BREAKING: By trespassing Winston Peters from Parliament – the Left have finally lost the plot in NZ

What have you done now you fucking clown?

After attacking Mallard’s madness for trespassing a boiled ham like Matt King from Parliament, Mallard has doubled down and has lost the fucking plot by Trespassing Winston Peters from Parliament!

Former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says he’s been trespassed from Parliament

Former Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says he has been trespassed from Parliament.

In a statement, Peters said he found out on Monday night that Speaker Trevor Mallard had trespassed him from Parliament’s grounds for two years.

He claims Mallard’s “dictatorial behaviour” is “supported by Labour”. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Labour leader, on Tuesday morning said decisions about the management of Parliament’s grounds lay with the Speaker.

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“New Zealanders should not put up with this type of totalitarian behaviour from the Speaker – nor should the Prime Minister or Parliament,” he said.

“It is because of this that I have taken legal advice and will continue to do so.  Speaker Mallard has lost the plot and will continue to do so if he thinks he can enforce his unreasonable and unlawful decision.”

It comes after former National MP Matt King went public on Monday about receiving a trespass notice following his attendance at the anti-vaccine mandate Parliament protest earlier this year.

There must be an immediate protest planned for the lawns of Parliament, to allow a Speaker to lose the plot in the way Mallard has is dangerous to the stability of NZ Democracy.

Mallard must be removed and those political forces who are protecting Mallard must resign.

The middle class Wellington Marxists who screamed for the Police Commissioner to be replaced because he wasn’t beating up protestors…

…do not want any focus on Labour’s decision to refuse point blank to meet the protestors and want no investigation of Trevor Mallard’s temper tantrum on the Thursday morning after the protest was imploding upon itself and was splintering.

It was Trevor’s short man temper tantrum that saw the Police attempt to move everyone off the lawn which gave the protestors a common enemy and provided a 10 hour live stream recruitment video!

Equally Labour want no examination of how Mallard’s playing of loud music and spraying the protestors with water incited events.

We taunted these protestors for 3 weeks and when they reacted we pointed to their actions and screamed ‘hate crime’.

Labour and their middle class Wellington Marxists want no reflection of that.

And so we have allowed Mallard to get away with all this damage to our democracy and he is now trespassing Politicians, effectively banning them from interaction during the 2023 election for fucks sake!

This is such an abuse of political power, it is almost unique in its magnitude.

The Speaker of the House is trespassing politicians for meeting with protestors that he himself had enraged and provoked!


Labour trespassing politicians and their Wellington Middle Class Marxists who demanded the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis get bashed on Parliament’s Lawns are the threat to democracy, not Winston Peters!

If John Key had started trespassing politicians from Parliament, the Left would have been in an uproar – Mallard does it and everyone is tribally silent.

What is the point of being political if you have no values?

This is quite possibly the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen politically in my life!

By trespassing Winston from Parliament – the Left have finally lost the plot in NZ and Trevor Mallard is effectively a political fascist – there can be no tolerance of these power freaks in the NZ political landscape.

Unleash the dogs of war!

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  1. Yes. He has lost it this time.

    Our PM needs to correct this, fast, to avoid more serious damage.

  2. Winston Peters wasn’t even camping at Parliament, so even a capricious application of Mr Mallard’s rules don’t apply.

    This is an impertinent use of the Speaker’s powers to say the least!

    Personally I hope Labour are decimated by next years General Election. IMO this is a gross attack on democracy.

    I hope the next Speaker reinstates the parliamentary prayer – God knows they need ALL the help they can get.

  3. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I think Mallard may be afflicted by premature senility. The PM needs to refer this back to the Speaker and let him decide whether he’s going bonkers. That’s the way the people on the balcony keep their grubby wee mitts clean. Nice of them to swing the sympathy vote for Winston Peters though. Nice one Trev. Very nice. Just don’t trespass any of the mad Greens, please.

  4. If there is not a backdown and an apology very soon, Winston will certainly take it to court, and this time he will win. The process will damage Labour and the PM. They need to act fast to prevent further harm.

  5. Mallard, God Father to PMs child….
    Perhaps someone should whisper in Mallards ear the name is not what he thinks it is!

  6. The likes of Peters and King were stepping up when Mallard and Labour neglected their duty. Shame on them

    • It was Winston who got them into parliament in 2017!!
      He gave them this opportunity.
      And he worked shoulder to shoulder with the PM as our Deputy through that first term
      This is such craziness!!

      • Maybe this is a personal vendetta by Mallard, if so he should be sacked and guess what I”m Wrong and Coward Cabbage it’s not even Key’s fault, surprise really.

    • Anker, I agree, but don’t forget that the National Party and The Purples both colluded with Labour in boycotting the protestors. Labour had an opportunity to shine here, and at least appear to be the voice of reason, but they bungled it. And when Mallard and co turned the sprinklers on the police were the only responsible adults trying to get them turned off. Not only that, but I gather that Mallard called the cops in, and having called them in, as I see it, he interfered with their operation by doing his own things (s). We have a separation of powers for good reason, and to me it was transgressed, and it should not be transgressed without fairly compelling reason and after careful consideration. And if it is, then they need to be upfront about who exactly was involved in the decision making, and I don’t think that they have been transparent about this.

  7. Flip flop Capt Underpants at it again – wont come out and condemn Mallard. Its in his and Labours interests to keep Peters out of parliament in an election year.

    Counting down 24 hours to the latest flip.

  8. This petty vindictiveness should get Winston over 5% next year. There’ll also be a new Speaker then.

  9. Haha this is bloody awesome, Peter’s couldn’t of wished for a better piece of publicity to make him relevant again in NZ politics, all the while Labour are in a death spiral of self mutilation and destruction
    This is playing out like a Greek tragedy. One big giant soap opera!

  10. bhahahahahahahahaha. And when NZ First reaches 5% next year during the recession – he goes straight into the arms of Te Reo.

    Combined with Act – co-governance is shit canned as Te Reo/Nicola Head Prefect perform their best Cnl Klink/Sgt Schultz act.

    This country is so shit it’s funny.

    • Well to be honest I can think of lots of countries that are way more shit than God’s Own. Starting the States, Britain, Australia….

      • Really? Outside of the delusions of the covid cult we are a significantly poorer country than all of those 3.


          the UK is a post brexit shitshow on wheels

          australia with out doubt the most corrupt nation in the southern hemisphere..check out friendlyjordies or juice media if you doubt it, hopefully albo might have a shout.

  11. This is one of those moments when there is something so far fetched that it could never actually happen – actually happens.

    Straight out fucking madness.

  12. Mallard has to be a National Party secret agent. That is the only explanation that I can come up with.

  13. “If John Key had started trespassing politicians from Parliament, the Left would have been in an uproar – Mallard does it and everyone is tribally silent.”

    The left is demonstrating a complete lack of principle or worse, partisan vindictiveness. Ardern/Labour need to develop a spine and Mallard needs to go. It’s too late for a U-turn, this is not a good faith misjudgement, it’s serial stupidity.

    “This is quite possibly the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen politically in my life!”

    I was going to sit the next election out but if the left keep this s#it up, I’ll vote for whoever appears closest to consistent liberal principles even if disagree with every one of their policies.

    • I am a member of the Labour Party Tui and I am not silent.

      I don’t think Mallard is cementing. I think it’s arrogance.

      What with this and TamTi Coffey safe to say Labours wheels are coming off

      • @Anker, good for you I hope enough of the higher-ups are listening.

        “I think it’s arrogance.”
        Along with ‘hubris’ that would be consistent with the worst of the Blairite left.

  14. The most dangerous person in Parliament is Mallard himself. He has a history of violence against others and once assaulted another MP in the chamber.

    He must be removed

  15. Mallard has lost his mind and the PM needs to step in but no she has no comment as per usual and instead hides behind carefully crafted weasel words .

    Every day recently seems like a new low for our precious democracy thanks to Labour’s hubris and sooner or later it is going to come back to bite em on the bum

  16. Winstone saw an opportunity for cheap publicity, as a lawyer and a former MP he should have had respect for the law and Parliament. King is just a squalid nuisance. Neither are above the law.

    • Kheala Thanks. I know that with my daughter’s mother-in-law it took about 4-5 years to unroll, and she then went into care in her late 60’s and is very happy there. Another lovely gentle local lady, very creative, went potty after a fall and quite suddenly became very angry. Putin of course is the terrible current example of a politician behaving utterly horrendously possibly due to dementia.

    • Power Man. The mayor of Wellington also went down and spoke with the protestors. Are you saying that he was disrespecting the law and looking for cheap publicity ? I don’t think so. What about Russell Coutts ? Did he show disrespect for the law by going down to Wellington and speaking with the protestors? The two aspiring mayoral candidates from New Plymouth ? Should Trevor trespass all of them also and if so, why ?

  17. Trevor Mall Guard will retire and become a traffic warden soon, a job he was built for.

  18. This government really is insane in my opinion, there is no way such a gross breach of democratic principles – banning opposing politicians from parliament- is not going to be punished severely at the ballot box.

    It’s as horrific as forcing through co governance unmandated.
    The fact they can’t see it’s wrong or even that their political careers are going to be destroyed by their own authoritarianism is what shows their insanity – they 100% believe their own spin and bullshit.
    No this isn’t just Mallard, remember Woods “river of filth” comment? The whole sorry woke mess of this government have to go, they’ve shown many times over they can’t be trusted not to pervert our democracy.
    Let’s bring in some laws criminalizing politicians who attack our civil and democratic rights.

  19. “Democracy has changed”- Willie Jackson.
    Has it what, you bunch of sneaky, authoritarian, racist, antidemocratic flogs.
    You can all look forward to a long, long time in opposition.

    • Yes no longer one person one vote in New Zealand.
      Hard to believe this is actually happening.

      • No, you get two votes John, have you been out of the country for a while, even Coward Cabbage can’t protect you now.

        • That’s just silly each vote stands on its own it doesn’t mean one persons vote is worth more than another persons vote.

          • Now it’s you being ridiculous. Have you not been paying attention John. Party vote and candidate vote. No different for anyone else of voting age.
            Stop spreading lies and propaganda.

  20. Trevor Mallard is the proverbial bull in the China shop.

    Wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The only reason that Trevor Mallard is even speaker in the first place is because the majority of the government caucus couldn’t abide him. The thinking was, what harm could he possibly do, ruling on points of order in the house?

    Unfortunately circumstances have meant this lunatic has been ruling on affairs of state.

    Unfortunately statecraft is not one of Trevor Mallard’s strong points.

  21. Just when Peters is dying for publicity he gets it.

    Some officials will be very busy, because on the surface anyone visiting Parliament’s grounds over the protest period who is known will be getting the same message.

    Should I contact Mallard with the names of those who I know were there (proudly) so they don’t miss out on the trespass order?

  22. What was Mallard thinking. This is going to give Winston all of the coverage he needs to get back in parliament. Great News if not somewhat cynical for NZF voters to have their party back in the spotlight again.

  23. Winston should be kept out of parliment but by the voters not a bully boy with unbridled power .

  24. Trevor just made Winston;

    An MP as of 2023

    It’s madness and deeply embarrassing to this government!

  25. Shocking. Where do you start on what has gone wrong with democracy in NZ by trespassing MP’s supporting protests????

    I don’t agree with the anti vaxx, mandate people but support the right for them to protest for short periods and have MP’s past and present support them if they want without being punished for it with an unbelievable 2 year trespass order.

    Playing into the right’s hand!

    • The MPs speaking to protesters would not have been necessarily supporting them. More likely they were trying to get information, make their own judgments about the cnfused situation. They should have been assessing the type of behaviour and thinking, see just what was going on and whether the people were safe as concerned and intelligent MPs would do acting on behalf of regular citizens. The protesters were I believe influenced by USA mental distortion.

      This thinking can get out of hand as in the USA Jim Jones notorious cult camp leader case. A USA Senator went with a political group to make an inspection of it after reports that he was out of his mind and employing thugs to imprison his followers. They killed the Senator and others in the inspection party were also killed or wounded and then the people were induced to take poison and 900 people died.
      This story was updated on Nov. 20, 2019 | Rep. Jackie Speier knows exactly how it feels to be left for dead.
      On Nov. 18, 1978, she was shot five times on a remote airstrip in Guyana, South America. Her boss, Rep. Leo J. Ryan and four others lay dead nearby, killed by gunfire as they tried to escape Jonestown, the commune built by cult leader Jim Jones….
      By the end of the trip, Ryan was dead — the first and only congressman to be assassinated in office — along with three journalists and one cult defector. Speier and nine others had been shot and left for dead at a remote airstrip; they waited 22 hours for help to arrive.
      The story of Jonestown begins with Jones, a white minister who preached unconventional socialist and progressive ideas to a predominantly African-American congregation, called the Peoples Temple. At the height of its popularity during the 1970s, the Temple had a membership estimated in the thousands and was courted by local politicians in San Francisco,

      The factors that got demigods like this going are here in NZ now. Men have already come forward to take advantage of our sad situation, and the tax advantages that running a church conveys. Nearly everything we have in NZ is being dirtied and distorted, thinking people are often writing the defects off as anomalies, but we are on boggy ground. The free market idea that we seem to have picked up from UK and Anthony Giddens and his ilk, the third way., makes the average individual more insignificant and disadvantaged every day.

  26. The ‘duck’ needs plucking, hanging and then a few weeks later. Flavouring and flaying over hot bbq coals.

  27. Former Act MP Stephen Frank’s has told media that Mallard has said he will be trespassed also. Will Willie Jackson now be trespassed too? He admitted this afternoon that he stopped and chatted to some of the protestors on his way out of the parliamentary grounds? This is a disgrace, Mallard must go.

  28. Commenters suggested that a decent majority for Labour would set them off on the path to dictatorial behaviour, I wouldn’t believe it then but this is a n example of how our poliitical set up is bust. What a ridiculous thing when some artful dodger can gather enough brownie points at being a reliable pair of hands knowing all the tricks so he is kept on.

    Something that needs to be done is that no political appointee or elected person or employee can serve longer than 9 years, or three terms. Having newbies entering the political system in steps getting to learn how things work would be better than old tykes pressing buttons that they know of to the secret panels where the goodies are hidden!

  29. Clever or mad mallard? – now WP may well get back into Parliament in 2023 and help Labour back into power…

  30. Who cares. I lost what little respect for him when he jumped on the anti-vax bandwagon, when he would know better, having..
    a) grown up in a polio epidemic that closed schools and forced the goverment to impose what were similar to lockdowns
    b) while younger, very possibly taling to with older relatives/constituents who were affected by the 1918 flu pandemic.

  31. The Labour appointed ref scores an own goal. Jacinda has only one option accept his resignation. (Hope she was smart enough to get a signed blank sheet of paper from all her MPs) .

  32. “Mallard must be removed and those political forces who are protecting Mallard must resign” – You mean Adern?

  33. I’ve said it multiple times before. Mallard should have gone a long time ago. Why is he still there, Jacinda. Gutless. Now she’s forced into an embarrassing pathetic display of back peddling. Nice look.

  34. No Coalition Government between Labour – New Zealand First, Labour could run out of potential partners.

    • Because the fucking left did nothing when Mallard started a war on Parliament’s Lawns with his failed decision to clear the lawns on Thursday.

      Because the fucking left did nothing when Mallard started spraying protestors with water.

      Because the fucking left did nothing when Mallard started playing loud music.

      Because the middle class Wellington Marxists called on him to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis off the lawn.

      Because the left stood around cheering Mallard for his childish pranks while enflaming this madness and handing the far right a propaganda coup.

      That’s why the Left are to be blamed.

  35. The Green Party or Te Pati Maori need to call for a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in the Speaker.

    This clown needs to go.

      • Not only did Trevor Mallard inflame the sense of grievance of the anti-vax conspiracy theorists. He has made populist opportunist Winston Peters into a Martyr. Just when we thought we had got rid of Peters nasty race baiting and scapegoating brand of politics forever.

        In my opinion the only way for the Left to recover the situation is for the Left leaning MPs to demand Mallard’s resignation. Whether they succeed or not at least they will have been seen to make a stand for democracy on principal.

        Who knows? Some Left Labour MPs might cross the floor to get rid of this clown.

  36. Sorry but Greens have just backed Mallard so cannot call on them as the saviour of democracy. .They hate Winston because he showed them up as being weak

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