Efeso Collins could save the Greens – My top 5 Green Party Rankings


Efeso Collins among list of likely Green candidates for 2023 election

The Green Party is in the midst of formally selecting the candidates it intends to run at the 2023 election.

Multiple Green Party sources have tipped former Auckland mayoral candidate Efeso Collins as a likely candidate with a shot at getting a good list ranking, although this is far from guaranteed.

Efeso Collins is one of the most important political voices of Generation X.

He is a compassionate, intelligent, righteous Leader who puts the most vulnerable people first. He speaks for the under dog and he stands for economic social justice.

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I’ve known him since University days, we would be an incredible asset to the Political Left in a truly galvanising way.

The Greens have always had a problem with Auckland and have always polled poorly in the Auckland electorates (with the recent exception of Chloe in Auckland Central). Efeso could give the Greens access to Auckland and build more footholds into a city they desperately need if they are to beat their 2020 election result.

It is up to the Green Party Membership Conclave however and that group of people are some of the wokest wonks in woke world. If they had any sense, the membership would put Efeso in the top 5, because anything outside the Top 5 won’t really get a look in.

I’d rank Chloe, Golriz, Julie Anne Genter, Efeso and James Shaw in the Top 5. There have been real disappointments in some of the Green MPs currently in Parliament. We urgently need some real leaders inside the Greens who can actually get things out of Labour and implement them.

Folks, the economic recession and impacts of catastrophic climate change are undeniable and what have we actually had in terms of real Green Party Leadership on a host of important issues?

I think Chloe is a future leader who is simply a calibre above everyone else.

I think Golriz has become the new Kieth Locke and an important voice on civil rights.

I think Julie Anne Genter is one of the smartest people in the room.

I think Efeso would be extraordinary.

I think James Shaw would calm the Farming Lobby.

That Top 5 could make a difference.

That Top 5 would be a reason to vote Green over Labour in 2023.

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  1. Efeso Collins does not need the Greens — the Greens will be lucky to have 3 to 4 MPs in the next election — despite the so called poling of 9% to 15% support for the Greens.

  2. Interesting your ‘top 5’ does not include the co-leader who (at this stage) cannot be unseated because of the stupid rules (female and maori) for leadership….needless to say Shaw can be replaced as he is a non maori male! Go figure. Guess Collins will be joint leader within the year.

  3. Absolutely no chance of someone who campaigned against gay marriage makes it anywhere near the top of the greens list.

  4. Seriously, why on earth would the people that did not vote for this person while clad in the labour flag now vote for this person clad in the greens flag? I mean seriously, anyone will do?

  5. A small mental slip for a second I thought that James Shaw was noted as being able to calm the foaming lobby. But it was ‘farming’ – Freudian slip I think.

    It definitely needs a Ringmaster Extraordinaire with a stool and long probe for those farmers who love their theatrics. They could actually organise as touring mummers to raise their creative abilities and arouse the peeps to their sad status. The ordinary farmer (not corporate, magna-property, investor landlord ones) do have real problems and the townies should know about them. Falling services and failing roads and wooden officials enabling wood-headed investors to plant pine forests so that wealthy carbon users can offset their damage through contributing to interference in NZ agriculture and the community of farming families which have become established over more than a century, driving animals, crops and human husbandry out.

    Sounds like fun: A mumming is a type of folk play, known in many areas of Europe but particularly common in England, Scotland and Ireland, that combines music, dance, and sword fighting in episodes involving the death and revival of a character or characters.
    What is a mumming? abo.fi ·
    http://web.abo.fi › mummers_play › mummings

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