The Daily Blog Open Mic – 28th April 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Big Day in Auckland High Court of Appeal.
    NWO v P. Majurey(Again) and Crown.

    Decision for Majurey been a snake and the Crown been complicit in modern day land theft and skullbuggery!

    If Majurey loses he’ll apply for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court I guess?

    He should try for a discount, a twofur. One for his TMA loss that cost the Auckland ratepayers so far $870k+ and now this case too.

    This is where Auckland Councils Panuku is corrupt. He sits as a director and then has 27+ companies he is a chair or director of and they are mostly development companies!

    Who else would have that kind of influence in Town Planning & Infrastructure Development and iwi and claims on the Manukau Harbour, Hauraki Gulf Harbour via the Hauraki Gulf Forum and associated entities.

    • Paul Majurey is there for Ngati Paoa and the rest of the Marutuahu confederation. Te Wai o Hua were the original occupants in Tamaki. Marutuahu laid waste across Tamaki and Waiohua were driven from Tamaki after murdering Ngati Maru’s eponymous tupuna and great chiefs. Marutuahu then occupied some areas and in particular Ngati Paoa while NWOK filled the voids. Its unfortunate that the Maori Land Court deferred on the side of NWO or NWOK.

      • No. Majurey is there for himself.
        Ngati Paoa separate and have representation for ourselves as the iwi is split in leadership and boards.
        Ngati Paoa have taken a different position and want out of the confederation and have done so for sometime.

  2. I’m pretty sure no one who cares or has been burned by me will take note of this. The owners of the three major Left blogs are more like owners than the people nowadays. Our 40 years in the Sinai. All the right wing points being made by these blog kings. As opposed to Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, true to the old and right cause til their right recognition.

    Most of all I’d like a little solidarity, like the working class. Bowalley and this place refuse to go after The Standard founded and still run by an anti-social democrat. Can’t take you seriously. You owners. Rather than champions of the people and the planet. Hard to take you seriously. Why this letter page is left to no one much.

    • Stringent lad. When you get home from unrewarding work or wake finally from trying to get two naps in on your days off.

      Should I put that in my CV? Or is it more worthy for the actual truth? All the right have, unlike the Right, is truth, Martyn and Chris, despite the 84 Labour Party getting along nicely without it for 40 years.

      A return to principles, the foundation of the people, is the only way to re-energise the batteries.

      Jace called to that but thought more of her flutey voice than delivering.


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