Live Midday Thurs: Is an Independent Foreign Policy an Unachievable Myth? – Buchanan and Manning

A View from Afar with Paul G Buchanan and Selwyn Manning. S03 E24.

PODCAST – In this, the 24th episode of A View from Afar for 2022 political scientist Dr Paul Buchanan and host Selwyn Manning examine whether there is, in reality, such a thing as foreign policy independence in today’s world.

Specifically, Paul and Selwyn examine the following questions:

  • What does it mean to be foreign policy independent, and what would independence look like?
  • How is foreign policy independence different from foreign policy autonomy and flexibility?
  • What factors inhibit or constrain foreign policy independence (domestic and international)?
  • In an interdependent world can FP independence be a realistic objective?
  • And finally: is FP independence possible for a small state in this era, if it ever was, and conversely, do great powers really exercise independence in their foreign affairs?

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  1. it doesn’t actually matter we are doodley squat in the scheme of things.

    and bob democracy in or from the US? puleeeze, electoral collage, I rest my case.

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