Guess who’s back, back again, Judith’s back, scream to a friend


In all of the focus on Jacinda stepping down, an important National Party reshuffle was missed.

Luxon has moved Judith Collins back into the top 10.

Which when you think about it, is remarkable.

I’m not talking about her redneck race baiting, her numerous dirty politics scandals and her perverse joy in destroying human beings and devouring their souls, in the National Party these are all plusses, I’m talking about the way she destroyed Simon Bridges, one of their own!

Cast your mind back to the last days of Judith Collins mad reign as King, she refused a Caucus meeting for a leadership count for Simon Bridges and then called her own special meeting to smear Simon Bridges with a shit encrusted MeToo harpoon that attempted to claim Simon was a sexist misogynist on par with Harvey Weinstein.

What had actually happened?

Simon had made a blokeish comment with the boys about different sexual positions to get boy or a girl. This comment was overheard by a female MP and according to Judith, this was the sexist patriarchy destroying women.

Thanks to the woke, the threshold for cultural genocide has been lowered to rolling your eyes at a women and Judith exploited this to destroy and smear the lead challenger for her job.

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This cruelty and malice made vine the National Caucus baulk and it set off a leadership fight in which Judith commanded her thralls to back Luxon.

To now reward Judith for her political malice by promoting her is extraordinarily poor leadership on behalf of Luxon.

Someone as dangerous as Judith should be allowed no where near power.



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  1. Jan 22. Luxon: “There is not change it is just more of the same and that’s because it’s essentially the same team.”
    No matter how much you shuffle a dud hand, you’re always gonna lose the Poker.
    That’s true in Te Puke, Hawaii, anywhere……

  2. It’s obvious from the way she’s sitting in that shameless Groundswell publicity pic that Judith has never driven a fucking tractor before!

  3. I hadnt missed that she was returning. It’s like a stain that doesnt quite go away no matter how much you scrub it.

    But seriously I think, Judith is back because she is an established politician and for those who may have missed it, National doesnt have many of those. Despite all the reasons to dislike JC, she was effective as an MP back in the day. Remember the car crushing, that went down a treat with right leaning voters.

    But this smacks of serious lightweightedness in the Natz and their tendency to resurrect their MPs no matter what their sins (This is JC’s 2nd resurrection after all) – so a little short on morality perhaps. Although juggling identity vs Morality is something of a zero sum game.

  4. The fact that this evil individual is back or was even leader of any party speaks volumes about us as a society. Clearly there is enough support and this is just sad. I am loathe to mention spouses but, as he happily rides on the back of this fire breathing dragon, I will be completely nasty and say they are perfect for each other.

  5. Riddle me this…

    An observation shared widely and by many in this blog is that Labour have failed to control the Wellington bureaucracy contributing to the perception that they are inept as they have not been able to implement anything really despite an unprecedented majority in parliament.

    Does anyone doubt that if Judith is unleashed on any ministry that they would not be doing exactly what she tells them to within minutes of her arrival?

    If you were Luxon and wanted to hit the ground running and to immediately start implementing a plan for change would you rather Judith was on the team or off?

    She’s polarising and as a result has been set up as an easy to hate caricature of a nasty right wing burn it all to the ground fanatic but at the same time she’s clearly a very smart politician (most of the time, the church thing was weird) and from a left wing perspective she will be ruthlessly (pun intended) effective.

    Martyn’s right to be worried but it makes sense to me.

    Play it out further – if we accept that she’s unliked in caucus then Luxon appoints her as Minister for Health. Always a terrible remit and one that is fucked after COVID, Little’s clusterfuck reforms and the likelihood that they’ll be less to spend due to an expected recession. If she succeeds, he looks good. If she fails, we’ll who’s going to care if she’s thrown under the bus?


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