TVNZ POLL: Hard Right National/ACT Government soar – Winners, Losers and Predictions


TVNZ finally release their last poll for the year and it points towards a hard right National/ACT Government implementing ankle bracelets on children, sacking 14 000 state service workers while slashing billions in welfare and education spending.

It will be a cluster fuck of conflict policies all looking to punish someone  and my cynical black splinter of heart can’t wait. The carnage these right wing wankers will cause will shock the NZ electorate into a state of 3 year civil disobedience.

I. Can’t. Wait.

There are of course political winners and losers.


Labour – at 33% after all the shit that has been thrown at them, Labour’s extraordinary polling is still standing up! There is a large chunk of the electorate who believe in what Labour did to protect us from Covid, who see our inflation is low compared to the rest of the planet and who see our economy is doing better comparatively as well. These voters are bonded to Labour and they will go down with the ship. I thought Labour might slip into the 20s, that they still have 3 in front of them is remarkable.

ACT – David Seymour’s on going strength and the fact ACT are in double digits consistently is the true mark of how polarised this country has become politically.

When I warned Woke Identity Politics activists in 2018 to stop attacking Free Speech by cancelling Don Brash, gender critical feminists and Crypto-fascists Southern/Molyneux, I was doing so from a perspective that the woke identity politics activists had no comprehension of the political backlash they could inspire by waking the dormant political fault line of ACT. In early 2018 ACT polled .7%. After the woke identity politics activists attacked free speech, ACT soared in popularity and are now polling 12%! From .7% in the space of 4 years to 12% represents the greatest polarisation of NZ Politics ever!

Can the woke identity politic fuckwits please stop giving the far right culture war ammunition?

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Winston – As TDB has been warning all year, at 4% NZF is back! if ACT don’t attack him and rule out working with any Government he is part of, Winston will be back in Parliament.


Jacinda – Her own brand has been undermined by neo-kindness, the tilted head and concerned nod routine when people are hurting triggers them, it doesn’t calm them down. She is being failed by a Cabinet who are tired and are making mistakes like 3 Waters entrenchment and those mistakes are being seized upon by the Opposition as evidence of malfeasance rather than tired individuals dropping the ball. To save Jacinda, the Cabinet have to step up.

Greens – Stalling at 9%, if Winston is back, the Greens are meaningless and politically irrelevant.

National – It’s like National and Labour are playing rugby with the Labour team all using crutches and National are only ahead by 4 points. They are hopeless.


In 2016 I helped then Chief of Staff Matt McCarten put together the Labour election strategy.

It was simple, use MMP to cut National’s support Parties so NZ First would choose Labour.

We did that by standing a strong public service candidate like Greg O’Connor in Ohariu against Peter Dunne to knock him out of the race and by bringing Willie Jackson and urban  Māori away from the Māori Party.

That cut National’s support Parties and made it impossible for National to gain a majority.

With the 2023 election now being so close, Labour must again look to using MMP dynamics strategically and tactically to ensure they can win.

To that end, Jacinda should consider using the same tactic that National and ACT do in Epsom and have electorate coffee dates to let Labour voters know who to electorate vote to maximise the MMP dynamics for a win in 2023.

Waiariki – If the Māori Party gain more electorate seats than party vote, they generate an MMP overhang that makes it far more difficult for the Right to win a Parliamentary majority. Retaining Waiariki and picking up two more electorate seats would be essential for this.

Tāmaki Makaurau – Peeni Henry has already intimated he would prefer to be on the list than run in this electorate, John Tamihere would clean up if Jacinda had a coffee with him.

Te Tai Hauāuru – It is tradition for the Speaker to step down from an electorate and be on the list only, Adrian Rurawhe has yet to make that decision, but if he did, a coffee between Jacinda and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer would win it for her, which if taken alongside Wairiki and Tāmaki Makaurau would give the Māori Party 3 electorate seats and they are likely to win sub 3% Party vote thus creating an overhang.

Ilam – This is where it gets interesting. Gerry has stepped down from the electorate (he is fancying his chances as Speaker in the next Parliament) so if Jacinda had a coffee with Raf Manji from TOP and directed Labour voters to electorate vote him and he wins, he would also bring in MPs using the coat tail dynamic meaning TOP wouldn’t have to get over the 5% threshold.

At this stage a Labour/Green/Māori Party/TOP Government is the only chance for the political progress on the big economic issues we need.

A National/ACT Government would be the most right wing since  Roger Douglas while NZ First’s inclusion would just be another 3 years of hand breaks for Labour.

It’s time to use MMP strategically using the very tactics National and ACT have used for decades in Epsom.

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  1. An observation;

    Ardern looks, sounds and acts tired and down in the dumps. Is she capable and able to lead Labour over the election year? Does she want to?

    Her vitality has been sucked right out of her.

    Her competence over the entrenchment clause has been questioned and one senses a melancholic malaise in her when needing to explain any unsavoury details. Having to haul Jackson back from his altercation with Jack Tame again shows she does not like to do the school ma leadership when the class gets unruly.

    The prediction than becomes; Can Labour find another leader to replace Ardern? Labour currently is Ardern and Ardern is Labour.

    Bet Labour would like a Swarbrick in their team right now. Transfer window is open to Swarbrick as she has no future leading the Greens or the Greens having any meaningful and active involvement in a Labreen opposition. If political parties where in the transfer market like the Premier League’ Swarbrick would be worth at least $50M.

    With Swarbrick at the helm, Labour could be as strong as they were under the early Ardern leadership years. Swarbrick is already on the preferred PM poll rating list. She is wasted in the Greens.

    • Very pertinent observation, Gerrit.

      The PM has only a few members worthy of being in Cabinet. The majority of Cabinet have let her down and she ‘carries the can’ for those not up to it. There are few outside of Cabinet that may be up to the task but she can only work with what she has got in the caucus, sadly.
      And poor that many are, person-for-person, they rub rings around the Nat caucus ( as she does around Luxon, specially at QT!).

      • “The majority of Cabinet have let her down …………..”
        As has the senior ranks in the PS that HER, and most of HER Munsters continue to have ‘complete faith in,
        It’s almost a masochistic phenomenon, faith-based and religious in nature – but so be it. There’ll be learnings in that space, going forward (on reflection after the next election). Learnings that’ll lead to hopey hopey changey changey stuff.
        The sooner the better ‘cos the natives are getting restless

  2. Still a year to go, lots of water to flow under the bridge until then.

    Both Luxon and Ardern are equally problematic. I still believe that unless Luxon goes the Nats wont win but with the runaway train of 3 waters and an election year recession, plummeting house prices and soon to be rising unemployment – can Labour possibly win?

    • Yes Luxon is a useless windsock – and as Martyn has pointed out, has no intellectual curiosity. But who are the Nats going to replace him with? Please not Erica Stanford – she’s only slightly less woke than Jacinda.

  3. It is gonna be a hard pill to swallow but Jacinda is becoming unelectable. No longer a shiny new thing on the block, but worn out and lackluster. Sadly for Labour, they are all worn out and lackluster coupled with arrogance. Non of that makes them relatable, approachable, or electable. And to think that these people got a full majority not even three years ago.

    • The Labour Government their leader in particular have acted in bad faith.
      Honesty and the current Labour Government are strangers.

      • Never read ‘Dirty Politics? And other books of recent years that reveal, with verifiable references, the Nats as liars, manipulators, and great economists with the truth.

          • No RB it has not but we want perspective, balance, or don’t you want balance? We need to “Bob” both ways for perspective otherwise we get childish rhetoric of which we get from Bob everyday.

      • Whereas National Bob, are far from strangers. They have unbelievably tired non answers and slogans to address the problems for most. Primarily because they don’t care for the majority of kiwis at all, despite the rhetoric . You celebrate the demise of a Cabinet that, through its incompetence, is ending up with results like a National Party was in charge anyway

  4. Martyn’s most accurate point that Luxon and the Nats are hopeless.

    Hopeless at politics, hopeless are giving the Right a reason to vote for them over ACT.

    • Ada. Hopeless might be quite a good way to go if they’re happy to swan around feeling important in big shiny Mercedes and not mess people up too much. Our vulnerable children will get to keep their so much needed Commissioner, there’ll be no more attempts to clamp down on our crucial freedom of speech, and no more secret agendas hidden from the voting public – as far as we know.

      • Agree Snow White – Nats look and act like they are content to campaign on simply being ‘Not Labour’… and then do little for the next couple of terms.

        • Luxon’s campaign is based on lies. David Seymour’s free speech is ok as long as it suits his agenda. I suggest if you had been through the last 3 years of a pandemic ( still a pandemic) you would be tired too. The MSM is stirring up such hatred and headlines on a daily basis against the government, the left complain they haven’t done enough with their majority the right and the MSM thinks whatever the government does is undemocratic. If the right wing win next year. There will be a forensic research into their handling of a new hard right government. I also hope this royal commission will delve into the treasonous way the MSM handled the pandemic , if they don’t delve in, history will show how bad our media was at a time when it should have been informative supportive and not obstructive every step of the way. The MSM should be reporting the news not making the news. The head political journalist on TVNZ should not be publicly supporting and encouraging the leader of the opposition with more photo opportunities, a group of National MPs should not be in Australia electioneering on the public purse ( again not a word said ).

          • Agree with ya Queeny the election hasn’t yet begun and yet MSM are literally campaigning for National. NZers need to wake up the media are full of it (crap) look around at other western countries Canada for example has reported the highest murder rates ever and has housing and public health system issues pretty much the same problems as us.

    • Question is; are National more hopeless than a hopeless Labour? On current polling they are perceived to be less hopeless than Labour. Sad state of affairs when we have hopeless political parties.

      Hopeless in terms of getting the country moving into a positive frame of mind and tackling the problems those at the coal face endure.

      Be nice if we had political parties that acted on behalf off and for the betterment of the people, not their left (centralised) or right (dispersed) ideologies.

      • Gerrit At least the Nats, like everyone else bar Labour, do want to keep the Commissioner For Children. Were I prone to dumbfoundery, Labour’s antics here, in the face of so many counter indications, would leave me dumbfounded.

        I’ve never voted National, let alone ACT, and cannot abide Luxon, but the well being of our vulnerable children has to override my personal political repugnances.

    • The coming election is going to be anyone but labour in the rural areas. Auckland and Christchurch will likely turn blue, based on local elections. Greens who should be doing great due to climate change & social policy issues, are struggling due to their affiliation with labour.

      Migrant voters who are struggling with immigration, running business, as well as migrants doing very well on income scale will be anti labour.

      Any labour mps who won their seat in traditional blue, are on shaky ground..such as in Ohario.

      Some very staunch labour supporters in my own family are struggling to support the party, hence the coming year will be very interesting.

  5. • Labour Party & Caucus largely “DUN IT” to themselves by not running a radical “for the many not the few” programme of re-nationalising power generation and supply etc.and retiring Rogernomics–they squandered a one off MMP majority.

    • Politics does not begin and end with Parliament, as the occupation in Wellington illustrated. And as private sector unionists winning good pay rises via strike action shows, and as Iwi action deep in the Māori world shows. The right have scabbed the venerable left tactic of public activism–which is good because it gets the weirdos out in public view.

    • Natzo/ACT as per Trumpism highlight legitimate working class grievances–but with absolutely no intention of doing anything practical about them. ACT policy and Natzo weekly statements (no actual policy so far) make it quite clear how regressive they would be in office.

    • The attempts at rapprochement between left and right pundits has not helped. The right play for keeps, they are having you on Martyn.

    It is difficult to make any sense of the 2022 political scene without some degree of class understanding and analysis. The privately owned media channels hammer the right wing capitalist message, RNZ hammers the rights messaging also as became very apparent during the COVID lockdowns. My take is if new gens can be widely politicised and activated these polls will not stand in reality. Every boomer funeral diminishes reaction in this country.

    • lol – the neo-cons would be drowning in their own vomit and digging up the AR-15’s if the socialists tried anything radical – look at the 3 waters and health reforms – re-nationalizing shit would have had us in a CIA forced recession before you could blink – the left is shackled by capitalism’s grip on the real levers of power aka capital. just look at the spiteful and nasty shit that happened in Venezuela with the capitalists starving out their own people to make a point. It has to be ground up not top down. The far right and far left are closer to each other on the horseshoe than the capitalist neo-cons would have you believe. yes – capitalists and socialists are the problem – lets get some communo-anarchy going. lol – this rave was bought to you by the opt out co-op and Don’t GAF squad. tell the govt. to eff off and mind it’s own business.

  6. Elections are lost not won.

    National + Act + NZ First is 53% on this poll. In MMP terms that is a kicking. Te Reo would appear quite keen on having Winston on board as Foreign Minister and there should be a trembling duck hiding in a basement in Dublin on the mere thought.

    The cracks are widening and very clear attacks on both Jackson and Mahuta won’t go down well with the Maori caucus. It is becoming clear there is a widening occurring here between the moderates such as Hipkins and the extremes such as Mahuta and Jackson. Michael Wood will be starting to run the numbers and Robertson will be having internal debates about when to use the ice pick.

    Somehow Ardern has made it through to Christmas (no job offers via the UN/WEF obviously) however she is now damaged goods and at 29% more of a weight around Labour than a help. The irony of course is that she has morphed into a leftwing Trump and suffers from the same problems in that for every disciple there is 1.5 people that can’t fucking stand her.

    A male/female split would be fascinating as I can’t see Labour having anything more than 22/23% of the male vote.

    The biggest winner is Te Reo (c’mon Bomber just admit it) given his performance (or lack there of) and the bump in his favorability.

    • National/ACT/NZ First would be very interesting indeed given that Winston can’t stand Rimmer but it would only happen if the election night results exactly match this poll which is unlikely.

      • A political myth. They are competing for the same vote share that it all – disgruntled past National voters such as me. I’m told by those in the know off camera they get on just fine.

    • Frank the Tank. The WEF is coming under more public scrutiny, and its intrusion into New Zealand politics is to some extent an unknown, but socially divisive tactics as seen in identity politics practices, hidden agendas, nepotism, attacks upon our European cultural heritage by Creative New Zealand, the increasing chasm between haves and have- nots, and book burning, suggest a fairly radical change may be needed in the political arena. I understand that one of their goals is no private home ownership at all, and successive New Zealand governments’ unbelievable inertia here, fits the WEF agenda. The watering-down of anti free speech attacks is a significant plus.

      • Yep.

        Start digging and the links between most Western Governments and the WEF stated goals become apparent.

  7. Labeen too little, too late. Not looking forward to Natz and ACT but was not looking forward to the 3 Waters, Co Governance that isn’t really co-governance, freedom of speech that is now hate speech, more benefits for those who are not contributing to society like crims while victims are ignored, putting woke committees everywhere who are siphoning off all the money to their mates, more mass immigration of people who are already in poverty when a family is coming into NZ on at $43k wage (soon to be a cash wage at some local dairy or construction site) and dropping wages even further while requiring social services like housing, health care, super and education. (Natz will do the same but at least don’t virtue signal while they do it).

    Final straw is putting up interest rates when we already have some of the highest interest rates in the world (and highest bank profits) with increasingly the lowest wages. While pretending for decades it is housing (and using that to destroy NZ cities and local democracy with 1 million dollar+ empty houses everywhere, no transport and congestion and council services going up to service the folly) when our rents are actually lower than many others like Singapore and OZ and the UK.

    I just hope Labeen manage to get a grip on the above so that Natz and ACT don’t take out all the votes! Labeen have no idea how much they are screwing up because they have too many woke enablers and woke thinkers around them. The left are not helping them by supporting their stupid ideas as it will be carnage at the polls at this rate.

    • In the real world Labour is assisting a rise in wages by resisting advocacy for a return to mass migration, and via industry awards and fair pay agreements. And governments, Labour or National, are not responsible for RB policy (as to pushing QE out via banks and the rise in the OCR).

      The only change proposed to hate speech law (under which there have been few prosecutions in 3 decades) is to include religion along with race, ethnicity and origin – ever felt limited to say what you wanted in these areas in that time?

      Do we really have lower rents than “Singapore and OZ and the UK”

      $525 Sydney and $425 Melbourne the two most expensive.

      The average here is around $500. Nearer $600 in Auckland and Wellington and below $400 only in Southland the West Coast.

      • We already have mass immigration and often the people coming and getting instant residency are not competent in their roles and many frauds, but who cares in NZ! NZ has become a country attracting frauds, grifters and easy residency for high needs people, while not attracting honest workers who prefer Australia that offers real wages but no residency.

        Fast-track visa applicants offered money to fake marriage for sponsorship – immigration adviser

        Website crashes as applications open for fast-track migrant resident visas

        Of the fast track visas, more than 50% of them are dependants not workers and at least 200,000 have applied (with no age, skill or English level required) so in times of education shortages, health care shortages and welfare and poverty out of control, NZ’s answer is to create a situation where more and more foreign dependants can come on the back of a $43k job (or even no job) – a wage so low that nobody can live on in NZ.

      • be interesting to see how many empty houses come on to the rental market now interest rates are hitting and deductions are abating. or will they all flood the market in a selling frenzy – if I had leveraged rental property I’d be selling 6 months ago. give it 6 mths for the light bulb moment – rents and prices aren’t going anywhere but down. unless of course we full em up with new blood. immigrants. meh – we need labour units not PR’s – crank up the young tourist market and the temporary work visa whilst studying but no free pass to residency steez – forget families and their geriatric parent categories – lets get young people in here working and studying.

  8. Labour should photograph this 33% and put it on the wall. Even with the unappealing Luxon and Nationals talentless caucus, it’s downhill from here on in for Labour, especially after 3/5Waters.

    They look exactly like a party who can barely manage the optics nowadays with memory losses galore, having given up on the real job some time ago.

  9. Luxon leadership of a united team has been enough to win back those like me who dispaired at the the lack of focus under Collins when I seriously looked at Act and Top as being worthy of my vote. Now the slog to win over those that while disillusioned by Jacinda and her Labour team still remember the missteps of the last National government and wondering if they can trust this lot. Some of these could go to Winston as Act is a step too far. Labour could still pull some rabbits out of it hat to swing the undecided back .Holding the purse strings can be a blessing but it can be a curse if spending is seen as wasteful such as the broadcasting reform and 3 Waters

  10. All Jacinda should do now is pull the plug and self terminate. The diagnosis is terminal.

    Nobody wants to hear her empty promises of kindness or how many houses she can build or how much of a great communicator she is. All people want to know is how the fuck are they going to pay the bills. Put food on the table, pay the rent/mortgage and how long do they have a job to do all this.
    5 years in and we’re all still waiting for the answer to this.

    LINO are Dog Tucker! Good fuckn job! The bonus for this is, so are the gweens!
    So, let’s have an early election and hope its hung!

      • At this stage it does not matter.
        Anybody but ……….
        and really in saying that, this current labour government has squandered a full majority – something which is hard to come by in a MMP environment.

          • To the point it’s becoming ad nauseum Queeny. RB is just another right wing trolling the daily blog spouting garbage.

        • Yes, RB, a full majority is hard to come by in a MMP environment. But what were the circumstances in which this happened. That’s over now and Labour have to live on its merits… which for a good many of those swing voters are looking fewer and fewer. Yes, squandered; but Labour was lucky to get the majority in the first place. Trouble is the opposition, as such, have little new to offer. What do they say in Thailand, different but same same.

      • Have another read of what I posted. Especially the last bit about the election being ‘hung’.

    • And perhaps this political genius might care to explain–how will the dirty filthy Natzos do any better when their statements from Baldrick are regressive attacks on the working class? They are clearly signalling to union bust and attack Māori and roll back what useful reforms NZ Labour have done. At least they cannot rip up the provincial growth fund infrastructure improvements in my beloved Far North like SH roundabouts, small community wharves, board walks, trails, rail links and business hubs that the PGF installed–or maybe they can!

        • Fuck me! Can it get any worse for LINO?

          December 6, 2022
          Roy Morgan poll November 2022

          The November 2022 Roy Morgan poll.

          Party Vote

          Labour 25.5% (-3.5% from October)
          National 39.0% (+7.0%)
          Greens 12.0% (-3.5%)
          ACT 11.0% (-1.5%)
          Maori 4.0% (+1.0%)
          NZ First 3.5% (nc)
          TOP 2.5% (-0.5%)
          New Conservatives 0.5% (nc)


          Labour 34 (-31 from election)
          National 51 (+18)
          Greens 16 (+6)
          ACT 14 (+4)
          Maori 5 (+3)


          Labour/Green 50/120
          National/ACT 65/120

          What can they do?

          Any suggestions??

          • Rid themselves of Jacinda Trump (i.e. take leave for family reasons), take the beating in 2023, rebuild under a new leader and compete in 2026.

            But you just know……

            Keep J Trump until it is too late; Install Robertson while the nation is gripped by stagflation and looking to blame the Finance Minister that got us into it. Factions arise around Mahuta, Wood and Hipkins and private spats become public. 3 months out from the election – Wokeborg tripod of Smith, Presland and Jones get the ass card and McCarten brought in the hold the base. Sub 25% November next year with a wipeout in Central and West Auckland.

      • You can see the right quietly selling off prior to the election. An example is Auckland Wayne Brown and Matthew Hooton will have a field day. Blink and it will be gone forever. A quick fix for a very long term problem. What will they do when New Zealand is all gone?? and rates keep rising with nothing left to sell. If people can’t see there is no new National party thinking mor fool them, people complain about the labour party but at least they have a thought for a New Zealand future for New Zealanders. In another blink of an eye we will be back to mass immigration and a low wage bill economy. We will be a regressive country not a progressive one, and more fool the New Zealanders who vote for regression not progression.

  11. Oh relax.. Our neoliberal ‘politics’ is a scam and they’re all in on it. The good thing about that is at least we know where we stand. And that is knee deep in crooks.
    Our filthy rich agrarian-economy country being larger in land area than the UK with its 60+ million and we have a population of an average Australian city and we widdle things have none o’ that there money boo hoo hoo… sniffle. Dubious polls show an interest in the Right which highlights the complete fallacy that is political poll taking. That aside, our Left are to be found cowering behind the embarrassing advantages of what a six figure salary plus entitlements of office plus the sundry perks and privileges they hand themselves can give them. NOT homelessness, employed yet in poverty and hungry kids now in training as tomorrows skid row criminals dealing meth to lawyers, cops and public office bureaucrats.
    I watched a great and terrifyingly bleak noir film once about a young American couple who went to Iceland on a holiday, or their honey moon, I can’t remember which. They woke one morning to discover that not only were they the last people left on Iceland, they appeared to be the last two people left on Earth.
    Now, you might think ” Aaahhhhhh…! Bliss ” The ending left me with a nagging dread. I had written about the end here but I retracted it. I don’t want to be a spoiler-pants.
    The film got very poor reviews because, in my opinion, most people simply couldn’t identify with the narrative.
    Just like people can’t identify with our politics, which isn’t politics if it’s neoliberal. There’s nothing there for anyone unless you’re one of the 1%. So it’s no wonder that national are ‘doing well in the polls’. They’re a group of nobodies representing a logical fallacy which the MSM tries to sell us as politics. A bleak-planet scenario if ever there was one
    Here it is. ‘Bokeh’. Fuck it’s grim. Be warned. The upside is both films mentioned are beautifully shot.
    “Bokeh is a 2017 science fiction drama film written and directed by Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan. It stars Maika Monroe and Matt O’Leary as two American tourists in Iceland who find everyone else on the island has mysteriously vanished. It premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and was released theatrically in the United States on March 24, 2017. ”
    Here’s another one if you’re a tiger for punishment. And one of my favourites.
    ‘The Bothersome Man’. Oh my God.
    “…is a 2006 Norwegian film. It was directed by Jens Lien after a script by Per H. V. Schreiner. The film stars Trond Fausa Aurvåg, Petronella Barker and Per Schaaning. The story is about a man suddenly finding himself in an outwardly perfect, yet empty and unfulfilling dystopia,[2] and his attempt to escape. The film was well received by critics, and was awarded three Amanda Awards in 2006.”

    • Sterling effort CB, you have put me off watching these two existential despair clunkers. I generally quite like Scandinavian film and TV shows.

      I started my political journey when Norm Kirk was PM–soon replaced by Pig Muldoon–and we still have to deal with these swine in the 21st century it seems. But yes, if there are enough mentally damaged and money grubbing fuckwits in NZ to elect Natzos and ACT in 2023, then it is time to join the dark side and resist in interesting and inconvenient ways.

    • Yeah i watched Bokeh too and it was very noir. I did kind of enjoy it though if that is the right term. Definitely different.

      You are right of course, at the moment we are voting Neo Lib when we vote and apart from some ideological differences, wokeism vs race perhaps. There is no choice and they are all incompetent and self serving anyway.

  12. Goff and the left should have let Southern and Mol speak. If they had done so. Act would still be wanting a cup of tea in Epsom on Less than 5%

    It’s part of a functioning democracy. It doesn’t matter if what they say is wrong or u don’t agree with.

    If the National deputy leader was leader I think National would be in the 40s. Luxon is doing ok but Nicola is a excellent political strategist.

  13. Agree with ya Queeny the election hasn’t yet begun and yet MSM are literally campaigning for National. NZers need to wake up the media are full of it (crap) look around at other western countries Canada for example has reported the highest murder rates ever and has housing and public health system issues pretty much the same problems as us.

    • Corruption abounds the National party. Melissa Lee has her own media company and the National party has NZME.( NZ Herald, Newstalk ZB)

    • How is the MSM campaigning for National? All N has got to do is be quiet and not fall over their feet. So as long as they are not Labour they are good.

      • Yes RB we will be governed by yesterday’s men with yesterday’s policies to appease more rich white yesterdays men. In a way let Luxon and Seymour defend their politics in government , unfortunately though only then will the truth come out and for most working people it will be too late.

  14. Jacinda is the biggest problem when it comes to Labour now. They haven’t got anyone to replace her, so we’re likely stuck with her (unfortunately) until election day. Was kinda hoping she would resign after her disastrous draconian Covid response, but nope. Anyway, she’ll get a very soft-landing into a cushy job at the UN (or WEF).

    • Yep, Nitrium. Pin up to has been. Its a bit unkind but hey that’s politics. For me its not personal. Yes again, when it comes to rebranding the leadership Labour have nowhere to turn. Don’t agree with the disastrous draconian Covid response though; how so? What kinda response woulda been better?

  15. When Winston Peters made his rather obvious play for the nostalgia for the assimilation era vote (our version of little England Brexit) Apirana Negatea alongside Maui Seymoure as the bald rapture birds wingmen, it left New Zealand with a choice between the past and the future.

    The thing for NZF is how many of their traditional supporters want ACT anywhere near government roles?

    In 2020 some National voters voted Labour to keep Greens out of government. It seems Peters wants Labour voters to vote National or NZF to keep ACT out of government. This either works or leaves Peters in the invidious position post election as to working with ACT (all Seymour has to do is say ACT would not support a National-NZF coalition excluding them). His only option is doing so, or offering them confidence and supply.

    The MP does not need Tamihere to return to parliament, it just needs more party list voters.

    TOP clearly appeal to younger voters, not the older ones with property and fearful of a 21st New Zealand different to the one of the previous century.

    Clearly the party could be the new centre party (sans NZF/United), representing those born since Rogernomics and yet who aspire to long term affordable housing (renter rights or ownership) security and functioning educational and housing services and a sufficiency of income that was once taken for granted.

    In that it and Labour should have common ground. Articulated the right way …

  16. So Ardern is been bullied by Mahuta!
    Mahuta blames Adern for not reading the cabinet papers and speaking to the MPs on the ‘fuck-up’ committee who signed off on the dodgy entrenchment SOP.
    So here’s the question. How bad can it get for labour?

    A. This is it
    B. It will get worse
    C. The implosion has just begun
    D. Go buy lots of popcorn


    Majority of New Zealanders (55%) believe the country is going in the ‘wrong direction’; National support surges in November as Labour support drops to lowest since June 2017.

    Today’s Roy Morgan New Zealand Poll for November shows support for a potential National/ Act NZ coalition surging in November, up 5.5% points in a month to 50%, and now well ahead of the current governing Labour/ Greens coalition on 37.5% (down 7% points

  18. let the IRD run the election and let the AI run the framework. independents only for weighting. no parties. no opposition. merit based on policy for position applied. Govt. is too big and complex. Our so called resources are propped up on cheap fossil fuels – it’s time to work with less (imported) energy and less people.

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