Why the MIQ advice issue isn’t really the smoking gun the Right are pretending it is



MIQ not justified beyond November, health officials told govt last year

Top health officials agreed in November last year that Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) was “no longer justified” for most returnees, according to a document the Ministry of Health tried to keep secret.

…look, the MIQ was a brutal but utterly necessary tool in keeping the Homeland safe. If any of us had been caught tip in its gruelling requirements, it would be heart breaking, but this Government was running blind a lot of the time on this pandemic and were making best decisions based on the facts at the time.

Yes there was a realisation that mathematically Omicron could spread at such a rate that incoming cases through MIQ wouldn’t make much of a difference, but such a fundamental change had to get the sign off of a second opinion, which is what happened.

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To damn the Government for ensuring the advice was sound is obscene when you consider how much damage could have been occurred if they got it wrong!

We all feel for those impacted negatively by MIQ, but playing Tuesday Morning Quarterback and second guessing with hindsight is the sort off intellectual dribble reserved for the ZB Troll farm, not the mainstream media.

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  1. There were polls going around at the time that a majority still favoured the smug hermit kingdom. This was always based on the political science – nothing less.

  2. As you say the MIQ talk in the MSM lacks any substance. There is no mention that MIQ was relaxed earlier last year & of the covid increase that soon followed, as you mention Omicron then arrived & there is no mention if there was any changing official advice. The MSM manages to find people who have suffered because of that decision but never provides any context about the wider decision & the results from it.

  3. ‘Follow the science’ declared Jacinda all those years ago, just another meaningless psyop slogan pushed on the little people to herd them into submission, while her minister went walkabout during lockdown, her health advisor went swimming while preaching urgency, and her partner went fishing for favours while spreading the very disinformation Ardern accuses everyone else in the world of.
    The mild sickness event of 2020 started with a lawsuit against the government for illegal lockdown and may end with another, for locking up healthy people at the border without just cause and neurotically preventing New Zealanders from entering their own country. If we aren’t going to follow science then we must at least follow the law.

  4. Now that MIQ has gone, permanent residents who are unjabbed are unable to re-enter NZ.
    This does not apply to NZ citizens who are unjabbed.
    I hope this gets resolved soon because it is utterly ridiculous.

  5. Sick of the sight of those yellow stripes everywhere. They look like police stripes. Under arrest for having sniffles. Like a god damn emergency happening everywhere.. People who put this nonsense all over thier shop windows like its some sort of religion. It makes them feel like a good person. Because they have no true virtue and finally they feel a chance to be virtues by printing this stuff off and pouting the environment with made in China slave labour masks. To turn their country into a brainwashed bordering on police state. They love thier uyghur q r codes too. Love scanning to make them feel like a good little uyghur.. It makes them feel. Safe. Kiwis will get what they deserve!!!

    • actually the stripes remind me of the old factory records/hacienda aesthetic which I’m fairly sure the highly paid private graphic designers the govt no doubt commissioned were aiming for.

  6. yeah, never mind those that were denied entry to the country, or those that were fleeced by thousands having to pay for MIQ once they one the golden lottery ticket.

    • edit: once they won the golden lottery ticket.
      Essentially this was a cynical as move.

  7. with open slather where would you have housed miq? right it’s not about miq is it? it’s about freedumb from restrictions, at least be honest about it…dodgy banger

  8. “Yes there was a realisation that mathematically Omicron could spread at such a rate that incoming cases through MIQ wouldn’t make much of a difference”

    This is an odd take which seems to imply there was no benefit to keeping MIQ in place. The 6-7 weeks between Aus getting its Omicron spike mid-Dec and us in the second week of Feb, enabled pretty much anyone to get boosted before there was significant covid in their community. That only happened because of MIQ. You’re are giving the trolls fodder they don’t deserve.

  9. This was a typical dirty politics operation and directive to all right wing media platforms. The most embarrassing was am show which Lowie exposed when he commented there must be more to the report. Mellisa admitted that the report also recommended that a plan be developed to open MIQ in the new year which labour did. Ryan is incompetent and dumb but I now think Melissa’s professionalism has taken a tumble thanks to her tv and am show producer and the NATZ dirty politics operaters. They even tried to down play Jacinda’s successful visit to Singapore – they crossed to tv3 correspondent and spent 80% of time talking about MIQ. Melissa should be careful or she’ll feature in Nicky Harga’s next dirty politics book.

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