National attacking the minimum wage is like Drug Cartels lecturing on ethics


No. Way.

Minimum wage too high to increase further without fuelling inflation – National’s Nicola Willis

National says it’s a “great shame” Labour has increased the minimum wage by so much, because it means they can’t do it now to help low-income Kiwis make ends meet without stoking inflation.

Let me see if I can get this completely straight.

Because Labour raised the Minimum Wage in the past, that has created the inflation we are seeing now and is a reason Labour must not raise it again???


Minimum wage increases in NZ have a very small impact on inflation and we have the data proving that!

Minimum Wage workers are being crushed by the current inflation and desperately need a minimum wage increase for pure survival purposes!

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Having a Party of Wealth like National lecture us on providing for the poorest workers is like being forced to listen to a Drug Cartel scold us on ethics!

No wonder National are seen as the Party of Rich Pricks!

When you consider National will wipe all the restraints on their Landlord mates to screw renters over if elected, you honestly have to wonder aloud, why on earth so many New Zealanders who will be economically hurt by National are voting for them!

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  1. Yes People will regretty them. I see Ryan Bridge does not want to talk about about this look how he dismissed Michael Wood on the am show. Can’t wait for the day Calmer bites Ryan.

  2. And wait till you see what happens to inflation when National cuts taxes for the wealthy and raises GST to 20%…

  3. Essentially everyone is just taking a 7% pay cut and now they want to freeze wages?
    We have a problem here of low wages already and poverty as a result.
    Typical selfish right wing thinking.

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