MEDIAWATCH: Ummm, is The Spinoff attacking Leo part of their NZ on Air election coverage?

Not in a million years champ

How on earth does the middle class woke social engineering Government Community noticeboard of choice, The Spinoff, manage to slag Mayoral Candidate Leo Molly off WHILE taking $160 000 of taxpayer money from NZ on Air to jaw droopingly cover the Auckland Mayoralty election???

Mungo no understand!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Efeso, he’s a mate and he’ll be an amazing Mayor, but how on earth can you get taxpayer funding AND slag off the very candidates you are supposedly covering???

My guess as to how Spinoff is getting away with this is due to the never ending dance of different hats they play with.  In the latest column attacking Molloy, they are pretending the fact it’s sponsored by their TV advertisers Panasonic…

…means it’s different to the coverage they get money from NZ on Air for.

It’s akin to giving Cameron Slater NZ on Air funding to cover next years election by simply paying the money directly to the National Party and calling that unbiased.

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NZ on Air really need to explain how a media outlet who has relentlessly attacked one candidate now gets funding to cover the campaign they are running in.


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  1. Oh, thanks for this, I cannot think of a better way to spend my afternoon tomorrow. I will be e-mailing Panasonic to find out exactly why they are paying a media company to sway votes in NZ local elections, and I will be checking in with lawyers as well. Serious questions- is this legal? Does anyone even care? But than again, hahaha- What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You all set a precedent (an agreement) in allowing foreign monies to donate to foreign political candidates. It is fucking unethical. When I complained on TDB about high schools in this country raising monies for BLM which clearly was raising monies for Democrat party in the US you all accused me of being a racist, Trumptard, hater, climate change denier, fat,stupid and lazy, so there is that. I was really fucking devastated because I had donated to this site only to realize that people here do not care about a multi vocality of voices to arrive at truth. You can act as if the billions raised for BLM went to actual poor people that needed it if you want to and good luck with that.

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