The new puritans & the dangers of Identitatrian get-tough-on-crime rhetoric


I can’t tell the difference between. sensible sentencing trust Lynch mob and a woke Lynch mob any longer.

The recent attempt to recruit social influencers into a protest about a teen rapist highlights how post me too anger has warped into get tough on crime vengeance…

Protesters call for change to better support sexual assault victims following rapist’s ‘completely unfair’ home detention sentencing

Protesters who gathered in Auckland to demonstrate against the sentencing of a man who raped four teenagers are calling for change to help better support sexual assault victims.

…With the new evidential threshold being allegations made on social media, identity politics demands men are framed as the problem and the evil that needs stamping out.

The academic research tells us that sending young men to prison determines they will remain damaged monsters. The reason this young man was given mercy was because if he wasn’t, that would be the end of any attempt at rehabilitation.

Mercy is the last thing post me too activists want, they want men branded forever…

Parents place pressure on Auckland school which hired rapist who was related to principal

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An Auckland school which is under intense scrutiny for hiring a sexual abuser has launched an independent investigation into his appointment.

It came as parents demanded answers from the principal and board about how the school came to employ the young man as a teacher aide despite his background being highlighted in a police check.

NZ gerrymandered the sexual assault laws so that men accused of rape have no legal defence PURELY SO more men could be found guilty, and gerrymandering of course falls upon Māori hardest…

Despite Govt concern, Māori are a growing majority of those sent to prison

Calls for changes to bail rules so Māori and those from other low-income communities aren’t remanded straight to prison

…hilariously Woke General Morgan Godfery points out that crime is actually falling…

Morgan Godfery: Fewer Kiwis offending – how do we help the young ones who are?

According to the Government’s youth justice indicators, offending among children aged 10 to 13 dropped 65% between 2011 and 2021. Among those aged 14 to 16, it dropped 63%. But the statistics are hardly reassuring when, seemingly monthly, stories appear in the media documenting children committing desperate acts.

That context is important, though. The National Party opposition accuses the Government of taking a “soft on crime” approach that encourages “youth offenders” to act with “impunity”. But youth offending continues to decrease – and dramatically so. This is part of an international trend that academics often call “the crime decline”.

In the United States, violent crimes were down 70% in the two decades to 2011. New Zealand registered its own declines, especially in property-related offences. This is an important detail in any discussion of the apparent youth crime wave. Overall, crime is down, and the country is far safer than it was half a century ago.

…despite crime falling, the cry for vengeance from the new woke/sensible sentencing trust amalgamation is louder than every before because ideologically the woke ultimately see white cis het men as the ultimate hate crime…

Since 2016s #MeToo moment, a coalition of 5th wave feminists, non gender binary activists, Critical Race Theorists and Critical Gender Theorists have manufactured a faith based woke dogma, the holy trinity of which is:

1 – All white people are irredeemable cross burning racists.

2 – All men are rapists.

3 – Everyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

Woven into this woke Identity Politics Holy Trinity, is the ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN’ mantra, because intersectionism decrees all men are part of a power dynamic which means they can never be victims and because women are morally superior to toxic masculinity males, they would NEVER lie about that abuse.


Never ever!

No embellishment! No half-truths! No mistruths! No lying!


But because men are all part of the patriarchy, they will always lie.

One of the reason’s why the Heard/Depp case was so explosive and followed by so many was because it was a backlash to the extremes of the #MeToo movement.

Intersectionist Identity Politics always has everyone ‘weaker’ than males power wise which is an insanely limiting way of viewing humanity while erasing the male experience altogether.

Boys are different. They develop mentally and emotionally in their 20s. Their brains are wired for risk and adrenalin and violence. They need the guard rails of older males.

We should be showing boys more mercy, we should be prepared to put the extra time and resource to rescue, heal and forgive young men for their fuck ups, because if we don’t, we are creating a generation of unforgivable men and the carnage their shame will wrought.

My fear is that the woke and the ‘get-tough-on-crime’ glee club are merging and vengeance is their only pursuit.

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  1. The dude had raped 4 girls, one behind a bush, all of them 15 and assaulted another and he got 12 month Home D.
    The girls got life.

    • He was 16 at the time, there wasn’t much age gap. Is there an acceptable age to rape/get raped? Or are we omitting details to imply a non-existent age gap?

      • I think woman having the legal backing to select there own mate of choice is a far more objective argument than age.

        If it is about age then as long as the papa rarks causes no physical damaged to the

      • I think woman having the legal backing to select there own mate of choice is a far more objective argument than age.

        In order to deal with rape, we need to fundamentally change our entire society to not value and worship sex and sex idols such as fashion ect.

        Rape is the impoverished when it comes to sex. It’s a class struggle, except substitute money for sex.

        There are the haves and the have nots.

        Poverty breeds crime and resentment…

    • As the case was reported in the MSM it did seem that the 16-year-old male had received preferential treatment. Martyn provides a bit more detail & the media only provides enough information to make the decision look bad so there is no point in relying on the publicly available information to have an informed opinion about the result. The situation is very bad but it seems pointless to make it even worse by locking the offender up with even worse role models to potentially make him even worse than he was. There is every chance that a 16-year-old can be helped to change his attitude with appropriate treatment. I would expect that conditions are required for Home D & any suggestion that the young man is still a risk will enable a change in the punishment.

  2. I’m hearing you on some of this but the young rapist who was found guilty of raping not 1 but 4 young women and got what is in essence 13 hours must attend counselling sessions and 9 months at home, with I assume, various exceptions to even that, was a travesty of justice. Because it’s not just about rehabilitation, if that’s even possible, it about punishment too.

    Those 4 victims get a life sentence from this creep, he gets to kick back and ‘lax. Where’s the justice there?

    And what’s the message sent out to others thinking of following in his footsteps? A wet bus ticket justice system of accountability. Where’s the disincentive?

    The other thing that will be the inevitable results of Judges going all gooey is a more conservative government will pass laws to limit their decision making powers through arbitrary sentences, like the 3 Strikes laws. That’s not a good thing either.

    Cause and effect.

    • “Those 4 victims get a life sentence ”

      Yeah sure, inside the imaginary prison in their heads? Best they get some suitable counselling then.

      “found guilty of raping not 1 but 4 young women”

      But what is the context here? You spin it to make him look like the Parnell Panther sneaking in bathroom windows. His crowd were obviously a rum lot – barely legal or underage teens with access to booze, (drugs?), partying and sexually acting out. Zero adult supervision – I’m sure the parents of all involved have been superb role models for their kids.

      And then you all act morally outraged when shit goes down – “We’re shocked we say!Shocked!”.

    • Quite simply prisons should be rehabilitative, not churn out recidivists.

      Home D, effectively time out, might still be appropriate for “streaked a rugby match” level crimes. But “our prisons are bad” isn’t an excuse to waive prison time.

  3. I think we should give youth offenders under 24 years of age a break from jail in most circumstances, but also look a lot harder about their offending in terms of making sure that they are rehabilitated by professionals to stop offending.

    In the teen rapist case, I do not think the sentence was too light because he was a teenager at the time and the age difference was not excessive, and the offending was not a group act like the roast busters situation. However this does not help the poor victims.

    Police also need to look at youths being organised by other parties for example the ram raids. Police and justice should crack down heavily on those organising youth to commit crimes for their own benefit.

    On the other hand, there was a case where a man killed his wife recently because apparently because his wife could not conceive a child, and he showed no remorse, did not admit to the crime, but only got 10 years in jail! Seems like life is very cheap in NZ as he can probably get parole in 7 years! For cold blooded, self interested, murder!

    Someone told me that the rot is because the judges know certain offenders will always appeal so that they automatically make the sentence lower so that they don’t appeal their sentence. This is creating a two tiered justice system where some offenders are escaping without a conviction or getting an extremely light sentence for serious crimes. Then there is the criteria which is bizarre to get a lighter sentence, cultural reasons, being a drug addict, having their career impacted etc.

    They need to stop giving people a 30% reduction for these reasons as it is actually becoming more discriminatory to others, than justice. Does it make it fair that a sports person for example escapes justice while someone does the same crime and gets a harsher sentence, or that certain cultures get a huge reduction in jail time, or if you get addicted to drugs compared to someone else who did the same crime you get a 30% reduction. The victims are still the same, the crime is still the same!

    This then feeds into AI systems that then make the injustice worse, but continuing the stereotypes and injustice not based on the crime but on identity.

    NZ almost makes it worth it to commit crimes because the sentencing for some crimes is so low – more so in crimes of theft and fraud, but killing others, is getting to be a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

    On the other hand, woke bullying and unproven and trivial bullying/sexual harassment claims are massive here and fill up the newspapers for days. It is really crazy, when serious offenders get name suppression more often than not!

    • So in order for rape to be a proper crime does one need to be raped by a Gang?
      How many men participating in a gangrape would be enough for a rape to be properly a rape? One? Two? Five? 10 men?

      Would it be different if the rapist boy had raped 4 fifteen year old boys rather then girls?

      • I think it is a proper crime, but the criminal is a teenager himself, hence the lessor sentence. If the rapist was over 24 yo then I think it should be prison time for sure.

        Also think the teenage rapist should be on the sex register for 7 years and must remain free of any more assaults or face jail time for the same crimes.

        My response is not about how terrible the crime is, but that it was inflicted by a teenager who should get a rehabilitative sentence rather than jail due to his age. I can see that this is horrible for the victims, but this is about prevention of creating more rape as don’t think jail be a better way to rehabilitate him and he will just get worse in jail.

  4. Identity politics. I looked it up, finally.
    Identity Politics. i.e. MMP.
    MMP was invented by some evil genius to confuse and obfuscate the masses who were, at the same time, hoping to be enlightened. Instead, all they got was fucked without the kissing. Shame really.
    Check this out and don’t forget to read between the lines.
    [AO] NZ History.
    There’s a mechanism at work, in motion, to make sure you and you don’t figure out why it is that we scant few AO/NZ’ers can’t have a time-rich, worry free lifestyle while there are now nine multi billionaires sneering at us contemptuously while lying that if they can do it, so can you. All you need, according to them, is gumption and a can-do attitude. ( And a wealth of state owned, state paid for assets they got handed to them by well lobbied politicians which they then sold to kick start their self legitimised swindles.) If that’s not dealt with, this shit’s just going to drag on and on and on and on and on and we get older and they get richer and so on and so on and so on.
    The old electoral system was good enough. It was certainly better than mmp, mainly because it was a simple thing. We could easily understand it. Pricks on the left, arse holes on the right. Simple. Do you want to vote for pricks or arse holes was the only decision we had to make. Now, it’s a myriad of complete fuckers swilling about in our money pond.
    And I found this on The Guardian. I thought it was fascinating.
    “Secret life of Gerald: the New Zealand MP who spent a lifetime crafting a vast imaginary world”
    What are your thoughts on that RNZ? Or have you still got your heads too far up neoliberalism’s arse hole to see a broader view?

    • So you were happy that FPP allowed parties with fewer votes to have a majority government? There is nothing complicated with MMP although it suffers from the same problem any voting system has in that the quality of the candidates is poor. While the various candidates have the habit of saying what people want to hear their self-interest usually takes over when any important decisions need to be made.

  5. You’ve got to be pretty screwed up to not just consider raping a girl, but actually go through with it… four times.

    He shouldn’t be getting home detention or a prison sentence. He should be indefinitely confined to a mental institution. Alongside the prosecutor.

  6. Think your radar is a bit off on this one bomber – I believe the people protesting were a lot more concerned about our complete perpetrator-centric justice model that goes out of its way to place the wants/needs of the guilty party above all else. The actual victims are an inconvenient afterthought

    • Yes the connection for many is the get tough on crime speak,which they automatically connect to the right of politics and therefore feel an obligation to say something contrary.
      For them the victims are incidental to their political beliefs.
      It’s not pretty.

  7. All White people.
    All men.

    This is not true. It is not true of protesting a particular sentence and it’s not true of the beliefs of the overwhelming majority of those who believe in justice for groups that have been valued less.

    In the case of the sentence cited, what about the value and humanity of those who were raped? We can be humane to this boy without belittling the girls he attacked. This is not either\or.

    Sharing power and human value involves some loss to those who have long held more. It is not victimisation. Ultimately everyone benefits from living in a community where it is humanity itself that holds the ultimate human value.

    • Yes, not all men are rapists, most rapists however are men.
      and rapists come in all colors, creeds, income classes, self id and so on.
      If we consider that rape = penis in bodily orifice without consent (male and female), rapists are men and maybe make up 5% of all men.
      I would give the same number to women who abuse.
      And that is the issue innit, that there are about 5% of the population that has no issues criming, inflicting pain and using others to get of – and they get of on not being given consent, and we seem to have lost that understanding.
      I want prison to be not an option for NON Violent criminals at all. I want prison to the only option for men and women who bodily harm people. Rapists, Bashers, Beaters, Murderers, should all be locked away, and maybe get some rehabilitation in prison via education, mental health care, medication. If that does not work and they stay a danger to the community, keep them locked up.
      And yet, we think the kind thing to do is let these guys out in the open, to roam the world, intimidate, harass, rape and murder in the name of defund prisons, defund police and be kind bullshite.

  8. “Boys are different. They develop mentally and emotionally in their 20s. Their brains are wired for risk and adrenalin and violence. They need the guard rails of older males.”

    So what do you think of the idea of ScoMo without the red cap to provide unemployed males under 25 on the dole over with an older male chaperone in their life who decides whether they deserve to receive their dole money or not?

    • I don’t buy this boys are different thing which is precursor to charges of toxic masculinity (whatever the fuck that is) In my life I’ve seen enough pregnant 15 yr old girls on the back of motorbikes, and women with six kids covered in shit to KNOW not just boys are fucked up.

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