Mallard’s Precinct Decision Loses The Plot – Winston Peters – New Zealand First Party


I have found out that the Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, has trespassed me from parliament grounds for a period of two years.

This dictatorial behaviour by Mallard, supported by Labour, should be reserved for third world banana republics.

The fact that Mallard has chosen to wilfully ignore the gaping holes in his reasoning, as well as the intent and application of the Parliamentary Services Act 2000 and the Trespass Act 1980, is as remarkable as it is evidence of his arrogance knowing no bounds.

There is a difference between those protesters who were legally, peacefully, and rightfully there, with those who we saw, in the end, being violent and displaying clearly criminal behaviour.

There is also a difference between those who were on parliamentary grounds taking an active part in the protest – and those who were not.

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Remember the protestors asked me to come and speak with them – as they had asked every single current Member of Parliament who had refused to.

The question that next needs to be asked is how many of those in the media have been trespassed for walking through the protest and speaking with people? Or those in the media who followed me that day, and like me, spoke with the protestors as well?

Is this trespass order by Mallard reserved for only certain individuals in the media, and others, who share balanced views on the current government? Or does it come down to who he decides should and shouldn’t be the target of his dictatorial rule?

What’s more astounding is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives in our country could possibly attempt to trespass former Members of Parliament – of whom some are leaders of political parties planning to run against the sitting government in around eighteen months’ time.

New Zealanders should not put up with this type of totalitarian behaviour from the Speaker – nor should the Prime Minister or Parliament.

It is because of this that I have taken legal advice and will continue to do so. Speaker Mallard has lost the plot and will continue to do so if he thinks he can enforce his unreasonable and unlawful decision.

The future of our country depends upon good people refusing to allow the likes of Mallard and like minded cronies to force New Zealand down this pathway of madness without fighting back.


  1. When I first heard, I was sure it was a hoax. Still struggle to believe it is real.

    Is Mallard just reading the Red Army on Twitter and taking their posts as an instructional manual?

  2. The question to be asked. Is NZ a better place than it was in 2017 when LINO became the government?

    Yes or No?

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