Under the Radar: 5 year zero covid policy fallout, Cassidy Hutchinson saves America, Supreme Court loves coal + Stuff’s 5th Column


We here at TDB like to be first at pointing shit out, but in this never ending 24-7 news clusterfuck of a media environment we all live in, even we can slip up and miss something that should get more focus, so from time to time we’ll run Under the Radar News, things of note that escaped attention.

This week, 5 year zero covid policy fallout, Cassidy Hutchinson saves America, Supreme Court loves coal + Stuff’s 5th Column

5 year zero covid policy fallout:

Interesting story of an interview with a Chinese Offical who admitted that China’s severe Zero tolerance policy towards Covid that has seen vast chunks of the country placed under oppressive restrictions and caused turmoil to the domestic and global economy would be as long as 5 years is interesting.

The story caused mass panic on Chinese social media and the Government responded by claiming the interview was taken out of context and that the official didn’t say the policy would be around for 5 years.

That’s not true.

The Official numerous times mentions the 5 year time frame so much so that claims he was misquoted simply don’t stack up.

What is far more likely is that this was an honest assessment of how long the policy will need to be in effect for to safely remove the need for the restrictions altogether BECAUSE Covid continues to surge and mutate around the world MEANING China will always be on the verge of these restrictions for at least another half decade.

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This means shockwaves to global supply chains are a possibility any time of day, that is a risk global capitalism simply can’t afford and this alongside the geopolitical tensions between the Capitalist Democracies and Authoritarian Capitalists means many Western Transnationals will start moving supply chains to ones within our sphere of allies.

That sudden slashing of supply chains will cause enormous disruptions and economic dislocations in countries with threadbare welfare provisions.

You can appreciate why the Chinese Authorities were so quick to shut down this story of the pain being around for another 5 years because no one wants to acknowledge the cost of zero covid to a CCP who have goaded the West over their Covid response failures while holding Zero Covid up as a solution only the mighty Communist Party could have succeeded in.

Xi has staked too much face in defeating Covid.

China’s economic insecurity could be as dangerous as American economic insecurity.

Cassidy Hutchinson saves America:

Let’s take a moment here to pay due respects to Cassidy Hutchinson.

The courage to stand up and speak truth to power like this for someone so young is quite remarkable, especially when that truth is painting a disturbing insight into the madness of Trump’s final days in power.

It is clear Trump was actively instigating, empowering, whipping up, plotting and planning to cause a disruption to the normal flow of democratic process to an election that was won fair and square.

He is an orange fascist and January 6th resembles Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch in farce, incompetence and cruel intent.

At this stage, if you are still attempting to defend Trump after everything we now know, you may as well just admit to being a brown shirt wearing fascist.

Beyond the courage of this moment however is the shocking realisation that this 26 year old, then 25 year old, had become a senior adviser in such a short period of time within a White House that was churning through staff as terrified Republican Goons and Thugs attempted to appease the Mad King.

Time and time again we see Cassidy Hutchinson being told to try and tell other terrified Republican Goons to do their job or tell the President directly news they don’t want to be blamed for sharing.

Their cowardice is in stark contrast to her courage.

We need far more Cassidy Hutchinson’s and far less everyone else.


Supreme Court loves coal:

In the shock of Roe Vs Wade, two other Supreme Court rulings have shown how the Far Right Christian vote has mutated one entire branch of the American system into a religiously biased cult rubber stamping conservative vested interests as law.

The decision right before the Roe Vs Wade travesty to allow concealed weapons to be carried is such a jaw dropping insult to public policy in favour of gun fetishists it seems more like a kink category on PornHub than an actual Supreme Court ruling.

The decision right after Roe vs Wade was an extraordinary decision for the coal barons that says their right to pollute using their own property is greater than the EPA’s regulations to stop them polluting.

The Supreme Court believes Corporations are humans and as such their property rights are akin to personal autonomy. Not the personal autonomy to decide whether or not you want to carry a baby, but the exact same personal autonomy to carry a gun!

Only in America are guns and coal less regulated than a woman’s ovaries.

The Supreme Court is now at odds with the vast majority of the Americans it enslaves with its religious bigotry.


Stuff’s 5th Column:

The Spin-Off and Stuff join forces at their new editorial office.


A column inside Stuff where a woman is suggesting young women are micro aggression policing any advance as an assault???


Surely Stuff are platforming heteronormative culture lies that at a micro aggression level erode the voices of victims drowned out by the patriarchy?

Or maybe there is a 5th Column inside the Woke Hivemind of Stuff who are now actively challenging identity politics dogma?

Who cares, let’s enjoy the condescending hypocrisy.


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  1. 1. The Covid panic was always going to end up like this. I had a dry cough last week: Turns out it was Covid. LOL.

    2.Cassidy Hutchinson’s evidence doesn’t matter because the Democrats will be routed in the midterms regardless. If Republicans are smart they should chose a younger candidate for ‘24 who can remain in office for two terms. I suspect that is the plan, so the Democrats expend all their ammo now, shooting at the wrong target.

    3. We should all be fans of coal in NZ: it was the only thing that kept the lights on last week! Europeans and Americans face a winter with no heating. Wood burners are all sold out in Germany and there will a political backlash the like if which we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. People will die of cold, thanks to Biden and Merkel. Meanwhile the Greens in Finland are now pro nuclear power. 😉

    • You know nothing of American politics, whilst the narcissist Trump still have a breath in him the Republicans will get down on bended knee and succumb to Trump, that is why smart and Republican can’t be used in the same sentence.
      That dry cough you sarcastically quote, killed someone whom didn’t have your DNA, you twat.

  2. We all need to thank the US for protecting us for without them we would be a province of China by now. Those of you who deny this fact are naïve ignoramuses who deserve no protection (but get it anyhow).

  3. The final point in Stuff’s 5th Column article.

    “Suggest they get to know potential sexual partners first. Remind them that a girl could pretend to be 20 but actually be 14 – and that if you sleep with her, that’s child rape.”

    Is this the nub of the Believe All Women issue? Women don’t lie they just pretend!

  4. Um Eleanor Mills has a point there. Making sex a spectator sport is a pretty disgusting abuse of communication technology, basically, and the fallout for those young people below the top of the celebrity pyramid is radioactive. It’s called body dysmorphia. But hey, someone’s making bank.


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