The NZ Left are too busy cancelling Hairy Maclary for woke dogma to help you right now


Since 2008, Central Banks, in a desperate move to gloss over the obscene greed and malfeasance of Corporate Banks, printed $25Trillion which kicked the can of reckoning down the road for a decade.

Well, we’ve run out of road and US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is being very clear that shit is about to hit the fan.

An economic depression generated by geopolitical friction beyond our control is going to swamp us with enormous social damage and political carnage.

The Left must be ready for this.

Unfortunately our focus is on alienating woke dogma virtue signals like hate speech, cancelling Hairy Maclary for lack of gender representation, or painting out the Lion King in Te Reo as the greatest cultural achievement since Shakespeare.

We need less alienating pronoun policing on the Left and more focus on universal services that provide material well being to people who are hurting right now and will be suffering in 6 months.

We need to remove the yoke of taxation from the 90% and reset it to the 10% richest.

The minefield of social justice and its never ending pure temple deplatforming of everything that triggers it will only drive people further from the Left in an intense economic downturn because you can’t eat virtue signalling aesthetics.

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Between January and March this year a record 363,888 food grants were handed out on top of a 500% spike in food bank demand.
Over the last year 18.4% of children lived in poverty, $5.5 billion in profits were made by ANZ, BNZ, ASB and Westpac and the Top 1% own 25% of wealth while the Bottom 50% owns 2% of wealth


If you think the worst inflation in 30 years is bad now, wait until the impact of the Ukrainian war and broken supply chains in China hit.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to corporations.

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  1. Wait, wait, wait “Our Glorious Leader” is going to David Jones, meeting the Victorian and NSW Premiers and otherwise opening some meetings.

    Fiddling while Rome burns springs to mind……

    • It’s OK because Newshub is running a story about her dress.

      We are truly blessed to have such a psycophantic media.

      • Zack Brando. For heaven’s sake make sure that Joanna Kidman doesn’t hear about the dress ( whose dress, anyway? ) or it could trigger a dressing down and global offending and apologies to injured parties across the warming seas unaware what culturally clumsy oafs we are down here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

        • OOh what nasty mean old and young perhaps gossips. You are a bitchy/non-ballsy lot. That’s not informed intelligent or even amusing political chaff.

        • You all sound a tad jealous je crois… Due to a whining sound that would put a jet engine to shame i would have to guess that you are all of pommy – land extraction…
          Oh …by the way ..where’s Luxona deodorant at the moment ?..
          I did hear that he’d run away to hide somewhere overseas so as to avoid the uncomfortable reality that he may have been asked to comment on the fact that Jacinda Ardern and her team had pulled off one of the best, most important and most timely trade deals in New Zealand’s history.

          Not to mention the NATO speech that she gave being another first for N.Z.

          Remind us all again what Key achieved in trade deals during his forgettable regrettable 9 years despite spending 4 times the amount of time overseas.
          Oops that’s right …8 years .. i forgot that he too also ran away when the heat in the kitchen got too hot to handle…. real men …real leaders…. as tough as……Not!!!!
          Luxona and Key… two peas in a pod …..of hopelessness !!

  2. Good thinking although since when do people always behave in a rational manner?
    I can provide evidence that this world is coming to an end & the rescue plan is literally from out of this world but the majority will reject it because it challenges their current opinions.

      • A quick read would be Mt chapter 24 then Rev 11:18. There are end times examples throughout the scripture but it is a big change for most people to accept that this Earth has a finite future in its present state because many have rejected the idea of a loving creator God while many religions teach a corrupted version of god after their own selfish interests.

  3. If Hairy Maclary was to be more gender diverse, and that there are so many gender diversities, how many more characters can be introduced in the book before there’s no room for the story itself. Poor children that the book is aimed at….

  4. Calling out ‘racism’ or mis-use of gender pronouns is so much cheaper and less risky than calling for economic changes that might materially affect the wealth and income of those who proudly call themselves ‘Progressive’ or ‘Left’.

  5. How do critics of Hairy Maclary know what gender the dogs are .I’ve yet to see any identifying sexual paraphernalia,and anyway, dogs can use any damn pronouns they want, and who is anyone to say Hercules Morse doesn’t identify as a bitch?When did literature become a device to enforce totalitarian conformity?

    • Precisely Francesca. Preschool children do not view the world as adults do FFS!. I daresay they would ascribe gender to their favorite member of the MaClary gang at a later stage in their lives but it is irrelevant and doubtful this would be of any concern to anyone in anyway. This is academic research now???Give me a break. A nut job in search of a niche in life.

    • Haven’t you read the latest book, ‘Hairy McClairy’s Gender-Affirming Surgery’?

      “With a snip to his b*lls and four splits to his c**k, Hairy McMary slid off to the shops”

      I didn’t really understand what they were trying to rhyme with ‘dilation’ and ‘inversion’ though, some of those words seemed strictly 5+ for today’s students.

    • Three thumbs UP Francesca. Literature is next you know, it will be called the Public Interest Literature Fund to ensure a steady supply of identarian propaganda is imbibed from cradle to grave!!

      Book burning is just around the corner 🙂

      • Fantail. Book burning is already here. The National Library led the way ridding itself of books not published in New Zealand. Hang into your books. I already have plans in motion to make sure that mine are saved. Major UK libraries are now being decolonised, so expect to see it happening more now that Mao’s little soldiers are calling the shots.

  6. Concentrating on the issues that are making life difficult for many New Zealanders is where this Ardern Labour Government should be concentrating their efforts.
    Standing by and watching NZ go further into the mire is a dereliction of duty.
    It’s cruel actually,

  7. Hairy McClary not diverse enough? I think the academic calling this outrage out should be challenged. Did she ask the dog what gender he identified as? What they/them pro nouns are?

    • Anker Of course the so-called academic should be challenged, even if only for contaminating the innocence of childhood with the pre-occupations of the gender obsessives forcing themselves into the political arena seemingly oblivious of the bread and butter issues impacting on the day to day lives of mainstream families.

      The shocking thing is that it is Dept of Education that Carmel Sepuloni wants to replace the Children’s Commissioner who has always been a named, highly qualified professional person concerned with
      the well-being of all children, and certainly not distracted by idiosyncratic and probably unimportant pigeonholes like this sort of irrelevant waffle.

      A lot of Enid Blyton’s work has been crucified in the UK, but she got many of us reading and learning the pleasure of books, and anything which sets kids on the path to literacy and enjoying doing so, should be sacrosanct. So what if Noddy and Big Ears were gay ?

  8. I would suggest that any rightard in favour of any of the books bans in the states..just wind yer necks in right now.

    as for hairy mclarey, not part of my childhood but I’ve seen it at mates houses…..anyone who sees anything other than a kids story in it needs treatment….URGENTLY

  9. I think the nut job calling out the author just wanted their 5 minutes of fame.
    Meanwhile another successful author gets put under the microscope to be pulled apart.
    I pity the poor kids too, just another thing to add to their mental health situation.

  10. I admire Dodd’s restraint. Mind you she’s the writer of kid’s books so responded in a calm way. “Isn’t it crazy, people are just too politically correct,” Dodd said.

    Instead of “Fuck off, tell the idiot to get a life. Tell him to get a life rewriting the bible so that more women get to be in leadership roles and spouting truths and messages for humanity.”

    So the story is shit waiting for someone to turn it into a shitstorm. I read Bomber’s piece, expected to see some sensible perspective, and the very first comment is that Ardern shouldn’t be overseas, she shouldn’t be meeting people, she should be doing serious stuff at home. Like what?

    Wielding a hammer on one of the ultra busy sites all over the country, helping build a house? Oh, can’t do that, the numpties tell us there’s nothing happening with houses.
    Maybe she could stay at home handing out baby’s dummies to the perpetually childish negative and myopic, suitably superglued, not just on the sucking end but the holding end too. No hear from them, no read from them.

    And to keep them amused have helpers read Lynley Dodd stories to them.

    • Peter the comment on the PMs whereabouts came from an old dog outside the Dairy….not Hercules Morse as big as a horse but another known as Frank the Tank resembles a plank

    • it obvious that all the right wing nuts who have taken time out of their day to opine on this issue, hadn’t read the article, and somehow thought that this was a government statement. which makes this tragic farce pearl clutching on the state of the woke taliban taking over NZ all the more ridiculous. stupid is as stupid does i guess.

  11. As myself and others often say Bomber. Refound MANA and see what happens. Lenin’s greatest principle was ‘suck it and see’.

  12. Agree top 2% wealthest should pay the most tax. Most of them are probably happy to. They just don’t know how it seems. Instead they focus on philanthropy.

    Not a fan of Hairy Maclary books for my kids, as I prefer cats. And cats normally play the bad characters in those books.

  13. We are hearing you Martyn…..There seems to a well organised , well funded , group who have managed to sneak sneak into the media box of life and are now calling the shots…..It almost like the fillies and geldings are now running the TAB…..Anyone want to place bets on how it’s going to end…??

  14. “We need to remove the yoke of taxation from the 90% and reset it to the 10% richest.”
    Resulting in many of those 10% taking themselves and their money somewhere else.
    I saw the consequences of the economy crushing taxes of Labour governments in the UK when I was young. All the working capital went overseas so by the time I’d been laid off twice, I left too.

  15. Thought you might appreciate the following, written by a Lefty who jumped into the 1990’s anti-globalisation protests. boots and all, a movement that had a lot of different parts and of which “there was no doubt that this was a movement of the Left. He’s feeling rather confused now:
    You wouldn’t have found any conservatives on the barricades at the anti-WTO protests. Most of them were either inside hymning the virtues of “free” trade, or back in Washington or London ginning up the next Middle East war.

    How times have changed. Here in the 2020s, the Left anti-globalism that I once thought was the movement of the future is barely in evidence anywhere. The most incisive opponents of corporate globalisation today are often to be found on the Right; or at least, not from any identifiable sector of the Left. Conservative, traditionalist and “post-liberal” critiques of the impact of globalisation on local communities, nation states, social cohesion, family formation, working class prospects, culture and even (though not often enough) the natural world are pouring out daily. The post-working class Left, meanwhile, has veered into an identity politics cul-de-sac, dictated largely by its commitment to an elite class war and an obsessive pursuit of cultural inversion.

    The worldview that the academic Eric Kaufmann calls Left-modernism is now the outlook of the professional managerial classes, the top 10% or so of society, and — not coincidentally — the beneficiary class of globalisation.

    It’s hardly a unique observation. Plenty on the Right have seen the same thing; it’s a big part of the fight in the US that has seen the likes of the Bush family, Mitt Romney and others firmly pushed to the side in favour of figures like Trump. Needless to say that these classes were more than happy with C-19 lockdowns, as this chart shows.

  16. Oh, and BTW Identity Politics theory is entirely a construction of the Left over the last fifty years, and the only times I’ve seen the Corporate sector appropriate it has been when outfits like Gillette, Nike, Disney, Hollywood and many others employed it, DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity) and its bastard child “Woke” to actually attack that portion of their own customer base that is traditional and conservative.

    Time to look for another excuse. AFAIC it’s down to the Left having run out of ideas for the furture beyond turning back to a past of state ownership of as much as can be obtained short of 100% communism – which ironically is a very conservative and reactionary stance.

  17. The Left didn’t create this garbage. This is all just another ruling class tool devised to draw our attention away from their misdeeds….

  18. an academic? I loath stereotypes but lets not have the tail wag the dog here. next thing you’ll know, dogs don’t chase cats and women have penis’ – oops – did I just get trans banned? Am I a TERF or even worse, a conservative meme.


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