Same sex couple) Act of 2013. The same approach is adopted by the Iran Clerical regime, which allows gay people to opt for Gender transition to avoid capital punishment. Both are deeply homophobic conversion practices.

  2. At this point everyone is a nazi which pretty much means no one is a nazi.
    I suggest that those trying to ban this woman are the ones not open for debate. What is a woman anyway?

    • No ‘gender dysphoria’ is now the route to the gender abattoir to have people castrated and desexed. For gazillions of dollars cause your children, and women, and vulnerable gay/lesbian people are now dairy cows.

    • PPII: “Is gender dysphoria the new anorexia?”

      I suspect so. It’s a mental illness, that’s for sure. It’s in the same group of disorders as body dysmorphia syndrome, and that’s definitely a mental illness. We have a relative with the latter condition. It’s apparently been very difficult to treat, and said relative has caused havoc within the extended family. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

      • Given that peoples brains develop as male or female in the womb before their bodies do, why does it surprise you that they don’t always line up the same? Genetics give us so much variety beyond the simple XX and XY chromosomes you learn in school that university courses don’t encourage you to have yours checked lest you have to suddenly discover you are much more complex than you imagined.

        • Dii: “Given that peoples brains develop as male or female in the womb before their bodies do…”

          A bizarre notion indeed, that fetal brains would develop ahead of the bodies. What strange little fetuses they’d be!

          Perhaps you could provide a link with some evidence for your statement?

          “Genetics give us so much variety beyond the simple XX and XY chromosomes…”

          Well of course. The reproduction process is as prone to error as any other natural process. Patterning errors are likely very common, and may explain the rate of spontaneous abortions worldwide. Some fetuses are viable with genetic errors, many aren’t.

          However: actual intersex characteristics are quite rare in the population:
          “…the true prevalence of intersex is seen to be about 0.018%…”

          The issue with trans women – which what’s hitting the headlines at present – isn’t the intersex issue, but likely related to gender dysphoria, a mental illness probably in the same group as body dysmorphia syndrome.

          But the sudden rise in the numbers of such cases rules out mental illness, which just doesn’t work that way. It has all the hallmarks of a fad: I’ve seen them come and go over my longish life. Not that there won’t be some males so afflicted, but for most, it’s a fad. And for some – who knows how many? – it’s a bad-faith excuse to get into female-only places. We’ve seen reportage of this from overseas. It would be very surprising if it weren’t happening here as well.

    • If they taught anorexia as a viable lifestyle choice to primary school kids and had skinny readings at the library.

  3. Given that trans people are a tiny portion of the community they can certainly raise a lot of volume. Consequently you’d assume that this must be a matter of the highest importance. It is not, we’ve got a war that threatens to go nuclear, we’ve got inflation that means less food for poor families. That and much more are far more important.

    Meanwhile Posy poses. Wokesters virtue signal. How narcissistic. To hell with both.

    • You don’t think women’s rights are as important as the war in Ukraine.
      The reason there is a war is that men rule the world and have done so for over 10,000 years.
      They rule on behalf of patriarchal capitalism, now imperialism East and West!
      Trans ideology is the last gasp of the Patriarchy to enslave women by redefining, language, law and science to claim men can replace women.
      To stop the war the war toys have to be stripped from the boys.
      Posie Parker is the model of a fighting woman who puts her body on the line not to impress people or make money, but to rally women to speak, stand up and fight, against the the inhuman corrupted institutions of the capitalocene.
      Women as part of nature are the future, and you better pick a side in this sex-class war because the war started millennia ago. It did not break out in Ukraine, or WW1 or in in the French Revolution.
      It began in the Mesolithic and continues in our homes, streets, schools and workplaces.
      Its called the class war.
      Which side are you on?

        • But you failed high school Bob so how would you know what a first-year university essay looks like? And judging by the use of capitals, you failed primary school English.

          • Gosh that’s a bit nasty old chap.
            The old spell check inserted the capitals nevertheless it didn’t alter the meaning.
            Sorry to tell you but I have university qualification’s in both commerce and science.
            I’m old school obviously and during my time it was drummed into me don’t use a thousand words when a few will do.
            Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed your amusing comments.

            • So you blame spellchecker and at no stage take personal responsibility, sums you up perfectly Bob.
              The above commentator is correct.

  4. Can’t believe Freedom of Speech won and she was allowed to come.

    Maybe a Alt right conspiracy???

    MEDIAWATCH: Woke attack on Dr Bryce Edwards highlights dangers of activists alienating voters

    I’m looking forward to the woke going berserko – two triggers in one protest – thinking woman are biological and white supremacist hanger-ons.

    Since woke cancelled protest as being too racist – I’m looking forward to some old fashioned protest debate with the rabid woke having to get off their arses and do something outside of their bullying and angry attacks via keyboards, twitter and talkfests.

    • Me to. I would luv to see a parliamentary protest by the woke. Hope we see them out there with there little woke placards would bring a smile to my face. Hope a few get so peeved the cops can arrest a couple.

  5. Just guessing, but I’d be very surprised if the nazis were invited.
    More likely they totally gatecrashed the event without organiser’s prior knowledge?

  6. 20 kids turned up uninvited at your protest dressed in black and flashing Nazi salutes doesn’t make you a bad person. So, what IS at stake here?

    > Forced language. In some western nations they’ve tried to get bills past forcing the individual to use specified pronouns.
    > Unsuccessful male athletes identifying as Trans ‘women’ and taking over women’s sport.
    > Predators identifying as Trans ‘women’ and getting into female toilets, changing rooms and prisons.
    > The genital mutilation of minors because they say might be another gender. (My family in the UK have this battle ongoing currently. Teachers won’t even inform parents of what is going on)
    > Denying even the existence of women through abuse of the English language with the use of terms like ‘chest feeding’, ‘birthing person’ etc. This is now official language in the UK, US and here.

    • Sterling misinformation & fearmongering effort there! Lol. Suggest you get some education, friend xx

        • That’s right, Mike. The anti trans moral panic is a product of the far right & Christian conservatives. It’s sad & disgusting that lefties & a minority of feminists but into their lies.

          • Sophora. One doesn’t have to be ‘ far right’ or a ‘ Christian conservative’ to query critical ethical issues such as the administering of puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy to supposedly transgender under-age children. I am neither, but I strongly query both.

            • Only if you still believe that to be a transwomen you have to be homosexual. and that was so yesteryear. Now’adays the Transwomen are Translesbians and their penises – which they keep – are female sexual organs that lesbians should learn to love….err suck.

        • As per the Uigurs in China, Ada? As per a few others here, I think Andrew’s already been there to be thoroughly brainwashed.

    • In which the old transphobe hero attempts to remain relevant.

      The National Council of Women of NZ would beg to differ on her views.

      • Please define woman before throwing the word around so that we know whom you talk about. Would that be women with penises or women the old fashioned way – you know the ones with wombs?

        • Be careful Reactionary Bratwurst, you are sounding dangerously transphobic mentioning wombs and such hateful, trigger words.

      • good on Germaine, trenchant and fierce as always and won’t take shit from anybody including woketards and masquerading-men.

    • Govt forced everyone to have a gender ideology flavour in offical and mandatory data collection. Trans “rights” have gone too far.

      • Stop giving them oxygen.
        Both groups need a voice. It is time that we start rewarding the voice of reason and ignore those who choose to shout, scream, cancel…

        • Labour and the Greens are quick to call for a ban on people wanting to enter New Zealand.They are definitely not advocates of free speech.

            • Queeny Wrong as usual. Labour is opposed to free speech. PM Ardern advocated global censorship of free speech to the United Nations last year and set up the hateful cat and frock namers’ Centre of Excellence at VUW to clamp down on naughty word users.

              • Our former Prime Minister did not promote free speech did not support freedom.
                She even advocated dobbing your neighbour in.

              • Hollyhock wrong as usual. She opposed hate speech not free speech and ignore the idiot Bob’s comment below you, he detests women in power and feels threatened by them, particularly left wing women.

                • National are squeaky. No. She waffled about freedom of speech, then compared words to weapons of destruction, ergo ‘hate speech’, which is too ill-defined a concept to be embodied in law, so much so that she then initially said it would be up to the police to decide what hate speech was – which is not their job. Now there’s a whole department of weird sociologists beavering away at it.

          • Bob the first. The Greens don’t do New Zealand. Their Mexican spokesperson only does Aotearoa.

        • And yet, the left will do everything they can to prevent females from speaking? Maybe you stand up and speak for the rights of women to have single sex services.

    • Every time your guys throwing a tantrum for women speaking about their truth and lived reality you are giving them oxygen. Maybe tell the little black clad and blue haired brigades to stay home when adults talk?

    • Why don’t you want to let women speak John? Do you even know what gender critical women want to say?

      Why are you trying to shut women down?

      • Speaking is one thing, baiting is another.
        I have listened to what Posie has to say and support her right to speak up for women.
        But, I find her shouting and baiting as boorish as that of the other lot.

        • Maybe if the black pampers where not so shouty and noisy and rude, the women that gather to speak about their lives, their experiences could do so without shouting, have a cuppa and a picknick and go home.
          But then, the males in frocks can’t have women state / talk openly about their lifes without being told off by men.

    • Exactly @ JT.
      I’m old now so consequently I have hard earned opinions. When I was a kid going to form 3 on the rural bus there were a couple of kids who were Gay as Larks. The thing was, none of us ‘straight’ kids cared because no one thought to. We were all a bit weird come to think of it. One kid had a crush on Marina, the mermaid in a puppet series ( Supermarionation.) called ‘Stingray’ which was fantastic btw. He knew there were strings attached, we knew, he knew there were strings attached and no one gave a fuck. We came unstuck though when he insisted we all take pictures of his penis then submit them to the school photographers club. The photographers club soon ceased to be.
      Once at college there were Gay kids everywhere and again, no one seemed to care. What I did come to understand later in life though was that the most anti LGBTQ+ were in fact LGBTQ+ people in dire denial.
      Poor ol Posie aye. She just needs a Salty Dog cocktail tipple and a wee lie down.
      Marina song.
      “What strange enchantments start when you are near.”
      Indeed. Posie? Care to share?

      • Just more personal attacks. When are you going to answer questions that address the debate.

        Can a woman have a penis?

        Should a man naked with his penis out be in a change room with women and girls.?

        • Valud question guess, but I would also question if a person identifying as being a woman would parade around a changing room in front of women with a penis. Would kind of give the game away.

        • “Should a man naked with his penis out be in a change room with women and girls.?”

          Seems like she’s not the only one lacking oxygen to the brain. Is this a personal attack? Yes it is.
          What a stupid, moronic question

        • Absolutely yes, that is what what a whole lot of the ‘men/males’ on this thread say.

          Males are men, males are women, and the things with real, biologicals, natural given at conception vaginas need to shut the fuck up and start sucking on that penis, that male penis or that female penis, who cares so as long as they suck it fast, hard, deep and well, and than of course swallow. Nothing less will do and will be considered rank insubordination and we can’t have that.

          Assigned female at birth, put them back in their place.

          • Reactionary Brat. You’re off topic, this is’t about people’s sexuality or practices. The MSM have also been mischievously misrepresenting it as transphobia, when the issue is freedom of speech.

            Nobody’s being forced to listen to this speaker apart from the media paid to do so, and their priorities are questionable too.

  7. There were white supremacists at at least one of the TPPA protests.
    What about that?
    Cancel culture seems to want to cancel by physical proximity now which becomes more insane by the second.
    The lady in question here has strongly disavowed the nazis that turned up in Australia, what else can she do? Shut up because her narrative isn’t the accepted one by the woke cult?
    That’s what is being attempted here isn’t it.

  8. “Referring to someone by their preferred pronouns and identity is just basic good will courtesy offered to every fellow citizen”
    No, it is acquiescing to the lunatic fringe’s mental health for fear of cancellation.
    If someone thinks they are “cat gender”, they are mentally ill not brave.
    I’m not suggesting we put them in a mental institution, but we absolutely should not reinforce their mental illness by going along with it.

  9. “For me the true tragedy here for the Trans community is how quickly their alienating and over the top attacks along with their fourth wave feminist allies have eroded and burnt so much of the good will the rainbow community had built in the 80s, 90s and 00s.”

    Finally, you’ve made a correct statement about this madness.
    If we end up in the sorry situation where gays are being beaten in the streets again, the people to blame will be the wokies.

    • Maybe not forcing the label ‘queer’ on homosexuals – same sex attracted people would be good. Maybe not saying that same sex attraction is exclusionary but same ‘gender’ attraction is inclusive. People who are same sex attracted are not gonna fuck a fake boy with a pussy or a fake girl with a penis. All that is gonna come out of that shitshow can be laid squarely on the woke and their enablers in Government. D. Russel, the purple clad gender fairy from the Green Party, and all the signatories to the fucking Self ID law in GOvernment. That would be everyone, cause the left and the right and anyone in the middle actually has no value for women, children and same sex attracted people. Non what so ever. Unless it is voting day, then they remember that the naturally vagina’ed beings still have the right to vote.

      • Reactionary Brat. Don’t forget that Green Elizabeth Kerekere informed Parliament that Maori had much greater diversity of gender and sex prior to the coming of Europeans, so their lens may be rather more flexible than many.

  10. Martyn, I have a lot of respect for you but on this issue you are seriously I’ll informed.

    I am busy right now but later I will post a video clip of Kiwi Sacha, a detransitioner. I urge you to watch it. I can almost guarantee you will change your ind about the women who are speaking up about this harmful ideology.

    btw I would like you to consider changing the picture of Posie. This is a screen shot of one of her videos. She is gesticulating not using the white supremicists symbols. By using it you are smearing a women who facilitates women, who have een cancelled and vilified, a voice.

    Why do you not want to let women speak?

  11. Is she the British version of Marjorie Taylor USA? A very scary prospect indeed, another person taking their own personal trauma to the world stage instead of addressing their own issues quietly. It is just sad that such unprogressives exist on this planet. After infinite colonisation, LGBQTI is a very important part of decolonisation and a pale “blonde” person from the UK has no right to make any commentary on the subject of the subjects of the British Empire, who are about to recognise the new King. Decolonise the mind and perhaps Aotearoa can legally follow!

  12. I feel sorry for the Eunuchs. They’ve been displaced and ignored by the alphabet peeps and everyone else.

  13. Examples of professionalism in NZ now. The woke scared off the real professionals and now we increasingly have angry, self interested, rabid people everywhere in our wokeforce!

    Accountant who billed clients after being fired found guilty of ‘disgraceful’ behaviour

    Embattled West Auckland lawyer goes to ground, allegedly refusing to release client’s $600,000

    Lawyer Boon Hong struck-off after transferring client’s property into his name and trying to evict them

    Unqualified engineer who lied on CV guilty of 38 fraud charges, fined for ethics breach

    Don’t worry they will get a slap on the wrist, and be on their way to prosper off others in NZ, after years of appeals, while they claim they are right.

    Trans-gender rights more important to woke than functioning society with skilled people. Those breaching professional ethics just carry on in NZ, demanding they are in the right. Enablement based on how NZ functions now and who we attract to live here and what is important to the woke (self ID gender) rather than pressing problems that are getting worse for those that live here – ripped off by professionals operating here as well as the usual burglaries, ram raids, hold ups and random violence.

  14. Sometimes, when reading about this debate I wonder what planet am I on.

    Martyn, you are 100% on target.

    • Richard+Christie – What on earth? Posie has stated to keep males out of female toilets…is that wrong?

      • Let’s face it. The messages around this are that trans people just can’t wait to get into a woman’s toilet with closed stalls and privacy, and what…put on a show?. With or without surgery how many transgender people are dying to expose whatever genitalia they have to other individuals? Zero I would wager. It’s fucking ridiculous.

        • Wheel There is such a thing as natural modesty, which you may not understand or accept. It may be cultural, but it exists. Many women are discomforted disrobing in front of strangers, particularly unusual men. You’re less likely to be attacked by a deviant woman than me by a man, but an infant in Kent, UK, had his penis cut off when his clueless mother let him enter a male toilet alone.

          However it doesn’t seem to be transgender people who go around exposing themselves in parks and the avenues of girls’ schools, that’s more the prerogative of dirty old men – and the odd pre-schooler.

          Funnily enough, Peeping Toms are also male territory. One never hears of women perving through men’s windows, we’re not that interested.

  15. the thing with parker is (sexism coming) she is a presentable face, boneheads in cheap nylon imitation flight jackets with ss tats are easy to spot and regard as what they are, her not so much.

  16. I agree with Matt s view point on the excellent Working Group last night. I dont want a bunch of men or women that used to be men Playing woman s sport.

    In a democracy we hear all view s.

    • Marco+Battler. I don’t want them sharing my or my daughter’s or granddaughter’s lavatory or changing room spaces either.

        • Ada. Not an unreasonable point. I was unaware a colleague was a transgender woman until long afterwards. She was pleasant company at coffee times, we talked girl stuff, she got on with her life like we all did. It is the swelling number of trans activists demanding special rights and challenging and frightening cisgender women who can constitute a problem and cause social disruption.

  17. I’m not sure who started the TERF *pun*wars – was it the trans or feminist communities ( though I believe – from comments made by Germaine Green – obviously some felt disgust towards trans in the 60s movement). However the gender critical arguments don’t seem to stack up. I’ve heard a bunch – all seem to fall into ‘men are trying to pretend they are women to either steal there stuff – like sports awards or – let’s not beat around the bush – rape them’. Just fury. The trans argument – from what I can gleen ( not from Twitter – it is not real world folks) – is they want to be able to do just what Martyn says he want. Be. An easy frame would be Georgina Beyer. Would you ask her to use the Male toilets? Did she transition just to win the mayorship? Would you call her Mr Beyer?

      • It is just REALLY concerning me how this is infecting people who I’d have expected to think – and research! – more about things, in a country who celebrated the first trans mayor just a short time ago! All I can say it “first they came for the trans….”

    • yes but that fails the test of logic – the trans lobby has pushed and shouted to get their way including shouting down all dissenting voices like in Scotland. That is until a twice convicted male rapist decided just before going into the clink that he was now a woman and should go in to a female prison. Oh, wonder why he did that? This was predicted but of course the trans activists shouted everyone down who said this would happen.

      More and more examples of this are coming out:




      Trans men and women are trans men and women, but that doesn’t make them Male or Female, and surely in this case women should be the ones to decide to let them in to women’s spaces? Germaine’s argument is that feeling like a women is a caricature of the lived experience of being a women – just because you feel that you are feminine and a women doesn’t make you one, you haven’t lived it.

      • Have read both your links – plus the links within which were used as evidence. I’m unsure about the case in (Scotland?) was but – according to the article sited by the organization you are using to get your information –
        “The MOJ …says the figures “are not yet a reliable reflection of the numbers and location of trans prisoners in the prison estate.The MoJ can’t count inmates who have not told prison staff they are transgender. Nor does it count prisoners who have already been given a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).”( I DO recommend that you do read this article in full as it should give you some balance)
        It DOES show that – in fact – women are in danger from biological women at a greater rate – so why aren’t gender criticals fighting to make prisoners safe from sexual assault from ALL genders? Children are being assaulted & raped by biological males and females also: the implication appears to be that ALL trans/nonbinary people are rapists and child molesters. I heard the same about homosexuals in the 80s…I found it very uncomfortable then.And St Germaine can kiss my biologically female ass, as she hasn’t lived MY female life either (though god knows I’d have loved to have been an upper class baby boomer TBH)

        • That is right, they don’t count males that are in prisons for females. They count them as women. Every crime these males commit are counted on the female side. Every person they rape – they rape with their female penis. Every women they bash, every child they hurt, that is all done with their female hands, female penis, female mind.
          IS that not convenient.
          In the meantime, women in the states in prison are being offered birth control, abortions or have their new born removed after birth should they get pregnant after ‘consenting’ to sex with their penis having cell mate.

          Females – are they even human? Or are they just some stress relive function for males that need to be women sometimes cause it makes life easier.

          • Read the full article, it will help explain who was used in the data – the data set was of trans only – but with the coda that not all trans prisoners would be captured because of the reasons I highlighted.
            It may be interesting to you this part :”In England and Wales, she (the trans woman) can only be located in a women’s prison if she’s had a case conference.Case conferences are told to watch out for evidence that the offender’s decision to transition is related to their sentence length or a way of gaining access to future victims.The guidelines for managing transgender offenders were rewritten in 2016 after the government commissioned a review.

            The report stated: “Any assessment of a transgender offender’s risk of reoffending should be based on valid, evidenced factors that relate to that individual, as for any other offender. We have seen no evidence that being transgender is in itself linked to risk. Risk assessments must be free from assumptions or stereotyping.”
            Also it’s not a new thing women getting pregnant while incarcerated – this is a bigger problem than just them getting pregnant by trans women: look into deaths of pregnant women and babies in prison in the States if you are interested.

    • I think Georgina Beyer made up her own mind as to what she did. And didn’t have a cheerleading team influencing her. People who think about changing gender and go about the change as a personal choice have been accepted for quite a time and she is an example. Seemed a very balanced person, RIP. Another woman who made the change had a very interesting and fulfilling life in both genders, Jan Morris, who wrote mostly travel and location-themed books.

      • From what I’ve read here there are a lot of people who will NOT accept a person’s choice to transition :they sound like they hate them. I am with you – if it is the case – about getting in my face with “people who menstruate” or “chest feeding” – ugh – but again it’s about that whole Professional Managerial Class: they are a bunch of morons who couldn’t even get a job clearing tables yet ponce around ‘kentai clothing’ inclusions cause they’re so in-tune, unlike us plebs. They are sad and I don’t care what they say.

  18. Posie Parker thinks law-breaking trans “women” should be sent to mens’ prisons. But they’re likely to get hell there. If they still have their male bits they can’t go to womens’ prisons either – we probably need separate prison facilities for people in that situation.

    But I agree 100% with Parker’s statement that “transitioning” children should be illegal. Instead, our shameful House of Unrepresentatives recently made it illegal to NOT transition gender dysphoric kids. What better demonstration of how fucked up we’ve got in this country.

    Only 8 MP’s opposed the inclusion of gender identity in the conversion practices bill: Simon Bridges, Simeon Brown, Melissa Lee, Todd McClay, Simon O’Connor, Chris Penk, Shane Reti and Michael Woodhouse. Shame on the rest, who were either too lazy to read the bill thoroughly, too dim to understand its implications, too ideology-addled to think straight, or too afraid to defy the screaming hysterics in the public gallery.

    • Pope Punctilious Agree 100%. Unfortunately, the MP’s who engineered this legislation won’t be present to be held accountable when their chickens come home to roost. And it’s happening now in Europe, with thousands of cases pending against medics who have performed gender re-alignment procedures. Hopefully, this may have an impact here. A neighbouring elderly transgenderist whom I know quite well has fallen foul of his primary doctor, concerning a psychiatrist’s report which his clinic in Thailand requires before further procedures. So far he’s had good tax-payer funded support. There’s nothing to stop him seeing a psychiatrist privately and paying for such a report himself, but he’s too busy being angry. Any pre-pubertal interference with underage children is at the very least, unconscionable.

    • PP II: “Shame on the rest…… too afraid to defy the screaming hysterics in the public gallery.”

      I agree with the entirety of your comment. I picked out this section because I do have some sympathy for the too-afraids: it takes real courage to stand up against the screaming activists, when one must do it under one’s own name. I know that pollies are elected, and must expect what comes with the job, both good and bad. But even so, they have spouses, children and relatives who didn’t ask for the attention and don’t deserve to be harassed.

      I comment under a pseud precisely because of this issue. I used to comment under my own name, until I was approached directly. The problem is that my name is distinctive and we’re therefore easily found. While it takes a lot to intimidate me, my family wasn’t so keen. Moreover, we live in a small street: I must consider the effect on neighbours if activists were to turn up here. Having already been approached, I can’t just assume that it won’t happen again.

      One would expect the police to turn up and at the very least read the riot act at activists. But that’s all very well, if one’s house has been fire-bombed, or other damage done to people or property: nobody should think that this can’t happen in NZ. And no guarantee that police would find the perps, either.

      • I’m very sorry to hear activists have gone to the trouble of looking you up with a view to harassing you and your family, D’Esterre. I use a pseudonym online because some of my politically incorrect views might just get me into trouble at work.

        • PPII: “I use a pseudonym online because some of my politically incorrect views might just get me into trouble at work.”

          Ha! Yes, I’d figured that out. It’s a sad indictment of the state of NZ society, and of free speech here, that we’re obliged to use pseuds. It ought to be “publish and be damned”, without overreaction from sundry activists. Or cowardly employers….

    • All Bible bashing bigots.

      Thinking that because they think that they have a first name relationship with some dead carpenter they can control what people do with their lives and bodies.

      I suppose you are into that stuff as well. Like most people on here.

    • Shame on those 8 right wing religeous fanatical zealots.
      It’s their moronic values that have fucked up our country but thankfully there is only 8 of them and are only a very tiny minority.

      Sadly there are people out there like yourself whom seem to think you are the master creators. That is clear delusional thinking.

    • Law breaking males should be send into female prisons where the women then live in hell? Are vagina’ed beings human shields for lawbreaking men?
      We already have one male – entire male that is serving his time in a female prison. His crime? stabbing three people in restaurant last year, one of them his ex-girlfriend.
      Which leaves us with this question, ‘Are vagina’ed beings human’ or are they ‘male supporting domestic animals”?

  19. Well done Immigration on letting this stinking sidewalk stain into the country. Astonishing given its history of courting fascists & promoting intolerance & social division. Not least threatening the PM that should mean an instant failure of the character test.

    It certainly doesn’t speak for me & I hope it gets a good lesson while it’s here!

    • Sophora, and the mask slips. Thinly veiled threats, dog whistle’s, bigotry and misogyny. You’re all about diversity as long as no one disagrees with you.
      Now please give us the definition of woman, whom I think the majority of which are too afraid to speak out publicly and give their true feelings on this issue.

      • Ahh OW, so you’ve been reading the alt-right playbook. I hope you’re there when I & others welcome our trans woman friends into womens toilets.

        The misogyny is all yours, dear.

        • Sophora, nope, I’m here aren’t I? The daily blog is alt right now? Asking you a question. A question you either you refuse to answer or don’t have an answer to. I don’t what the obsession is with womens toilets with you lot. Again, you say woman/women but can’t give me a definition.

    • Sophora – Who were the other Governments in History who banned speakers they disagree with…Nazi Germany, Stalin Russia….

    • Sophora. You seem to have a problem with being a woman. It might help to listen to what other females have to say instead of dehumanising them and promoting intolerance and social division.

      • Lol, the anti-trans lot are the dehumanisers here! Why else do they call trans women men & deny their identities & so forth?

        I have no time to listen to women who pick on vulnerable minorities. Life’s too short.

        • Sophora, there we have it… we have gotten nowhere the last couple of days. You’ve been unwilling to engage in good faith. Unable or unwilling to answers questions. Those who question are nazis, bigots and transphobes. I wish you good luck and to future civil discourse. Peace.

    • Sophora: “…this stinking sidewalk stain….”

      If you were hoping to convince others of the rightness (pardon the pun) of your stance, this is a peculiar way to go about it. Slinging insults around doesn’t help your cause. Such as it is.

    • You are pathologizing people who disagree with your opinion, and also trying to sound knowledgeable doing it.

      • Sophora, well if that’s the best you can do, now you see where we have a problem. Now a woman can mean anything, therefore means nothing. I suppose it’s never crossed you mind why there’s opposition to your beliefs.

        • The shit that cometh from your mouth means we can say whatever we like so why can’t we be whomever we want to be?
          When did you decide for anyone else? Oh that’s right, you didn’t.

          • Aren’t you a good Humpty Dumpty?
            “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

            ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

            ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

            Ahh….. it is good to see that old fashioned woman hate on full display. All that pretend woke bullshit of kindness was getting sticky and slimy. Be yourself, let it all hang out. You will be a better person for it.

      • you misunderstood the question.
        The question is not: what CAN a women be.
        The question is “What IS a woman.
        And it ain’t a dude with a ball sack, penis and prostate. And it is not even a due who cuts his ball sack, penis of and pretends that his prostate cancer is a cervical cancer cause they wear woman face.

        • Good old brat living with his mind in the gutter and the past and clearly no concept of human anatomy. But a great laugh all the same.

  20. 1. They are not Nazis they are Neo Nazis.
    2. They are neither supporters of Parker nor there for her benefit.
    3. They are there because they hate trans people or more sinisterly they are there on behalf of others who want to associate Parker with neo Nazis which seems to have been successfully achieved.
    Parker is at pains to point out that men, both the neo nazis and the extremest trans supporters are preventing women from speaking which is mysogyny by definition.
    She has a point.

    • Yes Trevor the Greens are so hypocritical it’s absurd.They have no credibility.
      Environmental Party they’re not,maybe to begin with but not now.

  21. Sex, sex where would we be without it??
    Keep off Tinder, you can be dead quickly, or get a lingering nasty disease that seems gets spread – syphilis. (And then there is Chlamidia?) If you aren’t already brain dead, watch that syphilis .
    New data from ESR shows a 41 percent jump in cases in 2022 – from 99 in the first three months of the year to 140 in the last three months.
    The data shows an 81 percent increase between the first and last quarter of 2022 in cases among men who have sex with men and a 76 percent increase among men who have sex with women during the same period.

    “Syphilis is preventable and can be treated,” Manatū Hauora director of public health Dr Nicholas Jones said.
    “Many people with syphilis do not have any symptoms or have only minor symptoms that may go unnoticed. Testing and treatment for syphilis is a crucial part of control of the disease, along with condom use. ”

    If untreated syphilis can affect the brain, and other organs as well as increasing the risk of getting HIV. In pregnancy it can lead to stillbirths, congenital abnormalities, and severe illness in babies, the ministry said.

    Syphilis appears as a centrepoint in some of Anne Perry’s Victorian-themed novels. There was a desire to ignore the breaking of sexual behaviour social and real laws at that time, and the outcomes could startle. A big secret in the circles of upper-class society. Don’t let today’s sexual licence start off such problems now.

    Bluegate Fields (Charlotte & Thomas Pitt, #6) by Anne Perry
    https://www.goodreads.com › 40712028-bluegate-fields
    They are, of course, shocked that their son has been murdered. But there is worse to come–his body shows signs of sexual abuse and the beginnings of syphilis.

    Callender Square – The Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novels Series – ebook – Scribd
    https://www.scribd.com › Ebooks › Historical Mystery
    Someone on posh Callander Square will kill to keep a secret in this … boy had been sexually violated and infected with syphilis before he was murdered..

  22. The interview I watched with Parker was pretty standard fare.

    I wouldnt describe it as anti trans, more pro biological women. And it makes sense, not actually fringe at all. Biological women fought to get equality in sport but now in some sports girls are walking away in droves because they know they cant compete. So we have given rights to under 1% of the population by taking away rights from 51%. Where is the logic in that? Why cant we have 3 classes in sport, M, F and gender diverse? Wouldnt that be fair?

    What about being in a mall packed with thousands of people and not feeling safe to send your 8 yr old into the loo alone. Not because you think transgender woman are pedophiles but because now any human trafficker or pedo can put on a dress and go into the toilets with them.

    And what about the women who are in refuges? What is the meaning of refuge? Who are the women taking refuge from?

    Again, there may be perfectly law abiding trans women there who also need help but you have a rape victim go in the showers to be confronted by a male bodied woman dressing next to them? They may be traumatised and dont feel safe. (And yes this is happening with some regularity) Can refuges have separate sections for male bodied people? Do they have the funding for it? Or do we not think vulnerable women are deserving of feeling safe at a refuge?

    Finally, there are woman across the Uk getting raped or impregnated in prison? Occassionally this is because a non binary? person strikes up a relationship with another woman but mostly its because a hetero rapist can change their sex before their court date and get a lesser sentence because they are transgender and confused and then the fox is allowed into the hen house and has free reign in a womans prison. It’s a travesty. And there are many other examples as well.

    The argument is not about whether trans people should be valued in society. I believe most of us do accept them as part of society. It is about whether their rights should be greater than the rights of women who are also vulnerable and make up the largest section of the population. And whether we can all sit down and agree on a way forward.

    I cant speak to Parker’s motivations but I dont think she is a fascist or a trans hater although I admit I dont know any more about her than the 20 minute interview I watched.

    • Because they want to be women at the place of biological women. Transwomen are women, and well vagina’ed beings are something undefinable that any male can be.

  23. ” we are lost in middle class identity politics ”

    The diversion to beat all diversions.

    The other crises conveniently ignored are still here when this insanity has run its course.

    Brilliant move by the neo liberal elite and the drongos who get caught up in this utter crap.

  24. Posie Parker, or whoever the F she is, is just Phyllis Schafly with a peroxide bottle in her bathroom.
    Another bible bashing bigot who wants control people’s lives. She can get fucked, quite frankly.

    • After reading Millsy’s comments, I can never understand why people are not drawn to the warmth and wisdom of the Hard Left.

    • Ah yes, Millsy, how stunning and brave of you. It seems the msm has you all riled up, as is the point. Can’t have a woman voicing her opinions, can we? Maybe Chippy can get some safe spaces installed around the country.

      • Hypocrite we all know your views on Jacinda having a view. Fuck off back to Whale Oil, troll.

  25. As the old wife says I doesn’t matter what you identify as, in 100 years when they dig up your skeleton you will be identified as Male/Female.

    • Pope Punctilious 11. Indeed my heart sank when I read Wood saying that this woman’s world view was “ incorrect.” He sank himself with his “ river of filth “ comment, and now he’s done it again.

      When any politician claims to be the single source of truth, or says that unless we hear it from them it is not the truth, then it’s time to pack up their bags and get a proper job. Ditto this sort of labelling. I too am opposed to puberty blockers and hormone replacements for young children. In Wood’s eyes I therefore have an incorrect world view. This is offensive, intellectually hopeless, and not in the best interests of our children.

  26. Another day, another example of a dividend people. The billionaire/ruling class are falling over themselves with laughter, yet again, as they will might, given that they are the architects of this division. Added bonus to them, free speech takes another hit at the same time. Can’t let the people discuss issues among themselves for long after all, common ground may be reached. Best to neutralise such occasions before they grow, say the elitists… they win again.

  27. Like many if not most, I had never heard of this woman before. I also haven’t paid much attention to the whole trans issue. They are such a small minority and I have only ever felt sympathy for them given their struggles with discrimination and suicide.

    It’s hard to avoid all the debate currently around gender issues and whilst I have largely ignored it I was curious enough to google Posey Parker. I found and watched an interview with her and have to conclude that she is nothing more than the child who called out the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    As a man, I don’t have any reason to fear the consequences of the increased profile and influence of transgender people. I have thought it is kind of crazy that biological men can compete in women’s sports or go to women’s prisons. As it doesn’t affect me directly I have no reason to pay much attention to it. In the list of things to worry about in the world today it doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to the top of any list of priorities.

    She makes some very valid points that are certainly worthy of debate. I guess at the end of the day the publicity she has managed to attain has led me to pay more attention to this issue. Of course she should be allowed to come here and speak. Her opponents have done nothing more than raise her profile. Maybe that’s exactly what she wanted all along.

    • McKiwi: “…I had never heard of this woman before.”

      I hadn’t, either. I was obliged to Google her to find out what all the fuss was about.

      “She makes some very valid points that are certainly worthy of debate.”

      That’s my conclusion as well. For the life of me, I cannot see why she’s been labelled “anti-trans”. What she says sounds pretty unexceptionable to me.

  28. I see Uganda has introduced the death penalty for being LGBT. I’m guessing most posters on here would support it.

  29. I think. The internet should be regulated in NZ. People should be licensed! Sit a ‘driving test!’

    You know, for health and safety reasons!
    A graduated licensing system is like a driver’s license. But make it 25 years old as the starting point.

    Then a lot of this mental shit will probably not happen.

  30. Kellie-Jay Keen along with J. K. Rowling, Graham Linhan (‘Father Ted’ & ‘IT Crowd’ writer – now cancelled), and so many others, are supporters of women’s rights and have have suffered for their cause, striving to protect women’s and girls’ rights to safe spaces, (toilets, female sports, hospital wards, Rape Crisis and Women’s prisons).

    The NZ media and TV1 use the epithet ‘anti-trans rights activist’ rather than what she calls her self, a pro-women activist’.

    The insinuation that the group ‘Let women speak’ will be the cause of terrible violence and yet one need only had to enter two queries onto the internet.
    ‘Women attacked by trans activists.’ and ‘Trans activists attacked by women’.
    The answers may give a perhaps fairer idea of who is doing the thuggery.
    Not sure figures for NZ but in the UK, men commit 84% of violent crimes and 98% of sexual offences and so odds are Kellie-Jay is not hear to terrorise men or trans women with her fists, just not lady-like.

    Our media and some ‘youngsters’ seem entirely unaware of the hassle that Kellie-Jay Keen and her supporters have received when trying to just have a debate or discussion about women’s rights.
    They are shouted down and ‘peacefully’ drowned out with noise (it’s to be bagpipes in Wellington).
    What are they scared of hearing and if they don’t wan’t to get upset and frightened – don’t go.

    Most women’s groups have been attacked and there is more than enough video footage of this and the police are there for their (Speak Up For Women) protection not the protestors with their megaphones and signs calling on to ‘decapitate all terfs’ and much worse.
    The violence mostly come from one side and it’s not Kellie-Jay’s

    The Trans activists (not the ones who just quietly want to get on with their life) have so much ‘power’ in the UK, USA and Canada; even having a paid poster reading “I ❤ JK Rowling” to be displayed at Waverley Station in Edinburgh, taken down. A poster about a beloved children’s author – how scary.

    As far as injury in sports and girls punish and stood down from school; because they don’t want to see naked students with male genitalia in their changing room or toilets – but they (the girls) are the hate group.

    About 2% of the population (trans) are ensuring that their rights (privileges); trump 50% of the population (females). There is little debate on what the women want but always blocked, because of fear of not being seen as virtuous and victim caring enough – forgetting our women sand girls, our daughters, granddaughters being told what they must put up and even lose as in their sports and privacy.

    Kellie-Jay Keen’s group in the UK or anywhere has no association with that masked group of males and disgraceful if Kellie-Jay Keen is stopped entering NZ because of false accusations and those trying so hard to tie them together – dishonest.

  31. Surely women and trans can coexist while we also have the maturity to accept that they are ‘NOT THE SAME’

    It is sad that women are (yet again) being bullied into accepting the rigid interpretation of an issue by a group of men.

    Once again men are telling women
    -What a woman is
    -What a woman can say
    -Where she is allowed to go

    The whole ‘hate speech’ and Nazi is just a deceitful sideshow that ignores the womans actual stated views.
    Even if you disagree with her you don’t have the right to distort her views.

  32. Posey Parker is a far right trojan horse in the thinly veiled guise of a “woman’s rights” activist to use as a platform to inject far right hate idealogy for the the purposes of baiting two rights groups to attack each other. Strategic pure gold. Consider your next steps carefully.

  33. Parker posted to Twitter and said she was leaving “the worst place for women she has ever visited”.
    Oh for gods sake dahling…NZ doesn’t hate all women, they only specificly hate YOU as an independant drama trash doll idiot!

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