Auckland Mayoralty Election: Boomers fuck Auckland again – Winners, Losers & Predictions

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is a pimp for privileged babies, and the other is a Muppet

We had barely 35% turn out.

That is a pitiful wasteland of local democracy descending into apathetic decline!

Structural poverty issues like homlessness and constant moving robs poor people from voting while the older white baby boomers vote with the same ruthless passion of piranha feeding at a kindergarten swimming pool.

What most people don’t know about NZ Elections is that we are such a cheap arsed country we contracted out the holding of the local elections to a private company, a private company who have no real interest or desire to run the elections for anything other than the cheapest means possible.

There are of course winners and losers.


Boomers – The Boomers fuck Auckland again for their Boomer King to ‘fix’ fucking nothing. Fuck them, fuck their privilege! I hate this fucking city! Indeed in many cases those rich white boomers have property in multiple locations and gain multiple votes, oh how quick the right’s ‘one person one vote’ mantra against co-governance goes out the window when it’s their landed gentry voting privileges that get challenged. Fuck them for strangling off change once again for a 500 year old dinosaur that doesn’t know he’s extinct yet.

Wayne Bown – This fucking dizzy clown has won the rigged casino that is a privately run cheap election. He’s as cognitively damaged as Biden is, his confused granddad-lost-the- keys-in-the-fridge routine will wear off very quickly.  He won’t fix a single fucking thing!

National & ACT- Total destruction of Labour in Auckland, the political ramifications of this loss will reverberate all the way to the election in 2023!

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ZB – The total collapse of Today FM as a challenger to ZB has allowed ZB to become a ratings behemoth. Wayne sunk his money into adverts in ZB and it worked! ACT and National should just empty their pockets on ZB for the election next year because Today FM ratings implosion means to win Auckland, you just need to throw half a million on ZB.

Toxic Politics – The feral Qanon lunatic fringe managed to make the political debate so toxic that people recoiled from it.


Democracy – The wasteland of apathy that local elections have fallen into is utterly predictable. A single company is paid to run our elections, and they don’t give a fuck if participation rates are low! In the end there were only a dozen placed to cast a special vote, most had no idea where their postal ballot was and the entire fiasco entrenches privilege and wealth.

Poor people – You are fucked. Rich people can buy elections rigged for privilege in this city.

Public Transport – Despite 51% of Auckland wanting free public transport, expect Brown to gut this.

Auckland – Our beloved city, destroyed by mass immigration polices and gridlocked because no one ever fucking pays for the infrastructure won’t be fixed by this geriatric clown. At least with Efeso the free public transport would have made the city bearable.

South Auckland – They lose out on electing the first Pacific Islander as Mayor and they have lost the incredible representation of Efeso Collins who now is out of local body elections. One of the best leaders of our generation has been kicked out of office. South Auckland should weep. Efeso didn’t fail Auckland, Auckland failed Efeso.

Labour + Greens – The total fuck up in selecting a candidate and getting behind that candidate has proved once and for all that the mighty Labour/Green Machine is dead and buried. Losing Auckland will have enormous political impact on the Left in Auckland. Losing an election to a barely functioning geriatric shows that the Left are incapable of winning people over to our side.

Gen X – We got fucked again by the Boomers!

Spin-off getting taxpayer money to promote the elections – All that money spent on Spin-off to get out the vote was a fucking waste of money.


In the end, Aucklanders hated any demand by authority to tell them what to do. Their Covid lock down has generated a a backlash that we saw with the incredible popularity of Leo Molloy. We are the city lost in gridlock by poor mass immigration planning, boomer vested interests and inequality that frays the edges of our many communities.

The pathetic turn out is a direct result of this cheap arsed country sub contracting the running of elections out to a private company (the same private company now trying to con you into online voting btw), that private company doesn’t give a fuck about turn out, they care only about making money out of their contract.

It is time the Election Commission took over the contract, ran it themselves and set it up like a National election with one day of voting, two weeks pre voting and polling booths everywhere!

Most NZers aren’t even aware that it’s a private company that runs the local elections, once they do, they suddenly understand why it’s so poorly attended.

This joke of local democracy is no longer fit for purpose.

What a broken system we have.

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    • Jesus, you right wingers just want to turn everything into ZB – hate Labour – hate Greens.

      Yet, your beloved National and ACT give no alternatives to improving the economy except 20% flat tax; 20% business tax and 20% GST which is all round bullshit.
      Except tax cuts for the rich.
      Except to bring in foreign workers in to drive down wages.
      And National and ACT will close down ministries putting more people out of work.
      Get rid of Maori seats.
      Privatise water, pollute the rivers and oceans.
      And we might get another flag, become a republic and ban abortion.

      Happy days … but only for National and ACT, the uber rich and Mike Hosking

      • Happened here in Rotorua just recently. 10 reserves in fact. Given away by an Ex Labour MP gaslighting as Mayor, a list Labour MP and a Labour government. Yeah, lets be scared of National doing that shit and lets sing kumbaya when Labour does. That will help.

    • If I lived in Auckland I would not have voted for Brown. I am an older baby boomer who saw the damage of neo Liberal policies first hand.
      I find ZB upsetting to listen to and believe we need to deal urgently with the inequality that has become accepted on New Zealand.
      A sad day for Auckland, a city I love.

  1. Leftist tears taste like wine. Best thing ever for Brown was the endorsement of Collins by
    Ardern and the bimbo Lorde.

    • Slur Lorde? Why? Because she’s a woman, because she’s young, because she’s well-known, because she’s made a bit of money, because she’s skinny, or simply because she preferred a different candidate than the one you did?

    • What a stupid fucking comment. Lorde is a bimbo for endorsing someone? I didn’t even vote for Collins but that’s just a knuckle dragging f’wit thing to say

    • It’s our fault because we engage and vote? Couldn’t follow that one either.

      Gen X should get it’s sh*t together. Don’t winge at us because we know how things work.

      That said Wayne Brown will be a disaster for Auckland. I live far from there but always take an interest in happenings in our largest basket case, I mean city.

  2. These results show Jacinda’s backing was the kiss of death in Wellington and Auckland . Christchurch has gone the National way and a ex National minister is the mayorbof Nelson . These results show a rejection of Labour interference and it should give hope that National,will get power in 2023

    • In which we wil have a bonfire of council services and assets.

      How do you know these right wing councils, having seen off 3 waters, wont hand over their water systems lock stock and barrell over to the private sector?

      • They may well do Millsy now that Labour chose to build, then open Pandora’s box.
        We the working public are likely fucked either way but at least sinking 3 waters (if possible) we can fight for some form of democracy, with Labour we lose control of water AND our democracy.

        • And what if these right wing councils hand over their water assets to multinationals, like Papakura did in the 1990’s? I supposed that’s honky dory for a right wing ACT supporter like you.

          3 waters needs to happen. Councils had been running down infrastructure for decades and the government has decided to fix it, even better, councils don’t have to pay a single red cent. All that costly water infrastructure gets taken off their hands.

          • Most of us don’t like 3w because it removes rate-payer owned assets from the ownership of the people who paid for them (this is usually called theft). Selling to overseas owners is equally bad, either way the rate payers who paid for the assets have no say and lose ownership. Multiple new layers of bureaucracy (and far more high paid paper pushers) and loss of local accountability are not likely to make our water infrastructure systems any better.

    • Yep I called it that the Jacinda endorsement was probably the worst thing possible in this campaign. It will have either turned people off from voting or, worse yet, voting against her preferred candidate. The unfolding debacle of the current government is going to hurt any campaign they try and throw their influence at.
      Next year’s election is National/ACTs to lose (and don’t get me wrong, the opposition is so incompetent that could actually happen).

    • Trevor. Who did Jacinda Ardern back in Wellington, please ? The only good thing tonight is not living in Nelson where that snivelly red faced wee fellow is now Mayor. The illegal pot growers have stuffed up mightily, but hey, they got the money. Some got citizenship too.

        • Ada. Thanks. Eagle’s an existing Labour M P. I would have thought it a bit unethical for a PM to encourage or support someone leaving the job which they were elected to do midstream.

          Time to put them all on fixed term contracts.

          • Eagle had promised to not stand when elected to Parliament so we can add this to the list of other broken Labour promises. I was annoyed in Chch when Chu was elected to Chch Council then stood for Parliment . Fortunately she did not win but it’s shows both side need to respect the voting public more .

            • Trevor. Oh dear. I didn’t know that Paul Eagle had made this promise, and if he couldn’t keep that one then I’d consider him an unreliable man and that’s that. He was another politician whose maiden speech was off-putting, being a poor-me victim. It’s tough, but they’re there to represent others, not to try to make others feel sorry for them. Endorsing a broken- promise bloke isn’t a smart or edifying move on the PM’s part, I don’t understand it.

        • Eagle is a fool. The guy was only an MP for 1 and a half terms, and then he decides to jump ship, then he straight out refuses to endorse a fellow Labour councillor. Fair to say he is prob out the door in ’23.

    • because filling out a form at home is being hard done by?
      or because leaving the house to fill in a form at polling location is being hard done by?
      maybe they really just don’t care about voting?

  3. One young bloke I spoke with last week said he wanted vote but there was no information about what each candidate stood for/supported. We have electoral wards in our area so there are only a few people on the paper. There needs to be an electoral organisation that can collate all the candidate statements and circulate them in each electorate/ward. There is a reason that the turnout is so low but no-one wants to find out what it is. Why is that?
    Oh what a bitter pill for some but an indication of the swing to the alt-right. The boomers might save us from a fate worse than death.
    And a Green Party mayor in Wellington, home of the hopeless woke brigade so not much chance of getting anything done there but it will be cosy with parliament headquarters nearby.
    “Anyone but Labour” is the chant to take us into 2023.

    • Magit. Wellington “ cosy “ ? Depressing for the realists who’ve been paying the rates and walking through water spouting out on streets adorned with rainbow pedestrian crossings. If the PM encouraged Paul Eagle to abandon his elected post in Parliament, then who’s to know whether Faafoi doing likewise isn’t part of a cosy agenda.

    • Or Rotorua?

      I’ve yet to see anyone on the left congratulate ‘the powerful waihine’ that Tania Tapsell is. I wonder why.

      Steve saw the writing on the wall, and got out before she was thrown out

      • Tapsell wants to cut services to keep rates down. That is why. Also she wants to throw the homelessness out of Rotorua. Bascially Maori PMC, only right wing.

      • Haha, true that BG, Also looks like she’s got some solid backing behind her to, Me thinks that if she does a good job in turning Ro-Vegas around, She stands a good chance of becoming our first Māori wahine PM!

  4. According to Simon Wilson in his post election oped, the solution to Aucklands closed rail system….is less cars, more buses and my favourite magic mushroom moment, “pop up cycleways” and for Mayor Brown first chance to show leadership. Delusional plus Si!

  5. ” Bring in online voting…that will get the younger generations interested…. ”

    Yeah and open up the whole process to the dangerous elements of the web. That would be a serious mistake.

  6. In the cities it was a vote against the government. The people don’t see Labour getting things done quickly enough. They would be right. Efeso is the scapegoat in that he could be a good Mayor but he’s tainted by Labour.

      • There won’t be the tra las with transport hold ups with Brown as mayor. I read he’s against road cones. There you go, in one fell swoop no road works, no maintenance, no new construction and everything will be sweet because there’ll be no hold-ups!

  7. ” Most NZers aren’t even aware that it’s a private company that runs the local elections, once they do, they suddenly understand why it’s so poorly attended ”

    All valid points Bomber but local government is so utterly contemptable that a lot of the population are sick and tired of the constant promises that never get carried out and the appalling management of rates payers money that is squandered and never used for basic services and as an ex Aucklander living in Christchurch I have sympathy for the problems that will not get sorted in the next three years and down here its just a change in faces that are looking slightly to the right and elected by the wealthy inhabitants of Fendalton , Cashmere , Merrivale and Scarborough. Everyone else like me binned their ballot papers and gave the whole process the finger.

    After reading Chris Trotter’s post that made up my mind not to vote for the first time in 36 years.

    ” ON THE EVIDENCE to date, the turnout for this year’s local government elections will plumb new depths. Some will blame indifference, others apathy, and a courageous few will interpret the record low turnout as proof that democracy itself is failing ”

  8. Gotta ask how does ‘Boomers’ bothering to vote equate to fucking Auckland?

    Surely the failure of gen x or whatever not bothering to vote has fucked Auckland (in your view)

    That said, the city is a mess and its had a succession of left wing mayors… perhaps it’s time to reflect on that…

    • This. I am 38 and first time in my life I’ve voted center right. Sometimes it’s better the devil you know rather than the woke hopium, fairy dust and mismanagement that Labour and Auckland council have delivered.

      I don’t know if Brown will be good but he’s got a better chance than the other candidates of sorting this city out.

  9. Make no mistake, even my father who is almost 72 years old, blames “Boomers”. We are up against 70 years of carcentric culture, plus 30 years of Thatcher inspired disparity, and a planet that knows how to extinguish and extinctify things that it does not like. Unfortunately all religions are waiting for Armageddon to arrive to heaven, and therefor ignore science, medicine and rather obvious extreme weather events as the end of their lives means a better next one. We do not have this luxury, we have this life, we must do with it everything that we wish to do. Unfortunately those that have amassed fortunes while abusing the working class rather enjoy their mansions and country houses and Chinese Russian Venezuelan Brazilian Hungarian Swedish British Italian etc evil leader types and will forever be of the bullying class, as is Wayne “criminal” Brown. He has a seriously bad business crime record and apparently this city just voted for him to represent it. I am less angry, more sad. We the people are so stupid that everything else distracts us, alcohol, drugs, cars, stuff. When all we need is love. and to understand what love is, and ask ourselves what love is. Listen to Bob Marley, he knew too much, as do many musicians and poets and liberal arts types. Unfortunately “business” the act of appearing to be busy, is what controls this society. It is a clusterfuck do borrow some less eloquent language, as Jarvis Cocker sang in 2006, cunts are still running the world, and pond scum always rises to the top. The fight is not over, EFESO COLLINS still has alot to offer and he will, because Generation X, the children of the war boom generation, know that things were fucked, and continue to be fucked, and will always be fucked.

  10. It was my daughter’s first time voting and she has just turned 18. We drive to two booths promoted as drop off points. One was closed (Morera) and the next one we drove to (Petone) was open but didn’t accept special votes. We then drove to the council chambers in Lower Hutt and they were great. She carefully read each profile and chose women and POC who represented her views. Got her votes in 20min before closing. Guess what. None got voted in. There’s just one woman on the Hutt Council and barely any POC. And we wonder why people don’t vote.

    • Maybe people who do vote for policy and ideas rather than the colour of skin? Your daughter sounds like a misandrist racist. Likely the result of poor parenting.

      • If you read my post she carefully read each profile and then chose based on policies (obviously) and picked people who she felt represented her. A woman and POC. Are you trying to say POC and women don’t have good policies? Many did have great policies and ideas but who got in? White conservative males.

      • No, if you feel they represent you and your ideals. No problem with that. But do you believe the Hutt Council should reflect and represent it’s people? It doesn’t. But likely the same for almost everywhere else.

        • I was obviously being factitious. I voted on policy, and policy only. But if people think it’s better to vote along racial and gender expectations, then good on them, but I would suggest those that do don’t put much thought into it.

          Sorry you can’t read that ILCS

          • My daughter is actually very astute and did her research. She’s not anti white/male and did vote for several, but she noticed the council didn’t have a fair balance of gender and race and wanted to try and correct the balance. It’s obvious the majority of the contingency voted based on race and gender (white males) and not much else. Just look at Auckland. But the point of my original post was – will this bright young person ever bother to vote again if her voice isn’t being heard? She’s already saying “why bother”.

  11. I’m a 36 year old guy living on the North Shore in Auckland. Granted, I’m not in Grey Lynn, and work in the productive sector, but the following was a list of words from the candidate profiles I avoided like the plague when voting:

    Climate Action

    Made it pretty easy.

    As an aside, I grew up in Wellington. Wellington voting for a Green Party backed massive fag hag (Tory won’t mind this characterisation) versus Auckland voting for Wayne Brown (I don’t need to characterise him, Martyn has said enough already) proves New Zealand is a very divided country, much more so than half a decade ago. Ardernist populism holds a lot of responsibility for this.

  12. How the hell did Smith get the Nelson Mayoralty, Nelson residents must have short memories or incredibly thick

  13. Mauger and his like minded mates are in here Christchurch just as they expected but only supported by the privileged who came out to vote in all the major cities bar Welly.

    The right wing is in the ascendancy and will make its presence felt in 12 months time.

    Jacinda has her future employment sewn up.

    I have got the shivers …I have just realised Seymour will be minister of austerity.

  14. Should have never forced Rodney into the Auckland super city with these low turnouts. Give them their referendum and make them someone elses problem.

  15. Fuck Me! AT’s chair Adrienne Young Cooper bails! Resigns!

    Next, eke Panuku’s chairman Paul Majurey to follow suite?

  16. The idea that boomers arent labour voters is ridiculous. The problem in this election was the candidate choice. Everytime Collins answered a question you could hear the bureacratic capture. Everytime Brown opened his mouth you could hear visionless accountancy. That left a choice of more or less road cones and everyone in Auckland drives.

  17. lol let’s all just be grateful we’ve DONE-IT-AGAIN and managed to chain a mayor to each of our diabolical cities. Let’s hope they don’t pull a Faafoi and manage to escape 🙂

    • Zack – Funny how it’s the Parliamentarians who scarper off and not the mayors. Mental health expert Prince Harry of Hollywood advises people who aren’t happy in their jobs to just leave them, and I guess that MP’s listen to princes, if not to plebs. It does help to have another job to go to though, or a generous pension fund, or an abode on some Pacific paradise.

    • m+dri. Welcome, King Lear, welcome. But for you I may never have met the perspicacity of Wm S. Welcome again.

  18. Many people seem to think everyone over age 60 or 70 is a baby boomer. In fact, the cohort covers from about age 50 up to 77. It started as people returned to New Zealand at the end of World War Two in 1945. It covers people born between 1946 to the early 1970s. See the following link.

    Wayne Brown was born near the beginning of the cohort. Presumably many younger people have also voted for him, particularly business and property owners, regardless of their age.

    Episodes of RNZ Mediawatch over recent years, which include soundbites of Newstalk ZB hosts, confirm most of these hosts have constantly attacked the Labour Government, in particular Jacinda Ardern, and their policies, including Three Waters. Efeso Collins was initially leading in polls during the Auckland Mayoral campaign. Newstalk ZB hosts openly endorsed Wayne Brown throughout his campaign. Commenters on this site can easily access the RNZ and ZB websites for confirmation, if they are not Newstalk ZB listeners. As it is apparently the most popular radio station in Auckland, clearly this influenced the election result.

    • I regard myself as part of the boomer generation. Confining it to the returned fighters from 1945 is the sort of rigidity you get from the educated-limited middle class who decide things, design boxes, and then push people into them – where they might stay for the rest of their lives.

      I think that the boomers started in 1939 when the pre-war and start of war was affecting the nation and its people. Babies were started that wouldn’t have been, babies were born that couldn’t have been (work that one out) and babies were rushed into or on the other hand, never born then or thereafter because the men who would have married the waiting women and started a family were dead. It was that general disruption that formed the baby boomer generation. It wasn’t a neatly packaged social movement.

  19. Hey Mosa….I wonder what will get younger people inspired to to action and vote?…I hope something does inspire them or humanity and democracy as we know it could be done and dusted as we know it.
    People still need a voice no matter what age they be.

  20. WTFrock, Auckland? If I’d known you wanted an ‘ancient monument’ for Mayor – I would have stood!!

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