NZ Twitter Woke cancel Councillor Richard Hill while woke Spinoff ponders if woke Matthew Hooton lynchings have gone too far?


The woke would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegans.

An amazing tale spun over at The Spinoff which tells us everything that is broken about woke call out culture as it does that The Spinoff  published it at all.

The story is about Hoots giving a speech at Auckland Grammar which was his usual mix of wit and sark.

By all accounts it was ferociously well consumed by the students and Hoots did what he does, which is to out charm his victim with the suaveness of Shere Khan from the original Disney film…

…all good and fine right?

Hoots is a brilliant communicator and one of the best Machiavellian political minds in the game, and while his crazier moments are never high-points of human endeavour, he is clever and funny and a fine foil to face.

But as The Spinoff points out, Auckland Councillor Richard Hill faced a spastic wave of woke cancellation after Hill said something nice about Hooton’s speech.

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The easily triggered woke went into attack mode over Hill’s comments which is a reminder that while a lot of the focus is on the extreme right and the political polarisation there, we are forgetting the woke have not gone away, they have just become more puritanical.

Richard Hill has shown himself during this flooding crisis to have been an incredible leader during strife and has stood for his community. He has earned respect and yet the woke rag dolled him because he said something positive about Hooton?

In the world of the aggrieved woke where the exposed scars of intersectionist victimhood is the currency, there is never forgiveness for past transgressions.


In the eyes of the woke, we are all unforgivable sinners of heteronormative white cis male patriarchal privilege and our wailing screams of how sorry we are are as we twist in the wind during their latest public lynching is the only salve for their never healing wounds.

Sounds like Wellington on a Tuesday night.

The identity politics uber alles woke have become such an impediment to electoral solidarity that even The Spinoff recognises it…

…the middle class mommy blogger cult of deplatforming is not helping win people over.

To paraphrase The Simpson’s (while I still can and they haven’t been cancelled yet), “You don’t make friends with salad and you don’t make allies with wokeness”.

When even The Spinoff can see it, you know you’ve got a problem.

Sure, Hoots speaking to the minds of the Grammar Young is like Darth Vadar visiting a kindergarten,  but is him appearing any worse culture hate crime than what the woke just did to Roald Dahl?

Augustus Gloop no longer fat as Roald Dahl goes PC

Augustus Gloop is no longer fat, Mrs Twit is no longer fearfully ugly, and the Oompa-Loompas have gone gender-neutral in new editions of Roald Dahl’s beloved stories.

The publisher, Puffin, has made hundreds of changes to the original text, removing many of Dahl’s colourful descriptions and making his characters less grotesque.

The review of Dahl’s language was undertaken to ensure that the books “can continue to be enjoyed by all today”, Puffin said.

References to physical appearance have been heavily edited. The word “fat” has been removed from every book – Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory may still look like a ball of dough, but can now only be described as “enormous”.

…come on! If the Woke can censor literature so their easily triggered snowflake existence never has to ever hear a word that makes them feel sad sad in their echo bunkers, then surely the Architect of the Death Star can give pep rallies to the future business sociopaths of tomorrow?!?

We are calling it ‘Bread and Butter’ politics under Chippy because most middle class woke are gluten free vegans who would run a mile from any actual bread or butter.

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  1. This is the same brain-warped tribe who trashed William Shakespeare, and during the pandemic, prioritised over 60 puerile disc jockeys entering New Zealand ahead of trained doctors and nurses.

    Rewriting dead authors’ books should be criminalised, and the war on civilised culture is just one reason why some of us are taking steps to preserve significant and valuable books before we ascend to that great celestial library beyond the black holes and beyond the black mould permeating the New Zealand public service, the Education Dept, and sometimes even dripping down hospital walls.

    Criticising Hill’s opinion is beyond pathetic, but the woke wallow in victimhood and their hurt feelings, and as todger Harry and his stupid wife are starting to realise, we’d prefer it if they just buggered off and did something useful.

    • “This is the same brain-warped tribe who trashed William Shakespeare, and during the pandemic, prioritised over 60 puerile disc jockeys entering New Zealand ahead of trained doctors and nurses.”
      You have to remember though @ SnowWhite, all this is based on policy from Ministerial “officials”. Officials Ministers have “complete faith in”
      Thankfully I think the new junta is starting to question how wonderful some of that policy and advice has been.
      (Pretty shit, all things considered. There is a record of incompetence and failures in the muddle and senior ranks; of ‘officials’ having to apologise, and supposedly “empathise”; and of those same “officials” treating their worker bees like shit – taking credit for successes while blaming them for failures)
      I wonder if you can pick some of the agencies I’m thinking of in particular. No prizes for guessing

      • OnceWasTim No prizes, thanks all the same. The politicians blame the officials
        ( let’s cancel that word), the ‘officials’ blame management, and neither could even begin to cope with the flak which the frontline call centre operators receive daily on their behalf. MSD was where they timed these people in the loo and asked why they took so long; ACC was where a lass left her phone and hopped straight onto a plane for Sydney – I think she walked off the job. Education is where the innocence of childhood, and parental authority, are under attack by the transgender propagandists – a big bucks business overseas- and the IRD is where persons of a specific ethnicity can’t be fired.

        Hipkins not photographed hugging DJ’s or hanging out in the All Blacks dressing room, is different optics, that’s all.

        The abolition of the Commissioner for Children suggests to me that they’re still ruthless bastards, and their so-called replacement, breathtakingly dreadful for our most vulnerable little ones. I wouldn’t vote for this.

  2. You are correct as usual. I do not like Matthew Hooton, but I attended Auckland Grammar and I absolutely despise that institution. It is an evil school set up to continue the Victorian Colonial Elitest in the post WASP era, and continues to do so very successfully, also turning that area of Maungawhau and other scared slopes into horrendously overprices slices of the much vaunted DGZ. But in my day I suffered a serious concussion at that school, various colleagues took their own lives, and I was constantly told I had a bad attitude, because I had a rather relaxed attitude (still do). It also destroyed any emotional development I might have attained in my teenage years in a less colonial environment. But if a person chooses, and that school agrees, then that person should be able to speak at that school. I do not engage in twitter, never have and never will so despite what I would self describe as a progressive state of mind, the “woke” is simply the thing that happens after a good sleep. Sleepy hobbits and minions are more problematic in forgetting that this is a very basic class struggle, where the monied elite have used neo liberal capitalism to multiple the weath gap between them and us. Culture wars are now a proven invention of Fox News and other conservative “machievelian” characters, but we on the left need to stop dividing ourselves into smaller subgroups, and return to Tracey Chapman 1988 “Talkin’ about a revolution”. Because we a good at talking, and out inabilty to take action over the past three decades has led us to this point. A cost of living crisis, an climate change crisis, a hangover from CIA KGB war in Ukraine, cyclones, downpours, public transport chaos. It would seem that humans can’t handle themselves, from an objective anthropological point of view. EFESO was Auckland’s chance, and it is sad that Auckland Council is haggling over $300 million when billions are lost every month in Auckland’s traffic. Because public transport is not prioritised. So we are homeless, and we can’t escape. Like some 1980s LA Kurt Russell hellscape on the same geographical scale.

  3. I agree that this “cancelation” of Hills is ridiculous. But, what is the total amount of people who have actually done this on Twitter? Maybe a 100 or 200? It is a very small subset of NZ who goes to this extreme. There are plenty of kiwis who are somewhere in between and consider themselves woke without cancelling everyone left right and centre. Twitter gives a platform for this minority but they really do not represent the majority.

    • Dairy Lee. You’re right. The big thing is that people still have voices, and that we keep freedom of speech. Probably only certain sorts of persons twitter and tweet anyway, but it’s when political correctness dominates or asphyxiates public policy, or creeps into legislation- as has happened with the Greens’ gender-bending criminalising concerned parents – that reasonable people need worry.
      The policing and cancelling of literature both in the UK and USA is another dimension altogether, and it is mind boggling.

  4. FFS! Hills is the epitome of woke as fuck! He’s almost the most useless councilor Auckland has ever had. He has some stiff competition though!
    Dalton, Bartley, my cousin, Stewart just to name a few. Oh, and most of the IMSB.

  5. The Woke have no perspective, no analysis or consideration, beyond their own instant emotions in the moment.

    And, being Woke, their opinion has to be widely shared to be validated as genuine, and themselves worthwhile. It’s performative.

    • Ada. Translated into real life, this results in a government which sees a parliamentary bovver boy like Trevor Mallard rewarded as a diplomat, and the Commissioner for Vulnerable Children side-lined as a baddie.

  6. “When I use a word Humpty Dumpty said, it means just what I choose it to mean”. What the fu.. means woke? It seems to mean what ever someone disagrees with.

    • The most amusing thing is it’s only the woke who seem to not know exactly what the term means- personally I think it’s the narcissistic lack of self awareness.

  7. and the right have ‘perspective’ ada? do me a favour..and let’s be honest about this rightards are as ‘woke’ (whatever that means) they just want to cancel different things, the difference is in agenda not concept.

  8. Surely one of the more dull, unsettling mysteries floating about is why do people care what mathew hooten says, does or thinks? He’s a little disease looking for something to inflame. What many people consider to be a kind of evil wit is really just a side show trick. AO/NZ, and we by extension, are in deep shit and it’s getting deeper by the day, so do we need to be distracted by a little flea hopping about taking nips out of us?
    The national party and it’s parasites, now well embedded within what was Labour, have our farmers hypnotised thus our economy’s in ruins while now nine multi billionaires and four foreign banksters steal our hard earned money and we have mathew hooten’s little weasel face peering down at us in sneering condescension. Well, not for me Jimmy.

  9. Ugghh! I didn’t want to do it but like a good TDB reader I followed the link…. to a Spinoff article!
    I haven’t gone there in years. Everything about that s(h)ite from its sanctimonious navel gazing opinion pieces (I refuse to call it journalism), to its format peppered with silly cartoon characters, eye wateringly bad collages and visual noise of coloured headers like someone dissected a rainbow and gave it to a three year old to make it look pretty, to even its choice of font and type face absolutely repulses me. Don’t start me on the book reviews and poetry
    …now feeling tainted, queezy and dispointed with myself for pulling back the veil and entering the domain of that elitist and passive aggressive bastion of the hyper woke.
    Think I need to have another shower to try and wash it off me.

  10. Penguins decision to change the words is ultimately a commercial decision to be able to continue to sell books to a wide audience. They want a proven cash cow to continue to produce money. It’s capitalism doing this more than woke
    Yes there might be a little moralising in the decision because the elements of meanness in the books become’s clearer as society changes. But they would not make the changes unless it makes money.
    I guess it makes the original books more collectable and more valuable

    • @Stephen+Minto I think you are giving capitalism too much credit, most of the world, even the english-speaking world is not Woke.

      It’s not uncommon for media and publishing companies to be persuaded/intimidated by vocal ideologically-minded staff members into aligning with supposed ‘contemporary’ sensibilities. Corporate boards are not immune to ideological capture and the desire to virtue signal is strong.
      This often has bad consequences for the bottom line. Hollywood and in particular Disney is a good example of this with billions of losses (partly attributable to ideology), infighting at Studios, the board of directors and even between institutional investors.

      Time will tell if this is a ‘win for capitalism’ but I agree this will make original texts more collectable. However, thought experiment, do you think collectability of old texts is compatible with the ‘improved’ versions increasing or even maintaining english language sales?

  11. Richard Hills has been the chairman of the ‘Climate Emergency’ committee for the last 4 years. Someone tell me what he’s achieved in that time. Does he even have a list of actions by now? What is in the meaning of ’emergency’ that I’m missing?

    I don’t dislike Hills, but he’s useless. He’s typical of the new breed of Labour politician:
    >Did a soft degree.
    >Became a Labour Party member as a student.
    >Ticks a couple of race or gender boxes.
    >Has never even had a proper job, let alone a professional career.
    >Because of his doctrinaire adherence to party doctrine and a few friends in high places, he was given a nice little sinecure in local government. If he stays the course, it’s a stepping-stone to Parliament.

    Can Labour please serve up some candidates that have been somewhere and done something? Heck I might even vote for them!


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