Under the Radar: War Crime Walrus John Bolton, Military Industrial Complex Greed & Saudi Arabian butcher fist bumps


We here at TDB like to be first at pointing shit out, but in this never ending 24-7 news clusterfuck of a media environment we all live in, even we can slip up and miss something that should get more focus, so from time to time we’ll run Under the Radar News, things of note that escaped attention.

This week, War Crime Walrus John Bolton, Military Industrial Complex Greed & Saudi Arabian butcher fist bumps

War Crime Walrus John Bolton:

So I was watching CNN live and during an interview between Jack Tapper and Neocon Nazgûl John Bolton, Bolton bewilderingly says this…

Tapper: “One doesn’t have to be brilliant to attempt a coup.”
Bolton: “I disagree with that. As somebody who has helped plan coups d’etat — not here, but, you know, other places — it takes a lot of work. And that’s not what he did. It was just stumbling around from one idea to another. “

…I immediately tweeted…

…yes, I’m that tragic, I watch CNN live and then tweet about it.

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@ me already bitches!

I actually have 4 live news streams going at once, so CNN live watching is the least of my news geek sins.

ANYWAY. The jaw dropping acknowledgment by Bolton live on TV that he has planned coups as some sort of ghoulish self promotion of his knowledge of the arcane dark arts is as gasp inducing as his resentment that Trump might be compared in the same league as him.

I mean there’s intellectual arrogance and then there’s accidentally showing us how fucking evil you are.

So what coups could Bolton have been involved in? Journalists went immediately to research and it turns out his position over various Administrations includes Venezuela, Iraq and Afghanistan not to mention the hundreds of other coups America is thought to be linked with.

This is why it is so difficult to take America seriously when it preaches Democracy and the rule of law, an architect of political violence for political gain like Bolton can proudly admit live on TV his role in staging coups and everyone else is too busy to notice.


Military Industrial Complex Greed:

U.S. to send 15th military package to Ukraine, bringing total aid in Russia war to $7 billion

Biden is set to announce a new security assistance package worth $400 million for Ukraine on Friday.The latest aid package, which is the 15th such installment, brings the U.S. commitment to more than $7 billion since Russia’s late February invasion of Ukraine.

In May, Biden requested $33b to give to Raytheon and the CIA “for the war in Ukraine.” Congress, on a bipartisan basis, arbitrarily increased it by $7b to $40b. This month, Biden requested $803b for 2023 military spending. Congress arbitrarily increased it by $37b, to $840b.

And look at how that plays out donation wise…

…America is a Fascist Corporate Military Industrial Complex that sells war to the planet and  they will prolong the torture of the Ukraine if but keeps the weapon sales running while weakening Russia.


Saudi Arabian butcher fist bumps:

Biden has been desperate to get Saudi Arabia to stop buying Russian oil WHILE increasing output because the midterms will be decided by American privilege at the gas pump. The Military Industrial Complex has subsidised the real cost of petrol to Americans as their fetish for independence and freedom has been manipulated into endless motorways and huge cars. The ability to drive suburban armoured SUVs on heavily subsidised petrol props up authoritarian medieval regimes in the Middle East so when Americans hurt at the pump, the Leader of the Free World has to go rub shoulders with blood splattered butchers.

This time it’s one who put a Journalist through a bone saw.

Biden needs cheap petrol going into the midterms, the Saudi’s have to pretend to care while using the moment to whitewash their Saudi Crown Prince Butcher.

Petrol prices were easing slightly in America but this was driven by falling demand because people can’t afford to buy petrol, this fist bump might lower prices in the short term but once Russia starts cutting gas and petrol supplies in retaliation for a lack of gains in the Ukraine, that fist bump won’t mean anything, especially if a new wave of Covid slows the economy again.

The other parti of Biden’s trip which should concern people, is his signing of a joint declaration with Israel to use “all elements of national power” available to it to deny Iran the ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

This is to calm Israeli fears of Iran testing a nuclear weapon and changing the strategic dynamics of the entire Middle East.

It is a green light to Israel to bomb Iran if they think Iran is about to cross the threshold.

The American Fascist Corporate Military Industrial Complex is already licking its lips beyond the Ukraine.


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  1. Former President Trump fired John Bolton, and spoke openly about Saudi Arabia getting its act together over terrorism…I miss him

  2. Remember when the Soviet got suckered into the Arms race with the US and got outspent and went broke and then collapsed.

    This is what the US is trying again. But this time, Russia is in a far better state, economically, politically and structurally.

    Whereas the US is the total opposite on all counts and is now victim to it’s own manufactured economic collapse.

    Lil ole NZ needs to stay the fuck away from this trainwreck!

    • PS. The US msm are starting to run ‘what to do if there’s a nuclear attack!’

      Things are about to escalate rapidly!

    • On the bright side, there’s never been a better time to buy some Russian or Chinese antiship weapons to keep hostile (American and Australian) ships far away from our coasts.

      • And theyre a hell of lot cheaper and more modern and better R&D has gone into them.
        China v US cost difference is 20 to 1 in favour of China.

  3. …. jaw dropping acknowledgment…
    Seriously? This has been known and understood for decades, although admittedly the 1953 Iranian “coup” was just bullshit boasting by Kermit (yes, really) Roosevelt. Among many other groups the Mullah’s of the day were all in on getting rid of Mossedegh but naturally they don’t talk about that much now.

    Actually the CIA had a hand in defeating Trump – you’ll recall those “51 retired intelligence professionals” who swore that Hunter Biden’s laptop was more Russian disinformation – and I’m sure everybody here applauded that effort.

    American privilege at the gas pump…their fetish for independence and freedom….
    You do realise that you’re talking about tens of millions of ordinary Americans who are not even millionaires, no? I guess the preference is the never-ending Lefty quest for people to live in nasty little world of “high density corridors” that allow them to crawl to work on buses and trains each day to nasty little offices in a densely packed CBD. Oh Brave new world that has such thinkers in it.

  4. I am not clear on this Martyn but US domestic production has also been increasing. It might not just be falling demand

  5. Quoting from the article “In May, Biden requested $33b to give to Raytheon and the CIA “for the war in Ukraine.”

    NZ Superfund invests in Raytheon. Doesn’t that make the Superfund a war-profiteering agency?

    • You make a good point: I have a beef with my KiwiSaver fund over this. They sent me a notification 2 years back saying that they were an ethical investor so in the feedback I told them not to be hypocritical and invest in the places providing the best return. Their primary duty is to enrich me rather than signal virtue. Oil, coal, gas and cluster bombs etc were obviously the things get into.
      I didn’t get a reply so I’m looking for a new provider. Is there a KiwiSaver that is proudly unethical?

      • And who is making all the money these days? It’s the likes of munitions companies, the manufactures of fighters, bombers, tanks artillery pieces, fossil fuel companies, medical equipment makers etc. At least you got asked first. My kiwi saver is going backwards at the moment and I’d honestly be better off putting the money in an old shoe box under me bed. It does give the impression that the wise boys running these schemes aren’t as good as they’d like to think they are.

        • Time moved on mate! It’s 2022 and the management teams of these KiwiSaver funds all graduated post 2000 and many after 2010. So they’ve all been through the woke indoctrination programs at our various universities.
          In this instance it’s a case of ‘They’re Woke so we go Broke!’

  6. Bolton worked for Reagan, before he worked for Bush and Trump. He’s been involved in more coups and wars of aggression than anyone outside America (he may have competition, but only within the empire).

  7. Bomber, the cognitive dissonance is staggering. You recognise the war mongering and as you call it “fascist” nature of the USA. No objections there, but you and the idiots like Ben and Pat writing on this site go into paroxisms of rage at Russia who are actively at war with the USAs world dominance and its fascist proxies. You don’t have to like Vlad or agree with Russia but to actively support the US position is mind boggling. When two sets of authoritarian states fight over another that is run by neoNazis perhaps standing well aside is more sensible.

    • Every country has its nazis. In Ukraine’s case it is a mere 2% who voted for far right parties in the last elections. Don’t buy into the Russian propaganda nonsense that Ukraine is a nazi state. It makes you look as much an idiot as anyone you are calling idiots. Look deeper into the history of this claim. The real German nazis invaded Ukraine in 1942 and some of the Ukrainian military units sided with them because they hated Russian domination so much under the Soviets. This alliance didn’t last long as the German nazis were genocidal maniacs who killed a lot of Ukrainians. The Russians have held onto this little twist in cultural history and remembered it as a betrayal, and now exploited thoroughly by the genocidal maniac, Putin, on his egomaniacal mission to restore the Russian Empire. You would do well to stop believing the Kremlin’s ludicrous spin.

      • I don’t need Putin or Russian spin, nor some arbitrary 2 percent from you. The facts on neo Nazis in Ukraine are just that, going back to Banderra and his genocidal goons assisting the Holocaust. Even the idiot Western press were expressing extreme concern before beating Vlad became more important. You might read Andrew Littles report on the Chch mosque shooter… Influenced heavily by Ukrainian neo Nazis.
        Get your facts right, the existence of Ukrainian neoNazis is not dependent on Putin, or you, or me. And if they fight Putin it won’t make them any more acceptable.

  8. Bolton was just doing his job, just following orders, keeping to US foreign policy, “keeping the World safe”. If you want to talk about evil, you need those who write that policy & issue those orders. The scary thing is that it is probably hard to find the person responsible, but you can rest assured it isn’t the President and it certainly never was Trump.

  9. In regards Biden, we can disregard the idea that he was trying to save Americans money at the pump. His bosses don’t care about that. War on Iran? That, they certainly do.


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