Latest cop gun fiasco highlights 501 sophistication (again)



Gun owners upset after sensitive firearms details stolen from former Auckland City police station

Police have revealed the details of around 400 gun owners – including names and possibly the types of firearms they had – were stolen from the old Auckland police station.

Sensitive documents were being stored inside the dilapidated and disused former Auckland City police station where staff no longer work.

…I think there are 2 issues here.

1 – The legal gun owner community are going to be enraged at this appalling breach of their privacy and immediate safety issues. For a group who are already feeling victimised and angry and resentful and whom will be called upon to sign up to the new gun registry, it’s a toxic cocktail of grievance and insecurity that is only adding fuel to extremism. Most legal gun owners in NZ that I know are pretty staunch buggers and if someone tries to steal their guns in the middle of the night, there’s a good chance they will fight back. It’s only a matter of time before this leak causes serious harm.

2 – It proves the point that TDB has been making for sometime now that the 501s are bringing a level of counter-intelligence tactics way outside the norm for the Police and domestic gangs. To know where to go and seize these shredded records and use them for the intel to steal guns or bribe locals is far in excess of local gangs and simply side stepped Police protractive tactics to keep these records safe.

These criminals knew what they were doing and knew what they were after. The cops only found out they were missing when they came across them in another search! This is another example of the level of sophistication the unpatched 501 syndicates now have over existing Policing practises.

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This is going to require an upgrade of police defences and a realisation that the sophistication of these professional organised crime syndicates are way beyond the current capacity of NZ Police.

Look, the main tactic the NZ Police have is bullying confessions out of desperate people, does anyone honestly think for professionally hardened criminals a mean conversation from a lying Detective is going to be enough to crack them?


The Police to date have carried out 750 warrantless searches against these warring gang members, that’s a huge heavily armed fishing expedition we are embarking upon here with very little oversight.

We are not ready for this jelly folks.

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  1. It’s not really that sophisticated to break into a disused police station and steal shit. Likely just as much to be teenagers working on behalf of local gangs.

    It continues to erode trust in both Williams and Woke Coster.

    At the moment the police are going to a gun fight armed with a blunt butter knife courtesy of these 2. The recent action would not have occurred if not for the feckless reporting on the surge. It’s window dressing and we all know it (even the sheeple).

    We are seeing first hand what a progressive approach to policing results in – more crime. The government has created a run away train – a self enforced error that they can’t fix in time for 2023.

    • Holy fru*k Frank – give it a break. Are Williams and Coster supposed to personally go and check every lock on every Police Station through out the country every evening? Perhaps you might be more satisfied is the Police carried military grade weapons and bazooka’s in the boots of their armoured personnel carriers as in the US, with equally dire consequences? Of course, it would be of no consequence to you if you were at risk of death from Covid being a young ten feet tall and bullet-proof thick-head just as long as the Police deal to all and sundry who are not like you so you can continue spouting bullshit and disseminating your prejudices.

      • The current state of law and order speaks for itself. The spate of ram raids and gang related shooting is unprecedented in my lifetime (40+ years). We have a minister and commissioner that have been selected not for their ability but their political leanings.

        In regarding to the break in – heads should roll. Very simple aom – Coster needs to identify those in charge that were asleep at the wheel and hold them to account publically and them implement changes in process that make sure this doesn’t happen again. That is leadership. What we have got so far is a shrug of the shoulders and a remorseless sorry.

        • Been living under a rock for 40 years Frank? Those of us who have been around far longer could give you a history that would make your paranoia lead to severe depression. Look a bit closer and you will fine that firearms offences and gangs have a pretty short history in NZ as do ramraids involving youngsters. You don’t have to look far with an open mind to understand why.

          As for your claims about the Minister, naturally she has political leanings – that is why she is where she is. Coster, because of his position, is unable to exercise a political stance, but then, why let constitutional conventions get in the way of your prejudices. As for ability – I know who I would trust and it wouldn’t be you, in either capacity.

          As for your second paragraph – stop making shit up. You haven’t a clue what is going on beyond the end of your nose, let alone in the real world where social media and talkback don’t rot your braincells. “What we have got so far is a shrug of the shoulders and a remorseless sorry.” Oh yeah!

      • Add to that a disused and probably run down police station. Did it become run down and disused in the short time William’s and Coster have been in office or the previous years of underfunding the police force, the police infrastructure and police recruitment. People that believe this has happened overnight need their heads seriously read. And putting WOKE before a person’s name doesn’t add to an argument, it actually trivialises it.
        There is more crime in NZ because our population has increased and in the particular case of gangs, more 501s.
        People here thinking if National were in charge we wouldn’t have crime or gangs need to buy a bridge from me.

    • Again Frank tell me how it would be better under National? They weren’t around to get the full impact of 501’s but still knew they were coming and reduced police funding. If you want to talk eroding trust, how about 120mil P scam to kick people out on the streets, and do nothing to dent the actual P problem. Is it because Mark Mitchell’s knuckles hang closer to the ground that you think he will be more effective?

      What evidence do you have that a so called progressive approach has anything to do with an increase in gang tensions? Do you think these low life’s give a toss what the police approach is? I suppose you will say that ram raids have only occurred because police changed their chase policy (absolute bollocks). Of course even if they hadn’t changed it there is only the small matter of needing esp to be at exactly the right location in a mega city to chase people.

    • The minister just has to ensure they get new police recruits, more funding and tools to do their job. The police strategise and deal with the crims and that is exactly what Poto has provided for them to do the job. Mitchell is a dinosaur looking for body counts as a performance measure. We dont want to go back to the 1950’s or the USA. Haumaha explained how Police have been dealing with the crims and will soon clear the cowardly scum up.

  2. The Western Australia Police went one better, they actually published a map showing the location of all the firearms owners in one Perth suburb, with some properties very easily identifiable. Burglaries apparently resulted. This lack of data security is one of our major concerns with the proposed firearms register, as once the security is breached, & it will be (either by corrupt cops, criminal hackers or just the kind of incompetence that has seen doors left open & firearms/files/etc stolen from police stations), it provides a shopping list for criminals & puts lives in danger. So not only is it a useless waste of money that will solve not a single crime, it has the potential to cause actual harm.

    • no you’ve decided ‘data security’ is an issue thinking it’ll lend a thread to your frayed bow string dick, haven’t you, it’s just another example of lazy slack enforcement.

      chances are the burglars didn’t even know the docs were there and had no idea of their potential until they showed them to someone, they were probably more chuffed with out of date pepper spray at the time.

      • Collectors & pistol shooters have been specifically targeted in the past, that’s why we generally keep quiet about what we have. Leaving confidential documents unsecured is a very bad practice, but it is in keeping with many of their other failings. Given the Police & Government’s woeful record of data security, we definitely have reason to be concerned.

      • “Chances are” come on. It’s more than probable the crims were told they were there by police in the know. It’s possible they were chanced upon, yes. But the facts are, extortion is very commonplace inside these Aussy gangs. It’s Mafia style extortion 101.

        There are recent cases of police recruits being kicked out because of connections with gangs. Likewise sworn officers who have been corrupted, or turned. They extort this type of information.

        That’s the great danger of the registrar of guns. One breach, and they have a google maps style step by step guide where to steal more guns.

        Unfortunately like the gun buy back, it will be just another well intentioned law which will do absolutely nothing.

        • ‘chances are’ is more likely than your conspiracy theory mick….produce 1 shread of proof not supposition

            • oh I made a typo, that negates my whole argument then.

              but guod ov u to rooosh 2 micks difunce bub

              • Is Bob two timing Kraut, how dare he, gosh think of your and Krauts child Bob. Thankfully Bob never makes typos. Ji Bob give overs a brake.

          • This constant takedown, by calling anything you don’t agree with a conspiracy theory, is lame; and frankly unbecoming.

            I didn’t claim it was fact. I simply don’t believe some random hoods decided to break into an unused police station and spend their rifling through records.

            It is a fact, gangs are extorting information out of police.
            It is a fact police recruits have been removed from training after they were found to have links to gangs.
            Why do you think gangs are putting their people inside the police force? So they can drive fast legally?

  3. I think if these people are willing to rob police stations then they will have no problem targeting big fish like gun stores rather than some 22 owner, who the police are now trying to garner sympathy for (Their brothers in arms? The people who deserve their protection?). The Justice Ministry had 1500 privacy breaches in 6 years and not a whimper from government, while the vile Covid circus means our health status can now be viewed by any random employed in the system, to be exploited by those without training, qualification or background check. Health records, our most precious data. Maybe the poor gun owners should accept the mantra of new normal, “You will have no privacy and you will be happy”. In fact, make the gun licence lists public so we all know who in society has these weapons.

    • Most gun stores, don’t have the hardware that many private firearms owners have. You’re more likely to end up with .22s without bolts robbing a gun store, than anything useful.

    • Oh and if you want to make firearms licence lists public (completely ignoring the risks that poses to everyone, not just licence holders & their families), just allow open carry, then everyone will know what you’ve got. Simple eh?

  4. A part of newshubs story on this caught my eye – they quoted the police superintendent as saying the theft of documents BEGAN in May.
    Implication= the thieves were at this for some time, multiple days?

    Whole new levels of incompetence from the people who weren’t supposed to be in charge of firearms licensing anymore because of their incompetence.

  5. Why was the police station closed in the first place?
    The fact is that National has defunded the police both between 1990-99 and 2008-17.

    • Very true.

      Now, how many of those closed community and rural police stations have been re-opened?

      • A negative number have reopened.
        60 odd more rural stations have been closed over the last few years as staff have been moved to the stations in the burbs.

  6. Not so much sophistication by gangs as slackness and indiscipline by the cops. This is far from the first time:
    A few years back they found a Glock whilst conducting a search warrant. Turns out it was a police pistol they didn’t even know they’d lost!
    Also a few years back a friend motor mechanic was servicing a police car and found the pistol still in the car.
    Ok these are just individual cases but demonstrate a complete lack of internal systems to keep track of weapons in their care. Yet this is the organisation that wants to keep track of our weapons!
    Don’t forget police corruption. Twice recently we’ve had cases of cops who were found to be undercover gang members, and oh did I mention the kilo of P that was stolen from the Whangarei police evidence lockup a few years ago?

  7. ” because of their incompetence ”

    LOL I am surprised every day that this country functions at all.

    Seriously its frightening….think about it !

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