Trevor Mallard is being allowed to be Trevor Mallard again – someone inside Labour has to be an adult over his latest Dumb Lives Matter provocations


Sean Plunkett’s Platform broke this story first so kudos to Sean’s team…

Former National MP trespassed from Parliament grounds after being identified as protester

Former National MP Matt King has been trespassed from Parliament grounds after speaking at the Wellington protest earlier this year.

King was served a trespass letter tonight by post.

“In accordance with the above Act and section, you are hereby warned to stay off the place known as the parliamentary precincts,” the letter read.

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In a letter seen by the Herald, King has been warned he could face imprisonment or a fine not exceeding $1000.


Now let’s just start by acknowledging that a boiled ham like Matt King is not a likeable fellow and he is a Q short of an anon.

I’m never voting for this lunatic and I don’t like him at all.


What bloody Trevor bloody Mallard is doing here is so outrageous and gasp inducing in its needlessly childish spite that anyone who cares about democracy as opposed to a tribal defensiveness of Mallard’s latest antics, someone inside Labour has to be an adult over his latest Parliament Lawn provocations!

He can’t fucking Trespass the leader of a political party who visited a Dumb Lives Matter protest!

Do you all appreciate how fucking authoritarian that is?

The IPCA is blowing $3.5million trying to clear them in the history books over the Parliament Lawn riots after Mallard triggered these riots with his incompetence and bewildering childishness during this protest AND NOW he’s trespassing politicians?


This is bullshit, someone get Mallard to pull his head in! Are you seriously telling us he’s going to trespass Winston for visiting the protests as well?

Mallard provoked this riot, Middle Class Marxists in Wellington don’t want to hear that because they were also spooked by the anger and were calling for the Police Commissioner to be sacked because he wouldn’t beat up the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…Mallard has been allowed to cause immense carnage in NZ with his mishandling of the Dumb Lives Matter protest, why the Christ is he being allowed to trespass politicians?

Come on, this is like that stupid Rotorua Māori Wards nonsense, that you all quietly agree with right up until it explodes in your face!

Let this boiled ham Matt King enjoy the freedoms of the democratic process without this trespass nonsense because that’s the obligations we all abide by! Using the system to amputate legitimate democratic voices for petty spite manages to make this whole fiasco worse.

For Christ’s sake! Someone muzzle Mallard!

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  1. Premature senility ? Happened to my daughter’s mother-in-law. Vladimir Putin might be suffering from dementia too, so really Trevor Mallard needs to be mentored now. Matt King may be a politician and as thick as a plank, but what’s new ? Hopefully there’ll be some appeal process which King can follow, but Mallard must start behaving himself in public.

  2. Bahahahaha. And you thought I was kidding when I said Te Reo Luxon is sleepwalking to an electoral landslide victory. At this rate Judith or Muller could win in 2023.

  3. Labour is a tribe, and the tribe never judges its own.

    The PM won’t sack him because that would make her look bad, and it would be considered ‘judgy’ to do so.

  4. How can it be OK in an alleged democracy to trespass people who took part in a (whether you agree with it or not) legit protest on Parliament grounds?

    What sort of precedent is being set here for future protests that the Gvv doesn’t like or agree with?

    We are witnessing the death of democracy

  5. As a resident of the Far North I am so disappointed the overpaid idiots of Wellington would give King ANY oxygen, profile, media attention etc etc .etc. He’s an embarrassment. We just want him to go away. Only plus in giving him a spotlight is that he could rob votes from National in the next election and this will feed his audience some of whom do vote.

  6. Trevor long history of controversy himself going back many years. It all speaks for itself. Time he was gone.

    • I’ve said it before and so have many people there are no adults in the Labour Government.
      They are incompetent as their record shows.

      • I’ve said it before, your opinion is your own, most don’t agree and think your comments are just ridiculous.

    • I know. He has been a “mixed blessing” for Labour, for a very long time. Getting found out now, it isn’t pretty to watch.

  7. Now Winston Peter’s has been trespassed as well

    yet he wasn’t even a part of the the protest and just visited the protest site to talk to them. Mallard has lost his mind and seems drunk on power

    Will the police be trespassed next because they too were on the protest site and just like Peter’s were not a part of the protest!

    Meanwhile arrdern dodges questions and takes no responsibility as usual

  8. Obviously Labour do not want Winston anywhere hear the baubles of Office in Parliament after the next 2023 Election, I guess they had to be consistent trespassing Matt King, so they had to trespass Winston ?

    Maybe it was not sensible Winston and NZF trying to back stab Labour b4 the last Election which actually backfired badly on NZF.

    NZF has appeared to have lost it’s direction in the NZ Political Landscape as it did have good Policy and People however it appears to have gone down the rabbit hole chasing fringe voters and populist causes ?

    • National don’t want a bar of him either, they rule him out every time. And National still have the bride of Godzilla in Collins in their ranks and she detests Winston.
      Tracey Martin called NZF as it is, a boys club.

  9. “For Christ’s sake! Someone muzzle Mallard!”

    Too late. The only way Jacinda can retrieve this situation, and get a poll lift by showing some decisive ruthlessness, is to state Labour stands for democracy and make a Trump style song and dance “Mallard Your Fired!”

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