War with China – The Price of Australia’s Prosperity, and our demise


By arming itself with nuclear powered submarines, along with all the other paraphernalia of war, Australia is not so much arming to protect itself from China, as arming to protect itself from the United States.

With China its largest two-way trading partner, Australia’s is effectively pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into protecting its trade with China, from China.

Why?  Because to do otherwise risks incurring the wrath of the United States

That is the tenor of this article by independent Australian author and journalist Caitlin Johnstone which, if you don’t read anything else today, is worth your time.

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  1. Speaking of China, we must be about due for another of Creepy Key’s shameless slow anal lickin’ media episodes praising the CCP Chinese Criminal Party, suggesting all in NZ adopt the same subservience stance as he does.
    A good portion of Kiwis will be so convinced though. Not all of us are on the same payroll.

  2. Nothing to worry about. I mean, China has never attacked, threatened or invaded any other country. That is if you live in a cave and believe the CCP’S propagandist garbage.

    • Apart from trying to invade Vietnam in 1979, its invasion of Tibet in 1949 and failed attempt to invade Malaysia in 1948.

        • And the current border clashes with India. It’s just fist fights, and sticks and stones at the moment, which is nice.

      • You left out India, they also caught with hands in cookie jar with Nepal & Bhutan Borders and backed off very quickly when both countries were threatened to invoke their security guarantees with the British Commonwealth.

      • Comparing 3 wars that is in their sphere unlike the US that been in conflict since they genocided the native americans the Chinese don’t have a similar history even though their culture is older

        1775-1783: The Thirteen Colonies
        1798-1800: The Quasi-War
        1801-1805: Tripolitan War
        1811: The “Indian Belt” Affair
        1812-1815: The War of 1812
        1817-1818: First Seminole War
        1832: Assault on Sumatra
        1832: Black Hawk War
        1835-1836: Texas Revolution
        1835-1842: Second Seminole War
        1838-1839: Aroostook War
        1846-1848: The Mexican War
        1847-1850: Cayuse War
        1855-1858: Third Seminole War
        1856: Bleeding Kansas
        1857-1858: Mormon Expedition
        1861-1865: American Civil War
        1861-1865: American Civil War
        1871-1876: Apache Wars
        1872-1873: Modoc War
        1876-1877: Black Hills War
        1877: Nez Percé War
        1878: Bannock War
        1890: Messiah War
        1893: Coup in Hawaii
        1898-1902: Spanish-American War
        1912: Occupation of Nicaragua
        1914: Tampico Affair
        1915: Invasion of Haiti
        1916-1917: Expedition Against Villa
        1917-1918: World War I
        1918-1920: Siberian Expedition
        1927: Protection of Shanghai’s International Settlement
        1941-1945: World War II
        1950-1953: Korean War
        1955: Defense of Chinese Nationalists
        1955-1973: Vietnam War
        1961: Bay of Pigs Invasion
        1962: Anti-Communist Intervention
        1965: Dominican Crisis
        1975: Mayaguez Incident
        1980: Operation Eagle Claw
        1983: Operation Urgent Fury
        1986: Operation El Dorado Canyon
        1990-1991: Persian Gulf War
        1992-1993: Operation Restore Hope
        1994-1995: Operation Uphold Democracy
        1994-1995: Bosnian War

        There still more to add!!

      • It’s the idea that China will invade Australia much less America is preposterous in the extreme.

        Every time a fishing vessel shows up on radar the usual people loss it. Send the 7th fleet 6 miles off of the Chinese coast y’all cheer.

  3. Re the Caitlin Johnston link… Jesus Christ ! That’s fucking scary ! What bastards, and I’m not sure which bastards I’m thinking about !? Now I know why everyone has an arse hole. It’s because everyone IS an arse hole. We need alien intervention. We need to start crop dusting everywhere with Ecstasy powder immediately!
    I had a thought. It was a lonely little thing but there it was. All bug eyed, gobsmacked and chirpy.
    You know the Right Wing versus the Left Wing thing, right? Well, it’s not. There is no literal Left Wing. Just the Right Wing and a thing called ‘Common Sense’. And everyday, in literally every way, common sense must go to battle for all of us and every day in every way the Right Wing tries to batter it down. The psychiatric illness that’s commonly referred to as The Right Wing, is in fact a madness. A lunatic looking for a mental asylum. Why is Greed Good ? Well, it isn’t, actually. It’s in fact a death-causing mechanism and we all have one finger on the button while the other’s on our cell phones, computers, EFTPOS machines, sundry electric cars and a myriad Chinese made pap’s designed to keep us together while keeping us apart. We’re all a bit fucked aren’t we really?

  4. John Mearsheimer is a realist, his talks about Ukraine on the Holerg debates 2022 and his talks are thought provoking but a necessary conversation with Sweden ex-PM and Rand corporation contributor Carl Bildt who supported the bombing of Yugoslavia. The war with China written by the Rand Corporation alluded to the fact the this could be possible by 2025 only 2 years from now is a scary thought. The US unipolar existence is now threaten by 2 great rivals China & Russia who have allied up bringing Iran & Saudi Arabia to the negotiating table which would be the death of the US petrodollar an important pillar of US power power.


    • Bahhahaha a ! That, right there, is the most broadest broad sweeping truism I think I’ve ever read. But surely, it’s all in the nuance? BTW. It’s said ( But by god knows who. ) that death is the briefest state.

  5. It has been decided by those with money for armaments that this is the age of disruption. Many of us will we ruptured as part of the disruption but hey there are more of us where we came from. Anyway every country has a war every 20-30 years or is part of one. It’s the life-death cycle bred into us so why the surprise. (A few ready-made empty arguments for those without enough machivellian genes.)

  6. the fact is like ourselves australia has no real economy, selling raw products that others the ‘add value’ to…without china the aussies don’t have a pot to piss in

  7. Good to get a link to Consortium News founded by the late, great US journalist Robert Parry.
    Comments on Caitlin Johnson’s article are worth reading.
    ‘ To the US, Australia is nothing more than a staging ground for war with China.’
    Yes the US always stages its wars on territories other than its own.
    Years ago in the early sixties when touring Europe in a second hand Pontiac station wagon with then husband and an Oz couple, we landed on the other couple’s friend who was with the Australian Embassy in Bonn.
    Next day he and his wife were hosting a farewell to the Australian ambassador. Present was the Japanese ambassador who had been a naval commander in the war. My ex, a cheeky journalist asked him whether the Japanese had intended to invade New Zealand. The ambassador a quiet, dignified man replied that they had considered NZ to be a mop up operation after Australia.
    Now that Australia has stuck its head in the noose I wonder if we might be regarded in the same light by both sides in this coming conflict.

    • Yep, we protect Australia’s Eastern Flank & access to Kermadec Trench which will allow the Subs to go nice and deep to avoid being ambushed in the restricted passages of the Sth Pacific Archipelago as what happen to the Japanese I Boat & the 2 or 3 Kiwi Corvettes in Solly’s in WW2.

      The general consensus during the NZ Japanese Scare in WW2 had the Japanese been successful with the Battle of Coral Sea & it’s invasion of PNG.

      They Would’ve headed down the Solly’s towards the New Hebrides now Vanuatu, turn right for Fiji & Head Sth for NZ IOT isolate Australia from the US. At that stage, NZ had the bulk of its land forces fighting the Sandpit. The 3rd NZ Div had only just stood up & Land Forces NZ Which my Grandfather was part of. Was made up of Reinforcements taken of the boats in Wellington (Granddad), those in training or hadn’t been posted to 3 Div or the 1st NZ Tank Brigade, the TF & Home Guard.
      The RNZAF was in a shocking state, with very few fighters or long range maritime patrol aircraft, trainers were converted to battlefield support aircraft and any of the bigger Biplanes into Torpedo Bombers etc.
      The Navy was everywhere because NZ as a whole lack the eyes & ears as the German Raiders were very active in NZ waters laying Mines & Engaging Surface Ships while the Japanese I Boats made to Sorties around NZ which incl two overflights one of Auckland & Wellington looking for the USMC Invasion Force that was to retake the Solly’s and in fact it actually miss them by a few days.

      If you want to attack Oz, you need to isolate it & thence why the Chinese have quite active in the Sth Pacific it’s One Belt One Road Strategy & it’s influence type diplomacy missions in NZ especially under the John Key Government.
      From my experience from where I worked in the RAAF until 2018 the Chinese have Studied the shit of the Sth Pacific Campaign & even on my Sub 2 for Tactics for Airfield Defence in the RAAF we have gone back RAAF Scherger with bi annual staff rides to former Airfields in the Sth Pacific & in-particular the Battle of Milne Bay in PNG which started just before the Battle of the Coral Sea. The Allies were very luck to have actually found the Japanese Landing there & it was a bloody mad rush to send every man & his dog there before the Japs were to consolidate and establish Air Umbrella for the PNG Invasion Force.

      NZ is going to get sucked into this impending shit fight weather it wants too or not & that’s a fact!

      Unless it’s prepared to adopt Armed Neutrality? But that means a lot of people on the left especially those on the Greens/ Left of the Greens swallowing a number of dead rats just like the Right will have to do as well btw & NZ “might” avoid being sucked into the vortex of the impending shit fight.

      • it’s worth noting that with already stretched forces the japanese never intended to invade oz(though A base in darwin wouldn’t have gone amiss) much less NZ they where more interested in burma/india.

        • That was base on the general consensus & assumption of possible Japanese intentions at time & the likelihood if the Battle of the Coral Sea & later the Battle of Santa Cuz going in favour of the Japanese which were both major Sea Battles that could’ve gone either way as both were a close run thing in favour of the Allies.

          The Japanese Army wasn’t actually in favour of investing in Australian due to its size & the logistical nightmare that Nth’ern Oz prose at the time, but were open other options with the Sth Pacific Theatre should the opportunity arose from a Strategic POV

          Have you live in Nth’ern Oz?

          If you have, then you would understand the Logistical nightmare that Nth’ern Oz during WW2 for the Allies & even if the Japs did seek lodgement on Mainland Oz.

          Even today and I have been living in Nth’ern Oz since 2012, getting stuff from down Sth to anywhere above the 26th parallel is a logistical nightmare which is even worst during the wet season especially during a La Niña phase let alone the major weather events down in Sth’ern Oz.

          For example, to move equipment to RAAF Scherger in the Wet Season. It has to be moved either Air, which the RAAF has too few Airlifters to maintain enduring sustainable Air OPS when you consider all the other Bare Bases in Oz (not including outside of Mainland Oz) that need to be sustained or it has to be moved by sea around Cape Yorke as the major rd nth of Cooktown to Weipa is impassable in the Wet as most other Class 2 to 5 Rds incl some Class 1 Rds btw.

          This Wet Season the main Nth Sth Railway has been cut 3 times, the same hwy 3-4 times & in some case reduce to single lane.
          Katherine to Derby has been cut since Xmas & Derby to Broome since New Yrs
          Tennant Creek to the Isa has been close 2-3 times & reduce to single lanes in place.
          Isa to Townsville & Longreach have had similar issues as well. The Isa & the Queensland Gulf Region is back under water again. All these are major Class 1 Rds and I haven’t included the lower class Rds, as I would be here for a mth of Sunday’s listing them.

          Remember logistics wins Wars, ie if you can’t supply the troops & feed the home front! You are going to lose on the Battlefield & Politically at home sooner or later.

            • whatever mate, if I wanted to screw Oz! I won’t invade it, but surrounded it & conduct A2/AD Tactics which is likely what China would do if the opportunity arose.

              Which means NZ & the Sth Pacific is in the firing line, weather you like or not & good luck mate at keeping everyone out of NZ & the Kermadec Trench.

              • all china needs to do to fuck oz is find different sources of raw materials which is their project in africa scud..

                and why do you asssume china has any military interest in NZ? they already own the fuckin country.

  8. The article has some worth but is unbalanced when blaming the US for every provocation and not China which under President Xi is much more of a threat than under his predecessors. Australia is not under threat but Taiwan certainly is. Look at what happened in Hong Kong!

    • Taiwan is part of China even the US and other world powers recognized this fact ‘One China policy’ Tell me how many countries have a Taiwan embassy?

      • Taiwan people consider themselves as a free independent country. That is what really matters. They don’t want anything to do with the evil repressive Commies

  9. That’s it! I am no longer buying or using anything made in China…shit there goes my lapto……..

  10. Prime example of a country so scared of the world’s only big boss man (to put that mildly), that they will pay a king’s ransom to keep the wrath of the big boss, at bay. Ironically, most of Europe is already in this position, meaning, unfortunately, that we will face the same conundrum soon also.

    This is what happens when the world no longer has a mainstream media that challenges power.

  11. What sort of depraved halfwit would join the U.S. on this murder suicide mission?

    Aussies: Hold my beer.

    USUKA indeed.

  12. The racist PRC dictatorship should be made an international pariah and its white collar criminal citizens repatriated.

  13. why just the chinese castro??? c’mon real answer, the bit you don’t say out loud….and what about the american evangelicals that get a free pass..who in the administration is facilitating their entry????

  14. Article this morning on NEO (link below) tells of how the ‘new’ bi-partisan consensus in the US against China aims at ‘total war.’
    @ SCUD: ‘Unless it’s prepared to adopt Armed Neutrality? But that means a lot of people on the left especially those on the Greens/ Left of the Greens swallowing a number of dead rats just like the Right will have to do as well btw & NZ “might” avoid being sucked into the vortex of the impending shit fight.’
    Unfortunately the actual Left, Greens and most of the Right would rather choke to death on the dead rats and be blown to smithereens rather than swallow and digest the rats, excrete them and stand up
    as cleansed and aware males and females. The latest edition of the Oxford dictionary does not contain the words husband or wife.
    Every government department and agency as well as all medium to major business now has a ‘cultural committee.’ Every tiny complaint against the perceived speech or behaviour of any workmate goes before the committee which reports the perceived offense to a departmental head. I have a friend who’s son has just today confided in her that he is being driven mad by this but has to hold on to his job. Does anyone remember Winston Smith, the endless wars and the way he was finally dealt with ?
    People who know beyond all doubt that snow is black will never be able to push for anything half way real let alone Armed Neutrality. We are going to be chewed up and spat out by the neo-marxist war machine. Suck it up


  15. action, please name any western country where ‘marxists’ are the govt…..now if you mean rightard neo-libs you might have a point.

    it’s worth noting that winston came to belive before his execution….the flabby and shallow use of mr blair is a feature of right wing pseuds

  16. My main hope is that while the focus is on Australia everyone will forget about NZ and not ask us to take sides

  17. Is China about to step on to world stage as the new self appointed global policeman?

    Ukraine wants a peace deal in which all Russian troops leave all Ukraine territory forcibly occupied and annexed by Russia. (with the possible exception of Crimea)

    Russia wants a peace deal in which it can hold all the territory of Ukraine it has occupied and annexed.

    Xi is currently in Moscow hammering out the shape of a peace proposal, most likely along lines favourable to the Russian Federation position on a peace deal.

    Xi and Putin’s next diplomatic move, will be to put their final peace deal, currently still being discussed between them in Moscow, before the United Nations General Assembly, and Security Council. No matter which way the General Assembly goes, only the Security Council has the power to approve the Chinese/Russian Peace Deal.

    The Security Council has 5 permanent members, the US, the UK, France, China, Russia. Each permanent member of the Security Council has the power to veto the Chinese brokered peace plan.

    When the Chinese brokered peace plan is rejected by the Security Council, as it will be, China has two choices; Accept the decision – or decide to ignore it and take real world action to unilaterally enforce it.

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