RIP Georgina Beyer – the epitome of New Zealand Egalitarian Meritocracy


We need to stop and mark the passing of Georgina Beyer.

She led at a time when trans people were still very much invisible and misunderstood in NZ.

Her courage to stand for Office was met by the courage of Carterton voters and the Wairarapa electorate who elected her first as Mayor and then as a Member of Parliament.

Georgina is one of the most important political leaders we have had because she is the epitome of New Zealand Egalitarian Meritocracy.

That she was able to win over rural folk who had a reputation for being small minded was remarkable.

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She made us judge her on the nature of her character rather than our petty bigotry and homophobia.

She gained support with wit, intelligence and honesty. She led with a grace and charm that won Kiwis over.

You look at the toxic radioactive nature of the Trans debate today pursued by militant Trans allies and compare it to the dignity Georigina inspired to appreciate how unique she was.

Georgina was the best of NZ Democracy, her leadership forced us to question our own insecurities while championing the very best in Kiwi egalitarian meritocracy.

We have lost a unique political figure who managed to make us a better people by voting for her.

Kia kaha Georgina

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  1. An exceptionally brilliant woman. Only ever saw her as a woman. I was such a proud New Zealander the day she was elected to parliament

    • “An exceptionally brilliant woman. Only ever saw her as a woman.”

      I agree she was brilliant. A pioneer, & advocate for oppressed groups.

      But would you have welcomed her into the women’s toilets & changing rooms, even though she was biologically male?

  2. Agreed. Just shows what you can achieve if you don’t alienate and divide others with TERF slurs etc.

  3. good constituancy MP should be an example to others, that’s why she was re-elected not on gender or sexuality but on being a competent MP who took care of her constituents…no greater praise

  4. Spot on Martyn. Thanks for this tribute to a fine trailblazing Kiwi woman. One of the best.

    RIP Georgina.

  5. Very lovely Martyn. A fitting tribute.

    I admired Georgina Beyer so much. I felt she was observant, absolutely filled with knowledge, and so very talented. Although I did not know Georgina personally, she certainly left all of us Kiwis with a favourable impression.

    My understanding was that she followed due process, was focused and paid attention to detail. Rarely did we hear any complaints of this personage in the mainstream media. Her popularity was well deserved. I hear Georgina also had a good sense of humour.

    Rest in peace, Georgina.

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