Wait, WHAT? The Government not ruling out merging the Eye of Mordor with the Spylords?


Government not ruling out merging spy agencies in national security overhaul

The Government is not ruling out merging New Zealand’s two spy agencies as it continues to overhaul the national security system, four years after the Christchurch mosque terror attack.

Cabinet papers about the overhaul show the Government was considering if a merger of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) was needed, though this was lower priority compared to reforms such as the creation of a dedicated national security agency.

Intelligence Agencies Minister Andrew Little said while a merger was not an active consideration, “it’s never off the table”.

“The reality is that, in terms of intelligence gathering, the distinction is increasingly blurred between human intelligence and signals intelligence. Both rely on each other now to do their job effectively. So I think it’s a valid point to consider at some point.”

Little confirmed the Government still intended, in principle, to create a new national security agency that would oversee policy and strategy acted on by operational agencies, such as the Security Intelligence Service (SIS), Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), police, and Customs.

The frustration with the feral Qanon lunatics and antivaxx nutters is that their anti-science bullshit and Facebook hate algorithm mythology eclipses the real dangers of a casual Police State forming in NZ!

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It’s not a satanic child pedophile ring using a bio weapon virus spread by 5G technology to enslave us with a mind altering vaccination to bring about a shadowy one world Government that Hitler Ardern runs that you should be frightened of you clowns, it’s the actual NZ Police State’s real creeping Police Powers you need to be terrified by!

Every month there’s a new revelation that the NZ Police are abusing their power.

Last year Northland Police were caught illegally using drink-drive checkpoints to gather intelligence. The cops response was ‘oops’.

Months before that they were caught illegally taking photos of Māori teenagers.

In April 2021 their bullshit ‘formal warnings’ system also turned out to be a secret intelligence network…

A judge has ruled that police ‘formal warnings’ are illegal and akin to a conviction without trial

The police practice of issuing “formal warnings” to people who haven’t been convicted of any crime – and sharing that information with other parties – has been found to be illegal.

In a ruling that could change the way police officers do their job, High Court Judge Paul Davison​ found that the warnings – issued 20,000 times in the past 10 years – had no basis in statutory or common law and were a breach of the Bill of Rights Act.

Warren Pyke, the lawyer who sought the judicial review for a client who had been issued with one of the warnings, said most people would have no idea that such information was kept and shared.

…So why on earth would we give the Police enormous omnipotent Eye of Mordor powers with their mass surveillance face recognition tech?

Right now, the NZ Police are using mass surveillance facial recognition software from an Orwellian company that illegally sources photos without any sign off from the Privacy Commissioner or their own Police Boss!

The Police then held a ‘stocktake’ of these types of unapproved face recognition software trials and lo and fucking behold the Police quietly admit to a $9million face recognition network they are setting up with zero oversight from the Privacy Commissioner???

Police setting up $9m facial recognition system which can identify people from CCTV feed

Police have been quietly setting up a $9 million facial recognition system that can take a live feed from CCTV cameras and identify people from it.

This would push New Zealand into new territory for tracking citizens.

It will be run by a non-police contractor – US firm Dataworks Plus – and collect 15,000 facial images a year, with that expected to expand up to 10-fold.

Their latest move is to create some fake watchdog panel over mass surveillance powers that no one gave them!

Let’s not forget their sudden surge of warrantless searches…

…so in 2013 Police went from issuing 6167 warrantless searches which resulted in 3324 prosecutions to 22 607 warrantless searches and yet only obtained 5207 prosecutions???

They went from a 50/50 hit rate, tripled the warrantless searches and got only 25% prosecutions?

How did they get away with such abuses of power?

On top of this enormous state surveillance power, there is a constant push from the SIS to gain even MORE power!

More data surveillance and less privacy? Spy chief says the public must decide

The public must decide if spies should conduct greater data surveillance to identify the next terrorist, Security Intelligence Service director-general Rebecca Kitteridge says.

Six months on from the Royal Commission of Inquiry in the Christchurch mosque terror attacks, Kitteridge wants to have a public campaign, akin to that of the Covid-19 pandemic, to talk about the possible “technology-privacy trade off” and unite New Zealanders behind national security threats.

…I spy with my 5 eyes, something beginning with 1984!

The duplicitous and underhand manner in which the NZ Police have quietly amassed a domestic mass surveillance network alongside their constant abuse of power to get what they want is an incredibly dangerous combination for any State Agency to gain.

The real police state is staring you in the face, it’s not some fantasy concoction of a Steve Bannon Bot manipulating your fears and ignorance to turn on public health measures and medical science!

You are being distracted by monsters we created to justify an even bigger monster

THE VERY THING TDB WARNED when the adults refused to de-escalate this Dumb Lives Matter Parliamentary Lawn fiasco was that it would radicalise NZers!

All we succeeded in doing was recruit for the far right! That’s why we had to de-escalate this and not use State violence and let it explode into a riot at the end!

BECAUSE there were so many bad faith actors wishing to gain propaganda from a violent state over reaction, we had to de-escalate!

Do you understand the point I was making?

Well we didn’t de-escalate and here’s the fucking radicalisation…

Parliament protest: Intelligence reports reveal assessments of possible violent extremism in aftermath

New documents reveal New Zealand intelligence agencies’ assessments of possible violent extremism related to the parliamentary protest and the Government’s COVID-19 response. 

The most recent of the documents, dated March 4, said it was “likely” a small minority of individuals in New Zealand “have or will develop the intent to carry out an act of extremist violence” in either reprisal to the protest clearance or to “compensate for a perceived lack of ‘success’”.  

…Yes those economically and socially damaged by Covid restrictions were led astray by Far Right Propagandists, but this doesn’t happen in a vacuum! The crippling cost of living crisis, the total lack of traction on housing, welfare, poverty – ALL of them combined here and if the Left had done something meaningful and material about that economic pain (rather than bullshit virtue signalling crap), the underclass wouldn’t have a rage and pain that was so easily manipulated by those far right propagandists!

So what’s next?

Let me tell you what’s next, the following intelligence apparatus…

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

…all have their hands out demanding more budget and powers to hunt the ‘Nazis’.

‘Nazis’ who wouldn’t have become ‘Nazis’ if we hadn’t gifted this radicalisation coup to the far right in the first fucking place!

The gold medal in Outrage Olympics is the ability to paint your enemy out as the worst monster in civilisation so that their argument can be smothered in damnation all because woke thresholds have been triggered, that’s why it was so important for the Left to denounce everyone at the Dumb Lives Matter protest as a ‘Nazi’.

Hilariously the report specifies that there were no actual Nazis at the protest…

While Nazi symbols were pictured at the site, CTAG wrote that this “is highly likely intended to portray the current Government’s actions as comparable to those of Nazi Germany, and are not indicative of widespread support for Nazi or other fascist ideologies”.

…what is particularly insidious is the enemies list the intelligence apparatus listed and note who has slyly been added to the list of people the Eye of Mordor will now fall upon…

They also assessed there was a “realistic possibility” that the PMVE rhetoric at the protest could “radicalise individuals not already on the violent extremist spectrum”, the document said.

It noted that protesters at Parliament had “a wide variety of agenda”, including some that had “no obvious links to COVID-19”. That includes those supporting the Sovereign Citizen movement, anti-communism, pro-Palestine and anti-Three Waters.

…why the fuck are pro-Palestinian activists on this list? What possible trigger justifies their surveillance? How did they get slotted onto the enemies list?

In the rush to reorientate the intelligence apparatus of NZ to spy domestically on new threats, who is checking these decisions being made at the height of panic?

We chose as a nation not to de-escalate the protest, we chose to escalate and radicalise people.

Frightened middle class Wellington Marxists, the elite press gallery and the MPs all believed they survived a January 6th insurrection, their fear made them blunder.

We now have to manage the legacy of their fear and anger.

The ramping up of surveillance budgets, the moving of the Eye of Mordor, the new crypto-Police State rising – these are all now our responsibility as Citizens to monitor because we allowed it to birth on Parliament’s Lawns with Trev’s temper tantrums.

The woke will cheer the crypto-Police State that’s looming.

NZ punk anarchist, Neil Roberts, wrote this on the wall of the NZ Police super computer before he attempted to blow it up in 1982

…he failed and killed only himself, but his final words were not wrong.

Labour have inadvertently built the foundations of a Police State, it is a structure that will only appear when the Right are in power with a leader prepared to use it.

Luxon looks like he could be spooked into declaring martial law at the drop of a fart.

Not even David Seymour could control a frightened Christopher Luxon.


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  1. In fairness to the SIS and GSCB, they have a lot more checks on their behavior – like an Inspector-General and dedicated legislation on their activities – than do the cowboys at the NZ Police who think their only purpose is to ‘get a result’ and lock up ‘a villain’.
    Not necessarily the right villain, but anyone will do…

    • Ada “ Cowboys” ? No. The police don’t have an absolute power. All their charges or arrests are subject to the due processes of the law to such an extent, that if they consider that they don’t have enough evidence to stack up in a court of law, then they won’t lay.charges at all.

      • So ignoring their own lawyer about the wisdom and effectiveness of photographing young people, and rolling out facial recognition technology without really telling anyone outside of Police HQ, and using license plate recognition without an admin system to stop abuse of process, are not signs of a cowboy organisation when it comes to privacy?

        The mis-prosecution history is just as bad, but I grant your point – which I never alluded to – that the Police still need a Court for a conviction.

  2. I don’t really know what the difference between them is now that John Key allowed the GCSB to spy on Kim Dotcom through a change in legislation (after they did it) which would mean both the GCSB and the SIS essentially are doing the same job.

  3. So. Can anyone tell me if there has been a Maori Terrorist lately that has travelled the world to visit right-wing Neo Nazis in Ukraine, Germany, France, the US and the UK and then Australia then to NZ again and murdered people with a high-powered weapon? Arrrrh no!

    Why is this centre-right labour government worse than a right-of-centre National party, if they were in government with the governance of ‘Fear & Incompetence!’
    Fear is that they are hoodwinking the general public into thinking that they are all untrustworthy and need total surveillance.
    Incompetence is a by-product of their failure to govern the country properly.

    NZ is well and truly a petri-dish for the world’s next best thing to being trialled on a populace of guinea pigs.

    If this government or the next government can’t build any houses in the country which are in bad need now because the immigration floodgates have been flung open and there are still 27,000+ homeless people still living in motels and to add to that the flood victims that are homeless too.

    Lil ole NZ has got a chance to survive to the next decade without having to have a massive political and societal upheaval of some kind.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the world. NeoCons in the Whitehouse and in Europe, Germany’s Green FM, Poland, and the other satellite Nazi States want to start a nuclear war against Russia. They haven’t got a shit show at doing that! Russian tanks will be rolling into Berlin’s Reichstag again shortly if they don’t negotiate a ‘truce’ between Ukraine and Russia. Let’s hope the Chinese manage to pull it off.

    With the 5 eyes network going digital in NZ within the next few years, I guess those big golf balls at the top of the south island will become redundant?
    That could be a good place to build some houses for people maybe?

    • In missing the bigger picture the purported left is playing into it.

      This is about power and the suppression of dissent.

      And yes – NZ as a petri-dish for testing techniques of manipulating public consent – against its own best interests – via ramping-up divisions between people in order to clamp down hard on us.

  4. None of this is surprising to the Maori community, this type of behavior has been ongoing since the NZ police was established in 1860s creating the colonial defense force replacing it with the armed constabulary forces, that branched into separate units now known today as the NZ Army & Police.

  5. “We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity” was first uttered in a revolutionary proclamation of Junta Tuitiva in 1809 in Bolivia.

    Neil Roberts was only quoting it.

  6. I didn’t see any obvious Nazis at the Parliament occupation, but there was an awful lot of tangata whenua. Far Right? I doubt it, looked like the cream of the Left, and they definitely weren’t happy with their Government.

      • No doubt those white supremacists were in disguise as Maori in order to undermine the Government & Co-governance. Yeah, secret Nazis, that’ll be the cause

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