MEDIAWATCH: The AM Show – Why the Prime Minister is wrong on child poverty


The Prime Minister was just on the AM Show defending her Government’s record of child poverty by pointing to a recent MSD that claims child poverty is improving.

This simply isn’t true.

As the Daily Blog’s own Professor Susan St John pointed out in her must read blog last week, MSD left out huge numbers of children from that report which questions all of the assumption made!

You can’t pretend child poverty is getting better if you leave out the poorest must vulnerable children from that report!

Labour have capitulated to the neoliberal Wellington Bureaucracy and refused to implement universal provisions to erase child poverty in favour of bullshit targeted welfare.

We should have free breakfast and lunch in EVERY school, not just a few of the poorest.

ALL public transport should be free, not just for the old.

ALL beneficiary debt incurred via overpayment should be wiped.

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The self serving Public Service don’t care what Labour demands now because they aren’t frighten of Labour and that’s the fundamental difference between Labour and National.

National take their pool of candidates from upper management and they are all sociopaths who beat their workers with whips connected to tasers, that’s why the self serving public service jump when National demand it.

Labour on the other hand want to have a hui and a cuddle which the self serving Public service aren’t fearful of.

Because Labour had no 100 day plan in 2107 and no 100 day plan in 2020, they missed the opportunity to ram radical progressive change through and defend it against the self serving Wellington Bureaucracy.

That’s why we’ve ended up with meaningless bullshit rather than transformational change.

Combine this lack of material change in the lives of the poorest with the middle class woke activist pursuits of cancelling for pronouns, militant Te Reo pronunciation and labelling everything hate speech, and you can see why the Left are going to get slammed in next years election.



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  1. “– Why the Prime Minister is wrong on child poverty. ”
    Well, In my ever humble opinion it’s because PM Jacinda Adern is a reluctant neoliberal who has yet to find her spine, the one neoliberalism galloped up. To out neoliberalism as being a relatively simple political mechanism to remove our money to then take that money and build and maintain now nine multi billionaires with it would take Herculean courage. To do so, would likely either end her career, or create in her one of the greatest, bravest politicians The Crown’s democracy has ever seen. The gamble would be to try and guess which way it would go. Would we, the people, love her for that, or would we hate her for getting in the way of *freedumb an’ that? I reckon that at the moment it’s like 70/30 in favour of the dumb and dumber. The one great advantage to her would be the truth. The truth would banish all on-coming fuckers.
    I like PM Jacinda Adern. I really do. I give her a tough time bordering on awful sometimes but I think she has a good heart and mind. It’s just that she’s got that cavern of neoliberal vampires to stalk about amongst and then there’s the Wellington bureaucracy, a dark army of over paid well fingered, anal sphincters to placate.
    I started watching ‘This England’ last night. OMG.
    You want to not have kids living in poverty and their parents shitting bricks every time they open the power bill? Then tax the rich and ask… how did those fuckers get so rich in the first place? Who’s responsible for that? I read one of graham hart’s brain-spurts on NZH recently: “ NZ’s richest man Graeme Hart: ‘You can do exactly what I have done'” No graham. No. Not everyone could have bought a state owned asset at below capital value then flogged it off later for a profit without lifting a finger. So no, graham. Naughty little panel beater. ( No disrespect to actual panel beaters. )
    There needs to be a mic’ drop moment from Adern but it’s not going to come from doing the same thing differently.

    • OR, it’s possible she’s basically a conservative (with a little ‘c’), highly ambitious, basically koind and concerned for personkind, equipped with an OE steeped in Blairite ideology, a control freak (where she confuses control freakery with staunchness and solidarity), and from a moron background. Who wouldn’t be affected.
      There must be some serious love, or good sex going on in that marriage – which is good.
      It’s amazing what ‘branding’, PR and spin bullshit can do to hide what’s really going on – and that’s not the least bit being conspiratorial.
      If I’m still around, I’d probably even pay to read her memoirs.
      But when rubber hits roadings in spacings going forward, and nucular moments are left unmet, and natives are getting really really restless, she might just end up being one of life’s tragedies. I hope not but I no longer have the emotional capital to give a shit – even if it’s covered with stardust and wearing the latest lipstick

  2. Kids Can just put out an urgent appeal for more donation with 10000 more meals needed for kids since the start of the year.Nothing to do with Key he left 7 years ago the real culprit is the present government causing rentals to increase with no e d in sight.

    • So in 7 years time it will be whoever the government of the day is, right?
      Are you 5 years old?

    • BS – while the current lot have to take some responsibility, the 3 terms of nil action by the previous administration meant the current lot were left with a very large amount to do. It is a disgrace, especially given the mandate from the last election, that they have been so ineffectual in doing so.

      • Most of the NZ Nation did well under National’s 9 years and if Winston had gone with them in 2017 then it would have been 12 years. I admit a section of the public did not get included but now everyone is feeling the pinch and it is getting worse .

        • You’ll admit “a section of the public did not get included” under Key?

          That’s real big-hearted of you Trev.

          As for everyone feeling the pinch … I don’t think overpaid bureaucrats are feeling the pinch, or MPs of both sides of the house who waltz into lobbying jobs a few weeks after leaving parliament.

          • Or health workers or teachers Pope. Plenty of people doing well. However if the right wing media reported the dire position people lived under National, you would not be making such statements Trevor.
            A massive generalization when in fact there were many many thousands of people feeling the pinch in Nationals 9 years of a Rockstar economy. So no, most of the country did not do well.

        • More bullshit Trev if most of NZ did so well why did Labour end up with such a large majority. Public services were fun down, immigration high, more Maori incarcerated, more inequalities, public schools run down, leaking hospitals gees Trev who did you say did well under National, most NZers utter rubbish.

        • You are such a myopic right-trite wing tosser, Tory Trevor.
          Change your name to 3-T, or 4-T.
          If only we could have an Alex Jones style trials to bankrupt you morally bankrupt right-wing Tory Trolls for your lies, misogyny and racism.

        • most didn’t do well under the nats…trev some (like yourself??) did very well for the rest it was stasis at best.

      • Look is all National & Labours fault, they are as bad as each other.

        if they are going to have tax cuts it should only be at the bottom end!

    • both. They’re not mutually exclusive. Whatever is convenient.
      It’s a bit like the “operational matter”.
      Trouble is that for those that bother to vote, and are interested and engaged – they’ve been sprung. It’s just not going to work any more.
      Please! Let’s just get on with it. I’m running out of life and I’d quite like to witness it all and be around to know which graves to empty my colostomy bag on. I won’t even mind if surveillance catches me doing it or if Cobweb even latches on to the casual grand plan

    • Bingo! Boy oh boy bingo!
      The bureaucracy would have found itself on the rough end of a beating had they tried this shit with Clark.
      The top dog positions in government are very lucrative and those people are NOT going to risk their tenure.

  3. Why won’t she abolish gst on food anyway ? And on toiletries ? They’re hell bent on abolishing the Commissioner for Children who actually helps children, but they won’t cut the gst which directly benefits all low income families. The well- heeled who barely notice the difference are not the people who rob food banks, they don’t even use food banks. It’s well past time to see kids simply as government department stats.

  4. Never say Never in politics. Change can take for ever, or it can happen very quickly.

    While various grey beard political pundits wank on like it was 1989, the future is younger and browner. In the Far North District Council elections we got a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor. I never thought I would see a Māori Mayor in my lifetime, but put a “Moko for Mayor” sign on our gate anyway, and now 31 year old Moko Tepania IS Mayor! and in an admirable unity attempt, Labour endorsed Kelly Stratford is his Deputy Mayor.

    The Nats in Northland are spewing, particularly the previous Deputy Dog from bourgeois Kerikeri Ann Court. The thing is Moko ran a professional campaign and went to tiny settlements and tauiwi enclaves alike and won it popularly from the front. Previous arseholes like John Carter won on split votes.

    Anyway with Jacinda–expect no change until we have a more militant central labour organisation, and there is a popular political campaign to boot Rogernomics.

      • Nah, a classic neo liberal, mixed with social liberalism and a smidge of reformism i.e. minimum wage hikes and Paid Parental leave that ACT and Natz want to roll back. She will go further for gays than a sheep shagger ever would, but will not challenge the power of capital in a meaningful way, apart from the first year of COVID when she almost did.

        Did you notice the whinging from tories? open the borders! open my cafe!

        There are so many categories of political streams these days–Natzos have always had the problem of trying to reconcile neo libs, urban conservative reactionaries, country boys, and religious nutters in their own ranks.

      • You wish she was a Tory like you and your ilk dilbrain.
        You wish that National and ACT could produce someone of Jacinda’s world recognized ability and mana.

        What have your NACT lot got, in the female department, that would blossom on the world stage like Jacinda has?
        Jenny Shipley?
        Nicola Willis?
        Brooke van Der Velde?
        Susan Kuriger?
        Judith Fucking Collins?
        Maureen Pugh?

        You throw every misogynist epithet and vile nickname her way, threaten her and her family, make up stories about her partner. You are just abhorrent right wing fuckers, like Alex Jones and Donald Trump. Liars and arsehole keyboard bullies. You Tories make me sick!

        Fucking Cameron-Slater-Alex-Jones-Steve-Bannon acolyte-soles.
        \You make me sick dillbrain!

  5. If her rich mates second or third homes where under threat in Tairua she would throw cash at protecting them. Seeing as its only poor mainly brown kids that are under threat she simply deos not care. She has shown us that by allowing house prices and rents to explode and to allow price gouging by scumlords in Rotorua who are farming the poor for immense profit and ruining these kids lives forever. She just does not give a fuck. It is quite frankly evil what I am seeing coming from this faux Labour party and I and Jacinda know that National will be even more cruel, but even that won’t make her change things.

  6. I don’t like JA at all. I was in the same room as her about 3 years ago and I was in awe of her then. Since then I have resigned from the Labour Party as all I could hear when I asked questions was spin, spin, spin and aspirational blah, blah.
    IMO she has callously and deliberately steered our country into an economic and racist quagmire. I think she is cold and calculating and there are plenty of videos to show that.
    Here is the video of her “free speech is war” speech at the UN that was hardly reported in NZ but attracted quite a lot of journalistic comment in Australia, UK and US. She wants more control.
    Saying that poverty is improving is rubbish as the figures she is using are years old and as usual they moved the goalposts when counting the stats.

    • Absolutely right. She has put us in a quagmire of division based on race, plus sexual self-id. She has done nothing about child poverty because she has done nothing about anything. And bureaucracy runs rampant, waiting lists expand, prices mount. Mere inefficiency or something more malicious? You tell me. Or maybe it’s that she and her party just not give a rat’s ass about anything that doesn’t directly effect them in their upper middle/upper class little woken up world.

      • What about a basic salary for MPs and PMs and then bonuses for successful and proper implementation of promises and uplifting policies?
        Possibly having a crane would help! But payment for performance – doesn’t that have a good ring.

        • Greywarbler Yes, this is the problem, no accountability. All we can do is not vote for them again when they fail to deliver on promises or fail to address basic needs. The political system needs to be tweaked so that political parties, and possibly individual politicians, are required to explain themselves for their non-performance. Many of them would be weak- kneed if subjected to routine government department performance appraisals.

          They need decent salaries to attract good people, it has to be worth their while. It’s not the easiest of jobs for honest conscientious persons. But no bonuses, they have their perks, some of which last for the rest of their lives, and they shouldn’t have to be paid extra for doing what they are meant to be doing.

          The plethora of PR persons, advisors and consultants they need now, could do with closer scrutiny too.

      • More bullshit Trev if most of NZ did so well why did Labour end up with such a large majority. Public services were fun down, immigration high, more Maori incarcerated, more inequalities, public schools run down, leaking hospitals gees Trev who did you say did well under National, most NZers utter rubbish.

      • If your interested in race based policies you should watch ‘No Maoris allowed’ channel one @8.30pm 18 Oct. Winstone Peters should watch it so he can see apartheid in NZ. Our country has a bad track record of racism, discrimination and we still do and who have benefitted from these racist policies and practises.

    • Magit John Key has to bear some responsibility for the racist quagmire. It was he who sent Pita Sharples off secretly, I think, to the US ( ?) Indigenous People’s conference, some of which was not applicable to New Zealand, and these conferences have mushroomed, seem to be of variable quality, and can radicalise in a counter-productive way. Toss in the Green’s identity politics shenanigans and the result is a mess.

  7. Magit, Agree, I saw the UK comments, and also incredulous comments from Australian media about her advocating global censorship to the UNO.

    “ One may smile, and smile, and be a villain”. Hamlet.

    “ One whose hard heart is buttoned up with steel…pitiless and rough…”. The Comedy of Errors.

    We all know the crippling effects of poverty, often permanent effects, and not necessarily the fault of the impoverished, and certainly never the fault of the children. This constant dismissal of them as
    figures and stats is dehumanising and unacceptable.

  8. If your interested in race based policies you should watch ‘No Maoris allowed’ channel one @8.30pm 18 Oct. Winstone Peters should watch it so he can see apartheid in NZ. Our country has a bad track record of racism, discrimination and we still do and who have benefitted from these racist policies and practises.

  9. I dont know what planet Labour are on these days, supposedly the people’s party but all they seem to have done is help the well off, reviews into poverty ended at the results of the review, zero action has been taken.
    Here is a suggestion: Make it mandatory that while in opposition political parties must live in a state house and survive on a benefit.
    They seem so far out of touch with reality its staggering the BS that flows from their mouths, they simply dont have a clue how to do it tough.

  10. The PM didn’t lie about the numbers. The PM had been incorrectly told by officials the data included “children living in non-private dwellings”. Child poverty has still substantially reduced under Ardern’s government.

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