Yes Chris Luxon is a terrible candidate – here’s why he’s going up in the polls


I love the shock this RNZ columnist has at just how terrible a candidate Chris Luxon is…

Opinion: Christopher Luxon fails to add anything meaningful in terms of policy solutions

Despite having the resume to be the next Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon fails to add anything meaningful in terms of policy solutions.

…Christian Lex Luther is fucking killing it bro!

Never before has such mediocrity been given such a standing ovation!

He’s the right wing David Shearer, a Captain Mumblefuck who can barely go 30seconds without shooting himself in the foot, and yet here he is soaring in the Polls.

And that’s the point isn’t it?

There is a chunk of NZ who hate Jacinda with an almost gleaming animosity and no matter how hopeless her opponent is, they will fanatically back him! In fact, it’s because he’s such a blundering clown that they fiercely support him, it’s a political cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face dynamic.

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National voters are saying, ‘We hate Jacinda so much we will elect a bland CEO with zero intellectual curiosity and bare competence in the knowledge he’ll fuck things up way worse than they are now, but fuck Jacinda’.

This is who we are now as a people.

Luxon is a fucking hopeless and woeful candidate who can’t do 20 minute interviews. His polices will only make the economic stresses worse and he has no real solutions to any of our societal troubles YET this turd rolled in glitter is preferable to voting Labour and Greens for many men.

Why is that?

The Right look for recruits and the Left look for traitors and right now, the right are winning.

To win 2023, the Left need to do far more bread and butter issues and far less pronouns and militant Te Reo pronunciation.

More material welfare less woke Virtue signalling.

I get that many are angry with Jacinda, her Government have failed to be transformative while claiming kindness, but her management of Covid deserves our respect and you can’t pretend backing Luxon is a righteous decision.

Luxon can do the 45 second CEO soundbite but he has zero intellectual curiosity, he is a devout evangelical Christian whom believes his wealth is proof positive that Jesus loves him. His policies will make things far far far worse in this country in terms of housing, inequality and poverty so don’t pretend voting against Jacinda for him makes you radical or edgy, it makes you a fuckwit!

Don’t support Jacinda, fine, but don’t vote in a clown who will be worse! Vote for a party that you actually believe in rather than a spite vote against someone you hate.

Don’t be that petty and childish and call it citizenship.

It just makes you part of the problem.


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  1. Yes, there is a chunk of voters who mindlessly hate Jacinda for no good reason, Newstalk ZB hosts and callers and the vast majority of Herald commenters who will blame her for everything including the weather.

    But she has not helped herself. Huge promises of transformation have simply not happened. At all! We all got sucked into the bullshit and feel duped.

    You cannot possibly operate a strict neo liberal economy with the amount of losers it generates then have kindness to crime. You want to roll with a neo lib economy as your foundation, you’d best start building more jails to house the damage it generates. But don’t pretend you care either. It’s just pisses us off!

    Unfortunately Jacinda turned out to be another empty promise cynical politician, but her outstanding PR suggested we would expect so much better. Now she’s just annoying and lingers reminding us we were lied to with so much promise and good will squandered. And as a result of that, we have Luxon’s misery to look forward to.

    • Your last paragraph says it all .She has turned out of be another politician that is blinded by her own brilliance and a mistaken faith that she got the vote last time because she was loved rather than the fact the opposition was hopeless at that time.

      • We have had plenty of hopeless oppositions yet the other party never got an MMP majority, even under FFP I can’t remember the voting being over 50 % although I do remember Muldoon gaining power while getting fewer votes than labor.
        You can put the last election result down to covid with help from a hopeless opposition. Unfortunately, as subsequent events have shown we also have a hopeless government that is compounded by a public service bureaucracy that is only interested in self-serving.
        I have no doubt that the current opposition would be equally useless if they gain power again which just goes to show the futility is trusting any political party to solve the country’s problems.

      • How ungrateful you grumpy old hate Jacinda right wing men in Aotearoa are – after Jacinda has saved the lives of at least 15,000 of you/us citizens from Covid. If the hopeless NATZACT were in power Aotearoa would be in a helpless position. Perhaps she should have opened up like NATZACT wanted and so there would be fewer NATZ voters around.
        Still 17 months to election so lets get some neutral polsters on the job instead of the NATZ dirty politics polls. Luxon hasnt been pressured yet so he might do a muller. Watch him and NATZ in parliament he will have to improve.
        Jacinda, Coster, Mallard, Labour, Greens 10 Tories/right wing ZERO.

  2. Governments and Prime Ministers are invariably voted out not in. The worldwide trend in a covid world is that during the pandemic phase existing governments got retained (usually with a larger margin). Moreover as the hypocrisy grows and the lunacy of some of the restrictions become apparent public sentiment has shifted – expect most sitting governments in a western democracy to get either shit canned or mortally wounded at their next election.

    Our glorious leader being the most committed to the cult of covid is going to get the greatest shit kicking of all. Vote me in Bomber – I would vote for Trevor Mallard over our current PM. It’s not the lack of transformative change or the almost daily fuck ups of incompetence it’s the assault on democracy – whether it is the creeping ideology of co-governance, the wrong-speak 1984 style disinformation strategies played out in the media ; or the lack of transparency and general skullduggery in parliament. Like most with a penis I am fucking over it.

    As for Te Reo – is he a stale turd YES; will he be worse than the current PM – NOBODY COULD. Our country has NEVER been in a worse position financially, socially or politically. This is all on our current leader.

    If only Bridges could have lead like he thought…….

    • “Never been worse financially” is utter tripe Frank and yes Luxon could absolutely be way worse. He will drive up house prices again by reducing the bright line test, cut the governments income through tax cuts for those that need it least ( and wow that will help inflation) , not invest in infrastructure ( or he will and he is bullshitting) apart from a road or two, and apparently not do anything about the three water situation ( even though the last National government was probably going to do something similar in terms of entities) but look for local government solutions individually ( and with few exceptions that has not gone so well).

      • It actually is Bertie. It’s her ship and the total capitulation to the covid cult was her captains call as was co-governance without campaigning for it; letting slow Trev on the protesters and the wrong speak campaign on everyone that speaks out.

        The only thing I’ll give her a pass on is the pissing off 100B against a wall. That is all on Poor Man’s Gordon Brown and Beetroot Orr.

      • Since the brightline test changes house prices skyrocketed. This was under The government’s watch and due to Poor Man’s Gordon Brown’s vanity and Beetroot Orr’s Keysnesian idiocy by impregnating domestic spending.

        Not spending on infrastructure – 100B spent and not one major new infrastructure project has commenced. The party of infrastructure. Lol.

        Sure – Te Reo will be like a 3-day old dog turd on Orewa Beach. However he won’t be commissioning wrong speak 1984 laws and at some stage remove the last vestiges of the covid cult so I don’t have to wear a face nappy anywhere but aged care and hospitals.

        Te Reo needs Act so we can shit can the wasteful spending and, yes I’m going to fucking say it, Winston so there is an adult in the room

    • What a stupid dumb nonsensical rant !! Most of what the government does is via ‘recommendations’ coming from the behemoth government department- MBIE.
      Most of the staff were hired under the watchful eye of Steven Joyce. There have been major problems with the quality of decision making coming from a considerable number of staff in various key departments and changes are being made.
      That takes a long time to undo and reset.
      But make no mistake, the clusterfuck started under Key, English and Joyce!!
      Luxon is well and truly out of his depth. It’s only the fawning media, (Hosking , Bridge etc,) that’s hiding the hopelessness. I shudder to think what state N.Z would be in had he been in charge of the pandemic response.
      There is a massive difference to running a country than being the CEO, (and not a very good one ), of a state owned enterprise monopoly!

      • Bullshit. MBIE has been impregnated by left leaning wokesters. If Key was in charge we would not have had:

        Indoctrinated people-speak slogans like Be Kind
        Mandates would have gone immediately when they became politically useless
        No decent into lawlessness
        Turning Rotorua into a third world shithole
        Having a complete retard continue as speaker and otherwise leaving incompetent ministers in place

        Our approach would have mirrored Australia. Likely NSW so no swathe of deaths WITH covid and now our economy would be open and despite being fucked up the ass with inflation most industries would be moving.

        Same with Clark (in fairness). Both Clark and Key are adults as would have been Peters. We now have WEF-inspired children in charge.

        • The major push in building regulations started with the earthquake repairs & we know who was in charge then. I am in favor of safety as I want all workers to come home safely but we ended up with a paperwork nightmare that the worst offenders tended to ignore if at all possible.

      • Grant Agree. Key, English, and Joyce – and well done including that little shit English, who slips under the radar far too often. Joyce could have been so much better than he was, but the decimation and destruction of the universities has to be the work of barbarians – and we all know that the pandemic under the Nats would have been horrific. Jacinda and that Ashley bloke got that right.

      • Yes agree Grant our PM is only as good as her staff and many she inherited from National. Also I was told by some of my old work colleague who went to work for MOH and MSD that these government departments are toxic.

    • Frank the Tank; opinionated, deluded claptrap. Your brain is a tank, rolling through and turning to mud the fertile fields of true intellectual argument.

    • what? like centralised water framework and rationalised health management? or – it’s Labour what gave you piles?

  3. You said it! So many of us just have nowhere to go. Labour are doubly damned – first for their own stubborn espousal of race-based government – which they know perfectly well the majority do not want, and then for foisting Luxon on the country – surely a well-meaning man but not a political leader. David Seymour says it well – but oops – remember Roger Douglas. Winston?
    (Woman – adult female)

    • So its all about the majority is it Eileen sounds racist to me when our country was founded on race based policy for white people not brown people who they had to be assimilated.

        • The benefit system when our soldiers returned from the war they got a smaller benefit, the NZ housing policy of pepper potting, the land ballot policy Pakeha soldiers got land while the majority of Maori soldiers were excluded from the ballot. In the mid 1970s Maori weren’t allowed into public pools until the water was dirty and due to be changed but they let the Chinese swim before us.

  4. The same has happened in France many did not want Macron back in, saying he is too arrogant but they also did not want a far right leader Le Pen so they put Macron back in. Look I voted for Jacinda there is nothing wrong with her (in my view) and what she is trying to achieve in our country. The people that hate her are the rich and wanna be rich mostly middle aged or older Pakeha men and women and these people vote for themselves not what is good for our country.

    • Well said Covid.

      ‘The people that hate her are the rich and wanna be rich mostly middle aged or older Pakeha men and women and these people vote for themselves not what is good for our country.’

      This is the majority called out exactly how I see it as well.
      Selfish, greedy, short sighted climate deniers.

      Chrome dome supporters – no vision of a better future. Just more money in their pockets by whatever means. Nothings changed.

        • what transfer is this Bob? the one that has been well under way since the 70’s? maybe you should take a look at some income parity and wage growth charts. what would you have them do? are you suggesting socialism?

  5. Even the staunchly Labour acolytes have little to cheer about.
    After almost 5 years and sooooo many promises unfulfilled and what has NZ got under Arden/Labour?
    Child Poverty INCREASED, homelessnes INCREASED, house values tripled in value…..and now soaring inflation.
    And as if that wasn’t enough to take a hit in any polling, along comes 3 waters and Maori co governance in other aspects like health (He puapau).
    If anyone is surprised at Labour sinking fast in voters psyche, have you been living under a rock?!
    I know…I know, and expect ones like Bert to come in with his ‘what if’s and whataboutisms’ ( from the classic ‘It would have been worse if National was then Govt’, and the crystal ball one of ‘it will be worse under National’)
    How much bloody worse can it get…and still a year and a half to go!…unless St Jacinda steps down, getting more and more likely as she can’t stand being unpopular.

    • I know I know Whailoils no longer in action and I’m Wrong won’t be happy till his masters are in power and white supremacists reign.
      Expect I’m Wrong to blame Mt Ruapehu to be Labour and Jacindas fault and the global economy started by Ardern and Lydia Ko loosing her latest golf tournament because well who knows fuck why.
      You are a sad sad angry retard so for that you are at least excused.

    • dude – just keep throwing out those meme’s like the edgelord you think you are. At least Labour aren’t hiding behind anyones ponytails. How’s the economy going? too hot for you? can’t handle some of the best employment and growth figures since the last Labour government? but muh costs? muh ute tax? muh anglo saxon privilege? but but but the highest milk payout on record is not enough for me me me cause cause Jacinda – boo hoo

  6. They aren’t supporting him, the are choosing to move away from Adern because she is the worst PM in NZ history.
    If Key was in charge of National, Labour would be in the 20s.

    • Key was a bottle of poisonous cool aid and a lot of people drank it.
      The power of propaganda knows no bounds!
      Jacinda Ardern is the real deal who has had a lot of ‘left field’ events to deal with combined with the rise and rise of vile social media fake news outlets, not to mention trying to turn around the super tanker clusterfuck carnage left behind by Key’s and his dishonest one dimensional cronies.

      • I agree totally regarding Key, he was a piece of garbage.
        However Adern is worse.
        Whilst Key brought about terrible outcomes, he did so without a huge amount of wasted tax dollars.
        Adern has brought about much worse outcomes than even Muldoon did all the while spending like Nicholas Cage on speed.
        She is without a shadow of a doubt the worst PM we have ever had.

        • greatness is an esoteric value and outcomes are subjective. So she borrowed a few billion dollars from herself to keep people alive and businesses afloat – done a great job if you ask me.

  7. Uuuuuuuh big story! Jacinda wades in on Nadia Lim cleavage scandal…as if the press and all of NZ haven’t already dealt with it for days now. There you go, Labour goes back up to 50%.

    • Cabbage. Yep, I agree with you once more. The Nadia Lim comment had me groaning, it’s the Meghan Markle school of preachy politics. We didn’t need to be told that the rich property developer from Rangiora is an odious toad, we knew. I think you’ve previously commented that this is a very in-your-face government, and we’re sick of it. My apolitical neighbour is sick of it and he knows sfa. I’m waiting for comment about why none of our beans sprouted this year, and the importance of teaching grandmother how to suck eggs.

      • Is she smells votes and likes in beansprouts and sucking eggs, then you will get your ‘i am outraged’ comment form Jacinda. Sure as eggs.

  8. So its all about the majority is it Eileen sounds racist to me when our country was founded on race based policy for white people not brown people who they had to be assimilated.

  9. So its all about the majority is it Eileen sounds racist to me when our country was founded on race based policy for white people not brown people who they had to be assimilated.

  10. I think the problem is the bloody media. The media, the msm, are so … what’s the word? Corrupted. They should be relied upon as being unbiased and impartial as they investigate and dissect but we know, don’t we, that the msm is entirely bias to the right wing, greed orientated, capitalist-fascist, pro bankster, plutocracy sucking up to Big Money and fuck you and me. That’s why mike hosking, that’s why Katheryn Ryan.
    It’s the msm! They’re not doing their job for us! They’re doing their job for Them! RNZ’s a fucking dull stone in ones brown lace up shoe. It’s annoyingly there and yet it’s useless. As I write I can hear Kath Ryan’s slushy shushes as she calmly farts her brain pops into the middle earner’s ear holes. TVNZ is a cowardly bleached perineum of a thing. The news papers are less use than toilet paper. They scratch the arsehole then leave a stain and that is all. There goes your undies ! Too bad. Never mind. Now pass the absurd house price scam. It’s the media! It’s the news media! They’re all bought and paid for! That’s it! No wonder we’re all so disjointed and confused. No wonder we can’t focus and congregate to resist their intrusions into our hearts and brains. The MSM has become, effectively, an anaesthetic. One whiff of it and we’re all ” Oohhh and Aaaah” as some banal TV gibberish like, well, virtually everything they beam into our exhausted brain parts takes hold.
    I think we’re being manipulated and manoeuvred. I think we’re being played like a fiddle by forces beyond our comprehension. We should all be very, very afraid.

  11. Someone that would reduce security to the elderly, make it more difficult for the healing of the sick and reduce alms to the poor is, in fact, an antichrist.

  12. People prefer Jacinda but hate what the Labour Party is doing to working people and poor wages while providing corporate welfare to industry leaders to keep more Dino businesses paying significantly less than OZ.

      • isn’t that Lex Luxon’s job? He’s already signaled it with tax cuts and “education” reforms. are you saying Labour are doing what National will do to us too – we’re fucked.

  13. Hate Jacinda, among the intellectually uninterested. Aint that always 80 % of us. Also just we want an end to these stressful times. Luxon is the picture of that.

    • intellectually uninterested? is that like folic-ly challenged but on the inside of your head? Seems like Luxon has both bases covered there.

  14. what shits conservatives is that as a population educates itself and becomes more economically independent it tends to drift towards progressiveness – cue artificial boogiemen, stupid memes and dumbed down arguments towards the remaining numbnuts that still buy the riches and status bullshit and want to line up to lick massir’s arse. Better the massir you know and all that crap.


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