Cocaine seizure shows 5 Eyes at work


And yet my ‘guy’ can’t find any in Auckland…

Half a billion dollars worth of cocaine found adrift in Pacific Ocean

New Zealand authorities have intercepted 3.2 tonnes of cocaine that was found floating adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

…so what actually happened here?

As TDB has been pointing out for some time, one of the policing problems internally with the sudden spike in 501s taking over the NZ drug scene from the domestic gangs was that 501 international calls being intercepted by GCSB and SIS weren’t being handed to local police for action, they were being handed up the security food chain who have interest in South American Drug Cartels.

There has been a robust debate internally about this and this information sharing with 5 Eyes has been the solution. The SIS and GCSB will still hand everything up the intelligence food chain, and the Spy Gods will decide what they share.

In this cocaine bust, it’s clearly been 5 Eye intelligence that has located this from GCSB source intercepts and the NZDF who have gone out and spotted it and seized it with the Police and Customs.

An all departments effort and a pay off for demanding more intercepted intelligence.

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The Cocaine market is too small for this kind of shipment so it was likely to be bounced to Australia.

The area of the sea this was likely seized in are frequented by fishing militia who could have easily delivered the cocaine for pick up.

As the Pacific becomes the next conflict space between America and China, security agencies have a greater focus on organised crime, expect a lot more of these types of operations without any clear indication how this is helping NZ domestically.


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  1. Cuddles Coster has missed an opportunity!? He should have signed up, opened a telegram account and looked for a buyer!
    Then the Popo will have been funded for 10 years! Thats what the US Police, FBI and CIA does!

  2. Yup. So this shipment was intercepted… solely because it was going to Australia. Would’ve been let in if it’d been poisoning New Zealanders. Cooperating with Australian and even worse, American scum, doesn’t help, it only hurts us.


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