If ACT rules Winston out, Luxon and NZ First will be snookered


After Winston ruled Labour out, National have opened the door…

Christopher Luxon not ruling out NZ First coalition after Winston Peters rules out Labour

National Party leader Christopher Luxon is not ruling out working with NZ First leader Winston Peters after the 2023 election, opening the door to a National-Act-NZ First grouping.

…this leaves a very interesting possibility open.

If ACT rule out any Government that includes NZ First, Winston could end up being meaningless.

David Seymour could look principled compared to Luxon and probably take even more votes off National.

By ruling out Labour, Winston has forced Jacinda to focus on Labour + Greens + Māori Party plus TOP, which also means it’s gloves off in terms of dealing with NZ First.

Winston could end up over 5% but have no Government to join.

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I’ve been arguing that 2023 will be a splintering of the MMP spectrum and we may end up with an overhang Parliament.

We will have National/ACT on the Right, Labour/Green/Māori Party on the Left and NZ First unwanted in the middle.

That coffee date with Jacinda and Raf Manji in Ilam is looking more urgent.

If NZ First get over 5%, TOP could be the difference.

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  1. Good grief, they’re not that petty or stupid. They’ll get over themselves, build a bridge and do what’s right for New Zealand, which at this point is removing Labour from power.

    • If you think they will do a deal for the good of the country you are very very naive. Seymour and Luxon and Peters are only interested in what is good for them.
      They are 3 of the most self serving politicians we have seen since Muldoon.
      I have no doubt they will do a deal but certainly not for the reason you suggest.
      It will be as funny as fuck watching them in action after the honeymoon is over.
      I’d give it 6 months tops but maybe longer if Luxon is the soft cock I think he is, he’ll keep the corporate car and the salary while Peters and Seymour pull the strings and get the perks.
      They’ll definitely fuck us all over big-time.

  2. You’re leaving out the real possibility of a minority govt where Winston sits on the cross benches and votes on an issue by issue basis and abstains on confidence and supply.
    Would suit him down to the ground and it’s a very real possibility if makes 5 percent.

  3. If you were a betting man you would favor NZ First over TOP to get back into parliament. ACT won’t rock the boat and in many ways NZ First is closer to Act in policy than National.

    Anyone now think it was a good strategy for Willy to play hide the He Puapua sausage with Winston?

  4. Despite NZF having had some good policies in the past, Winston Peters is yesterday’s man, morphed now into Nowhere man, without any constructive political direction. Similar to a creaking old boat adrift, not going anywhere in particular, other than into his own selective port of call. He says he’s a handbrake to prevent bad political decisions. So who or what is the handbrake on Winston Peters? I also consider him a controlling and obstructive influence in politics, hindering progress, regardless which party he slinks in to!

    And Shane Jones … ye Gods, give me strength! Both men similar to inedible mouldy, stale pieces of bread, of no further use. The sooner these two 5%er hindrances leave the political arena, the better!


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