It’s time the rich of NZ paid a wealth tax to rebuild and adapt from climate change


The extraordinary rebuilding and adaptation costs NZ has to undertake must not be borne by the poor, it must be borne by this who have profited most from the pollution that has caused this dystopia.

Two of the largest global warming emitters in NZ are Z Energy and Fonterra. Last year Z Energy made a $269million profit and Fonterra made $583million in profit – shouldn’t they get a special tax to help rebuild from the climate change damage these companies produce?

What about Forestry and the slash they produce?

ASB made $822 million in profit alongside other Australian Banks making Billions. Shouldn’t those who have speculated pay for the poverty and inequality their profit margins generate?

Shouldn’t people earning over $250 000 per year pay a new top tax rate?

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Shouldn’t we look at a financial transaction tax, sugar tax and wealth tax while reducing GST and taking not off food?

The 30 year neoliberal experiment cut the NZ State to the bone and the political project for each National and ACT Government is to strangle off revenue to the State so the State can’t redistribute it. That way citizens don’t become ‘reliant’ on providing subsidy to every day living, because once people get used to having services that work, they demand it politically.

This story about Hospital capacity spells out we don’t just need more drs and more nurses, we need more hospitals!

We need more Nurses, more Drs, more hospitals, more police, more Army, more Teachers, more schools, more corrections officers, better public transport, better prisons, our own pharmaceutical industry, and we can only fund that by taxing the fucking rich!


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  1. A common problem with the Left is their unstated assumption that economies are closed systems when it’s not the case.
    Any attempt to add to the tax burden of the wealthy (who already pay the lion’s share of taxes) will encourage them to move elsewhere. It may be the case that tax revenue actually falls in this scenario.
    Even without additional taxation, if Labour are re-elected this year there will probably be a stampede of talent over the Tasman to get away from what is rapidly becoming a 3rd world state. Fiji without the nice weather.

    • andrew, heard millionaires will move overseas a million times but it never happens low paid qualified and manual workers cross the ditch because of our gouged prices and low wages

    • Talk talk talk, there is this other thing about living in the land of milk and honey a privilege and one they won’t get anywhere else and if money is their measure then we are better off without them.

    • @ andrew “Any attempt to add to the tax burden of the wealthy (who already pay the lion’s share of taxes) will encourage them to move elsewhere.” What a load of tarnished old shit you spout. You and the rich can fuck off then! Off you go! We can’t afford you useless fuckers. But before you fuck off, give us our fucking money back! And if you’re not very,very,very careful we’ll eventually want/need/demand to know how the riche got rich. A billionaire for fucks sake! That’s a thousand millions and there’s nine of them with thousands and thousands of millions and millions, that we know of. We have a small agrarian export economy so where the fuck did the now nine multi billionaires get all that money from? andrew!? Answers? That must have been quite the hourly rate. Aye Boys? Wouldn’t have anything to do with selling/trading in taxes paid for, once-were, public assets and resources then laundering that money via retail banking at the behest of corrupt politicians and a bent-as RBNZ would it? Don brash? Heard of him? Wikipedia: “…briefly the leader of ACT New Zealand from April to November 2011…” That’s where our agrarian primary industry money goes to be repainted then sold by the RBNZ to a completely corrupt system which deals in ugly-house scams to launder the money. Is that not correct NZ real estate? What do you reckon you four now foreign owned banks stealing billions of dollars in NET, I repeat, in NET profits from the same false economy you created to do exactly that.
      For all you awesome, wonderfully mentally healthy normal people out there, you really need to watch this documentary.
      ‘Someone Else’s Country’ by Alister Barry.
      For all you awesome working people who actually do that actual work and not just sit on your big, fat, pudgy arse holes working out how to legitimately yet amorally steal the hard earned money of others. You really, really, really need to rebuild your Unions then connect with our primary industry farming people. An urban union working in unison with an agricultural union would be a mighty force to be reckoned with. Andrew? You could ask your poor old tax paying multi billionaires how that might play out for them? Not well, I suspect. You might also take a long some of PAMS haemorrhoid cream, that’s the cheap stuff, for when your poor tax paying multi billionaire’s arse holes snap shut in fright.
      By the way…? Multi billionaires? Yes, you. Can we have our money back now please? Today? Would be awesome. You think you’re rich? Well, now you’re not. Sos. In fact, you’re in debt to us. All of us. You stole our shit and you sequestered our cash and now we want it back, with interest of course, you will understand. Oh! And hear that knocking on your huge and beautiful back door? The one the sun shines up? The one that’s only just big enough to get your narcissistic and sociopathic ego’s through? Yeah, that one. That’s the IRD and a fellow with a royal commission of inquiry for you. Enjoy. Andrew? Better leave that bucket of haemorrhoid cream behind when you leave or will that be when you run for it?
      ( Sorry, too long again. I, I can’t help myself. I need therapy. The Avalanches : and a double – dose of research chemicles.)

      • Thanks CB for reminding us about the Doco Someone Else’s Country, the annoying part is although we have a large prison population, none of those Lying Bastards are inside.

    • Andrew, you keep claiming the wealthy already pay the “lions share” of the tax; can you (or anyone else) provide facts to support this claim?

    • Whilst those of us that provide donations to the cyclone cause stand back in awe as those wealthy you glowingly promote give nothing. If there’s a reason to leave and cross the Tasman it’s because of the assumption by the right that they carry the heaviest burden. That is utter bullshit.

    • Meanwhile those of us that aren’t delusional know your hard right wing gobshite is a result of a common belief amongst the right is that they know best.
      Why do we have stampedes of immigrants if what you say has any ounce of credibility? That’s because it doesn’t.

    • ” Even without additional taxation, if Labour are re-elected this year there will probably be a stampede of talent over the Tasman to get away from what is rapidly becoming a 3rd world state. Fiji without the nice weather ”

      This IS a third world state unless you are rich enough to have a clever accountant that ensures you never meet your obligations and that is why so many parasites stay wealthy.

      Everyone else gets stiffed.

      Neoliberal unregulated capitalism intention is to create the environment we have right now.

      That its worked beyond the comprehension of Reagan , Thatcher , Freedman , Douglas/ Caygill ( I want to dismantle privilege 1984 ) and Richardson’s ( we need more poor people 1991 ) Birch , Cullen , English and now Robertson.

      The stampede across the Tasman is always used to justify the exodus to escape the third world slavery imposed here by austerity , miserable wages and conditions with no union protection , Kiwi corruption and political influence to keep the status quo , and promises by parties like National that continuing to impose these living conditions that they want to give hardworking Kiwis a better deal when they have no intention of ever delivering to the people who keep their corporate friends and donors wealthy.

      Problem is Kiwis unlike Australians have no fight , courage or hope that they can change the status quo and deserve so much more.

      We sold out to individuals like Andrew that can afford a holiday in Fiji or like Aloha Luxon and all the other greedies a sojourn in Hawaii away from the realities of their oppressed fellow New Zealanders.

      Excessive wealth and insatiable corporate profits which is tolerated by successive governments but they are never levied or made to contribute to the country and its people who bleed so much to them.

      Its not even up for any real debate !

  2. Adopting President Eisenhower’s corporate tax rates would send the top bracket to 52%.

    Abolishing all local tax cuts would send the top income tax bracket (on very high income earners) back to 76.5%, where it was at the end of the Nash Administration.

    Adopting F.D.R’s income tax brackets would result in a 90% tax on incomes over $180m.

    You won’t ever hear any of that mentioned on television or in the newspapers. The public isn’t allowed to know such things.

  3. Be careful asking for an increased tax rate on over $250K – it’s an earning level that many specialist medical staff, plus similar, are on – and the world is a big place…..

    • Yes its big but there is a ‘life style’ here that they won’t get anywhere else in the world.
      If greed is their no. 1 concern then they should bugger off now.

    • Yes they may but how much service do they really provid le for $250k not that much if u cannot be seen by Emergency in 8 hours lol. They are not going to save my life in emergency then you can have u $250k medical.specialist maybe they can help out another fat cat lol.

      • I don’t think it’s the top line specialists that you see first in ED, and even if you are in ED, you may not get to see them depending what you’re there for. I’m talking about eye, cancer, heart and brain surgeons and the like. Dunedin’s only got one brain surgeon left (maybe reired by now) and whose going to replace him if the money is not good enough….

        • Doctors are like petrol: the higher the taxes, the more expensive they are. Health insurance premiums rise out of reach of many people who then become reliant on an already overburdened public system staffed by people who certainly won’t be working any harder.

  4. Don’t see that Z Energy can be our biggest emitter – they only sell fuel in NZ. It’s up to those who make a choice to buy the fuel and emitt that the finger could be pointed at…

    • Everyone down the bottom has already been hung up side down and every last cent shaken out of them. We already pay for our emissions through the ETS scheme. Everyone down the bottom is seriously being overtaxed to pay for stuff created by the wealthy.

  5. Any profit needs to be looked at in relation to the amount of capital tied up and the return on that investment .Companies may be making big profits but if the return is not there in this country they could move of shore and take their money with them .This would lead to job loses and less tax income . NZ is not a country full of wealth what we need is a government that does not waste the money coming in plus making sure taxes are paid in full .

    • we could try removing the tax exempt status of religion, private schools and charities that spend more than 10percent of income on ‘administration’

      • Our current one would certainly meet the criteria but I know National were just as bad this is where a truly independent press comes into play to expose wastfull spending

      • Our current one would certainly meet the criteria but I know National were just as bad this is where a truly independent press comes into play to expose wastfull spending

    • That old chestnut of, ‘Taxes? aww we’re not going to pway with you meany guys anymore’ ay..Well good fuck-off, there’s plenty who will step into your place, I say. Thats the nature of capitalism…

  6. Good for you Kristoff!
    According to the defenders of the wealthy these high tax rate should have destroyed economic growth and send business people fleeing to other countries.

    Ancient things like myself recall those business leaders who actually stated they were happy to pay taxes that helped develop the nation as a whole. Those taxes were used to provide for the well being of the nation as a whole – like John Key’s refugee mother, widowed, getting a state house in which her children were healthy and could get a decent education.
    During this high tax regime there was high economic growth, both here and in other developed countries. High tax rates for the wealthy did not hold it back as it does not prevent the continued economic success of Scandinavian countries.

    • I agree stevie. To me the important thing is what you and the country get for your taxes, not how much you are paying.

    • well bob the last that’s scandi SOCIAL democracy for you…though the neolibs are continually nibbling at it.

  7. Oh look, another great old idea from Martyn – TAX! Just like yesterday’s idea and tomorrow’s idea…tax tax tax tax. How about this for an idea: oil and gas production, big industry with cheaper labour, increased meat, dairy and food production to sell on the world market. We could earn so much money, we wouldn’t need a tax system.

    • rancid kabbage…even if we go down your road NZ people won’t get a plugged nickle it would all go the CEOs and shareholders and you know it….as kiwis wouldn’t get anything will business take on the whole tax burden volotaryly out of the goodness of their hearts….yeah right

  8. Now that the minnows have forked out over 1million in donations for the cyclone relief, let’s see the wealthy reach for their pockets. Actually I thought they’d be the first to reach, but then I knew that was fantasy.

  9. Just have one tax. GST. Remove all income tax(es) and every subsidy which cost kiwi more than $40b annually.
    Then have a business tax. Thats it! That’ll fuck’em!

  10. Hear, here I’m sick of the self-absorption of the comfortably off (ie they soak up all the money available to them either personally or to a selected few around them). This while they can see society deteriorating and the poor hit by all sorts of swingeing wrecking balls from different directions evading their attempts to find a safe spot.)

    • bob the last, it worked during the great depression and post ww2, it works in the eu, whereas lowering tax for the rich gave the world a new word for fuck up trussenomomics

      • Interesting gagarin the saying “Taxing our way to prosperity.? Is a quote from Winston Churchill.You would know that.
        Standing in a bucket and pulling yourself up by the handles.

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