Malcolm Evans – America on a limb

Malcolm Evans - America on a limb


Malcolm Evans – America on a limb


        • that being the case gaby why do you personally support ukrainian neo nazis who’s grandfathers murdered jews…and who will after ukraines inevitable defeat look to scapegoats and once again it’ll be zhids and you know it will…..don’t jews matter to you gaby?

  1. We always wanted to be like America. A saying – ‘Often what you want most, you find disappointing when you get it’. Guns rife, is this to be our life. (Rhymes are free today). Armed police at schools; education to be an arena of conflict beyond rulers on hands for speaking Maori.

    We are being educated to accept lack of effective government and economy so this doesn’t occur – yet cock-crowing about the wonders of our society despite! In spite? Is this what we expected? Surely not.

    The dialogue about the advantages of the USA over Puerrto Rico is actively, colourfully and tunefully argued in this clip from West Side Story.

    Limbo – how low can you go!
    Started as a slave ritual. We have yet to develop our own rituals as slavehood descends on us. Protesting the start?

  2. gotta say when I was young I fancied the myth of america, y’know candy pink caddies and and waitresses on roller skates chewing gum and dancing to little richard….
    now you wouldn’t get me there at gun point….
    and that’s the crux of it the yanks did a really good PR job in the postwar world of selling the (always) myth of america.


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