Police interrogation process demands questions (no one expects the Kiwi Cop Inquisition)


What the flying fuck is going on here???

Police: Top detective defends controversial CIPEM interviewing method

The architect of a controversial police interviewing method has defended its use, saying it’s not to blame for the false confession extracted from a murder suspect.

It comes after a High Court judge said that detectives trained in the Complex Investigation Phased Engagement Model (CIPEM) misled the man, and “manipulated” him to make a confession that was “very flawed” and “not credible”.

In an interview with Stuff last week, Detective Superintendent Tom Fitzgerald, who is in charge of the police’s national crime group, and who created CIPEM, insisted any issues were the result of mistakes by the detectives involved, not a flawed model.

“You can’t blame the model for what happens in one interview.”

Comrades, we were promised faithfully by the NZ Police after the appalling interview process of Teina Pora that saw him wrongfully convicted of a murder and rape he never committed, that this sort of shit would stop!

A relaxed informal setting might well be a great means of getting results, but taking interviews while the tapes and cameras are off is such a fucking red flag that no one involved in this should feel any sense of professionalism.

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This is such an insanely bad idea that invites corruption, it doesn’t protect from it.

Andrew Coster night want to police with Mana, but there are clearly some amongst his own force who are more interested in getting results by breaking the rules.

That’s not justice, that’s a Police force drunk on its own power.

We were promised after the horror show that was the Teina Pora interview this sort of shit wasn’t happening any more.

So why is it happening?


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  1. Why is it still happening? Why are we still no more than a colony of mother Britain in the hearts and minds of far too many kiwis? Have we really grown out of Mothers habit of using brute force to get the “outcome” she wants? Are we just the south pacifics answer to Alabama? I ask these questions because being trapped here for the last two and a bit years has shown me just what a large group of yokels NZers still are? What real desire to mature into a society that we showed in the 60’s and 70’s has survived those who drove that aspiration leaving NZ to save their sanity, and have a life worth living? Can we even hold a coherent debate about what we threw away, after the hollowing out of NZ’s cultural, intellectual, and entrepreneurial base, and replacing it with Computer code writing and property speculation as our economic/cultural base? We now need someone who isn’t a kiwi to take charge of our policing, as we no longer produce people competent or trustworthy enough to do more than make excuses for them…

  2. “So why is it happening?” It is obvious the police have not moved on since the dreadful debacle of the Teina Pora case and the interviewing technique used in that case to trap a young man into confessing a murder he did not commit.

    Anyway, in answer to the question – it is happening even today because the police endorse their own bad practices and will not accept wrong even when it is pointed out to them, in this case by the Court. From what I have learned people wronged by the police cannot rely on the so-called Independent Police Conduct Authority because it is made up of retired cops who in the main support wrong police practices which in turn consolidates the attitude of “we are right and even when we are wrong we are right” in the police mindset. This is shown clearly in the response from the high-ranking cop who endorsed the shocking interview technique even after the Court criticised the police.


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