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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Our angels of care and commitment must be honoured and all who soldiered on with assistance in this virus battle. Let all take note and also of this latest warning.
    …Wearing glasses or getting a runny nose is enough to qualify for a mask exemption under current Ministry of Health criteria – and a doctor says its time for tougher rules….
    With so many other measures relaxed, masks were one of the last lines of defence against the virus, and so everyone who could wear one, should be, he said….

    Kiwi nurse witness to ‘terrifying’ Covid toll in English colleagues
    23 hours ago — New Zealand nurse Tracey Bishop worked as a nurse in London over the pandemic and lost 13 colleagues
    “It’s something I found incredibly tough, they adamantly did not want to be vaccinated, they had their kids vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella and tetanus, but were not prepared to risk themselves having a Covid-19 vaccine,” she said…
    But because her husband was shielding at the time, she had to be very cautious and meticulous about her hygiene.
    “I had to walk in the door, straight into the shower, boil yourself in Dettol. It was a constant round of dousing ourselves in alcohol, but not in a good way,” she recalled.
    Bishop is a civil servant, but works with military nurses and doctors who rotate through all specialities in local hospitals, doing normal shifts in areas where there is a large military population…
    “We were right in the thick of the pandemic, and we started losing colleagues every week it felt like… that was heartbreaking. One colleague that we lost was 32 and no underlying medical conditions, she was a triathlete, she competed, she was a normal fit healthy person.”
    “There was no way of having any kind of funeral for these people.”

    Treatment in the beginning was hit-and-miss.
    “Initially we ventilated a lot of people, but it didn’t work. They were being ventilated and monitored by staff who had been effectively recruited and deployed and trained in a very short period of time.”
    It wasn’t until medical staff started to use the glucocorticoid dexamethasone that things started to turn around.
    “We were whacking that into people a lot sooner, rather than waiting for their symptoms to get to a point where they become really critically ill. It was a game changer.”..

    The case numbers were “relentless”. Thousands and thousands died every day, and “as quickly as you could admit one person there’d be 20, 30, 40 … the numbers just never dropped.”
    Bishop’s colleagues’ faces developed scarring across their cheekbones from tight-fitting masks. Their hands were itchy from the constant washing.
    Residential streets filled with refrigerated shipping containers for the bodies. Soldiers and combat medics had been drafted to undertake PCR testing. Soldiers worked as health care assistants on the wards, washing and feeding people, transporting and storing bodies.

    Remembering nurses who have died in the COVID‐19 … – NCBI › articles › PMC7272897
    by D Jackson · Cited by 5 — We have selected just three United Kingdom (UK) nurse–mothers who have died. They are three of many and if we had space we ….

    …Twelve years after it was first introduced, the three strikes law is in the process of being repealed, with the justice select committee’s report due back in mid-May.
    The controversial law – described by former Justice Minister Andrew Little as “absolutely absurd” and the “high watermark of policy stupidity” – was passed in 2010 by the then-National government. …

    Isn’t this a knee jerk reaction which is a sort of virtue-signalling that Labour is better and nicer than awful National!? Instead of being practical and looking at what it was wanted to do and reshaping the outcomes? It would keep really warped people away and give the public especially women and children, but men also would have been helped, and keeping repeat bad, really bad people away from the temptation of slamming into vulnerable people in their own specialised form of brutality.

    National’s version was too light on the third crime, the guillotine came down on the equivalent of stealing a handkerchief (which was a crime to be sent to Oz for. Aue!)

    Aren’t Labour just a bunch of pansies that can’t do anything solid to match their rose scented personal perfume. Nothing behind it, though just a shape in the mist. That’s how this appears to me.


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