BREAKING: New Roy Morgan Poll shows National/ACT overtaking Labour/Green


Hot on the heels of TV3’s shock Poll comes todays Roy Morgan Poll that shows National and ACT polling higher than Labour/Green.


ACT: 10%

LABOUR: 33.5%

GREEN: 10.5%


This places the Māori Party again as the possible king/queen makers.

Roy Morgan is still giving the Greens and ACT a lot more support than the bigger polls, I think ACT will benefit from Auckland right wing voters giving their electorate vote to National and their Party vote to ACT.

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In light of the Greens’ ridiculous new non binary co-leadership model, only the most gelded of Wellington males will vote Green now and this problem with male voters is again highlighted by the Roy Morgan Poll…

Support for the Labour/ Greens coalition remains strong amongst women. Support for the Labour/ Greens coalition is at 54.5% for women aged 18-49 compared to only 38.5% support for National/ Act NZ. For women aged 50+ support is at 49.5% for the Labour/ Greens coalition compared to 43.5% for National/ Act NZ.

The smallest Parliamentary Opposition, the Maori Party, attracts the support of 2% of women including 3% of women aged 18-49 and 1.5% of women aged 50+.

There is a stark difference for men with 54% supporting National or Act NZ. In March 49% of men aged 18-49 supported National/ Act NZ compared to 40% that supported Labour/ Greens. For men aged 50+ there were 61.5% supporting National/ Act NZ compared to 30% supporting Labour/ Greens.

The Maori Party attracts only 0.5% support from men including 0.5% support of men aged 50+ but no support from men aged 18-49.
Support for the Greens is far higher amongst both younger women and younger men than their older counterparts. One-in-five women aged 18-49 (20%) and one-in-eight men aged 18-49 (12.5%) support the Greens compared to only 5% of women aged 50+ and just 4% of men aged 50+.


…Gender and all the culture war fun that brings will be a central fault line that erupts as the economic pressure really bites.

The Greens will herald their non-binary co-leadership model as progress, the wider electorate will see it as emblematic of a woke dogma that alienates far more than it can recruit at a time of peak economic anxiety.

Pure temple politics is fine until all the people you’ve denied into the temple are far larger than you can ever hope to be.

Oh and if Winston dodges the Grim Reaper over the next 18 months, NZ First are in and he will go with National thanks to Mallard’s crazy decision to trespass him from Parliament. 

This next election will be one of the most polarised in NZ history.

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  1. Winston will definitely get over 5 per cent now, thanks to Mallard. He will take 4 % from Labour and 1.5% from Nat’s and ACT. Expect him to come out early next year and rule out working with Labour and say he can hold Luxton and ACT to account.

  2. Get ready for a 25% across the board wage cut, US style health care, evangalicals running schools and more poeple out on the street.

  3. It’s a Harry Enfield sketch set in the early 1950’s – “Men!… if you vote Green, they will Cut Your Balls Off! “

  4. This result will be good for those that get the lollies that will be dispensed at the budget not so good for those that will end up paying the money back .

    • SO you would rather have US style health, welfare, etc imposed instead?

      We need public services, desperately. You either support them, or oppose them. Its up to you.

      • So what happened to our public services under national who were told to do more with less and they did. And we are still trying to catch up and it will take longer with the dreaded Covid and more imported diseases coming in daily from overseas.

  5. I think we have now entered that phase where voters will simply switch off to any Labour noise. Robertson’s grand stand budget will make no difference, no matter how much he spins it. And Jacinda’s spinning skills will make no difference, in fact they will just annoy people even more. People will go “Yeah, whatever”. I think Labour are done for 2023.

  6. I was a Labour member. Last decent involvement was to campaign pretty hard in 2017 in Chch. Was in Ruth Dyson’s electorate, and backed her. Great local MP who cared about her community. She welcomed me to town when I moved in. Didn’t have to do that.

    Jacinda came to visit back then, before old mate Andy gave it up. After she got the nod, I would say to people “this Jacinda – she was chosen because she is a young woman, and not because of any of her ideas or character” etc etc “…and that’s going to come home to roost.”

    She just always lacked.. you know.. any substance; any genuine grunt. She was a sugar-hit fool’s gambit. A kayfabe candidate.

    Of course this opinion put one a bit on the outer with other party members, and that experience kind of showed where people were at at all levels of things, except of course the long-suffering regular peeps. One day selecting a new candidate to replace Ruth, the party made a show of an election – and had the gall to waste 200 working people’s Sunday afternoon leading up to a vote, in what was obvs a process so loaded it may as well have been predetermined. Then you chuck in the handling at Parliament, and aspects of the Covid response. Couldn’t campaign for any of that in 2020. Now it really is becoming hard to imagine backing LINO ever again. Bring back MANA (Minus Kim)? Bring back Buck? Vote Act? Don’t vote? Which way is up?

    • thanks Brenty. Many of us are in the same boat with you. It’s getting really crowded.
      I vacillate between not voting and voting for Act/TOP/ NZ First.
      Have swallowed those rats before here and there.
      Mana could need a rebirth.

    • Have you even looked at the other wood ducks in Labour? If ever there was a bigger bunch of oxygen thieves I’ve not heard of it

    • Have you even looked at the other wood ducks in Labour? If ever there was a bigger bunch of oxygen thieves I’ve yet to learn of them

  7. Still plenty of time for the Nats to unravel on some dastardly deeds. Love how Luxon is going on about the economic situation like some meme edge lord. NZ is going off for most of us and yet it’s shit according to him because he knows better. Of course the media just lap it up like a lovesick teenager. I’ll be voting Labour for the first time in decades just to spite all the moaners and whingers. Never had it better.


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