The Boomer King’s privatisation plans for Auckland are coming along nicely

The Boomer King Wayne Brown surveys his new kingdom of Auckland

You’ll remember that when the Boomer King Wayne Burns won, I said the following

I would expect a ‘report’ to come out suggesting a vast leap in rates to cover the perilous position Auckland has been left in and that those rates will terrify and enrage ratepayers.

…well fuck me brothers and sisters, the ‘I-told-you-so-express’ is on time again!

Gasp at the horror!

Auckland Council $270m budget hole: Mayor Wayne Brown responds, says 12pc rates rises unacceptable and won’t happen

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Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown says the prospect of steep rates rises is not acceptable and will not happen as a result of a huge financial hole in the council budget.

Brown was responding to a story in today’s Herald saying stubbornly high inflation, wage rises and interest costs have seen the projected budget hole of between $90 million and $150m balloon to $270m.

He confirmed the council’s governing body needs to find $270 million quickly to cover its growing budget hole for the 2023/24 financial year.

“The $270 million budget hole is a legacy of former mayor Phil Goff papering over the fiscal cracks and passing the buck to the new Governing Body, and not being prepared to confront poor performance by Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs) and Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) over six years,” Brown said.

…to avoid this 12% rate rise, the Boomer King will suddenly find some Auckland asset that we don’t really need and the slash and burn of Auckland’s assets will begin apace to the same Chinese Business interests that supported the Boomer King’s Mayoralty race.

Are Aucklanders dumb enough to get played like this?

Of course we are dumb enough to get played like this!


Perhaps, just perhaps, if the local elections weren’t contracted out to a private company that only saw 8 polling booths for 1.2million Aucklanders more people might have voted and averted the looming privatisation fire sale.

Auckland deserves everything about to happen to us.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Trick question. There is none.

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  1. They were dumb cause they voted for Mr Fix and they will be even dumber if they vote for Mr Fuck it up
    (Luxon) and by this, I mean National and the nutter party Act will fuck the entire country up by letting in too many immigrants to fill the so-called workers shortage. And by the way where will our trainee Nurses and tradies go. Well, where they usually go, they will fuck of to Auz who will benefit again from us training and supporting them into trades in the first place.

  2. We most certainly do bomber. The few services still offered by council will be reduced, eke panuku will continue to sell the silverware. Look for the sale of Auckland airport to return to the agenda.
    We are living in interesting times; the sad truth here is democracy delivers the leaders the people deserve. When that process is bastardised as in this case the winners are the vested interests and they always take their slice.

    • Personally I think Mayor Brown, scuttled the ports lease deal so he can sell the ports. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  3. That was Goffs labours plan. Theyve already hooked up with the vulture capitalist multinational companies via the $34.4b AT-CRL-Tunnel projects.

    most of that putea goes offshore already….unless it gets killed off!

    Pick your oligarch. Vulture Capitalist hedge funds or someone else.

    Goff & Labours ‘Rain-Making’ donation fund making machine is all over.

  4. Just add a few hundred thousand more people and entrenched inequality and, well… Asterix at the Olympics time…

  5. He can sell Eden park, Mount smart and north harbour stadium if he wants. That will pay of some bills. But no golf courses. Golf is good for baby boomers mental health.

    • From what I understand, Eden Park is owned by a trust, so it cannot be sold.

      In other words, it owns itself.

  6. Is that Sharma standing behind the silly old coot? Oh wait *adjusts glasses* tis Hooty himself. Before the election I argued with some old Auckland friends, all of whom are National supporters because, well, if you are ‘old Auckland;, you only vote National. I swam against that tide, quelle horreur! They all had a variety of reasons why he would be ‘so good’ for Auckland. Were it not an absolute travesty, not dissimilar to the the incidence of John key, I would be laughing my head off – rather like he will sell off anything he passes by and everything he doesn’t. I don’t think he is compos mentis and I mean that kindly. If I knew why ugly self serving, old men attract the majority of votes – or steal them like Trump – I wouldn’t be opining on social media! What the Frock, Auckland?

  7. ” Auckland deserves everything about to happen to us ”

    And the rest of us will get the same agenda after the next general election when what’s left nationally goes on the block due to a 5 billion dollar hole that has just miraculously appeared like 1984 when the IMF would have to declare us bankrupt unless Rogers medicine was applied and then in 1990 with the near collapse of the BNZ and Ruth’s answer to that was harsh neo liberal medicine after scarring the population to death that their major bank was falling over thanks to the Labour government’s incompetence.

    Once Luxon and Willis are ” advised ” expect the same magical fiscal hole appearing to justify a privatisation and other cuts to balance the books and due to the severe economic situation. Seymour will have 4 orgasms at once when he realises the gift he has been given.

    Recent economic history in the shire keeps repeating itself.

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