How Chippy saves 3 Waters & Co-Governance


There are two wars going on right now over water, and because this country is dumb as fuck thanks to a steady diet of intellectual mediocrity via Seven Sharp and The Project, you have no idea what they are.

The first war over Water is being conducted as a culture war. “Da Bloody Maaaaaaaris is stealing da water”! is the battle cry of these slack jowled redneck crackers. They never acknowledge that it was John Key selling 49% of the Hydro Assets that triggered Māori going to the Waitangi Tribunal and the Waitangi Tribunal agreed with Māori that they do have an interest in water and that it was the State’s responsibility to negotiate that interest with Māori. 3 Waters is the culmination of that interpretation of the Tribunals legal ruling, trying to concoct a Qanon conspiracy that the Māori elite are taking over is as stupid as it is stupid.

The culture war is where Groundswell and the new Stop Co-Governance racist redneck crackers are crucial, they are the foot soldiers who ring Talkback, write letters and refer to Cindy a lot on Social Media.

The second war over water is the economic political one. This is where the actual battle over water access, pricing and regulation is being fought. This is where Federated Farmers and Fonteera are fighting.

The dark money to fund the first fight is coming from wealthy cliques and individuals within the Agribusiness elites because they know if they win the culture war on this, they can continue polluting and making money.

There is no Māori conspiracy, just corporate interests manipulating your petty bigotry.

You don’t realise this because we have Seven Sharp and The Project keeping you dumb.

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Chippy’s challenge is to create a new narrative, away from co-governance to co-operation and he could do that with the right speech at Waitangi.

3 Waters is more tricky.

Ultimately 3 Waters is all about drains!

We lose 20% of all water from the source to your tap, that’s a drainage issue!

How the Christ did drains become an existential race war?

Chippy needs to refocus 3 Waters on drains and promote more work to be done by small drain layer companies by ensuring 15% of drain supplies go to independent/small Drain companies.

Currently the large players choke off the small companies and the work doesn’t get done!

Pushing this line takes the political heat out of the issue.

Māori have been horrifically impacted by our brutally passive racism. Māori are 380% more likely to be convicted of a crime and 200% more likely to die from heart disease and suicide. Māori are paid 18% less and 34% leave school without a qualification. Māori die earlier and suffer more. Māori had 95% of their land taken from them in less than a century and were almost wiped out at the turn of the 1900s.

Couple all of that with a pittance in terms of reparations for stolen land, and to have that legacy defined by these cracker Qanon Rednecks at Stop Co-Governance as ‘privilege’ is such ignorance.

I turned 49 years old last week, and not once in my life have I been negatively impacted as a pakeha by any programme or policy aimed at helping Māori.

I laugh at people who scream about Māori representation on their local Council yet can’t name 3 of their own councillors.

I’m not saying there aren’t problems with Co-Governance or 3 Waters, but pretending those small issues are the same as Apartheid, separatism or racism mocks the true harm of those words.

We are all alone together on these lonely Isles on the far side of the Great Southern Ocean, and yet all we manage to do is squabble and defend exploitative Capitalist systems that rob us while empowering Plutocrats, Duopolies and Oligopolies.

After 184 years, we have to start respecting each other and working together because no one else is going to help us.

Part of this is on Labour, they never explained what co-governance was and wan’t! Chippy must now articulate what co-governance is and I believe move it towards co-operation instead.

If Labour can’t tell Kiwis what co-governance is and isn’t, then the Right will continue to whip up claims of a secret Māori coup to take over NZ.

National and ACT however are being disingenuous in the extreme when they whip up the worst angels of our nature over co-governance because once you coax that anger out, you can’t ever stuff it back into the bottle.

We need leadership from Chippy or else the debate will remain cursed by the reactionary right.


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  1. True. It is the perfect time to refocus 3 waters on climate change drains infrastructure – its still raining in Auckland. He needs to come up with a better explaination than stopcogovernance’s $1000 “racecar(d)” analogy.

    And the Maori King who claimed Maori own the rain may need to be careful the insuance industry doesnt start billing him for floodwater damage claims!

  2. “We lose 20% of all water from the source to your tap, that’s a drainage issue!”
    Labour have had five years to fix the drains with zero progress, yet the gov have spent hundreds of millions on this. A new narrative is not whats needed (more tv adds etc) instead the government needs to set up a contestable fund for councils so that they can start chipping away at the problem.

    • Bloody Jacinda and the Labour Party are the cause of all our problems, should have sorted these water problems out years ago.

      • Ahhh no! These councils don’t want a bar of support from central government with water infrastructure, remember? “We’ve got this” was the overwhelming message to government. Crying wolf now is a tad ridiculous , however it was to be expected.

      • well if you have a full majority and you do nothing at some stage the question is why are they in government?
        Btw, Auckland is all of our towns, just a rain or several away.

        • The Government isn’t responsible for Auckland’s failed water infrastructure you fuck wit. But I guess it’s typical of the right wing to make this a left wing Government problem. BTW Auckland as you clearly promote, thinks NZ starts at the north shore and ends at the Bombay hills, so you silly sausage, you’re on your own and not “all of our towns”.

      • Typical idiot fixated on Jacinda, 3 waters is the fix for decades of mismanagement by Auckland council. Just grow up, so sick of rwingers and their pathetic whining.

    • Labour have had five years to fix the drains that were broken under 9 years of under investment by a Nact government. Much better when you add context.

  3. From what I see and hear the Green Party has no time for white males especially older ones and the Maori Party do not seem to have any time for anyone who does not aggressive with their view of the NZ the way they want it . If either of these are in power after the election NZ will be a very divided nation even worst than now.

  4. The chipster won’t go there. It’s a vote loser. The shit then hits the fan when the Maori party hit 6% come winter and is nominally leading all Maori seats.

    An existential threat to the Maori caucus will drive an internal civil war.

  5. What a trash fire this comments section is. Whaaaah labour didn’t fix our councils f*ck ups, while saving 10,000 plus lives and managing a pandemic, and we blame jacinda cause we voted in an incompetent idiot. Typical right wing victim olympics. Except, they did come up with a fix, but you don’t like it. 3 waters is a fix sitting right there but you’re against that too, well enjoy the consequences of your own idiocy … and zip it sweeties. The rest of NZ is sick of hearing it.


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