MEDIAWATCH: How politically shallow is RNZ? Take David Seymour vs Willie Jackson coverage

Effectively the political commentary on Radio NZ is determined by what would make Corrin Dann blush at a Wellington dinner party.


I think it’s hilarious that the woke NZ journalists are more angry at Willie calling David a ‘useless Māori’ than the abomination of horror that David’s policies would cause! –

The woke journalists are only interested in micro aggression policing identity rather than the far right the nuclear explosion that Seymour’s mutilation of the State would create!

Corin Dann’s breathless exclamation to Willie on Morning Report that he’d called David a ‘useless Māori’ was bigger an issue to Corrin than the monstrosity of damage David was gleefully promising and that’s because all NZ journalists are in the thrall of woke activists on Twitter which creates a Stockholm syndrome editorial style where the minutia of middle class intersectionist etiquette trumps all other issues.

Effectively the political commentary on Radio NZ is determined by what would make Corrin Dann blush at a Wellington dinner party.

As The Daily Blog has been pointing out since the election, the extreme hard right policy of ACT is simply not appreciated by the majority of kiwis.

But it’s there, oh sweet Jesus is it there.

That’s just the start…

TDB Recommends
  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats

This is Romper Stomper Hard Right insanity that makes Qanon look reasonable and because there is no way National can win without ACT, every vote to National empowers ACT.

While TDB has been pointing out that the Wellington Bureaucracy certainly do control policy and have far too much influence for their own self interest, we argue conquering that requires a plan to use tasers on their most sensitive areas to advance a left wing economic policy platform. It doesn’t require taking a chainsaw to the entire capacity of the State and calling that blunt force trauma amputation surgical!

David is throwing the baby, the bath, the little plastic toys, the soap and the entire toilet out with the bathwater.

David wants to hand on heart be able to tell Satan that he did all he could to mutilate the State yet Corrin Dann is more concerned that calling someone a ‘useless Māori’, might continue the patriarchal colonists racist narrative that Māori are useless.

Middle Class Identity politics and all the micro aggression policing cancel culture nonsense that comes along with it does nothing to enlighten the public.


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    • @ andrew.
      There’s another medicine called laxative’s. You take must take it which clearly causes you say to much of the result of that.
      No one believes your weak bullshit anymore. Most of us just want to wind the clock back to 1983. Personally, I want to peel the natzo’s and the rogernomes alive and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to do that.

    • Selling our national assets like water isn’t medicine its unpatriotic and down right criminal especially in todays global environment. David Seymore isn’t only a useless Maori, he’s dumb one aswell.

  1. When quizzed by journalists on Jackson and the finance role, Seymour simply disintegrated.
    Seymour loves to stand before media ranting and raving but this is the first time he has been grilled by media and he had no answers. His sarcasm to answering questions is appalling, his policies the same.
    Time will tell but I can see ACT returning to the days with only Seymours gifted Epsom seat in parliament if the public finally see through his ruse.

    • So true Bert as you always are but will the public in his beloved Epsom seat see through him? I think not because they espouse everything he says because it fits with their own narrow-minded far right-wing narrative.

      • I am not completely convinced all in Epsom think that we should do away with the ministry of Women and others to be frank.

    • Lol Bertie – no he didn’t. Great one liner about not responding to Steamboat Willy due to the risk of making him relevant.

      Middle NZ does not want co-governance. The pile-on from the rent-an-idiot crowd didn’t lose Act one single vote in fact likely gained it votes as Te Reo played his best St Scultz impersonation.

  2. One thong I will say about Act is at least they are putting their agenda on the table for all to see. Unlike Labour and the Greens, who seem to do a lot of stuff by stealth, that has lead me to distrust them.

    Willies “useless Maori” comment only serves to show he is ideologically driven.

    I think you my be incorrect Martyn about cutting benefits. I read it that they would tie benefits to the cost of living rather than inflation.

    As a women I don’t mind seeing the Min of Women going. It has been ideologically compromised by now including trans women (who are male bodied). This too was done by stealth when JuliAnn Genter was Minister.

    I would happily give up the Ministries Act mentioned if it meant we could pay and retain more nurses and Drs. I think Act quote the increase of staff in the Min of Ed and their increase in salaries (more than teachers who do the real work) get paid. Yes please let’s cut bureaucracy!

    What will Seymour’s tax cuts do for the poor?

  3. ah, its ok when Maori decide who is a useful and useless Maori. What do you think they should do with ‘useless’ Maori? And who else might be a useless Maori and what makes one a useless Maori?

    • How about instead, you give me money and if you’re lucky I might make more money from your money and give you your money back so it’s like I gave you money.

    • A useless political Maori is one that continues to shits on his own people and uses his people as a political football to kick around before the election and creates an us and them and is divisive. A useless Maori is one that never sticks up for his people and uses assimilative policies under the auspice ‘we are one people’ when in fact two peoples signed the TOW. Seymour is getting desperate so he is lashing out at his own people cause Luxon is doing fuck all but getting his voters back by kicking the poor in the guts his so called bottom feeders. Seymour is always painting us negatively he has nothing nice to say he is dangerous and desperate.

  4. Seymour has done a good job of flushing Jackson out. That the level of political discourse in NZ has descended to racist name calling only proves much of what the right has been contending for sometime regarding the Labour Maori caucus agenda for the nation. We have a weak Prime Minister who has been far too easily swayed/bullied by Jackson and co ‘s BS. I admire Jackson as political operator.Labour would not be in power without him. His agenda is bullshit though and based on revisionist garbage. It is the bitterest of ironies that the most fascistic party of all the wannabe fascists we have to choose from when we vote is the ONLY party offering a much needed referendum on co-governance. Long may Seymour continue to rattle Labour’s cage. They fucking deserve it!
    There’s a bunch of us Pakeha like Seymour whose families have been here for close on 200 years who have had a gutsful of the shit Jacinda’s government is trying to shove down our throats!

    • Really Shona. There are a number on the right that we’re installing co governance models as well so it’s complete bullshit to say it’s something the current PM has decided to “ram down our throats “

      • Yes it bullshit to say “ram down our throats “. It’s more like shoving down our throats, you know, like they force feed geese for foie gras…like that, ey Shona?

        • The word is “it’s” not it, time to proofread coward.
          Poor wee right wing coward with his constant bullshit posts rammed down our throats. Now Mike Judge still needs his question answered coward?

        • SK, go and listen to Chris Finlayson on RNZ.

          While he says there’s room for robust debate about the co-governance model between the Crown and iwi and hapū, Finlayson’s advice for dealing with the “sour right” behind the racist, resentful rhetoric: “We’ve just got to leave those losers behind and move on.

          My point being that Shona is being rather selective and, like a lot of people seem, to think co governance just fell out of the sky in the last few years.

    • So, now that Maori are advocating for their rights from a position of power you feel threatened – boo hoo – I hope you gag on it.

  5. Interesting analysis Martyn – like the Stockholm Syndrome idea seems right from what I see.

    I think Anker you might think three times before even mentioning ACT and their policies. Not to be secret ive about them but just to avoid giving them oxygen. If women provide a soapbox ACT will stand on it but
    any goodies supposed to be passed on to women will be found – wanting. Mother Hubbard will find her cupboard is bare. I can’t bear to think of people who think they are good getting sucked into this bad lot, in any way.

    • would you please define the word women?
      1. adult human female – producer of children, maker of sandwiches
      2. adult human male in frocks

      unless you do that your comment is meaningless.

        • Why?
          When you say :

          If women provide a soapbox ACT will stand on it but
          any goodies supposed to be passed on to women will be found – wanting

          Whom do you mean with women? Anyone can currently be a women, they may be bepenised, or vaginad, they may have beards, they might not, who knows? I mean you can be a woman or a man tomorrow just for funsies and people would consider you brave and stunning and give you a rainbow lanyard for your key.
          So please if you want to pretend that not considering a “ministry of women’ important anymore in the times of Self ID (thanks Labour / Green and all the other parties that signed on to that) and that that means one is supportive of the Hologram, then you at least should have the curtesy to clarify about whom you are talking, unless of course you are talking about men in frocks who may vote Libertarian.
          So who is ?
          Woman adult human female aka birthing body, cervix haver, menopauser, bleeder, bipedal sentient gestational unit for lease, parent, etc.
          Woman – adult human male – a man in a frock with she / her pronouns.
          Be precise, lest you cause confusion.

        • Just to clarify my asking you to clarify your definition of woman/women is due to the Ministry of Woman now including men who self ID as women.

          from their ‘about us’ statement on their page ‘

          “In developing policy advice, the Ministry represents the interests of all women, including transgender women, and it recognizes the right of all people to self-identify.”

          So why would any person who is without a penis, or an inverted penis, give a care about this ministry? It is now useless. Close it down, safe some money.

      • No, Reactionary Bratwit, – women is the plural (ie, more than one, in case you did not know) of the noun ‘woman’ which you tried to define, but failed because you misspelt it.
        Also pronounced differently in the broad world of English speakers.
        The plural of woman is women, but women is pronounced WIMMEN, OK? If Kiwis want to be seen as stupid world-wide, keep on pronouncing woman and women the same way.

        Now I am frustrated because when I scroll up I cannot tell who on earth you were responding to, and that is the fault of the stupid way this website blocks different messages up for differing times and and stuffs up proper sequence.

    • Thanks Grey, let’s face it Willie has just given Act oxygen, by calling Seymour a useless Maori……me putting a comment on the DB, not somuch

      • Willie is perhaps thinking old – fashioned Maori. They had the right originally to pass judgment on each other without being called out for being iwi-ist.

  6. He means a useless Maori politician as most Maori go into politics to try and help their people and make a difference as we are at the bottom and being at he bottom is largely due to colonisation and assimilation.
    Maori did not create the Maori seats Pakeha created them to stop us from out voting them. Now as soon as we get a bit of governance or power or included in decision making, out come all the knives and the nasty racist Maori bashing shit.

    • Really?? covid is pa. There are just as many pakeha and pasifika at the bottom of the heap as there are Maori. we are the working class. And we have had a gutsful of capitilist racism agenda. A dividednation is a weak nation.

      • Give the population of pakeha, pasifika and Maori I think you are completely wrong. Yes all working class but more working class Maori and Pasifika than pakeha.

        • That’s ne more working class pakeha by number than Maori and Pasifika. But nobody wants too talk to them or for them – least of all Labour and the Greens

      • how are those gutted and eviscerated unions working out for you? pissed that the maori union still has mana – working class conservatives – better your massirs fields and stables than anyone elses huh? voting for your own oppression coz it’s safe and warm.

      • So David Seymour’s agenda is not racist but Willy Jackson’s is, sorry but I am confused. It appears to me that its ok for a certain majority section of society to be aspirational but its not ok for Maori to be aspirational and somehow it becomes threatening to the majority now i am more confused than ever

    • bahahahaha “most Maori go into politics to try and help their people” I have tears rolling. Like most pollies of all colour and creed, most maori go into politics because it’s an easy way to earn a big salary with life long perks therefater, that why!

  7. Whatever you do, don’t criticize Willie because your comment will be moderated. TDB is like Russian TV when Willie is involved.

  8. Seymour to me represents a back-to-basics approach.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about a piece by Peggy Noonan titled; “Be Careful What You Celebrate”:

    “We have all had a moment when all of a sudden we looked around and thought: The world is changing, I am seeing it change. This is for me the moment when the new America began: I was at a graduation ceremony at a public high school in New Jersey. It was 1971 or 1972. One by one a stream of black-robed students walked across the stage and received their diplomas. And a pretty young girl with red hair, big under her graduation gown, walked up to receive hers. The auditorium stood up and applauded. I looked at my sister: “She’s going to have a baby.”

    The girl was eight months pregnant and had the courage to go through with her pregnancy and take her finals and finish school despite society’s disapproval.

    But: Society wasn’t disapproving. It was applauding. Applause is a right and generous response for a young girl with grit and heart. And yet, in the sound of that applause I heard a wall falling, a thousand-year wall, a wall of sanctions that said: We as a society do not approve of teenaged unwed motherhood because it is not good for the child, not good for the mother and not good for us.

    The old America had a delicate sense of the difference between the general (“We disapprove”) and the particular (Let’s go help her”). We had the moral self-confidence to sustain the paradox, to sustain the distance between “official” disapproval and “unofficial” succor. The old America would not have applauded the girl in the big graduation gown, but some of its individuals would have helped her not only materially but with some measure of emotional support. We don’t so much anymore. For all our tolerance and talk we don’t show much love to what used to be called girls in trouble. As we’ve gotten more open-minded we’ve gotten more closed-hearted.

    Message to society: What you applaud, you encourage. And: Watch out what you celebrate.

    • Yeah, nah nah….tell that to all the girls that were forced to put up for adoption the children they had as teenagers and unwed woman. They did not get material help and/or emotional support. They got kicked out of their family homes, had the child beaten out of them, got send to the Magdalene Laundries, to convents and birth houses hundreds of miles away with their children taken the moment they were born, were married ot the first young man who would have her to make her honorable and sometimes they are killed in so called honor killings.

      The applauded the fact that this young women was pregnant, out in the public, unshamed, and who had enough support to keep that child – or adopt it out on her own terms. As that was still something quite rare in the seventies. That and a women going to university and getting a degree.

  9. Ol’ rnz aye.
    “As part of the process of privatisation carried out by the fourth National government, the government’s commercial radio operations were sold to private investors as The Radio Network in 1996 and the government’s non-commercial assets (known previously as New Zealand Public Radio) became the current Radio New Zealand Crown entity.”
    As an independent public service broadcaster, the public radio company’s purpose is to serve the public interest.
    Freedom of thought and expression are foundations of democratic society and the public radio company as a public service broadcaster plays an essential role in exercising these freedoms.
    The public radio company fosters a sense of national identity by contributing to tolerance and understanding, reflecting and promoting ethnic, cultural, and artistic diversity and expression.
    The public radio company provides reliable, independent, and freely accessible news and information.
    On we go…
    “It operates news and current-affairs network, RNZ National, and a classical-music and jazz network, RNZ Concert, with full government funding from NZ on Air.”
    Is it just me or am I rightly concerned that I see the names Wattie and Wrightson listed on the board of directors of RNZ [Ltd.] I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.
    And I’m damned if I can find the reference to the Labour ministers who share 50% each in terms of their administration of RNZ.
    Does it worry anyone else, that RNZ is more right wing than a dyslexic chicken? RNZ dumped the most spectacular interviewer it ever had in the form of Kim Hill then replaced her with kathryn ryan. A woman who can’t pronounce the letter ‘S’. A woman who’s all over money and the right wing zombie hoards like a Russian Bath House rash.
    I’m bloody happy that this’s coming out for debate.
    Go you TDB. xx

    • Well it won’t worry the right wing shrill Shona that RNZ and Newstalk ZB is more right wing than a dyslexic chicken

    • If RNZ dumped Kim Hill it would have been because she’s not left leaning enough. Such is the state on RNZ.

      • RNZ knows that Kim Hill is their greatest asset,
        She actually resisted (bravely) the imposition of advertising on what was supposed to be advertising-free radio.
        But that is gone. RNZ persistently and ever more blaringly advertises its own programmes after each news broadcast. None of us need that, but the powers that be want us to accept advertising as being normal everywhere.

        Zack Brando – get wised up.

  10. RNZ’s approach to this issue is indeed regrettable, and would indeed be better to focus on the substance of Act and Labour policies.

    I think they probably had to take this angle for a practical and a tactical reason.

    Practical: they only got Jackson on, so could only focus on the comment. Tactical: They know their own trust with the public has tanked owing to perceptions on the “Team of $55 Million” issue. So I am sure there will editorial direction to take opportunities to “combat that narrative”.

  11. This is what I’ve been saying on this site? That Seymour isn’t unique when a person that claims ‘Maori heritage’ but rarely say they’re (part what-eva) then go on a tirade of characterizing their Maori side negatively, (they won’t characterized their what-eva-side negatively). These individuals venerate academics like ‘Thomas Sowell’ who actively degenerates ‘African Americans’ that he is apart of.

    There are a number of academics and high profile ‘Part Maori’ that play this race card like Winston Peters, Allan Duff, Elizabeth Rata, David Rankin, David Seymore…etc. This is used IMO to make spurious claims that, ‘even Maori are parroting what Pakeha have been suggesting since their arrival into Aotearoa’ that has this façade of vindication.

    This type of behavior has residual aspects of colonization, which hasn’t ended but morphed into something sophisticated and frankly deceitful which has been around for awhile in our country, importantly why I advocate strongly knowing our history, to recognize these phenomena’s into todays culture wars.

    • Those that have succumbed to assimilation and those that are still in transition.

      The Borg had it sussed.

  12. act show their colours and throw fresh meat to their troll farm…
    no surprises there….
    back to the 80s no new ideas just the same old failed asset stripping policies and pathological hate of social spending, in fact pathological hatred of anything that helps their own base.

  13. ” RNZ’s approach to this issue is indeed regrettable ”

    Well not surprising as Dann is a Tory sympathiser from way back and the perfect mouthpiece for RNZ’s Stephen Joyce’s handpicked board and manager enacted by the last Nasty Natz government.

    National radio was respected as a non partisan news service but not National friendly enough to spread Key’s man of the people caring conservatism.

    Six years on this is your ” regrettable ” reporting and BIASED contamination of public broadcasting.

    • Couldn’t agree more, there has been a total lack of balance on most programmes, Morning Report, Nine To Noon, The Panel & the evening news.
      The main go to for any comments are invariably the business organisations, Oz bank economists, employment lawyers, chambers of commerce spokesmen, Hospo/Tourism whingers, the Feds (farmers) & Horticulture moaners.
      No other voices are allowed, collectively they almost all appear to be breathlessly competing for the most one eyed version that can be put across, the fact that most people can see right thru them doesn’t slow them down & they try to outdo each other.
      It’s going to get worse if TVNZ RNZ combine, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, expect it to really go down the dunny!

    • And of course the NZ Herald now a right wing propaganda paper with regular input from columnists Paula Bennett, Richard Prebble and Steven Joyce.

  14. A flimsy case.

    All of the Left of ‘a certain age’ (I include you!) know where the weight of things land. I’m sure Corin doesn’t think this matters more than ACT’s ideas, just it’s that stinky thing, newsworthiness — the public’s interest rather than the public interest.

    Make use of our generation who remember in our pores the Welfare State and are in positions of power and influence (not me obviously). The term ‘Woke’ is as irritating as a rough wool jersey on our skin. I just don’t think it’s important to anyone not submerged in the internet media above a certain age.

  15. I used to be an ideological libertarian when I was 16 – then I grew up. The world isn’t only about me and if people and groups want to advocate for themselves and gain ministerial representation – all power to them however I think Rimmer does have a point about some of our bureaucratic institutions.

  16. Well said, Mosa. ‘Speaking truth to power’ and the always stenchy ‘newsworthy’, all in the one profession.

    The former was Corin’s declaration about his role, if I remember. Yes, National bullshitted all over the last great independent media response to ‘Rogernomics’ (or too Left to them — too Left to Helen as well). The last great mainstream mouthpiece for our old social democracy where no one was left behind. Never wrong but in the way of the new power of the rich and ‘meritocratic’. See Bernie Sanders. We weren’t wrong.

    There was a lot to be learnt when you often had your transistor radio on, before the media became 360 degrees surround-sound. More a whole immersive life than my diversion.

  17. I heard the Dann/Jackson thing this morning. I wondered at Dann going on about “playing the man not the ball.”
    I thought down the rugby analogy lines. If some player eye gouges another is it unfair to describe the attacker as a “dirty bastard”? You can complain about the deed but not him as a person?

    From a different angle is saying Seymour is a “useless Māori” as bad as it can get? I can imagine many others besides Jackson describing him that way, as in useless at being a Maori and seeing things from a Maori perspective. Is Seymour not a useless Māori?

  18. LINO and Act should team up in 2023!

    That would be a dream come true for Roger Douglas!
    There’s not a lot of difference between the two.
    One party says that it thinks whilst the other party does the opposite of what it says!

  19. Just to lighten up the discussion, otherwise apropos of nothing in particular, and quoting a ‘news’ headline from a Stuff story today…. how’s this for media profundity:

    Kelly Osbourne is pregnant, expecting first baby


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