MEDIAWATCH: Isn’t Spin-Offs hysteria against public broadcasting self interested?


RNZ-TVNZ merger: Government to redirect nearly $85m from NZ On Air to new public media entity

The Government will redirect nearly $85 million per year from NZ On Air to the new mega-media entity formed from TVNZ-RNZ.


Ummmm, isn’t Spin-offs hysteria against the public broadcasting gains made by Willie Jackson a tad self-interested?

Yesterday was a very weird day for the TVNZ-RNZ merger

Didn’t Spin-off get $6 million from NZ on Air? So when the Spin-off is critical of NZ on Air losing its funding that the Spin-off gets, the Spin-off is really being critical about how much money they are about to lose?

How is this journalism?

The actual tensions between the Minister and TVNZ is over TVNZ accepting RNZ will be the new editorial and journalism standard within the new public broadcasting agency, this is good because we want better journalism not more vacant Seven Sharp bullshit!

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BTW how good is it having John Campbell hosting TVOne News right now?

We need a string public broadcaster with the best journalism because we’ve seen the danger of disinformation and misinformation!

Facebook and Google have taken the advertising revenue that kept journalism alive while providing a platform that allows fake news and propaganda to flourish!

Use the people causing the disinformation to pay for the journalism to correct them!

State funded journalism has the reek of bias and that has been a criticism of the current NZ on Air Journalism Fund.

A journalism fund funded by ring fenced tax from the media industry is a solution to counter the mad extremism being grown by social media hate algorithms.

Treasury doesn’t want to ring fence the tax for Journalism, but Grant should step in and tell them otherwise!

Social Media hate algorithms are a threat to our common sense of reality, we need Fourth Estate Journalism that is well funded and healthy, this is a solution that makes the creators of that misinformation pay for the Journalism to inoculate is from their product!

These companies are the new Gods and listen to no single Government. Watch the following in horror.

I’m not looking for socialism here folks, I’m just looking for basic regulated capitalism!

The mind warping monopoly positions of power these Tech companies have established must be challenged, not negotiated with!

If Labour can successfully negotiate a meaningful arrangement that can pump $40m into public fund journalism annually, it will be the first industry they’ve managed to successfully regulate since coming to office!

This matters because the current $50Million Public Interest Journalism Fund over 3 years via NZ on Air has become tainted as a source of Government propaganda as opposed to journalism.

The Spin-off screaming about losing money is just the icing on the cake.

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  1. We still like being entertained, which is what most people tuning into TV want – though you may think otherwise Martyn. Not the preachy talk down to reality shows that TV1 seems to be awash with at the moment. And RNZ feels so entertainment less, that for them being the lead over TV1 will just drive people away more to other options…..

    • I dumped all my freeview and NZ MSM 5 years ago. I dont miss the endless and mindless dross served up as entertainment. Nor the partisan politics shown by all companies, that are at best Disgusting. And at worst They shouldn’t be merged until they clean out all the partisan announcers from places like the news.

      • Eight years ago for me, about the same time as I ceased to accept anymore bullshit from the NZ Herald and ceased buying it.

        Once TV loses viewers for these and similar reasons I suspect they’ll have lost them forever. I doubt if any amount of restructuring will ever entice me back to TV viewing.

  2. “I’m not looking for socialism here folks, I’m just looking for basic regulated capitalism!”
    You mean like using well managed socialist systems via a democratically elected governance to balance greed with need? Those same systems that were destroyed by roger and his merry freak show? I like that. How about we put roger and his mates in jail after we asset strip them too. Let’s not let them get away with anything.
    The info-graphic was fantastic BTW. Unfortunately, for the soon to be starving billions, the stock market will become irrelevant. Unless it’s edible.
    Not for the feint hearted.
    Don McCullin. War photographer.

  3. The only people who oppose the TVNZ/RNZ merger are those who want to keep forcing reality dreck and endless advertising on NZ viewers.

    • Agree. Keep’em dumb. Keep them in a state of delusion and now and then feed them something ‘intelligent’ like a Home DIY show or something scientific like “We found where that plane crashed!”

      Meanwhile the kids are getting indoctrinated on the net in their bedroom.

    • Do you think that the TVNZ/RNZ merger will lead to more programming of the sort we associate with what Radio NZ did decades ago? Or more garbage TV as TVNZ regularly produces? By 2008, TVNZ wouldn’t host comedy gold like Back of the Y, they had to go to C4. By 2011, TVNZ wasn’t even hosting quality material like Moon TV. TVNZ is no better than TV3.

      • 2009 National took over and the then minister for everything Steven Joyce, was donkey deep in changing the way TVNZ was operated and TV 3 was used as National Party political broadcasting station. NZME with both the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB fall into the same category.
        This merger may create a neutrality and potentially bring back quality programming.

  4. “I’m not looking for socialism here folks, I’m just looking for basic regulated capitalism!”
    I’m also looking for the commons assets to be returned to the commons and used for the public good WITHOUT any bullshit needless ‘rebranding’, excessive PMC management and demographic targeting that assumes yoof aren’t into news and current affairs, or (say) classical music and jazz, and Jerry Atrix is incapable of appreciating anything alternative, AND that indigenous media again becomes second hand Rose
    The proposals are going to mean PSB will have gone bugger up for no good reason other than its another round of tinkering to keep a number of ticket clippers happy


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