MEDIAWATCH: NZs first woke murder deserves far better than the lumbering journalism of Anna Leask

Invercargill's Justice League

Isn’t it awful when an amazing news story comes along and the journalist’s ineptitude and lumbering craft ruins it?

NZs first woke murder deserves far better than the lumbering journalism of Anna Leask!

Read her story on NZs first woke murder and you actually have no fucking idea what is going on in the story!

…Leask brings in two mothers who have nothing to do with this story and pretends that’s journalism!

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I feel the woke gelded news rooms of NZ are now focused on ‘feelings’ – even if that means dragging in two mums who have nothing to do with this murder, the other things the woke gelded news rooms do of course is never challenge woke dogma.

I can’t tell if Anna Leask is just a terrible writer or she wants to ignore the magnitude of NZs first work murder.

Oh you don’t know about NZs first woke murder? Oh allow me to outrage you because TDB was all over the murder when it happened 4 years ago.

The trial for the brutal gutting and murder of Invercargill teenager Jack McAllister occurred in 2018 and was conducted by a group of woke warriors who decided McAllister was guilty of sexual harassment and as punishment, this team of woke warriors decided to trick him to a location and butcher him because you know, heteronormative white cis male patriarchy hashtag MeToo…

Crown lawyer Riki Donnelly told the jury in his opening address that all five played a part in the 19-year-old’s death, including luring him to the stadium and lulling him into a false sense of security, providing a vehicle to get to the scene, or encouraging others with words and actions. 

Donnelly said another man, Brayden Whiting-Roff, who has previously pleaded guilty to a charge of murdering McAllister, was the principal assailant who stabbed McAllister. 

McAllister was lured to near the stadium with a promise of sex, Donnelly said.

There was significant animosity held by prominent members of the group towards Jack McAllister, Donnelly said.

The animosity was based on the belief he had acted inappropriately towards females and towards some members of the group and others they knew about, he said.   

…this was probably our first woke murder, and I have to be honest, the case fascinates me so much, I’m seriously thinking it should be made into a film.

Alison Mau should play one of the gangs mothers.

The self importance of the 6, their desire to be judge. jury and executioner, luring McAllister to a stadium using the promise of sex only to murder him…

McAllister, also known as Jade Fearn, was attacked near ILT Stadium Southland on June 7, 2017, and died in hospital early the next day.

It would be clear during the trial that a number of defendants were “out to get” Jack McAllister prior to June 7, Donnelly said.

He said Whiting-Roff had posted: “I’m going to f… him up”‘ and “IDGAF (I don’t give a f…) what anyone says. He is worth going to jail for. Pigs aren’t doing anything. I will catch you up Jack.”

Brown had posted a Facebook message that evening asking “Where the f… are you … McAllister?”

Scheepers had responded: “Me bro, I know”.

She had, separately indicated to other defendants at Subway that evening that she would get McAllister to come somewhere.

She messaged him asking if he was keen to f… and suggested they meet around 11pm at Surrey Park “bleachers” – the grandstand to outdoor sports stadium next to Stadium Southland.

…I don’t know why, but this story of a gang of 6 deciding to take justice into their own hands based on nothing more than allegation really says something about where NZ culture is right now.

As for these woke killers claims they were too young and precious to know right from wrong, the trial is peppered with them all planning and plotting this murder to punish a Me Too criminal, they seemed to have a lot of premeditated moments to have stopped the murder of Jack McAlister.

By avoiding calling this the first woke murder in NZ, journalist Anna Leask ignores the pure madness of woke Lynch mobs in favour of mum ‘feels’ about a murder that has nothing to do with them.

Folks, you can read it here first on The Daily Blog, or wait for the mainstream media to launder the story to make it acceptable to the gelded news rooms of NZ.

Anna has responded…

…don’t call me pal, buddy! My criticism stands, this is a confused news story barely making sense just to drag in two external mums to express their pain. It’s not journalism, it’s trauma porn and misses the entire nature of these woke warriors handing out woke vigilante justice.

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  1. Fuckn hell Martyn! You’ve nailed it!
    The entire gween party and membership should all be tried for this same crime! They fit the same characteristics and MO!
    Quick! Before they have another James Shaw execution hui!

    • even if he had done (which I doubt) everything they said, lynch mobs are not the answer, the last lynching of a black man(and yes that’s important) was in my lifetime…not 100s of years ago, my lifetime.
      and the reasoning is remarkably similar
      ‘ohh lawdy colonel that black buck is making me all sicky with his impudent looks, can you please string him up and blowtorch him fer me, much obliged you are a true southern gentleman sirrr’
      for anyone who doesn’t like the’s tough innit

  2. Yes exactly Bomber. This is the entirely logical outcome of living life by a set of fascist values. The next thing to watch for is children turning their parents in…
    Not at all.
    There have been plenty of examples of this world wide. Homophobia, transphobia, whitephobia, anykindofphobia. Interesting that this is a case of straightphobia.
    When in doubt, hate.
    All you need is hate.
    Hate conquers all.

  3. I couldn’t finish reading this. But I think the Children’s Commissioner is wrong if she is saying that these sort of horrendous brutal murders are lesser crimes if they are committed by the dumb and the young, which is what it looks like.

    In any case, sentencing is the prerogative of the presiding judges, and we’ve already seen Oranga Tamariki people apparently trying to interfere with the judiciary instead of following the correct legal processes, Mallard over- ruling the police re not hosing Parliamentary protestors, and Tukaki complaining to the Dom-Post instead of the cops when a woman was allegedly racist in the CBD. Processes need to be adhered to, or changed by the legislature. “Life” sentences are a difficult global issue, but these Invercargill turds knew exactly what they were doing.

  4. It’s vigilante behaviour and murder.
    It’s been going on since time immemorial.
    Don’t try to put a square peg into another shaped hole when the square one it’s always been in is sufficient.

  5. Mandate the compulsory consumption of Ecstasy immediately.
    “Sugar Sweet: the pilled-up rave that united Belfast during the Troubles”
    Bizarrely, I think there’s a political connection to the in-breds who did that awful thing.
    I blame roger douglas. He threw everyone not in Auckland or Wellington under a bus.
    Invercargill was a busy smaller city as were the towns of Winton, Wyndham, Mataura, Gore and other smaller still towns dotted about Southland. Then in came roger rat. His user pays ideology saw those towns become ghost towns. The brave and the desperate left for the cities while the club footed morons dug in at home and bred with other club footed morons. I’m writing about a time before the internet too, where all the external cultural and intellectual stimulus one could experience was via the TV and to a lessor extent, the radio. Neither of which were particularly scintillating resources for a broader education.
    Remember when one could buy a house in a smaller Southland town for 1$ ? That was the late 1980’s and early 1990’s so not that long ago and as a result of that, terminally dull minded, desperate people started rooting each other so behold. Lunatics with uncontrollable penises and vaginas started breeding and as they bred, they created what could be argued an intellectual underclass who’s general thinking, life-management skills and decision making would have been at the level of a jungle primate but with less class.
    roger upended those regions and tipped the populations into a terminal falling trajectory so really, all they know is crash landings.
    That’s why I regard Tim Shadbolt as a visionary and the saviour of Invercargill. In my opinion Tim Shadbolt doesn’t get the recognition he’s hard earned.
    Interestingly, as rogers lies start to unravel and now that his cronies have made their millions and billions one can see a resurgence of interest in living in those regions. As the planet dies, as the cities begin to realise that they were, in fact, logical fallacies where people go to be harvested by the banks people are rediscovering Southland as a region of great wealth and plentiful natural resources. And, sadly, dumb bogan nutters.

  6. Music is getting through to me today. And Don McLean has a way with words that are both indirect and on-point and cutting. The news today – he doesn’t think much about the providers and the recipients either!

    Prime Time
    …I was ridin’ on the subway in the afternoon
    I saw some kids ‘a beatin’ out a funky tune
    The lady right in front of me was old and brown
    The kids began to push her, they knocked her down
    I tried to help her out but there was just no way
    A life ain’t worth a damn on the street today
    I passed the ambulance and the camera crews
    I saw the instant replay on the evening news…

    Well down in Mexico, the laundry’s on the line
    There’s where you can go if you land on the nine
    Canada is nice if you’re fond of ice
    If you land on the two then we’ll send you there twice
    We interrupt this game for a news release:
    A man has gone insane and been killed by police!
    Now back to the game, that’s a dangerous play
    ‘Cause if they see you in C-U-B-A you must pass away…

    My supper’s on the stove, the war is on the screen
    Pass the bread and butter while I watch the Marine
    The shot him in the chest–Pass the chicken breast!
    The general is saying that he’s still unimpressed.
    “We had to burn the city ’cause they wouldn’t agree
    That things go better with democracy!”
    The weather will be fair, forget the ozone layer,
    But strontium showers will be here and there…
    Don McLean:

  7. Brilliant article MB. Anna Leask seems to have leapt onto the band-wagon of woke emotional justice seeking. Her comment to you highlights her own inadequate and confused reporting, not only on this matter but on others as well. It’s also obvious that she does not understand or even try to understand how the justice system works and yet she is a court reporter.

    Everyone knows that life means life for murder but the courts normally then impose a finite period of prison before the person becomes eligible to apply for parole. So, and I’ve checked up on this, when they get parole they are on parole for the rest of the lives and can be recalled to serve the remainder of their life sentence if they do anything wrong.

    It seems to me that Leask is now running her own crusade, whatever that is. She embarrasses me.

  8. Wat’s missing in the commentaries above is any empathy for the 2 mothers concerned, each of whom lost a child to a violent death. Think yourselves in their shoes, if poss.

    • Tom Gardner. Point taken. The main criticism, which I ignored, was the journalist referencing two persons not connected with this specific horrific case – which may be a gimmick picked up at a polytech course, to add weight to their own viewpoint. Getting comments from the just bereaved kin can be brutal.

      The two mothers who you mention will never really recover from what happened to their children, so it is a life sentence for them, and one reason why I’d consider tossing these vile Invercargill cretins off a bridge, and making sure that all the village cretins know that this is what happens to bullies who take the law into their own hands. We’re not allowed to do that nowadays, but it wasn’t unknown in times past.

    • Anker. Yes, truly appalling. And all the perpetrators look thick smug little shits and nor do I like speaking in this way.

      The inevitable smugness and righteousness of tribal bullies functioning in craven groups, and they’re throughout the school system too, is a compelling reason for them to be messaged that the community will not tolerate them nor make excuses for them.

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