MEDIAWATCH: SIGH – ‘THIS’ is what the painfully serious Left thinks is a ‘victory’


Oh Dear.

Over at the painfully serious Left Standard, ‘this’ is what they consider a ‘victory’.

Complaint about RNZ use of Bryce Edwards article upheld

I am not sure what is happening at Radio New Zealand.  It may be that the proposed merger with Television New Zealand is playing on staff morale.  These sorts of king mergers tend to shake jobs loose and can understandably cause stress to staff.

But it still has a job of impartially reporting the news and call me biased but I sense a considerable amount of anti Government commentary.

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Two recent incidents back this feeling up.

…when the painfully serious Left are holding up petty editorial wins on technical language regarding Labour’s promises and its poorly planned underwhelming results, you know the Left are fucked.

Never mind the  24 000 waiting for emergency housing, the thousands doomed to motel life existence or the 200 000 kids in poverty or the outrageous imbalance of power between the richest 10% or the rest of us, never mind entire generations locked out of home ownership – NO FUCK ALL THAT COMRADES! BRYCE EDWARDS WAS PUNISHED FOR A TINY EDITORIAL INFRINGEMENT!

The NZ Left are either woke indentitarians doing all they can to alienate voters from the Left or ‘serious Left’ tragics who think winning a media complaint against a well respected researcher who has a point about Labour’s crap delivery is somehow a great victory for Labour.

For Christ’s sakes, these woke muppets claim Bryce is RIGHT wing because he has challenged Labour over genuine policy failure through a class analysis! His coverage of the Dumb Lives Matter protest was remarkable and narrative shattering. For daring to challenge the Identitarians on the Left he has been attacked by the woke who have attempted to deplatform him on every media platform while trying to get him sacked from his job!

If Labour, the Greens AND the Māori Party form a Government next year, it will be despite their activists, not because of them.


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  1. Trumpeting an upheld media complaint is ,uch easier than talking about KiwiBuild, the polytech merger, Three Waters, child poverty or housing unaffordability…
    Or simple stuff like cameras on fishing boats, oversight of Oranga Tamariki. etc, etc

  2. That is hair spliting on a grand scale. It was the vibe of what Labour said and how it was said Greg, surely even you get that? I recall Labour most definitely were going to take to the supermarket duopoly once and for all but because I did not read the fine print, I too thought they were going to break it up with real solutions, ie, create, provide, entice a third player, not pointless political charades that were enthusiastically embraced by the aforementioned duopoly. Fool me!

    I rarely if ever look at The Standard because its a dull and awful echo chamber. Sadly the author of that blog can see no problems, ever, with this government, no matter how far off the mark they are, which is situation normal for Labour. But being a lawyer a technical error by an analyst is a hanging offence not a whole fail to launch like Labour’s typical MO.

    Labour talked a hurricane and delivered a fart and that will be one of the main reasons it sinks next year. The ultra boring, unquestioning Standard will have to come to grips with that reality, not attack political messengers!

  3. What Left? The lumpenproletariat are the only way and the future, like it or not. Chardonnay socialists fleeing for their lives… tick, tock…

  4. when you have no ‘ideology’ the ‘administrative left’ have only tittle tattle and twitter outrage.

  5. This from the Standard’s Mickey Savage

    ” But it still has a job of impartially reporting the news and call me biased but I sense a considerable amount of anti Government commentary ”

    And this was my reply.

    ” But it still has a job of impartially reporting the news and call me biased but I sense a considerable amount of anti Government commentary.

    Where have you been the last thirteen years Mickey Savage the bias on RNZ is deliberate.

    The mandate that Radio New Zealand pre 2008 had was an independent one and despite being criticised by the right that completely dominate the media landscape as ” red radio ” which it never was that independence changed dramatically when the then gangsters of the National , Maori , ACT , Peter Dunne government changed the board and the chief executive to ensure that the man who could walk on the Waitemata harbour saint John would face very little criticism or negative news stories and instead directed all their fury and anyone who was associated with the so called left.

    Over time all the right wing Nasty Natz supporters in the media took their appointments to RNZ from tv and elsewhere and demolished any opposition to the National , Maori , ACT . Peter Dunne government.

    That was the last bastion of independent radio before the advent of sites like The Standard and the The Daily Blog who unfortunately cant reach the numbers that MSM does more the pity.

    So I persevered wanting a New Zealand news perspective in the mornings and afternoons but it deteriorated along with the overt cover ups of Key’s corruption and that of his government after no change in post 2017 I stopped listening.

    You have to remember that you are never going to get as lefties ( most of us on here ) any other perspective , fairness or impartiality listening to these talking heads.

    The only exception is Kim Hill who never fails to firmly push for the answers whoever the neo liberal spokesperson is when I used to tune in.

    This guy Savage doesn’t know shit from clay. I often wonder whether these people actually have a clue about reality before they write posts like this.

  6. That piss poor excuse for a blog site has done as much as RNZ, NZ Herald, 1zb talkback, Every mainstream tv channel in NZ to utterly bollox up sensible, and rational debate, which is necessary if we are to get some common sense back into how we are administered…
    Any so called “left wing” blog that can’t tell the differe3nce between sosialism and extreme right wing nutjobbery shouldn’t be allowed near a typewriter and a dictionary.. LPrent herself called me a right wing nut job the last but one time I visited the site.. I called him/her on it, as HE/she is the first person in my entire life to be so utterly confused as to mistake me for a mossback tory… Ego driven social climbing.. In saying that, they were closely connected to a labour party still rotton with neo liberal traitors.. I should have taken the hint and avoided them like the plague on our houses they are.. They will have delivered over half a million votes to the nats during John Keys rampage through our ability to look after ourselves properly… Thanks to the hacks in a blog site that has brought shame to a name that used to mean something to the working people of NZ….
    Anything those fuckwits say is going to bring the Nats back even faster then the “real media”could…

  7. Well I’ve avoided The Standard like the plague for years simply because it’s so one-eyed in its defense of Labour screwups, whether in government or Opposition, and also because it’s so quick on the trigger for banning.

    But as far as the MSM are concerned I find your accusations of bias against the Left to be hilarious. I’ll grant you that Stuff and the Horrid are starting to publish critical pieces on Labour now, but that’s only after problems like health and education have been apparent for months to people on the ground, and after almost five years of Jacinda Love.

    And if they were so biased towards the Right you would think that we’d be flocking to subscribe, buy, listen, watch and read them. But we’re not. We’ve abandoned them, likely as much as you have. Read the comments in Kiwiblog, where DPF still references them, to the ritual howls of laughter from dozens of commentators talking of not having paid attention to them for years and others “finally dumping them”: these last often reveal themselves to be 70+ so I guess they held on to the bitter end, having grown up with “newspapers”.

    For anybody younger than 40 it’s not even a question, which makes it tough for Social Studies teachers at high school, a fact I found highly amusing when my kids had to report back on The News. They hated every second of it and, along with their class mates, drove their teachers to despair. Die MSM, Die 🙂

  8. It actually makes me feel somewhat comforted that I am also on a no fly list at the Standard, when others here are too.

    • Andy. Me too. They were brusque to me a few years back, like a petite annihilation for an alleged technical offence I’d have denied if I could be bothered but I no longer read The Standard at all altho’ sometimes I wonder if should; they had at least two good contributors.

    • I want a second opinion Bob about the left wing – I think you are chucking ordure around too widely.

  9. Why call Winston Peters a “Right wing politician”? Be specific about what you mean. Certainly he’s not on general economic policy; for he is and has long been one of the few leading political figures who have made their opposition to extreme neo-liberal policies clear. He is neither right nor left by any commonly used standard; he is an economic nationalist. This helps explain NZ First’s views on the need to regulate immigration. Social policies? His views there vary from issue to issue. Is his championing the elderly right wing? Maybe you don’t like him, fine, but leave off the labels.

    • Winston Peters can’t be said to be right wing true, he is actually a helicopter with very busy rotating wings.

  10. Peters took part in the right-wing lead Dumb lives matter protest at parliament. Dont forget Winston was in the NATZ party. As for Edwards, he hasn’t apologised to our Prime Minister for the false lies he expressed overseas about Jacinda regarding a right-wing dirty politics conspiracy.

  11. Thats an indicator that muddle class LINO supporters are doing ok. Nothing much for them to be overly concerned about other than some hurt feelings.
    So now Bryce is going to reported to one of the 27 Stasi terrorist & security agencies for subliminal hate speech.

  12. ‘Painfully serious Leftists’? Have you read my and others’ complaints about ‘The Standard’? Nothing serious about them, all neoliberal in the managers, which is painfully unserious. Egotists in charge of a ‘Left’ blog, herding in among the herd continuously.

  13. Always concentrate on our main drive, Martyn. We Lefties have odd ideas about a lot of things as Orwell noted in the 30s. Anti-woke has nothing to do with anything, just like vegetarianism in the 30s and my socialist great grandfather’s phrenology before.

  14. For the people’s cause, I fight rather than construct. The last 40 years lack a lot of the former. I’m Scots, English borderer and my father’s people so all I know is fight.

  15. There’s something wrong with you when you acknowledge The Standard’s fuck around for the rich as good. Are the American Democrats not owned by their donors? You read everything, unlike me. ‘Serious Leftists’ — ha ha ha. Get a fucken grip.

    The Standard is run by people whose main problem is Labour’s pro-people/ anti-corporate stance in the 70s.

    Learn more.

  16. Reading through this comment stream I once again ask you to address the right wing Standard. You and Chris declare yourselves as small left wing businesses rather than clarion horns for the people when you don’t speak the clear truth about things. All the people have is the truth.

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