Stoking the flames of race-hatred against Palestinians – open letter to the Prime Minister


Hon Chris Hipkins

Prime Minister

Parliament Buildings


2 March 2023

Kia ora Mr Hipkins,

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Stoking the flames of race-hatred against Palestinians

The new Israeli regime led by Benjamin Netanyahu, Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich has been stoking the flames of race hatred against Palestinians with inflammatory rhetoric, blatantly racist apartheid policies and brutal military oppression.

Last Sunday this led to an inevitable Israeli settler pogrom against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank – photos of the devastation are here and the latest inflammatory rhetoric is covered here.

If this were a pogrom against Jews anywhere in the world the government would, quite rightly, condemn it and take immediate action against the regime responsible. 

Palestinians deserve the same consideration so why has the government been silent?

We urge you to condemn the new Israeli regime and take the same step as the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, and tell the Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu that Aotearoa New Zealand will not maintain institutional relations with his government till it abandons its apartheid policies and gives equal rights to everyone living in historic Palestine. 

We urge your government to immediately close the Israeli embassy in Wellington.

Ngā mihi.


  1. Hundreds of innocent human beings injured, at least one murdered. No doubt more deaths will occur as a result of the Palestinian healthcare system, which is under siege by ‘israel’, being overwhelmed.

    In an attack that was called for by so-called ‘israeli’ ‘government’ ‘cabinet minister’, Bezalel Smotrich.

    The perpetrators were protected by the ‘israeli’ ‘military’, and every attacker who was temporarily arrested afterwards has been released.

    Any government which fails to cut ties with ‘israel’ over this can truly claim to support zionism- the ideology which was founded to oppress, to torture, kidnap, rape and murder human beings, particularly Palestinians.

    • MK I understand your attitude toward the Israelis, but your use of the word Zionism is wrong and you know it. The word as I understand it means a supporter who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. If you want to use the word Zionism to describe atrocities that have happened to Palestinians that is your choice but it is the wrong use of the word. But then you know that don’t you.

  2. Haaaa I see your MO hasn’t changed….post the ‘open letter’ on social media/blogs then complain/moan/bleat when you don’t get the response you want….or no response!

    Tired old ploy to try to Garner support and sympathy….glad it’s been a total failure so far, guess repeating the same thing over and over with the same results hasn’t really sunk in with you yet eh Mr Minto?

    • So negative I’m Right. If you are I might as well not waste my time hoping and arguing for
      some principles, practicality and pleasure in life.

  3. I suggest you go visit your previous project – South Africa – and check out the damage you’ve done before you liberate another.

    All that ‘freedom’ you’ve foisted on to them means the country is now barely functioning and everyone except a few ANC cadres and their relatives are worse off than they were under apartheid. Especially blacks.

    >The power grid has collapsed and the economy with it.
    >The rail network is broken and most of the rails & equipment stolen.
    >The schools are producing illiterates and the universities are no longer recognized internationally.

    Come winter the old media will pretend to be shocked & horrified when SA turns into Armageddon, all while avoiding the Loxodonta Africana in the room.

    Think again John!

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